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St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Senate Election Previw - Democrats FROM PAGE ONE conservatives, and is...
Democrats FROM PAGE ONE conservatives, and is expected to take votes from Arnold, particularly in south St. Louis, where Zych's main strength lies. . ..ZYCH SAID he would have voted against the Panama Canal treaty. He favors constitutional amendments that would ban busing for school integration, abortion, and would permit prayer in public schools. He favors the death penalty and opposes gun control and the Equal Rights Amendment. Arnold agrees with Zych's positions on busing, abortion, school prayer and gun control, but he supports an Equal Rights Amendment. Arnold favors reduced defense spending, and has pledged to oppose cuts in Social Security benefits and is joined in these positions by his three main opponents. Mrs. Woods says she is against forced busing, but she is not in favor of putting it in the Constitution. She is opposed to the death penalty, school prayer and gun registration. Ryan favors a constitutional amendment to ban busing, he supports ERA and he is opposed to the death penalty. But on other issues, his position reflects his theme of giving citizens a greater voice in determination of public policy. Ryan wants two or three public issues submitted to a national, non-binding non-binding non-binding referendum at each election, and he wants the abortion issue to be M f i decided in one of these referendums. Even though it would be non-binding, non-binding, non-binding, Ryan believes the result would give a clear answer to Congress on how to proceed. On gun control, Ryan would leave the decision to local governments. On school prayer, he favors permitting voters in local school districts to decide by a two-thirds two-thirds two-thirds vote. Ryan's entire campaign is studded with proposals that would give citizens greater voice and representation on policy-making policy-making policy-making bodies, including the Federal Reserve Board. The four Democrats have been comparatively gentle with each other, and have concentrated most of their attention on Danforth. Zych has said that Mrs. Woods actually does not oppose busing and gun control. Ryan has called Mrs. Woods "an establishment liberal" and has said Arnold represents "the moneyed special interests" because of his work for Central Trust Bank. Arnold and Ryan twitted Mrs. Woods for what they interpreted as her endorsment of U.S. Rep. Millicent Fenwick, R-N.J., R-N.J., R-N.J., for election to the U.S. Senate. But Mrs. Woods denied she endorsed Mrs. Fenwick. She said she only made some "light-hearted" "light-hearted" "light-hearted" comments about Mrs. Fenwick at an "informal coffee." BUT THE FOUR major Democrats have beensing the same points to Tom Ryan attack President Ronald Reagan's economic and tax policies, and to hammer Danforth for the support he has given Reagan. They have blamed Reagan and Danforth for high unemployment and interest rates, and for a tax cut that they contend favors business and the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. They have attacked Danforth's votes to deregulate natural gas rates, to eliminate the $122 minimum monthly Social Security benefit and to reduce college student grants. ,s - Thomas E. Zych They also have criticized Danforth's personal wealth, making a point of his use of a helicopter to tour the state earlier this year and Danforth's campaign chest of close to $1 million. Danforth has done no campaigning other than the helicopter tour to announce his re-election re-election re-election effort. Hancock has been a Republican version of Ryan, driving himself around the state in his car, trying to whip up a grass roots taxpayer movement similar to that which passed his tax limitation amendment in statewide vote in 1980.

Clipped from St. Louis Post-Dispatch25 Jul 1982, SunMain EditionPage 31

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, Missouri)25 Jul 1982, SunMain EditionPage 31
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