Barren Island 2-2-16 #2

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Barren Island 2-2-16  #2 - : a a a A INDIGNANT. TheBesidents of the...
: a a a A INDIGNANT. TheBesidents of the Country Towmaad trie Barren Island Nuisance. A Public Meeting Called In Canarsle The Torre Combining to Wage the War. Barren Island. The mere expression of those two words conveys to the minds of tho miZ - . of the country towns an idoa of all that is horrible and detestable in nature, and arouses in them feelings whioh are too strong to be expressed. That this Is no without cause oan be attested in ivia n - flock to Coney Island and Rockaway Beach aaring that ouuuuer inontns. it is tne ono groat bugbear that menaces the enjoyment of Summer excursionists. Standing as It does between the two pleasure resort. Barren Island is in a position to affect both Summer resorts, and according to the dlreotion of the winds ar ts favors more f orclblv dlBnensed. Tn th re.M.nta nf tho oountry towns, more espeolally of Flatbusb, Flat - lands and New Lots, life during tho Summer month is mado intolerable by the terriblo odor disseminated bv thtt hntlfntr mnil.Hna ataliHahn,Anta nnnn ,t. island when the wind blows from a Southerly dlreotion. no tnattor bow uncomfortably hot it may be, all doom and windows facing in that direotlon must be closed, because heat is preferable to the terrible infliction upon i ... ... iud uu.ctory uerves. Again and again havo tne country country town resident,! nrntoaliu) T oo iro.i. th, roxtdnntM of Flatbush brought the subject before tho Grand Jury " reauzing auyming to their advautago. They have now taken another oourse. Under tbo laws of this State, Health Boards h powor to suppress nuisances, existing in places where moy imvb jurisaiotion. xne Hoalth Board of Flatbimh, not having jurisdiction Over Barren Island, which bo - longs to tho Town of Flatlands, about a week ago applied applied to the Health Board of that town to take tha proper steps to abate the nuisance, promising to aid thorn in tho work of having tho nuisance abatod. Upon receiving the call, the secretary of tho Health Board Consulted with a mimlmr of thn nromlnnnt dents of the town, aud it was agreed that h.a wt course to pursue would bo first to call a public meeting ui me oitizens, to outam their view of tho question. i nis nas Deen aono, A CALL. signed by a dozen of the promiuent residents, having ucou mi to an tne properly ownors of the town, to meet on Monday next iu the Third District nhj House, located in Canarsle. Larren Island is admirably located to become ono of Iho finest seaBide resorts. It is situated in the month of Rookaway Inlet, and comprises a largo extent of land. Upon ono side ita shores are washed by tho placid, waters of Jamaica Bay, aud upon the other tho hngo breakers roiling in from tho ocean break upon Its beach. There !b considerable verdure upon the Island. and by expending a moderate Bum of money upon it it could ba made one of tho moBt attractive of Summer resorts. Along its shores on CanarBie Bay Is to be fouud excellent sport of a piscatorial nature, oa the fish teem there. It is only about tweaty - five years ago that the island was first used as a place at which te render dafunot animals to obtain from them such material oa could bs used for family and agricultural nurnosea. rt w. then used by a company whose headquarters were In now xorK. uity. since tnon, several othor parties have occupied the island, the presont iaouinbout being PRANK SWIFT. There aro throe different establishments, one for tha rondering of dead animals, another to extraot the oil from lish, principally menhaden, and the othor for tho utilization of garbage. Tho combined odors are cortainly mtolarablo and ought to bo auppressed. Tha owners of the establishments have always olaimod, that the odor Is healthy rather than unhealthy, and to prova this they assert that the workmen are strong and, healthy. It is no uncommon Bight to see the workmen on the island sitting upon the caroass of a defunct horse about noonday, onjoylng their midday repast, evidently with ae great reliBh as that enjoyed by the average citizen in his home surrounded by bis family. So they fairly oat tho odor with no Inconvenience to thoir personal health, although, when they leave tha island aud venture among people ot other ocoupattone, thoy are treated with as great consideration as were tho lepers by tbe Hebrews. Tho prcaonca of one of thoso men in a horsa or etoani car is sufficient to drive out all the other passengers and, as in a recent case when one of those men sued for damages because he bad been refused admission in a horse car he was declared a uuisanco and not entitled to damages, it is qnHe likely if the people of the oountry towna unite they will bo ablo to secure the abatoment of this terriblo scourge, which threatens to depopulate their villages. THE LAND LEAGUE.

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle30 Jan 1881, SunPage 4

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)30 Jan 1881, SunPage 4
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