Thankful Hubbard hosts delegate from Lady Washington Chapter, Feb. 11, 1900

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Thankful Hubbard hosts delegate from Lady Washington  Chapter, Feb. 11, 1900 - IviSlT TO AUSTIN a nfercnce of the Daughters...
IviSlT TO AUSTIN a nfercnce of the Daughters Revolution Aof American delegate from the Lady r < Ston ffiaptcr D A Kb to attend iJjtftrence of tho DauRhters of the Involution Invited by tho a J Hubbard chapter of Austin and lMt cllJ M ° ntaj ani1 con a1 J thatlny E00 tar w vely ja an ascendant Indeed when l wtos bJ into the home of Mr Ira Hobsirl Everett Smith who had br Mr met me B 1E tran My welcome r Hi kindest and I found myself In itaospier at once homelike and n finished In tho Stato and fur is only a man who has seen men an furnlsn hls home The ret > within and without till tn We one miffldV lv0 tbe bandsomo stone Jast tho picturesque setting that teds Three terraces follow tho slope ktillleacl1 ono sunDortCl1 b > massive j ll Tho second wall separating coad and third terrace is thlrty foet jiljhl nd supported by eight strong M of limestone each one sur iJBtid hr a plant of tho plcturesquo pisHa DaftKcr and all with a soft j elotMnK of English ivy On the terrace a large pecan trecajid on third a spreading live oak glvu wol I saito e in the summer and roses Mi plum and fig trees add beauty and jfiirt durlne their scasonB s within these charming precincts it I MS welcomed by Mrs Evans re cl Thankful Hubbard chapter Mon f moraine the tmembers of that chapter from outside enlreoreseutatives unan as well as a number of visiting and Jest friends of tho U A R s were UrtJ to thei In tho drawing rooms mutual instruction and entertainment j Junes B Clark former State recent present she was asked to pre e After iSrs Bans annual o rt of the chapter was read by re tl Mrs Dell of Fort Worth gavo au tint report of the status and work of j Fort Worth chapter nnd 1 was asked tellThst the Lady Washington chapter Houston was doing Then Mrs Maxey jof Judse Maxey of the United States toil court Western district of Texas i asked to tell of tho Mount Vernon sodatlon which has done nnd still is tit such a noble work in keeping1 up hone of Washington and r of which is vice rodent for Texas She re ried that the Texas room at Mbunt ton was almost completely furnished tatpproprlato pieces all sent from its snd that tha Texas gateway was tlrely finished nnd considered In every ir or thy the grounds to which It is cl the entrances Mrs Maxey stated itatfim fie found so much difficulty rilslns money for the gate that some wVorkers offered to relieve her of tha lnd to erect a New York instead of Ttxaj te Of course no Texan at istno Texan woman would stand that Mrs Maxey promptly borrowed money her own responsibility and1 tho Texas It m becun Thsrc Is still a debt hlfh she is responsible but ofcourso f r H people will not permit her to 1i sum which has been used to spread nt the at of this sUm it was luggestfd ildbe an appropriate Vx < rk for ilhe hers of the American Revolutionin lit j Iter the meeting where mu6h was of interest to all beldtigliisj ho tho A R Mrs Milllcnn of Indiana sang firal beautiful selections and then Mr us Invited all present to a luncheon U worthy of herself and It there Is J blaher nralse lhau that I would be id to learn what It Is At each cover ere waa a visiting card with the name we auest and abovo It a knot of gray mu and a knot of bllie conncclc d by tlnr United States dag signifying tho that the Daughters of the American rotation nuv unite in sentimentas dl a organization tho North and South Mrs Everett Smith uy vr > nd took me tp see many unopo was echoed in every heart and f work of this patriotic association bids to do more thoroughly than nny other beautiful work of reuniting the two rofv Mrs Evans D A II guests S Mr J B Clark Mrs Edward Ev IL Wrs Sawnic Iloblnson Mrs I Grlbble Mrs Rector MrB JUyMrs Frank Lubbock Mrs Thorn Bremond Mrs Claybrook iliss 3 l ousjjon Mrs T N it Tarlccr lrr ell of Kort Worth Mrn w Mre H n Robertson of Temple Si Mrs Evans had also iuvlted m J Bryan Mrs Sayers Mlhs arlaRe of San do b7 Antonio and Miss a granddaughter of the do Zavalla ° e f he heroes of the Toca3 irslwio h J noi suBBosed to rain In Austin rani9 what he visitor always finds w eather v so in tho afternoon vyu ni P ln by a IlKht but continual fall id Iowevcf helng keptln with Mr r tvaa iirvi itvaa for companions Is a very Jr tier sn 1 was perfectly con 1 morning was bettor so I M lS i00k me out Ior drlv aui1 task Vhe salcl > building where our ers hold forth Hero we had the T of meeting Hon John T Browne t kind j Tery to us The materia itrlm0f fhe Statc hoU3p waa rathrr hi ikJ obacco smoko nnd the moral w tax bill u 8 a vory eXtraor < c 0 mc that min who nre sup El ffpr ent ho great State of Texas contaminate Mfliru cture as our state house with e aDd Vrti cuspidoro The unlver in > tha f tte imTh uyue toSSW ar ° then we had a drvn kit kt beautiful I city followod every fctrti c Baclr iioma of tho capltol Hit iii r > vlew over hill and treq and STSau 8 of blgh and ofty asplratipns tt af 1 carrying always a rues WiMope ror h great State to which tternoon ancl s aoiDK so wVch I 1e of the State was b U Tlyt lSnVtbi sun nA i y i OUI th ray companion was charm a I Uef le waa Vir delightful At 4 ft ar Q vc to the governors man eatln Savers was holding a lJ lir wh her i wa s very atruelr win u Sirll tk thB wonderful chaase uiade In tho njanilou Thb bVdlnK dl ndt ne a any torliti f tho 0d South with tictit cou i lofty ceilings and But within and without fCl tlisV E lilS reJlninKinpuence of S HerE are very cbwmq lr KaiIuJn lhe tT ° nl drawing TOPPJ T iT ° iifi ndlee i V a ther Joward the rl < e of tli ron r7 n H nfSi W17ril55nM if i ebl srye oftVrgov 1Jobln Stata president of tha sviMrs FalUner Mrs C une staff who seemed particularly grata T c Mycre editor of tbo

Clipped from The Houston Post11 Feb 1900, SunPage 17

The Houston Post (Houston, Texas)11 Feb 1900, SunPage 17
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  • Thankful Hubbard hosts delegate from Lady Washington Chapter, Feb. 11, 1900

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