Cincinnati Enquirer, 3 November, 1966

The newspaper wrote about the snow that came on the day Grandma Bellman died. My Confirmation had been scheduled for Nov 2 also, but it was canceled due to the snow.

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Cincinnati Enquirer, 3 November, 1966 - 126TII YEAR NO. 208 FINAL EDITION THURSDAY...
126TII YEAR NO. 208 FINAL EDITION THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 3, 1966 PRICE 10 CENTS HOME DELIVERED 50c A WEEK Extra-Early Extra-Early Extra-Early Snowfall Claims Youth's Life; 8-Inch 8-Inch 8-Inch Depth, Driving Hazards Seen Today ' .. A I;. ir V.:V. v32, 1 -. -. -.4. -.4. J ... t 1 S t -if -if f"--'; f"--'; f"--'; f"--'; - ,.l Won't Be An Easy Dav To Forget -Fnauim -Fnauim (Htist) Photo . . . date Inscribed on this car parked Wednesday afternoon at the public landing was soon obliterated. North Korean Ambush Wines Out U. S. Patrol SEOUL i.ti Striking from ambush, Communist North Koreans wiped out an eight-man eight-man eight-man patrol of the U. S. Second Infantry Division below the armistice line Just eight hours before President President Johnson left South Korea Wednesday. The Red raiders killed six American soldiers and a South Korean on duty with them. They wounded the eighth man, an American, In the gravest such Incident Involving U. S. servicemen since thi Korean war ended In 1953. President Johnson commented commented on his return to American soli that the United States will take a firm anti-Communist anti-Communist anti-Communist stand cations and fired more than 800 bullets into Communist terrtory during five consecutive consecutive days, October 25-29, 25-29, 25-29, and again on October 31. President Chung Hee Park's Seoul government denounced denounced the ambush as an "intolerable and barbarous act which deserves condemnation condemnation ... by all free peoples of the world." Information Minister Hong Jong-chul Jong-chul Jong-chul suggested the raid grew out of North Korean Jealousy over South Korea's "fast economic progress and enhanced national national prestige in the international international community," attained attained with substantial American help. PRESIDENT and Mrs. Johnson were sleeping at their hotel in Seoul when grenade explosions opened the attack on the patrol at a point, 30 miles about 800 yards south of the demilitarized zone between between North and South Korea. The President was advised of the ambush as he boarded his plane and his staff announced at a stop in Anchorage, Alaska, that he had asked for a complete report from Gen. Charles H. Bonesteel, who heads both the U. S. Eighth Army and the United Nations command command In Korea. A U. S. spokesman said there was evidence that the patrol returned the Communist Communist lire and it was "quite a good engagement." There was no report of any casualties, however, among the ambushers. The American survivor, hit by a grenade but reported reported in good condition, .said the attackers wore North Korean uni- uni- forms. The spokesman said expended shell casings which relief patrols found in the area were Communist-made. Communist-made. Communist-made. Communist-made. IDENTIFICATION Of all the victims was temporarily withheld. The demilitarized zone, S'i miles wide, winds for 151 miles across rough country of Korea between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. The ambush occurred east of Llbby Bridge, one of two bridges across the Imjim River in the American sector sector of the front. The site is close to Panmunjom, within within the demilitarized lone, where the military armistice commission meets at Intervals. Intervals. The UN command demanded demanded an Immediate meeting of the commission One of the earliest snowfalls on record in Cincinnati Cincinnati claimed at least one life Wednesday and caused a rash of automobile accidents and power and communications communications failures. Area residents faced this morning an accumulation of up to eight Inches of snow and hazardous driving conditions. conditions. Michael Wasson, 17, 8838 Nablda Dr., was electrocuted as he stepped from his stalled car late Wednesday afternoon afternoon at the Intersection of Nabida Dr. and Thompson Rd., In the Peach Grove community. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Patrol said young Wasson collapsed Just after alighting from his car, apparently killed by electrically-charged electrically-charged electrically-charged wet snow frm a nearby downed power line. A Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. workman attempting to approach, Mr. Wasson, was knocked 30 feet by the charge, but Mr. Wasson was pronounced pronounced dead on arrival at General Hospital, where he was taken by the Miamitown Life Squad- Squad- A school bus loaded with youngsters was lost In the blizzard for about six hours Wednesday in Butler County. The Somervllle area bus of the Talawanda School District had not been heard from for several hours when parents of the pupil passengers Joined sheriff's deputies in a search. The bus finally was located along a rural road. AN ACCUMULATION of five to eight Inches of snow was predicted by the Weather Bureau by this morning, with the heaviest buildup on hilltops. Temperatures hovering around or just above the freezing mark Wednesday kept snow from accumulating heavily on city streeus. But street maintenance men were unable to say just what road conditions would be early this morning, as snow continued to fall during the night, accompanied by a temperature drop to the mid 20s. Late Wednesday, although no roads had been reported reported closed, city streets, county roads and the highways highways of Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky were Icy and extremely hazardous. The Weather Bureau predicted snow flurries through the night and into today, with strong winds and a low in the mid or upper 20s. Predicted high for today is in the mid 30s, with light snow. The earliest measurable snowfall, according to Weather Weather Bureau records, was a .3-inch .3-inch .3-inch snowfall October 26, 1957. However, Enquirer files reveal a snowfall October 23, 1937, which was recorded as .04 Inch at Lunken Airport and .01 inch at Clifton Observatory. AT 10 P. M. Wednesday the snowfall was recorded at close to four inches and still fulling. A rash of minor automobile accidents, power failures, communications blackouts and downed trees was attributed attributed to the snow and ice. Tornadoes To Zero Cold By United Press International A powerful autumn storm dumped traffic-bogging traffic-bogging traffic-bogging snows from the upper Great Lakes to Dixie Wednesday, unleashed destructive tornadoes in the Southeast and plummeted temperatures to record lows in the Great Plains. At least 10 deaths five In Ohio, three in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania and two in Alabama were attributed to the premature premature blast of Arctic weather. At least nine persons were injured in twisters that ripped through the fringes of Raleigh, N. C, and raked four other communities in North Carolina and Virginia. A sneak snowfall of up to six inches tied knots in traffic on Chicago expressways. A record five-inch five-inch five-inch fall hit Nashville, Term. Schools closed In at least six Tennessee counties and some mountain roads were completely blocked. Schools closed and buses stopped running, too, at Huntsville, Ala., as a four-inch four-inch four-inch snow hit the northern Alabama Alabama city. Residents of the upper Midwest wallowed through still deeper snows. Marquette in Upper Michigan got nine inches and Northern Wisconsin got up to eight. The mercury plunged to zero at Hibbing, Minn. Freezing weather was forecast for this morning as far south as the Gulf coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and extreme northwest Florida. in contrast, Southern California sweltered in its fourth straight day of mid-summer-like mid-summer-like mid-summer-like mid-summer-like mid-summer-like heat. By early afternoon the temperature at San Diego, Calif., climbed to 92 degrees. yzr. To Save Those Sliruhs Cincinnati's unseasonably heavy snow threatened to damage many shrubs by bending or breaking branches which have not yet lost their leaves. Horticulturists advise home gardeners to use brooms to brush or shake heavy snow from the branches the same protective measure recommended to save evergreens from damage through the winter. A fallen power line reportedly started a fire in late afternoon at St. Bernard School, Harrison and Springdale Roads. - Power failures were particularly heavy in the Price Hill, Sayler Park, Riverside, Westwood and Western Hills area. Sayler Park and Riverside were reported still out of power at 10 p. m. In the Westwood area, which experienced a three-hour three-hour three-hour failure in mid-afternoon, mid-afternoon, mid-afternoon, two women were trapped for 30 minutes in an elevator, stalled because of the electrical failure, at the Harrison House Nursing Home, 2171 Harrison Ave. Mrs. Fred Land, 62, who was visiting her husband at the home, and Diane Cosbey, 18, were extricated extricated from the elevator by firemen. CITY POLICE as of 9:07 p. m. reported 165 traffic accidents, accidents, with six persons injured, none seriously. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Patrol reported about 50 accidents, accidents, none serious. Minor crashes also were large In number in Northern Kentucky. CG&E spokesmen said they expected to clear up the reported power failures during the night. Sixty-eight Sixty-eight Sixty-eight power crews were at work, they said. Some downtown stores closed their doors earlier than usual Wednesday afternoon because of weather conditions. conditions. Shlllito's, which had expected to remain open until 9 p. m. for a current sale, closed at 8 p. m. Greater Cincinnati Airport reported many flights diverted from here, and flights diverted from other airports to Cincinnati, as weather permitted.

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer03 Nov 1966, ThuPage 1

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)03 Nov 1966, ThuPage 1
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  • Cincinnati Enquirer, 3 November, 1966 — The newspaper wrote about the snow that came on the day Grandma Bellman died. My Confirmation had been scheduled for Nov 2 also, but it was canceled due to the snow.

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