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Webster Tilton marries - Hur-risorr'Of a in a car-fled tli-j tli-j posl-...
Hur-risorr'Of a in a car-fled tli-j tli-j posl- It suaded to desert the Democratic . standard. On the other hand, Nor-under Nor-under I t"hern Republicans, who have been profe;- th fric-tiorr-'bet aggravated. one mlschiev-j mlschiev-j bs j sec-' sec-' fn clviliza- executive. in and the a the al-mottc al-mottc the and that into fatal SI LOUIS POST-DISPATCH POST-DISPATCH POST-DISPATCH ' Heiress, Who is Married Again, Photographed Recently at Dog Races I .... StS .-Jf.M'. .-Jf.M'. . IjT -..-..-..... -..-..-..... -..-..-..... -..-..-..... -..-..-..... -..-..-..... Wfc L MRS. WEBSTER TILTON. controversies about granting that equality. For several months the leaders of the Republican party have been planning a real campaign to break the Democratic hold on the "solid South." Some have advocated that the way to do it is for some statement statement to be made which would assure assure the whites in the South that they could vote the Republican ticket without fear of negro domination. domination. This has indeed been advocated advocated by those- those- Republicans who hailed from the South and who knew that some such utterance was neces- neces- sary before the whites could be per- per- helped in recent years by the influx influx of negroes into their congressional congressional districts, have feared that such a statement would be regarded as hostile by Northern negroes. Mr. Harding has tried a compromise.- compromise.- compromise.- He declares he does not believe believe in social or racial equality. That's an important statement for a President of the United States to make. But while the South has always always insisted upon its own right to determine who shall or shall hot be considered social equals, the trouble is that the true fear of political equality is that it may lead to social equalUy.. . At -least -least the Southern Democrats here who have made a study -of -of th-question th-question th-question declare that he line between political and social equality is too hazy to draw. They argue, moreover, that political equal ity means the election to office of negroes to rule over whites. Such a status, they add. Inevitably carries witn It social friction. Republicans who defended Mr. Harding's speech are vehement in their expressions of approval, pointing pointing out that the President has made a real appeal for a united nation and has not minced words in contending contending for a genuine and not an Imaginary democracy. The fact that the negroes in the audience applaud ed and cheered while whites stood silent, as reported in the dispatches from Birmingham, is regarded as of lesser importance than the after-ef after-ef after-ef fects of the speech on the mass of people who read and did not hear the utterance. HEALTH COMMITTEE IS FORMED Former Coroner VUt Cliairnian of ' U4fAlc '........If 1 , ""'J The appointment of a Health am'. Sanitation Committee, of which former v & fc WEBSTER TILTON WEDS MRS. ELEANOR STIGKNEY Ceremony Takes Place fn Home of Brother and Sister-in-Law Sister-in-Law Sister-in-Law Sister-in-Law Sister-in-Law of the Bride. The marriage of Eleanor Dozier Stickfley, divorced wife of Stuart G. Stirkney, and Webster Tilton. son of the late Edgar Tilton. took plae at 11 o'clock this morning- morning- in the apartments apartments of the- the- bride's brother and sister-in-law, sister-in-law, sister-in-law, sister-in-law, sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T). Dozier, in the Kingsbury Apartments, Apartments, 501 Clara avenue. The Rev. Dr. H. B. Rhodes, pastor of Grace Methodist Church, officiated at the wedding. The bride, who is 23 years old. inherited inherited about one-half one-half one-half of the $1,000.-000 $1,000.-000 $1,000.-000 estate of her father, Lewis D. Dozier. She was married in November, November, 1916, to Stickney, who was then 37 years old, and who was a former city. State and Trans-Mississippi Trans-Mississippi Trans-Mississippi golf champion. The wedding took place in St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Bishop Tuttle pronouncing the benediction. benediction. She filed suit in January. 1920. for divorce and custody of her daughter, Ann. then 18 months old. Her only allegation was desertion,, and Stick ney made no active defense. The decree, with custody of the child. was granted to her in February. 1920, after a brief hearing. Webster Tilton is 22 years old, and is connected with a brokerage firm. He has an income of about $25,000 a year from the estate of his father, who was head of the Stanard-Tilton Stanard-Tilton Stanard-Tilton Milling Co. In August, 1919, his engagement engagement to Miss Mary Miller Brown of Louisville was announced. Tilton, being then a minor, obtained per mission from the Probate Court to expend $1350 for an engagement ring for Miss Brown. Three months later, it was an nounced that the engagement of Tilton Tilton and Miss Brown had been brok en. The only reason given was Til-ton's Til-ton's Til-ton's youthfulness. Miss Brown soon afterward went on a journey around the world. Tilton has been living at the Rac- Rac- nnot Hnh Mr. Gtll'nav V o a Vto on itj.ii uiiciu at isia ArK) ie avenue y 1? '. TO Vice-Admira!, By the MARTJ. As-socia.tel to cut reach forthcoming Kastem Admiral of the Washington, America He been for loaih was Vice his in an Associated he the pet a to cut On ia would navy the atlon of Is the Admiral sirace the Tbva statement by a the leaders of but their ideals A ship the from British By the Minister to or at closing the Ireland, statement and ers Br of were State embassy Schan-zer, Treasury, delegation; Filip-po tinl. In of Forty

Clipped from St. Louis Post-Dispatch27 Oct 1921, ThuPage 2

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, Missouri)27 Oct 1921, ThuPage 2
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