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Ed jr courthouse info - Henry A. Parsons, Jr., Editor THURSDAY, JULY...
Henry A. Parsons, Jr., Editor THURSDAY, JULY 24, 1870. Laying of the Corner stone. Hays the Hi. Mary's Garette. The Interesting eeremonics .Incident to the laying of the corner-stone of the court house now in course of erection, took iilace in Ridgway yesterday. The vent her was fine in the forepart of the day. hut In the afternoon t he clouds slightly marred the enjoyment of (lie omission, ninny of the country peo-le peo-le being induced to go home by the threatening aspect of the weather. It did not rain to do nny hurt and the festivities were not marred in the least through this cause. The parade which was to come oil', was like on nil former occasions, both here and in Ridgway, a failure in point of numbers. numbers. All the parade amounted to was tlie marshal, (Mierilt 1). C. Oyster,) his aids, tlie St. Mary's Banil and Company H, Captain Fred. Sclnriiin.g commanding. They marched over the route In line style, and received many compliments for their tine marching. Afler the parade a rest was taken until one o'clock p. m , when the crowd eathered in the court house yard to witness the ceremony of laving me corner-stone. The meeting was called to order hy P. C. Oyster, Ksri. Hon. John U. Hall was announced as president, with a list of vice presidents consisting of oia aim respected residents from each township and borough In the county. Tlie meeting was called to order by the president; Hon. John (4. Hull. Prayer by Rev. J. M. Gillette. Address by Lieut. Gov. C. W. Stone.' Address by Hon. L. D. Wet more, president judge of this judicial district, district, in which he confined his remarks to tlie necessity of a new court house, and the reasons which actuated the court In approving the recommendation recommendation of the grand fury iu condemning the old court house. Geo. A. Rathbun, Esq., then delivered delivered a short address and deposited the Kecords in the corner-stone. For remarks and list of articles see another column of Tub Advocate. The corner-stone was then formally laid. Hon. Geo. Dickinson, Hon. Jesse Kyler Erasmus Morcy, Esq., performing the Interesting ceremony, with Edward Derby, Esq., acting for J. P. Marston, architect (who was detained detained at home with Rlckness), and Anthony Auman, foreman. An original poem was then read with fine effect by Geo. It. Dixon, Esq., county superintendent. , Erasmus Morey, Esq., who partiel- Eated in the laying of the corner-stone ad the president read the following as expressive of his feelings uihhi the occasion. Mr. M. has been in the county since 1813, and has witnessed the growth of the county from the time it was a wilderness until thepros-entday. thepros-entday. He is 83 years old and cannot cannot give expression to hi feelings in words i GEWTtBMS Commissioners:' I return my sincere thanks for your invitation to be pres-nt pres-nt the laying of the corner-stone of tlie court house, and to tnke so prominent a part In the proceedings. It is one of the (lnys of my life, Jong to be remembered, and my wish Is that you may get us up a good substantial build-ing, build-ing, that will last for many iseiieratloiiH to come; that we may have impartial Justice ndmlsterod turall parties that may have litigations litigations within its walls. E. JifoitKY. Hon. Wm. P. Jenks, of Jefferson county then delivered a 'practical address address to the audience, which waa received received with unbounded applause. Hon. John Brooks, of Cmneron Co., who was a citizen of Elk at its organization, organization, gave the audience an address which was a mixture of humor, historical historical facts and plain common sense. The exercises were closed by an address address In German by Hon. .'has. Luhr, of this borough, which, judging from the applause manifested, he made some happy hits. Capt. Fred. Scheming was called for and he made a bow to the audience and retired. The St. Mary's band enlivened the occasion with excellent music between the addresses. The laying of the corner-stone by the gray haired veterans, was an impressive impressive sight, and will long be remembered remembered by all who witnessed it. The day passed off without a single incident happening to mar the enjoyments enjoyments of the participants. All were in good humor. In the evening a grand display of fireworks wus made, which was conducted conducted hy E. B. Westfall, Supt. middle middle division P. & E. It. Ii., with competent competent assistants. Fresh eggs Morgester's. 16 cents a dozen at Elk County. Says the Warren Mail. The erection of a new court house is a thing to be proud of by any .county. Our temples of justice are monuments in our inarch of civilization and order Our records of title and property depend depend in some measure for safety upon our liberality in the erection of these public buildings. Our neighboring county of little Elk, like our own county a few years ago, had long felt the need of better county buildings. The old court house was erected when the county was new and the people poor". They have flourished iu later year and are now abundantly able to have county buildings suitable to their wants. So a new court house was commenced last spring, modeled somewhat somewhat after ours. Mr. Marston, of Warren, who superintended the construction construction of ours, has charge of the work, which is a surllcient guaranty that it will be well done. It hi so weil under way that the coi ner-stone was laid lost Wednesday with interesting ceremonies. It was a great day for the rural population of little Elk, and they turned out largely. Hon. John (J. Hall was President of the day, Sheriff D. C. Oyster was Marshal, ami Co. H, Capt. Schoening commanding, paraded with the St. Mary's Band. Addresses. Were made by Judge L. D. Wetmore or wnose tnstrici tne county forms n part, and Lleut.-Gov. Stone, of War ren. Both were received with much favor. Judge Luhr, of St. Mary's, made an address in German, Speeches were also made by Hons. W. 1'. Jenks ana John .brooks. Tlie latter was a citizen of the county when it was or ganized, Mr. Erasmus Morey, aged 63 years, who has lived in the county since 1S13, was present and made a few remarks. In the evening a fine display of fireworks took place, which closed the exercises of a day long to be rememuereu. Large stock Morgester's. prime cocoa nuts at For garden or haying tools go to 42 Main street. Note paper and envelopes for sale at this office. Our Sew Court House. I.AYINO OP CORNER-STONE. OUTPOURING) OUTPOURING) OF THE PEOPLE. ABLE AND KtoqUKNT SPEECHES. A T1IRII.MNH POKM. OR AND DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS, AC. (Hays the Elk Democrat.) Wednesday, July 16, 1870, has come and gone, the corner-stone of our now temple of justice has been laid with much eclat, and, as we write, the work of erecting the-magnifieent pllegoe9 steadily onward. Tlie day opened beautiful and blight, Nature seeming anxious to appear to her best advantage on this red-letter day in the annals of "Little Elk." It was evident at an early hour that the Jown would be tilled with strangers, ns they came from every direction, some on foot, some on horseback, and others in conveyances of nil styles anil patterns patterns A mammoth flag was suspended suspended over Main street between Hyde's Opera House and the Hyde House, one of equal size kissed the morning breer.e from tlie top of the liberty pole in the court yard, whiie upon the streets all was bustle and activity. At H a. in. tlie special train from Renovo, consisting of four cars well filled, nrrived at the depot, and was followed at 11.30 by the four-car special from Kane, three of which were filled. Company H, National Guard of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, having marched to the depot before the arrival of these trains, escorted escorted the excursionists over to town, the procession moving iu the following order : Chief Marshal D. C. Oyster. Aids-F. C Ely. H. H. Wensel, W. A Derby. St. Mary's Comet Band-Company Band-Company H, National Guard of Pennsylvania. Excursionists and citizens. The procession marched out Depot street to Main, down Main to Elk, when it countermarched up Main to the Hydo House, where it disbanded. At I o'clock t he people began to congregate congregate upon the stand erected at the northeast corner of the new building, and at 1:30, the dignitaries having arrived, arrived, tlie exercises of the day were opened by D. C. Oyster, who read the list of oflicers of tlie day, as follows: Chief Marshal D. C. Oyster. Aids W. A. Derby, II. H. Wensel, F. C. Ely. President John G. Hall. Vice President Benezette, Miles Dent, 1). B. Winslow: Benzinger, John Kaul, Sr., Charles Bitter; Fox, John Moyer, and John Green ; Highland, Highland, Levi Ellithorp, W. J. Stubbs; Horton, J. 8. Hyde, Hezekiali Horton; Jay, Joseph Bobinson, A. E. Got!'; Jones, M. M. Sehultz, Ii. W. Brown ; Millstone, John C. Moore, K. M. Painter; Itidgway, Edward Derby, Chas. Mead; Spring Creek, Martin Perriu, Hiram Carman ; St. Mary's, Joseph Luhr, Joseph Wilhelin, Ignatius Ignatius Garner. Hon. John G. Hall briefly returned thanks for the honor conferred upon bim.and introduced Rev. J. M.Gillette, who delivered an appropriate prayer. Lieut. Gov. Stone and Judge Wet-more, Wet-more, of Warren, were introduced, each of whom made an address of about twenty minutes duration, which were received by the audience with outbursts of applause. Geo. A. Rathbun, of Ridgway, was the next speaker. At the conclusion of his remarks he read the list of articles articles to. be deposited in the cornerstone, cornerstone, as follows : We omit the list of articles, as it is given in full in to-day's Advocate. Tlie ceremony of laying the cornerstone cornerstone was then performed by George Dickinson, Erasmus Morey and Jesse Kyler, three of the county's pioneers ; Edward Derby, represented J. 1'. Marston, the architect, who was confined confined to his room by illness, and Anthony Anthony Auman, foreman of masonry. Afler the cement had been properly spread, the stone cover was swung into position by a small crane, and as it settled into place Judge Dickinson said: "Upon this substantial base, prepared for this stone, we place it." Afler tlie reading by the president of a letter addressed by Erasmus Morey, to tlie board of county commissioners, commissioners, congratulating them upon tlie building of a new court house and thanking them for the invitation to be present at the corner-stone laying, Geo. It. Dixon delivered an original poem appropriate to tlie oecnsiou, which evoked heartv applause. Hon. W. P. Jenks, of Brookville, was then introduced, who spoke ably and well for nearly half an hour, and was followed by lion. John Brooks, of Sinncniahonlng, who read from manuscript manuscript the longest speech of the day, which was a curious melange of history, history, reminiscence politics, theology and philosophy. Tlie exercises of the afternoon were concluded by Judge Luhr, of St Mary's, In a ringing German speech, which seemed to be highly appreciated by our German citizens The nay was fnteusfy hot. yet so in terested were the people in the cere monies that many ot them remained standing in the broiling sun during the two and a Halt Hours taken up by the exercises. A heavy slorm threatened about three o'clock to mar the pleasure of tne occasion, dui lortuuateiv it missed around, and ruin did not fall until seven o'clock, when a brisk shower of a few minutes duration acted like a charm in allaying the dust and cool- lug tlie atmosphere. THE FIREWORKS. At 8 P. M. Supt. Westfall. of Renovo. assisted by J. H. Hagerty, J. P. Cur tis, n. ti. wensel and w. A. Derby, commenced setting off' the fireworks from the stand erected in tlie north east end of the court yard for that pur pose, simultaneously witn wiucu Co H, preceded by the st. Mary's band, made a street parade. The display of nreworks, which lasted until 9:20, was a graud success, und a fitting finale to the exercises of the day. There was a variety of most beautuul pieces, which were set oft to good advantage by Supt. Westfall and his efficient corps of assistants. Indeed, Indeed, we feel safe iu saying that no such exhibition of pyrotechnics was ever before witnessed in the county. And it was as cheap as it was beautiful, beautiful, the entire cost, including express charges, falling below one hundred dollars. Four balloons were sent up at intervals intervals during the evening. All arose majestically in a northwesterly direc tion until a certain a tituile whh reached, when they struck an adverse air current and were borne oft in a southeasterly course, followed by the two thousand pairs of eyes congregated along Main street and in the court yard, until lost to sight, "though still to memory uear." ine last two. as thep ascended, emitted at short inter vals bans or nre ot variegated hues. which added much to the beauty of ine scene. The fireworks over, the crowd dis persed. Our citizens sought the seclu sion or tneir Homes, tnose troni abroad, admonisned iy me wnistie or the loco motive, that their train would not long await their eoming, hied themselves to the depot, and in a few moments found themselves speeding on their homeward way, filled with thoughts or itiagway and tne day so pleasantly I aim ho proniaoiy spent. (School Board Proceedings. I The Ridgway school boord met at the office of Horace Little on Saturday, Saturday, the 6lh Inst. Members present Wheeler, Hyde, Miles, Little, Gardner ami Schoenlng. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Letter of J. D. Rishell, of Lock Haven, accepting prlnclpalshlp of Ridgway schoot was read, and on motion ordered to be placed on file, Bids for building the Gitrdnerschool house were opened, and on motion of Mr. Gardner, seconded by Mr. Miles It was HfkoIvpA, that the bid of Fred. LnnfT-ler, LnnfT-ler, of St. Mary's, for the building of tlie same for the sum of $ WIS, be accepted accepted on condition that he give approved approved security. On motion of Mr. Little, seconded by Mr. Miles, it was JicKfilvrtf, That the president and secretary shall have power to take and approve the bail given by Lpffler, and make a contract with him in regard to the manner of making payment thereof. On motion of Mr. Little, seconded by Miles, J. K. Gardner was appointed a committee to take charge of the building of the Gardner school house. W. S. Horton, collector for the year 1877, made additional claims for exonerations exonerations from .taxes, of which the following were allowed i James Flynn, (1.22; J. G. George, (1.89; Charles Golden, $1.05; Peter Haley, $1.05; Allen Johnson, $1.03 ; Charles Qtiinn, (1.0.5. On motion of Mr. Gardner, seconded by Mr. Miles, the terms of the Gardner, Gardner, Whistletown and Wilmarth schools were fixed at eight months, and all the other schools outside of Ridgway at six months. On motion of Mr. Hyde, seconded by Mr. Gardner, the board ndjourncd to meet on the first Saturday in August. August. Idleness versus Industry . Solon, one of the most eminent of the phylosophers and lawgivers of an cient Greece, gave to his countrymen this law, "He that was thrice convicted of idleness was to be publicly declared infamous," and further ordered "that trades should be accounted honorable that the council of the Areopagus should examine into every man's means of subsisting, and chastise the idle." While we have not so august a tribunal as that which investigated the business or occupation of every person reported to that celebrated court as an idler, we have a tribunal whose power may be deeply felt by the many drones who wantonly squander precious precious time, golden moments, literally sipping from the hive of life the sweets gathered by nobler hands; we mean the tribunal of public sentiment. Could there be a general condemnation an expressed harmony of opinion, and thatso delivered that these moral pests could not fail to interpret their meaning, meaning, we might not so frequently meet those who have no visible occupation, and who subsist almost wholly upon the labor of their more industrious friends. The public frown would shame them into action and they, would then take their places among those, who, with manly front, face every obstiele, and hew out for themselves themselves fortunes and a place. The element of society to which we allude though not so annoying as tlie professional tramps, still represents a faction of those distinguished gentry and posess in a great degree many of those qualities which constitute a very large factor in tlie make up of those gentlemen of the road. How easy for the professional lounger to slide into the ways and habits of him who begs his bread from door to door. Lazy, slouchiug and swaggering in gait, he loiters along the public street, lounges in saloons, bar-rooms or other places of public resort, smoking, chewing, chewing, drinking, swearing and the recital recital of obscene jests or stories are his accomplishments, while, to stand upon the street corners or crossings and leasurely and impertinently gaze at every lady, who must elbow her way through this pestilential crowd, is an act at which he will not blush. How far then, is he removed from his brother the tramp? He possesses the air, the odor and varied traits which are the glory of your dignified tramp. Work he will not except it be occasionally occasionally to earn enougn to purchase the little cioinmg which marKs ms ranK above his fellow on the road. "Time money" every day is worth, to him who labors, tlie price at which ho sells ns service. So that lie, who squanders time sjicnds money as much as he who, with prodigal hand, scatters, ofteu thegatherlngsof a lifetime; both are spendthrifts. Good health with strong muscles and a steady brain are stock in trade, and if interested in some business or trade, will pay a large interest. Then put your time, which is money, at interest, invest your brawn, your muscle the capital God has given you in tlie pursuit of an honest trade. Uast lorever on tne port the habits which so ill become a man and con this lesson well, "Know thy work and do it.' u. ii.. a.. THIS COLLAR and a row. Milker free to Farmers who net as Agents. Cut this out and address with stamp Smith & Son, 1M Dey St., N. Y. n21-inl-mS Name this paper. WANTED IMMEDIATELY. Seventeen young: men to learn Teleeranhv, Good sitnationsguarauteed. For particulars, address Willi slump, HHEBIDAN (X BUDD, u21-1hV mi Box 0S7, Oherlin, Ohio. $75 00 for $1.00, $5.00 fur 1 ceut. I pay lame price for many dates of Old Copper and Silver Colin, send lo ccuU at once fur lay Catalogue and Price LlsL Ad drwiiii A r U'vihiutivu niil-iuj-iul ' Mt. Pleasant, Pa For powder and shot go to 42 Main street. For nails and Builders' hardware go to 42Main streets - --Visiting cards a great variety at The Advocate office. F6r wooden ware go to 42 Main utrevt. "A SPLENDID MEDICINE." Mahoning Furnace. Pa., May 13, 1878. Dr. M, M. Fourier, Fredonla, N. Y. Dour Hlr: I have tried your Blood lintl I.lvcr Hemodv nmUNerve Tonic and find that It in a splendid medicine. My father hud been nick a long time, tine bottle ha helped lilm more than any medicine he ha ever used. My wife, bIho, hns tlsed a bottle with good results. Yours truly. , ACOM SMITH. Dr. Fenner's Blood and Liver Remedy Remedy and Nerve Tonic may Well be called "The conquering hero" of the times. It is the medical triumph of the ago. Whoever has "the blues" should take It, for It rcfjulatm and rc-utorcn rc-utorcn the disordered system that gives rise to them. It always cures Billious-fiess Billious-fiess nnd Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Constipation, Headaches, FkVEH AND AfU'E, Sl'1-.EEN En'I.AKMK- menth, Scrofula, Erysipelas, Pimples, Blotches and all Skin Eruptions and Blood Disohdkhs Swelled Limbs and Dropsy; Sleeplessness, Impaired Impaired Nerves and Nervous Debility ; Restores flesh and strength when the system Is running down or going Into decline; cures Female Weakness and Chronic Rheumatism, and relieves Chronic Bronchitis, and all Lung and Throat difficulties. It does these things by striking at the root of disease and removing its causes. Dr. Fenner's Improved Cough Honey will relieve any cough in one hour. Dr. Fenner's Golden Relief cures any pain, as Tooth-ache Neuralgia, Colic or Headache in 6 to 10 minutes, and readily relieves Rheumatism, Kidney Kidney Complaint, Diarrhoea, Dysentery. Dr. Fenner's St. Vitus Dance Specific. Specific. One bottle always cures. For sale by Drs. T. S. Hartley and D. B. Day. : THE I,A Tt EST RETAIL STORE IN WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA. J. S. & W. H. HYDE, DEAI.tRS IN General Merchandise, RIDGWAY, PA. The following nre our prices on the prlncl. pal articles in the grocery line until further notice ! APPLES, dried nerlh. fio IIEANS, medium. per bu. Sit; Ulna, can, :o REEK, canned, per lb. 1m; dried per lb. 15c yjr r.j-.r., uiu KOIIU. 10: DCFl. IB: ruUSll'U iev. UltliAXTS. English, ner lb. S. It ACKERS, best nimlitv. hit lb. Re. 'ORN, canned, per can, l:ic. roMATOEfS. canned, upr win 10c. FISH, No. 1 White, per lb. Be. HAMS, Hnuuf Cured, per lb. 12c. i ui i", i hoice, per gal. soe. r., uesi nuuiiiy, per id. so E. best duality, ner lb. Sc. RAIslNs. VnlencluM. rx-r lb. 10c. SUOAR, Granulated nnd pulverised, 10c. nonce a kx. t; White lie: Yellow S'ic SALT, per bhl.SI.W). l.VLERATLS, per lb. St. 'l.rtllt ..n til. i i: sn. vppn n A,... SI oc M EAL, per cwt. Sl.anj bolted in suck 81.30. 11RAN, per cwt. $1.00. CORN, per bu. (lie.: OATS, nerbu. 45c. and all other goods In the grocery lino at proportionately proportionately low prices. CENTRAL State Hormal School. Eighth Normal School DMrlct) LOCK HATEX, CLOT0X CO., PA. A. N. RAT7B, A. M., Principal. This school as at present constituted. oilers the very best facilities for Pro fessional and Classical learning. Buildings spacious, inviting and commodious; completely heated by steam, well ventilated, and furnished Willi a nountilul supply of pure water. soft spring water. Liocation iieaiuiiul ana easy of ac es. Surrounding scenery unsurpassed. Teachers experienced, efficient, and live to their work. Discipline, linu but kind, uniform nil thorough. F.xpenses moderate. Fifty cents a week deduction to those preparing to teach. Students admitted at any tune. Courses of study prescribed by the State; I. Model School. II. Preparatory. Preparatory. III. Elementary. IV. Sclen-eutific. Sclen-eutific. ADJUNCT COURSES : I. Academic. II. Commercial. III. Music. IV. Art. The ' Elementary and Scientific courses are Professional, and students graduating therein receive State Diplo mas, conierring tne following corresponding corresponding degrees: Master of the Elements, Elements, and Master of the Sciences. Graduates in the other courses receive Normal Certificates of their attaiu-menls, attaiu-menls, signed by the Faculty. Tlie professional courses are liberal. ncl are in thoroughness not iuferior to those of our best colleges. The State requires a higher order of itlzensbin. The times demand it. It is one of the prime objects ot this school to help to secure it by furnish ing intelligent and efficient teachers for her schools. To this end it solicits young persons or good abilities and good purposes those Who desire to iimrove their time and their talents, us students. To all such it promises aid in developing their powers and abundant opportunities for well paid labor after leaving school. r or catalogue and terms address th Principal. S. J). isAi.lj, President Board of Trustees. T. C. IIIPPLE, Secretary. BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Clinton countv. S. D. Ball. T. C. Hippie, Dr. J.H. Barton, A. H. Best, Jacob Brown, Wilson Kistler. A.N Jtaub, W. W. Rankin, R. ti. Cook, Samuel Christ, O. Kint.ing. S. M. Bickford, H. L. DifTenbach, A. C. Noyes, S. R. Peale. i'entre HiX-Uov. A O- Curtin. Clearfield Ex.Gov. AVm. Bigler. Elk-Charles R. Earley. Mr6'79y1 (tfinn A MONTH guaranteed. 12 a day Capital not required: we will start vou. Men ' v v iil iinme inuiie nv ine lnuuturioun. women, uovn ana fciim mince money lamer at work for us Hum ui anything elm. The work is llglit and pleasant, and sudi as anyone can go rl;l)t at. Those who are wise who see this win send us ineir addresses and see for themselves. themselves. Cosily otillit and terms free. Now is the time. Those already at work are laying lin llll'iA SI1I11B nfmnnuv A.lili-u.a Til I'l. r. iu., A-ugusia, mains mtil ESTATE NOTICE; Estatb op John Pkterson, late oi uio luwusuip ot fugniunu, Klk Co.. Pa., deceased. All nersons In. debled to said Estate are requested to muko immediate payment, and' those having legal claims attain the name to present them without delay in proper viuci iui eciuciucur. Salt by the bbl, or ter's. lb. at Morges' N. Has the heretofore the continuance that be all Just a n ' for ence very it at sceptical as and of not ctl No can to to you and -

Clipped from The Elk County Advocate24 Jul 1879, ThuPage 2

The Elk County Advocate (Ridgway, Pennsylvania)24 Jul 1879, ThuPage 2
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