1900-12-04 Coach, Richard part 1

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1900-12-04 Coach, Richard part 1 - VOLUME NINE. NUMBER 105 AKRON. OHIO. TUESDAY...
VOLUME NINE. NUMBER 105 AKRON. OHIO. TUESDAY EVENING. DEOEMBEIt k Detective E. :s B. Sherman Alleged to be an All Around Crook, Who Has Traveled Under Vari ous lases. Is Under Indictment at Cleveland on a Charge of Defrauding the B. & 0. Railroad Company Company Out of $1,095. Largost Excluslvo Dry Goods Storo in Akron. CHOICE LINE OF HOLIDAY GOODS WILL BE OPENED LAST OF THIS WEEK EVERYTHING IN DRY GOODS SUITABLE FOR HOLIDAY TRADE THE LOWEST POS- SIBLE PRICE AT OUR STORE ALWAYS VA P flihit 156 and 167 South Howard streofc. RECOMMEND Nicaraguan Route. Estimated ' Cost Over $200,000,000. Will Not be Completed For Ten Years. to bo having said InBt night lenvo for stay thcro till Lord Chancellor received a from Manchester. Tried to Bluff Detective Dunn and OfficerGoodenberger Before Being Taken Away He Admitted He Was the Man Wanted In Cleveland. Richard .T. Koch, nlhis Edward B. Sherman, who has played such an Important part In the detective woi k since the riot, was tnken to Cleveland Cleveland Monday night, to answer to a charge of sending a fiauduleut letter through the mails. In that city he operated under the name of Richard J. Coach. It Is alleged that ho defrauded the B. & O. Railroad company out of $1,095 by palming himself off as n special agent or detective of the National Secret Service. , v at a session tali- - -1 i..iA, JmL. . held last June; SInco thaiTtimc the o tlves of. the B. & O fnfettSTC,! f'i 'tii n 'vihtoS1'1- cers ofUlevelnnu' anu railroad have ocen scouring the country for tho ninu. Tho wnirant for his arrest, which was In tho possession of Detective I'ar her, who wns sent to Akron to take the prisoner back to Cleveland, minus the Introductory printed form, was as follows: "On. or about March 2, 1900, one Rlqhard .T. Coach did unlawfully and fraudulently send a ceitaln letter and statement of account to one F. D. Underwood, general manager of tho B. & O. rnlhoad, State of Maryland, with intent then and there and thereby to obtain from tho said B. & O. Railroad company, a corporation, certain money and of tho value of $1,005 by which said unlawful and fraudulent sending of said letter and statement statement of account he, the said R. .7. Coach, did obtain from tho -said B. & O. Railroad company, a corporation, certain money of the value of $1,005." This however, Is said to bo but one of many charges against the man who Is alleged to be one of tho most dangerous and intelligent crooks in tho swindling business. Akron otllcers say there has been a standing offer of $500 for his arrest since last March. It was mado by the B. & O. Railroad company, alleged to have been tho victim of Koch's last swindle. Akron's Acting Chief of Police, Edward Dunn, having mado tho arrest, will be entitled to receive tho reward. . At 3 o'clock Monday afternoon Acting Chief Dunn rccolved a telephone message from Cleveland police headquarters requesting that ho place Koch, alias Sherman, under arrest. Accompanied by Olllcer Goodonborg-cr Goodonborg-cr and a reporter for tho Democrat, Chief Dunn went to tho Court House, where It wan believed tho man would bo found. He had Jii'st drawn $1!58 from the County Treasury nnd was' nbout to leavo tho building. Tho arrest arrest was uot made at that place, however. He was followed down Quarry 'and Main sts., to tho exchange of tho Central Union Telephone compnny. At that place ho was met by Prison keeper Washer They were engaged in conversation when Chief Dunn stepped Inside and notllled Koch that ho was under nrrest. Without any further ceremony a pair of handcuffs wero placed on tho man nnd ho was tnken to the ofliee of the police department, department, walking between Chief Dunn and Olllcer Goodonberger. A search of Koch's clothing was made upon his arrival. A -12 calibre revolver wnsTakcn from his hip pock ot nnd a sum of money wns found In his clothes. Papers, which ho said were of a private naturo relating to certain o'videnco which he had collected in connection with his investigation investigation of the riots, wero In his inside coat pocket. Ho asked that a receipt be given hiin for his money and tho nlanco of tho property tnken from him. As soon as possible ho asked that ho be allowed to telephone Pros-ccutor Pros-ccutor Wnnatnnkor. In conversation with tho Prosecutor ho said that he had had $50, the property of Mr. Wannmaker, which had been taken fiom him by tho officers. Ho asked the owner of the money to como nt onco to Polico headquarters and claim tho same. Ho also called up Prison-keeper Prison-keeper Washer. Koch appeared to take his arrest with calmness. Ho Inquired ns to tho ntituuo of tho charge against him and when informed, said: "It is a case of getting tho wrong umu. I know nothing of tho alleged charges nnd I will bo back to Akron ns soon as tills matter Is cleared up. Somo ono Is making a strong play against me." Later in tho evening Koch mado a different sfatement In which ho admitted admitted that ho wns tho right man. To congratulated Chief Dunn on Ids work. Koch wns held at the olllce of tho Chief until tho arrival of Detective Parker, Ills supper was served to him there nnd ho wns closely watched. Ho was visited by both Prosecutor Wnnnmnker and Prlsonkcepur Washer. KzstrM&nzwsTwwjm tjiiiLMZ&g2anig& mmmm ff i-nftffttfri Adrift lrtTf'fcfV'l Figure Up A Few Items You Will Need Soon in the Jewelry or Silver Line They mnko tho most satisfactory satisfactory kind of presents. Don't put it olf until tho last minute, but inspect tnem now. 154 South Mam St. Do not miss the opportunity to hear the oratorio of the "Messiah" tonight "at the First Methodist Church because of a little rain. A'l good seats, none reserved; price only 50c. KNEW HIS SWAN. Mark Dotectjvo Parker Found Every of Indentlfication. A fow minutes after Detective C, D. Tarlter arrived at tho City bulld- lng, Sherman was brought up from tho Chief's ofllce hi tho basement nnd conducted to tho Polico Prosecutor's olllce, Sherman was Introduced to Detec tive Pnikcr by Chief Dunn, For a infton ut. full minute tho two men eyed each other Intently. Detective Parker bioko tho silence by saying: "How are you, Mr. Coach?" Sherman answered "Tlint is not my name, You are mistaken," Detective Parker gazed more Intently Intently than ever into Sherman's face and stepped to ono side to get a better view. "Perhaps my hnt Is In tho way, I will remove it," said Sherman, nnd ho did so In tho coolest manner pos slblo. Detective Parker touched tho sear on .Sherman's forehead, tho ono on the check nud then grasping his Continued on fifth page. I I I 'II ! ' I !! TWO MEN INJURED. Pari of a Struclure Gave Way on Perkins Hill. Robert Wallace and Elmer Jnckson, employes of tho Ilnnkoy Lumber company, wero injured in an accident nt the lesldenco of Mrs. A. Work, on Perkins Hill, Into Muiiday afternoon, Tho two men were engaged In croct ing a building In ghlch lawn tenuis Is to bo played during tho wlnte mouths. While nbout 20 feet from tho llpor somo plnn..s gavo way and tho men nud timbers which they wero putting in position, fell. Wallace's left arm was broken nud Jackson's right leg was broken above tho nn-kle. nn-kle. Dr. .T, W. Raho wns called and sot thu broken boues. Park's ambulation ambulation removed tho men to their homes, AVullncc resides at 1203 Sou h High st. and Jackson at 50!,5 Wash- Breckenridge Wants Concessions Concessions For Army Officers. i Many Students Are Studying Military Science. THE Of Boss Cox Cincinnati, B. Cox, the Cincinnati, is footsteps and city auditing "Had any Inquired about would have There have during tho Griffiths, wns Tho amount Washington, Dec. j 4. (Spl.)-Tho President sent his "fenort of tho Isth- mlnn Canal Commission to Congress today. He unanimously recommends the adoption of the Nicaraguau route as the most serviceable to the United States. Tho estimated cost is $200,-540,000. $200,-540,000. The PauamalCnnal company refused to sell outriglit, but will allow tho United States to become a majority majority stockholder only. The canal is to bo 35 feet deep, and 155 feet on tho bottom. Thof locks will bo 740 fret long and 81 feet wide. In view of tendency to enlarge ocean steamers and the fact that tho canal cannot bo llnished in less than ten years, the Commission believes the dimensions should be adhered to. Washington, Dec. , (Spl.) The nn-mini nn-mini report of Inspector General Brockenrldgo wns made public today. It urges Hint arm'wipfllcors have thu same advantage onethelr retirement of tho-ranltiaud payTofifho-next higher higher grade, as tho navy olilcors have. On the subject of military tinining he says 30,125 students In 70 colleges were received during Inst year. Ho recommends a 'basis-of two soldiers months In anticipation of tho preparation preparation for war or In the transition when closing a war, instead of the presout hnphazad stylo of raising nn army BOUGHT A PUP. Having a High Old Time. Tho Ouke Is Now York, Dec. 4. (Spl.) The Duke and Duchess of Manchester nnd tho Duchess' father, Eugene Zimmerman, Zimmerman, wore guests of Alex Mnc-Dounld, Mnc-Dounld, the Cincinnati millionaire, nt tho Waldorf Inst night. Later tho party and Miss Helen Evnns, tho Duchess' aunt, went to Weber & Field's music hall. Yesterdny while tho Duchess and her mint were shopping, Manchester bought a bull pup. Tho Duko seems THE DOCTOR LAUGHED nut the Woman was Frightened. A physician of Columbus, Ga., rather poked fun nt a lady patient who Insisted she had heart disease. The trouble really wns caused by injuries fiom tho effects of coffee drinking, nnd tho nerves wore so nf-fected nf-fected that It gavo her every Indication Indication of heart disease. This is truo of thousands of peoplo who are badly hurt by tho caffeine of coffee, nnd, It Is understood that If continued long enough, real organic heart disease will sot In. Tho lady referred to above Is Mrs. O. V. Irvln, 1010 B street, East Highland, Columbus, Gn. Slio says: "I had been running down in health for a number of years and suspected that colfco wns hurting mo but could not get my consent to quit It. My heart troubled mo so that I wns very short of breath, and could do little orhiothlng that required exertion. 1 had fearful nervous headaches nearly every day, nnd wns exceedingly ner vous with indigestion nnd badly eon-stlpated. eon-stlpated. Tho doctor laughed at my Idea of heart trouble, but know that I was In a serious condition generally. Finally I was Induced to quit coffee and take up Postiim Food Coffee. This was about four months ngo nnd tho chnngo has been wonderful. I feel llko another person. My heart does not trouble mo at all, and tho stom-nch stom-nch and nerves aro decidedly Im-proved. Im-proved. My head does not glvo mo tho trouble It did, whllo the bowels nro regulnr without any purgatives or mcdleluo of nuy kind, "I can hardly express my grntlll-cation grntlll-cation for tho relief from suffering brought on by the uso of icgulnr cof-fee, cof-fee, and I cannot thank Pus'tum enough." Will be Brought Findlay, 0 Mc-Kevlt, charged on his seven arrest at brought back been in a times was near assault which Not Yet Over Robbed Youngstown, Helen Krauso, finds herself Taylor and robbed ns a shop girl inarrled Miss and brought He left her in Tuesday night and The girl kind landlady her a position strive to live Raced For Days the When the Crookston, Two thousand morning, In tho 1 ntlio ceded reservation. of people hnve office waiting 0 o'clock today. opened for townships. The total agricultural lands is subject to ouly at $1.25 dc-slrablo -land Tho Cause Lexington, Snllce, n former after fata lly himself this to bo tho cause. Mamlo Webster, tho will of a Laws Webster. husband's Jealousy. him up In the refused, then Is Proposed In Dublin, Dec. says a lingo Ing in London weekly papers nud evening Tho trust Is of $5,000,000 at tho beginning Mifk i-tiibrS. && mUt' t 'V'toiH ,..&, - .

Clipped from Akron Daily Democrat04 Dec 1900, TuePage 1

Akron Daily Democrat (Akron, Ohio)04 Dec 1900, TuePage 1
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