letters to advice person - "social problems" incld. stage life

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letters to advice person - "social problems" incld. stage life - SOLUTIONS TO SOCIAL PROBLEMS Late Hours D EAR...
SOLUTIONS TO SOCIAL PROBLEMS Late Hours D EAR Mrs. Adams. I- I- would like to nave your aovice. x am a boy 17 years of age and have bov friends who mar stay out as long as they like at night. My parents do not approve of late hours. They say 11 o'clock Is late enougn xor any one on Daxuroay tnq half-past half-past half-past 9 on Sunday. I do not go out during the week and therefore want to stay out late the two nights mentioned. Do you think It proper for mo to go to a girl's party when I have only aeen her once? ANXIOUS. If there were any good reason why you should stay out late any night, I do not think your parents would object; but they are justified in refusing to allow you to remain out until any hour of the night Just because your boy friends do so. Tou think them cruel for making such a rule, but wait until you have become a few years older and you will see that they did it for your own good. If you have been introduced to the girl, it would be proper to attend her party. Calling Cards DMf 'Mrs. Adams. There are Ave sisters of us. Will you please tell me how our calling cards should read? I am going away and want tn have some cards printed. MART T. S. Bach girl should have her cards printed printed with her Christian name or names as well as the surname. The eldest sister may have her card with only "Miss" and the surname. The Value of a Coin Dear Mrs. Adams. Will you tell me where I can write to find the value of an old coin? A SUBSCRIBER. Look through your city directory for the name of a numismatist and then write to him for the information you desire. desire. . Stagj Life Tiear Mrs. Adimi. I am 19 years old and have Just finished finished school. Mv mother and father are both dead, but they left me quite a good deal of money, which makes me Independent. Independent. It has been my ambition all my life to become an actress. I have been told that I am pretty and have a beautiful voice; also that I have a great deal of talent. Is an actress' life a hard one? I have been told that it Is at first; but If I go on the stage I shall expect a great many hardships, and I know I shall love the life. HOXORA t The Ufe of an actress is very hard. One has to have an iron constitution to withstand all the hardships a stasia life presents. If you are willing to spend all your time studying, rehearsing rehearsing and traveling, with very little opportunity opportunity for rest or pleasure, then I advise advise you to follow your inclination. If, however. It Is merely a passing fancy and you have hot the mental, physical or moral courage to take up the Ufe, I advise you to give up the idea at once and take up scmethlng more in keeping with your abilities. Kissing Dear Mrs. Adams. I am a young lady ' almost 21 years cM and go'with a young man about the same age. i expect to be engaged to him Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. Every time he calls he wants me to kiss him, but I do not want to until we are engaged. Do you think I am correct? Ha says be cannot see any harm la kissing-when kissing-when kissing-when we are deeply tn love and have the consent of our parents. BLONDT. The tone of your letter leads me t believe that you are privately engaged, but expect to announce It at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. Under such circumstances your lover has all the rights and privileges of a fiance. In Church Dear Mrs. Adams. ' 1. When attending church with a youssr man, who enters first aad selects the seatr 2. There Is a young man who has bees living In our town a short time. He attends the same church as I. aad I have been Introduced Introduced to him, and so have my brothers and sisters. My mother has never met him. My brothers will not ask him up to our house, for they say he might think they were forcing themselves upon him. Whose place la It to ask hint to the house? He is not asked out at all. for no one wants to take the first step. Every one says be is a very nice young man, and as there Is so place for a stranger to go In our towa K really looks as though some oae should open their doors te him. 3. Is a coat suit the proper dress fa church wear? 4. is it Improper for a yovng lady te go moonlight driving with her fiance if he Is of are? FAT. 1. If there is an usher, the woman follows him, her escort coming behind ' her. If there Is no usher, the escort should precede, choose s seat and stand aside to let the woman enter. 2. Your brothers should invite him to your home.. They would not be forcing themselves upon the stranger, but they would be doing a courteous act. It is the duty of the residents of a town ta give the newcomer a welcome. t 3. Yes. 4. Ko

Clipped from The Pittsburgh Press13 Nov 1910, SunPage 51

The Pittsburgh Press (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)13 Nov 1910, SunPage 51
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  • letters to advice person - "social problems" incld. stage life

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