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REAL KANSAS CRANK. QSNERAL HUGH CAMERON IS AN ECCENTRIC BEINO. Um In the Open and Allow! Unit end Beard to Grow fnelats That Aanenelon Day Ihonld Be Reeognlaed DJ Federal Law. (Special Letter.) OSSESSED of con siderable wealth at leaBt enscgh to render render hlra Independent Independent of all things earthly General Hugh Cameron of y known th" Kan" y JST Sas hermit, makes hlu bed on an old barn door In tho wild woods near the historic city of Lawrence. He liven In the open air, and when he Bleeps has no other root ttian the foliage of the trees, through which the stars twinkle as if amused at the eccentricity of the man. He has one pet hobby, which he Is urging on congresB. He wants Ascension day to become a national holiday by virtue of a law ,of the supreme legislative body of the land. General Cameron would be a pictur esque figure even If he were not so filled with eccentricities as to attract attention. He Is tall, finely formed and straight as an arrow, In spite of his advanced years. His white beard and white hair hang down from a mas sive head and face, the former reaching below the waist, extending forty Inches In length, and the latter descending In a snowy cloud thirty-six Inches. He Is one of the richest men In the state, but he refuses to live in a house, preferring the freedom of the woods to the con flnement of a civilized dwelling. He is a marked man, . but clear-headed and well versed In the science and folk lore of this and most other countries. He Is not In his dotage, but he clings to any Idea he embraces with all the vigor of a man accustomed to pushing things to success. General Cameron's Ascension day idea has been advanced by him for years. He believes that the day on which Christ returned to heaven after the crucifixion should be set apart by a Christian nation sucn as America as a day of rejoicing equally if not more significant to the people than July 4, tho nation's birthday. He has com menced agitation in favor of this idea, and will work with a singleness of pur pose toward its accomplishment until he Is called to hlB fathers, unless sue cess crowns his efforts before that time. General Cameron erected a pole on Easter day of this year to commemo rate the resurrection. Imposing cere monies were conducted under his dl rectlon. The site chosen wbb a suburb of Lawrence, and the old man, now 70 years of age, caused the pole fifty feet long, to be raised with ceremonies of the most Impressive nature. On the top of the pole Is a cross symbolical of the crucifixion, and near by a liberty cap, symbolizing true liberty to all. He bent on an American flag to the hat yards, and ran the silken emblem to the top with his own hands. Many of the residents of Lawrence were present, present, for the old man, while queer in many things, Is always Interesting. He Is called the Kansas hermit be cause he himself adopted the title. He saw hard service In the civil war, and was severely wounded. In spite of this fact and his advanced age, he works on his farm early and late. Uncle Sam helps him out to the extent of $20 a month. Fifteen years ago he threw off the bans of fashion, declaring that he would be perfectly Independent and he has been. Since that time he has neither trimmed nor cut his hair or beard. His hair Is three feet long and liken, while his beard has reached the length of three and one-half feet While wprklng he braids both hair and beard, and tucks them Inside his shirt, On his head he wears a close-fitting cap, and over this either a thick win. ter cap or straw hat. For years Hermit Cameron has been nravlne for a fuller acknowledgment by the people, for the divinity of Jesus Christ. As Easter is me commemora tion of the ascension of Christ, he thinks it should be at a fixed date every year, Instead of as now, arranged according to the ecclesiastical moon "Easter is for the rich folks to wear Ann clothes." says the old man. "Two. thirds of the common people God's chosen people don't know what Easter I! " . ' .r L.' ..... ' J. WW CAMP BEN HARRISON. Is. It la the church-going people only who know Its real significance." He announces that he feels convinced that April 6 Is the true date of the resur rectlon. He prepared a petition to congress, which is remarkable as petl tlons go. Unable to get either Senator Baker or Congressman Curtis to pre sent it to congress, he sent it to Senator Senator Pfeffer, and that gentleman presented presented It to the senate a short time ago. A full reading was demanded by the curious senators. It wa lead lo Mr full. This custom Is very rare, usually; the titles only being read to the senate. The document caused no little com ment on all Bides and here is the sub-Btance sub-Btance of it: To the Congress of the United States of America: Your petitioner, the undersigned, undersigned, .respectfully asks your honorable honorable bodies to make the 5th of April a national holiday, It being the day on which the "king of the Jews," whom Pontius Pilate caused to be crucified on April 3, A. D. 33, achloved his splendid splendid victory over the grave. The king of the Jews has always been a true friend of the United States of America. He was with Washington and his compatriots compatriots during their great struggle for Independence, and was also with the union army through the, ontire war to maintain that independence with union and liberty. Your peti tioner has an abiding faith that your honorable bodies will cheerfully grant this request, as well on your own account account as that of the multitude of bla faithful followers, comprising all the Industrious poor people (God's choson people), many of whom are now prayerfully prayerfully waiting for the second coming of Bald king, which, It is claimed, will be to the United States of America. Unquestionably this king has done more to establish and maintain free government on this continent and to make the United States of America a respectable nation than any other king, and so we bb Individuals and as a nation nation ought not to be ashamed with GEN. HUGH CAMERON, frankness and alacrity to acknowledge that we owe him a debt of gratitude which we will nevor be able fully to liquidate. For all these and many, other obvious reasons tho undersigned hopes that your honorable bodies will without delay make resurrection day a national holiday, for which we will continually pray. Respectfully, HUGH CAMERON. Camp Ben Harrison, Douglas county, county, Kan. After the reading the senate referred it to the committee on Judiciary. Aa will be seen, this resolution, if adopted, would upset the present arrangement of Easter days according to the church festival. Easter Is a movable festival. The rule which has been followed In fixing Its date each year Is that it shall be the first Sunday after the fourteenth day (not the full moon) of the calendar moon, which happens on the next after March 21. The calendar moon Is not the moon of the heavens, nor the moon of astronomy, but an imaginary moon for ecclesiastical convenience. Easter may come as early as March 22, or aa late as April 25. Last year it occurred on April 14. NAPOLEON AND EUGENIE. With Their Child at High Mini The Archhlahoi). I had a card of admission to a seat Immediately In front of the altar and close to those occupied by the imperial party, says Blackwood's Magazine. It was Interesting, of course, to be able at such close quarters to scrutinize the somewhat sombre countenance of Napoleon Napoleon III., the delicato features of his beautiful wife and the fair face of the boy on whom so many glowing hopes were fixed all doomed to be quenched in the dust of death at one desolate spot In far-off Zululand. But it was the venerable archbishop who attracted attracted my attention most strongly, from the subdued gentleness and humility of his aspect, In spite of the gorgeous-ness gorgeous-ness of his vestments, rich In crimson velvet, gold embroidery and priceless lace. The archbishop woreallttleredskull-cap woreallttleredskull-cap over his soft, white hair and the expression of his mild countenance was that of simple, genuine goodness. His complete absorption in the religious religious service on which he was engaged was quite In accordance with what I had been told of his pure, devoted life and the appearance of the meek, defenseless defenseless old man would have led one to believe that he was one of the last persons who could ever become the object object of Implacable hatred and brutal violence. Yet two years later I stood on the spot where that gentle spirit had at last escaped by the tardy mercy of death from an agony of persecution and torture little known, I believe, be yond tho prison walls where the last cruel scene was enacted. Tho Star Chamber Loek. The veritable lock and key of the famous famous Star Chamber were sold at Christie's Christie's rooms, London, recently. The lock is soundly made of brass, and though decorated to a certain extent is plain compared with the key, which Is a wonderful piece of fretted steel. The metal Is oi beautiful temper, otherwise otherwise It seems Impesslblo that the stem should not snap off if there were the slightest hitch in the turning of the lock. On both sides ' are portrayed crowned heads, presumably of Charles iltgpll

Clipped from Phillipsburg Herald01 Oct 1896, ThuPage 3

Phillipsburg Herald (Phillipsburg, Kansas)01 Oct 1896, ThuPage 3
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