Midnight Sons benefits to state outlined from traveling theater groups

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Midnight Sons benefits to state outlined from traveling theater groups - HG ROAD SHOWS TAKE OKLAHOMA OFF THEIR MAP State...
HG ROAD SHOWS TAKE OKLAHOMA OFF THEIR MAP State Ban on Two-Cent Two-Cent Two-Cent Party .Rates Knocks Profits ' From -!.; -!.; ' Business, Say the ' f - Managers. DEARTH OF BETTER CLASS PLAYS A RESULT Engagements Are Cancelled and Next Year State Will Be Excluded From the Bookings. Watt tag Then is properly demands splits at gray, your hair. a regular N (?rRl W y U LJVovLU V y y all you rich. f J fl fi4 doctor IKulllll o AVer's Odes oolt J. C- C- Aycr Oklahoma City, Feb. 22. That no booking of hlg representative attractions attractions will be made in Oklahoma until the corporation commission of that state permits a 2-cents-a-mile 2-cents-a-mile 2-cents-a-mile 2-cents-a-mile 2-cents-a-mile 2-cents-a-mile 2-cents-a-mile party rate; such as -exists -exists in other surrounding surrounding states',' Is the course determined up- up- ; on by, Klaw & Erlanger and affiliated managers, and the independent theatrical theatrical agencies, according to Edward G, Cooke, general agent for Klaw & Erlanger, who was in Kansas City yesterday yesterday arranging for the staging of "Berrllutr" at the Willis Wood theater next, month. "The reason for this is obvious," said Mr. Cooke; "Oklahoma has only a limited limited number of towns in which big and costly productions can make money. To tour Uie state companies are put to a great expense because of the distance that must be traversed to reach there. Party rates went out of existence in Oklahoma June 21, 1910. New York managers believed that would be a great blow to the theatrical business in the state, but to substantiate the fact concluded to give the state a thorough test. Managers sent their companies there regardless of expense, and they found that the difference between between a party rate of 2 cents and the present required rate of 3 cents a mile represented their former profit. "This action is not confined to Klaw & Erlanger, but is general throughout the theatrical Industry. Henry B. Harris, Harris, A.. W. Dingwall, Joseph Brooks, Wagenhals & Kemper, Joseph Gates, William Harris, Charles Frohman, Alf Haymari,' Cohan & Harris and others have Joined th movement. I understand understand that all the independent companies companies are contemplating the same action. action. Tours Cancelled. ".'The seriousness of the situation is told best by the recent action of George Tyler, acting head of Liebler & Co., In canceling the tour of the Bessie Abbott,, Abbott,, opera company. This organization organization numbers 190 people. When Mr. Tyler In Dallas, Tex., learned of the rates enforced in Oklahoma, he figured his expenses. No profit, he found, could be secured In any possible manner, so he closed the tour of the company. Such" instances are frequent. Charles Frohman had intended touring the state with his big operatic productions productions 'The Dollar Princess' and 'The Arcadians,' but when he was Informed of conditions, investigated and cancel etrtbe tours Of both. The routes of The Midnight Sons.' 'The Merry Widow,' Widow,' 'Prince of Pilsen,' DeWolf Hopper Hopper company. Raymond Hitchcock's company and 'Madame X' all have been rearranged to eliminate as much of the state as possible. "A few managers have allowed the Itineraries of their companies to re main unchanged, but are finding their experience so unprofitable that they are arranging their next season's bookings to exclude Oklahoma. Among these managers are Henry W. Savage, Mort Singer, Harry A skins and a few others who always have been friendly to Oklahoma". "One feature of the present condition is the fact that the Oklahoma authorities authorities insist on applying the strict rates of the state to interstate journeys. "The situation virtually means the crushing of the theatrical Industry that state, which' means a great loss Oklahoma in more ways than one. deprives the people of pleasure and entertainment, entertainment, and the business loss enormous. Theaters Aid Business. "It is bad business from an economic tandpoint to drive theatrical com panies out of the state. Few people are aware of the importance of the theat rical industry. It feeds every line business. The visit of a company any community means the illumina tion of a playhouse, employment tage hands, ushers, doorkeepers" and ticket sellers. It gives work to bill posters and transfer companies. affords advertising for the local news papers. It gives the hotels patronage and helps the cafes and big stores. Ex- ra fine organizations attract country trade. An example is afforded In recent visit of the 'Ben Hur company to Dallas. The entire state was ad vertised In the interest of the engage ment. Texas roads made special rates and thousands of country people at tended. Leading merchants claimed that more than $100,000 was put into circulation. 'Whenever party rates are restored all the theatrical managers will give Oklahoma good productions. Now conditions are extreme, and preclude any engagements of big companies. The matter should be brought before the corporation commission, and state legislature." Cost Sc per Box; Worth $5.00. Red -J- -J- -J- Cross Cough Drops. Every where. ROBBER SUSPECTS WAST MOXEY Claim Cash Held by State as Evidence la Their Property. Tulsa, Okla., Feb. 22. Sheriff W. McCullough was defendant in a in Justice John J. Slack's court Mon day afternoon, in which John Walkeley, an attorney for Jack Wright, one of the Grand theater robbery sus pects, sought to compel the sheriff turn over $160 of the money taken from the suspected robber by the authorities authorities after the arrest.. Walkeley had an order from Wright for a portion of the money taken from Wright's person after his arrest Muskogee in connection with the rob bery of the Grand theater on the night of December 27. when over $800 money was taken. Manager Stuart of the Grand theater, was introduced as a witness Sheriff McCullough, who is holding money recovered from Jack Wright. and A. L. Walker for evidence the trial of the two suspects in district court. Manager Stuart identi fied several of the bills among stack of bills in the possession of sheriff. One in particular was a bill. The county attorney resisted surrendering surrendering the money to the counsel for

Clipped from The Wichita Daily Eagle23 Feb 1911, ThuPage 2

The Wichita Daily Eagle (Wichita, Kansas)23 Feb 1911, ThuPage 2
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  • Midnight Sons benefits to state outlined from traveling theater groups

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