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Oil Fields of Canada 2 - In-fn&S?$?-$Jeit,XB moist- m-liant -Messrs....
In-fn&S?$?-$Jeit,XB moist- m-liant -Messrs. Fran- , .:-- THE OIL FIELDS OF CANADA. A Trip tUrongUttae Oil Beglon. THE SOUTH TO THB WELLB. Beserlptlaa ef Pttr!l lie Kcabtr ef Its : Wells-The Wells-The Wells-The Cut f EliUig Obi The Weik-lgKiftiMsualTtTigProditU-'lhe Weik-lgKiftiMsualTtTigProditU-'lhe Weik-lgKiftiMsualTtTigProditU-'lhe Weik-lgKiftiMsualTtTigProditU-'lhe Weik-lgKiftiMsualTtTigProditU-'lhe Amouat Prttseed ap U lB6S1hePrlM cf OU Laid OU Sprlifrs aad Its Wtlls Cora Bede-Saifaee Bede-Saifaee Bede-Saifaee Wtlb ' j Sotnwtll Its lest St d WeIl3lS0 Wells Bttag Sank. CreoloKioal Formation of the Canada Oil Beglons the same as those of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania. A General Summary. From Onr Owrt Correspondent. ;j; ; . . j : . ,; .:PrBotia,b-WNov.sl .:PrBotia,b-WNov.sl .:PrBotia,b-WNov.sl ' Having heani so much lately of the oil wells of Criada, yoar-TOirespondent yoar-TOirespondent yoar-TOirespondent .detenniried to make tlie various regions where oil is found a visit, for the purpose of satisfying himself and Thk Frek Pitsss how mueh truth and bow much fiction there was in the reports in circulation circulation respecting those districts. The entire region region is so iear Detroit, the conveyances so rapid, and tho expense bo small, that every one desirous of seeing for himself can easily do so. THK BOUVB TO THE OIL KEGION. I left Detroit at half-past half-past half-past six in the morning, and at half-past half-past half-past nine arrived at Sarnla, which, in a direct tins, is distant about fifteen miles from Petrplla.' From Sarnia there are two trains a day over the Great Western road lo Wyoming, tlUtant from Fetrolia about five miles, and f ram Oil Springsabbnttwelre miles. There la a stage' running from each tram from Wyoming through Petrolla to Oil Springs, over the worst plank road I ever saw. I did not, however, take tie route by Wyoming, but secured secured a l'ight wagon and a good driver, and pars ed over twelve miles or the plank road,' (which 4s excellent), whiuh ieads from Sarnla direct to Oil Springs. The distance from Sarnia over, this i.-oad i.-oad i.-oad to Oil Springs is eighteen miles, and to t his point about sixteen miles. Pelrolia is off tho line of the plank read about four or five miles. I made tho whole distance from Sarnia here in about two hours and a half. PETROLIA. As I approached Pttrolla my olfactories told me that I was In the region of olb At this point there are some twenty wells, more or less, already producing, or nearly reaiy to produce, oil. There are four flow ing wells; the remainder are pumped by steam power. I visited every well in this vi inity, and made as careful inquiries as possible to ascertain the cost of Blnklng a well, the average cost of working, and the probable daily product and the value ol the oil. COST OF SINKING A. WKU, The result of these inquiries salisfled me that the average cost of sinking a well, exclusive of the cost of a location, Is about five thousand dollars; the average expense of working about livo dollars a day, and the AVERAGE pnODCCT from ten to thirty barrels. I think the former nearer the truth than the latter. The VALUE OF THE OIL AT THE WELLS to-day to-day to-day is seven dollars, the purchaser finding barrels. In all cases, when I speak ofilollarui it is Canada money or specie, and not " greenbacks," greenbacks," or the notes or our national banks. THE CRESCENT PETROLEUM COlirAXV. The largest company aere is the "Crescent Petroleum Company, or New York and Canada." Canada." This company have one hundred and ninety-six ninety-six ninety-six acres or land, and commenced active operations in May last, and have now four wells in an active producing state, and several more nearly at that point The first well sunk at this point Is on the lands or this company, aud has been producing oil since 16il, and is now yielding from twelve to fifteen barrels per day. GEOLOGIST'S REPORT OF THE OIL REGIONS. Sir William Logan, Geologist of Canada, In bis able report published by the Canadian Parliament Parliament early in 1803, speaking of the region nbout Petrolia and Oil Springs, says: "The deeper wells have, however, given by for the ' greatest supply or oil ; and in some or them, when first opened, the petroleum petroleum has risen above the surface or the .earth, constituting what are called flowing wells. One of these, which was -sunk -sunk to the depth of about 200 feet, is said to have yielded, when first opened, not less than 2.C0O barrels in 24 hours, and' seVeral others gavJ very large quantities. In some cases both oil apd water flow from the wells, aDd the water water of some or the deeper ones is saline. The recently opened wells have frequently been observed to rurnish petroleum only, which, however,. after some time, is accompanied with ; a portion ol water. The toUl amount or petroleum petroleum extracted from these various wells in Enniskillen (Petrolia and Oil Springs) since tbeirj opening maybe seen from the returns kindly famished by the freight agent of tho Great Western Bailway, over which the produce produce Vf this dHtrict finds its way to market A small portion, is refined In this vicinity, and this Is included with the crude material in the allowing statement: .... - 2BLS. Prevlons to Jnly 81, i861:..-.:..;. i861:..-.:..;. i861:..-.:..;. ."..''.: f " '5,550 For half-year half-year half-year ending January SI, 16C2. fi,3IG , ' JoIy.Si;j863 25.SM " January 81, 1863 57.650 ItomonmorFelirasry, lata;.... -u -u -,8i4 -,8i4 omber or tibia, or 40 gallons each... 103,4(3 I was unable to procure the MstistKS"br the' amount shipped since February, 18C3,-in 18C3,-in 18C3,-in time for this letter, out will send it to yca'at an early day. v t j THE PRICE OF OIL I.AXr5s7 There are plenty or "oil lands" for sale here, varying in price from fifty to.five hundred dollars dollars an acrc,-accoraing' acrc,-accoraing' acrc,-accoraing' to BripposedvicTniiy to ihe?center ofthe oil district, rjpotois point, however, it is unnecestary forlneto spejt, for I pre'sumethose desirous" or msJdtrs;ttitSr for-ttmes for-ttmes for-ttmes in oil will contrive to sptaid'thB-Ssw sptaid'thB-Ssw sptaid'thB-Ssw hours BectsEaiT; to.Tisit.this sectton.:- sectton.:- I . HOTJci ACCOI3tOATIOJJsv' . ' ' I ,:annot ; say much-of much-of much-of ;ttteR-:lioet ;ttteR-:lioet ;ttteR-:lioet accommodations, accommodations, bnt th ;''nilii be. improved. improved. -as -as new hotel .is IsiouJ 'be- 'be- ing erected by- by- Mr. .Ward, or Wyomiilg. I was very .kindly' caroior hjf tfifl; resident .ii rm v. W. Thomjon. of I flint. HIch.i, nd Jn.,Alfr Wneelrighte Ssdper-intenaentortie Ssdper-intenaentortie Ssdper-intenaentortie KCreseeirt" Compsiiy ) ijvKKV Tii .THtra rax.jt-ccE rax.jt-ccE rax.jt-ccE From personal examination of jCvery Well BUnk atthlspofai liBa stojte.W that'tlius rir there has been no rsUttre'to striti,oU tapy- tapy- ing quantities. Tliteiiavorable state oTjjthUigs cannot reasonably. t)e ezpectea to axuuue, . the eicitement wffl iDeyiUWy cany ;mf4jr-r ;mf4jr-r ;mf4jr-r yond theHmits or the oil basin.' -'-' -'-' -'-' -'-' r;-' r;-' r;-' ' -' -' oil. EPItlKOS. ' " I havBJtosy Tisited many oi ie oil well's of thistown. Quite a large number are prouueing oil. OneteryjndenW.wells iterhelngsunlr,. Avery large amount of capital is be(jg .n'dPtl In these new enterprises, ol,so; far as Icoulhssceruiiiwllh ,U5rw.ot-mua. ,U5rw.ot-mua. ,U5rw.ot-mua. - , gum beds. "'.J:t';'..,." ; ' nn..'iVBTlrianHrULrV IhlDE tO bs'SCeBbeiCi Is what Is called the gum bedsy? rjeinKiargB oe-. oe-. oe-. Iiosits'af eorttftjim caastcd b ttoevapo Uon of fte,TietraeuBbrcl JtfthoSce.ty: the gas whicJi bscaptshi brgPttl :'cttBiw'witt those iunk only to the rock, to whtehoeiftais are Wpendedj and some til ftesejiro-: ftesejiro-: ftesejiro-: duced the most when nrsi sunm, io ti"""'.J exhausted and abandoned. l ?T -J -J V's' nrrTlTTili 1T "1T- "1T- "pwrnns. TOcre are several hotels here, but the best oneiskeptby Mr. Bendrin.-fotaierly.pr Bendrin.-fotaierly.pr Bendrin.-fotaierly.pr TduUic sndiDOTffiecenHyMigsjlnifsIneSg In Detroit- Detroit- His house is erowded,sd I saw insjry iMlcWgrsMine nglsterMHj not fcw familiar faces Jt his. table. Severil of your ciiixew kw iptuHihisefl location, location, it this poiat, ad are sisuriDg wtUsv and I rnope will nt.viiUiinciess. ., v ; , n . . , . rxHK'OBXiTlXOWlKG 'WKII.; . ' ' itnir Well mote: of by ,Sr ces of the great overflow from it are seen for miles along the stream near which the well vyas situated. ;. .' . ; $--;.;.; $--;.;.; $--;.;.; $--;.;.; BOTHWELL. 1 1 returned to Petrolia from Oil Springs, and left there this morning in time to reach the early train, and reached this place cid London at 2 o'clock p in. 1 have spent the remainder of the day in looking at tha wells here. I have made arrangements to procure the amount of oil shipped from here weeily, which will be sent you in do tlmel ' - ' ' ' u . ITS HOSr NOTF.D TVELLS. iThe most, noted wells are the "Pepper Well," the "tick Well," the "Itope Well," and the "Victoria Well,'" but nnfortunately forme, none ot .there aie m . working order. One is putting' dtfwn a ; larger engine; another is repairing repairing its 'pumps ;-a ;-a ;-a third has broken some part or its . engine, and a fourth is pumping water and 'not oil. From the most reliable data I could find, which I am inclined to take with some, grains of allowance, the"Pepper Well" has produced for many days in succession over a hundred barrels tier day. The strata la the same here as at Petrolia and Oil Springs, and from the number or hew wellB just start ing, this seems to be the point for speculation. THREE HUNDRED WELLS EKING SUNK. It was told that there were now being sank, nearly, if rot quite three hundred new wells, at an expense or about five' thousand dollars each. In the course of the next three orfour months, theseSwclls will all be down to the oil, if oil is found. ' SITUATION OF BOTH WELL. iPothwell is on the Great Westera- Westera- Eailway, about twenty-seven twenty-seven twenty-seven miles east of Chatham, and about threehoiir'ride from Detroit ' ' It is not a part oi rujMuty to draw compa-rltions compa-rltions compa-rltions between different localities butl would adv Ue all who desire to- to- Invest"" to visit Both-well, Both-well, Both-well, Oil Springs, and Petrolia, and see for themselves. . GKOLOGICAX. ' rOHMATIOX OF TIT OIL REGIONS. REGIONS. Tho most interesting question respecting these wells Is todctermine, if possible, whether the oil found here Is exceptional, or whether .the formation is the same as in other oil district. district. For this purpose I have examined the bteccounts given ol the Pennsylvania OH DWBii let and wells, and compared them with the facts observed here. I have drawn my data as to the former-region former-region former-region from the able work of Mr. William "Wright, J," On the Oil Pegions or Pennsylvania." ' In speaking of the geological strata in which oil in that State, occurs, occurs, he says: "That the series or rocks round in: sicking five hundred feet were: : " Mrsf. Schist rock, with mica and a little home blind. "4'eocnti. A very Eoil, selicious rock, re- re- Eembling eoapstcne. Feels very toft and greasy at first, and has a nearly white color; but hard ens and becomes bluish after a time. "27iirtf. A hard transition rock. ; ' .fbtiriA. Fofslliferous limestone, containing containing fissures or caverns, in which oil 1b found. This is usually termed the 'second sand rock,' as it contains sand in varlousproportions. The first rand rock In Pennsylvania oc-urs oc-urs oc-urs usually from one hundred and sixty to two hundred and five or ten feet, Is from sixteen to forty, feet thick, and is followed by the strata called soapstonei' which varies from fifty to'dnt hundred and fifty feet In thickness, and is followed followed b a second ' sand rock' from fifteen to thirty reel thick, In which oil is found. In some of tbe wells, it is said, there are three strataa of 1 fand rock,' but the Pennsylvania Oil Creek Company tunk a well twelve hundred hundred and fifteen feet without reaching this third ' sand rock,' II It exists." THE STRATA PAFHEB IN SIJCKIXG A WEIJ. The formation in the various oil districts of Canada, viz., at Petrolia, OU Springs, an at Bothwell, are so similar that a description of one will answer for alL The difference in the descriptions given us by those who have sunk wells arises, we believe, from the neglecl in taking aceurate data. The most reliable record we found was at Petrolia, and the strata of rock there was Eald to be substantially af followB : "Jirsf. Ten reettit blue limeBtone very hii-il hii-il hii-il Indprl. " iSecond. From fifty to sixty feet or loose scMst or scnaie. " Third: About one hundred and fifty feel of soanstone or decomDOsed rock, very soft. almost white when it comes out, but: hardens an 3 Becomes otuisli. " Fourth. Avery hard rock, "about twenty feet in thickness, which was called limestone. 'Fifth; From five to fifteen rector sand rock.' containing nockets of oil. which will sometimes yield several hundred barrels and last several months, but cannot be relied upon as permanent wens. " Sixth. About one hundred and fifty feet of blue and crey limestone, very hard and uiuicuii to drill. " &!)!(&. A porons or honeycomb ' sand rock varying in thickness from thred to ten feet. This Is full or oil, and thus far those sinking wells have generally been . content It suspend ' drilling ' on reaching oil in theli ' sandrock,V although to somo instances they have, gone far below.'! ; - .4.3; A comparison or the two regions thus given proves that the oil region ot Canada is not ex ceptional. The surface or physical appearance of the two regions are very different, but the strata pf rocks from the surface to the oil are bo nearly alike that they.may be said to be aimosi identically .the lame. In Pennsylvania the cpuntryi is very hilly, and might almost' be called mountainous,' while- while- in -Canada-;if -Canada-;if -Canada-;if -Canada-;if Is 'a Jlevcl plain, stretching, all, the way fron. the foot of Lake: Huron to Lake Erie. There is scarcely an undulation in the surface except where the streams have washed but ' bed from the soil, from ten to forty feet deep. There are'fidwmg wells in both regions., ' ' GBXBllAI SUMMARY. :" Ho imarvellous. wells are now flowing In thii o.il.district, and from ten to thirty barrels a day may be considered the averigo, and, taken altogether, altogether, probably-: probably-: probably-: ihe former Is nearer the nrth! than" the latter. -Thus -Thus far, woUethsre have bccolets failures to" find oil than in Peon , sylvania, tliere have been fewer WelJs llkethOEe ,we resd of there. . ".'. . ." . ii-BlM.irOr&t'UIoM'vTM.M ii-BlM.irOr&t'UIoM'vTM.M ii-BlM.irOr&t'UIoM'vTM.M are: Kirstfffie limit or the oil.dUtrlct Verj little, if anything is really known upon tab point.' That there is a limit Is certain, and II islecjuaiiy cirtaln ihat, ihouEands upon thou sabds of dcjjars;wiljbo expendedjjind fsfluri: written irTIarge letters upon their derricks, bf . fore tbe exact limit of the oil territory will be, fouDeU As yet we are in primevaf darkneS-' darkneS-' darkneS-' i- upon ;tbat subject. From the best geologies-imio geologies-imio geologies-imio '' have found the "corniierous" forma- forma- Itlon. in which 'the oit 'iB found in Canada b r nearly one thousand, feet below the salt rocko! j I Sarfaaw. If ttis Is, correct,-ltproDiiiiy correct,-ltproDiiiiy correct,-ltproDiiiiy sctuef Mh Te question as to the existence ol.oil to paying nnan tales in. vour. State. . 'The' seco'cil linporiint question, which "car iatn he-settled he-settled he-settled bv exnetimenls. is as to. thi prucllyeness joi wells when ott is. actianj . .. .1 T. -.. -.. L .-.1 .-.1 .-.1 l IcnncLj --in --in --in -irennpyivauia -irennpyivauia n,u auuuu,iiw nineobt ot tOTrneveE: prtdni' cdl,-id cdl,-id cdl,-id thai -many -many jof . those which are at first snecessfol finally finally fallj and the averngc-yleld averngc-yleld averngc-yleld Is alMVUKbarrelt- alMVUKbarrelt- mnldobtalri, ibenuniber of failures are fsi less thsn-in thsn-in thsn-in Peonylyanibnt Ippre4iendthesrt will lareelv increase Moderations sureextestftedd ! ' tjt?XXZ. A Inlia kW . 1. ' Pii'.l.l. uLl .lao average yiu 1a at k"rr. tr A.rrr- A.rrr- - vsnliiburffiiBTs rompeneapMin, parti by iM. ..eisjitiansportalldD; thecheapness6"l rsbor and every article necearj.to.eany on; toa works, aod'tbe sbsence of taxes. ",Pe!redl:ctt 3be: reacted ftomsjoorieitsr by tilScgl the Grand Trunk to Sarnla, and then by Jhe Great Western to Wyoming' m'abooi four &oun),jand Bothwell can U reached over the Great Western direct in about three hours. .Iii "close proilmity1 to Detroit wfll rmdUrabtedl; cause largo numbers to. visit tbe oil' rtglorw o: -Gssads -Gssads who coulii iotbe fiidueed togo'tdPemi- togo'tdPemi- MoeIkEncljshTisitoes. Thelxindoncor-' Thelxindoncor-' Thelxindoncor-' tnmenuf ent or tne cnicairo Ji pndent or tbe tiOlcagoyournoi says.- says.- ; E a:(K nuili lim liririn rnrir siWrmifnl In art tlng'up racnrstons to all parts of; Europe. , dtf. ring tllsst ltaryfcirs. -ne.arrrages -ne.arrrages si -route-' -route-' -route-' -route-' requirlcr some two or three months qme, snn partiMoWrBBf'flTty'tooneor, two hundred arc enabled to avail tierhwlvea hUarrnsieti at an ex pense, Itis said.notsxeeedierooehtrf nraihat it wnnul BaatfoEeseli indlytdral to'ae- to'ae- compluih the same journey by himself. : : Helii'; hMn Tnrv fortnnate so far. and has nmnirnfl atr extoisiye-repuUtion. extoisiye-repuUtion. extoisiye-repuUtion. - Ho is about to go to tke nitea pwee to mmae unqaa te : vmt- vmt- 10a job mey expta, eswir m iMsprnc, tofiBdaoiBe fcuBdredor swre inleintsrt;r

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