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1968 movie listings - II I II! I III MIIII. II I II II .1 M MF r'tl;-...
II I II! I III MIIII. II I II II .1 M MF r'tl;- r'tl;- ... THEATER "FIRST" Diana Sands who plays Joan in George Bernard Shaw's "St. Joan" in (he new production at Lincoln Center Repertory Theater is the first Negro actress to have played the title role in a major Broadway production. Philip Bosco. with her, is playing the role of Dunois, the Bastard of Oilcan. (Telcpholo by LTD Wish I Had Nickel Full of Merriment By JEAN WALRATH Bill Cosby Show Set Jan. 24 Bill Cosby, whose show sold out last year at the War Memorial, Memorial, will be back Wednesday Wednesday evening, Jan. 24, for another performance at the same stand. The former college athlete who has turned actor, comedian comedian and singer is playing across the country with this year's edition of his show. Co-star Co-star Co-star of the television scries, "I Spy," and guest on many others, the award-winning award-winning award-winning award-winning entertainer has recorded five albums, all best sellers. His latest is a venture into rock and roll entitled "Silver Throat." The Paire Extraordinaire, a singer and bass player, Carl Craig and Marcus Hemphill, Hemphill, also will appear on the show. Democrat and Chronicle CT Rochester, N. Y., OU Fri., Jan. 5, 1968 ALL WOUND UP? BREAK OUT & SWING! TH ith Rochester's Largest ' Single Group for Prople 19 to 33 Years TONIGHT 9 PI Schukarf s WEST RIDGE PLAZA 2 Mm. From Kodak Park Livi Band Cocktails Heels & Ties Jh& young Community Players put on a new old-time old-time old-time musical last night an original by Daryl Hanson ' and Bert Stimmcl called "Wish I Had a Nickel." The components are Hanson's Hanson's happy music, exuberant characters, atmosphere dripping dripping with early 20th Century fads and fancy stuff with New," a witty one called "The Good Life," a romantic ballad, "When You Come Home With Me," "The Rattlesnake Rattlesnake Shake" which is fun, "In the Park," "The Ball of the Year," and Blossom's hit called "Blossom's Blues." The comedy number that won the audience last night is "Dad- "Dad- Rochester as the setting, and dy's Gone," by the two young-a young-a young-a story like the first one ever sters. written about the poor Irish and the rich "swells." Not Rosie 0' Grady but Rosie 0' Kelly is the name of the heroine of the show viewed last night in a preview performance and Larry MacPherson is the name of her fine young fireman sweetheart sweetheart who almost loses out to Ashley Montague of East Avenue. Avenue. A pleasant score, bow-knotted bow-knotted bow-knotted bow-knotted with bits of old familiar ditties, is full of good tunes. The cast has talent for singing and dancing and producers George and Harriet Warren and company have talent for painting the scene with delightful delightful flair and merriment. There is an almost uncanny feeling for the atmosphere of the time, with Rattlesnake Pete's famous emporium on Mill Street, long since gone, as the setting for a flamboyant flamboyant Pete and a chorus queen named Blossom and her Exotics Exotics chorus. It is not only that the details are there but the spirit is there something of Booth Tarkington in two comical comical kids, for instance. There are such hearty numbers numbers as the finale, "Back Home in Your Own Backyard," Backyard," such flashy ones as "Everything with Blossom Is The whole cast appears to be throwing its all into the ' production, so it is more or less in order of appearance that one should mention that Gail Ewanow is a lovely heroine, heroine, Rose O'Kelly; David K. Maloncy is beautifully chosen as Pops 0' Kelly, Stuart Burke is a fine Larry MacPherson, MacPherson, Cynthia Cuddeback is a wonderful Blossom Dearie, Anthony Po'wderly an impressive Rattlesnake Pete, Ronald H. Schrocder a perfect Ashley Montague with a rich voice, and Kathleen O'Connor and Kathy Hodkihson are much fun as the kids. Then there are Virginia Pierce, Margaret Webber and Jean Hess of the East Avenue trio, Beverly Mortimer in a couple good bits (Froglegs and Edi-. Edi-. Edi-. tor.) The scenes, designed by Betsy Hall newspaper office, firehouse, saloon, back aJJey (15 in all) are just right. Al-vera Al-vera Al-vera Sarson choreographed the dances in the spirit of '07 and the over-all over-all over-all production was staged by Bert Stimmel. If I W I A ELIZABETH TAYLOR MARLON BRANDO IN iHM HI SON RAY STARK PnPBOT REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE SUGGESTED FOU MATURf jAUOtf NC ( S janEFONDa" mm Wednesday and Si I jO PH0NE "2-54231 "2-54231 "2-54231 7 iimfiiinniinAmsfi'ii Villill imam 3 5 "SUBSIDE FUN" PLUS 2ND HIT! THIS SUNDAY, 2 ALL NEW SPANISH SHOWS E S ADULTS ONLY! , g iiiiltnmiiijmuiijiiiiiiisliuii JANUARY 11 T0 14 ROCHESTER WAR MEMORIAL JANUARY 11 AND 12-5 12-5 12-5 T0 10 P.M. JANUARY 13 TO 14-1 14-1 14-1 TO 10 P.M. TONIGHTESl DUKE DEMARC For Your Dancing Pleasure ARCH LOUNGE LJ 1288 Clinton Ave. N. g DANCING TONIGHT 30-60 30-60 30-60 SOCIAL Club LAKE AVE. BAPTIST CHURCH Ambroaa St. Cor. Jones Ava, For Unattached People Dancing 9 to 12 See all the American makes i ! I and dozens of imports . . . ! I all under one roof. 5000 car i I inside parking in Civic Cen-; Cen-; Cen-; ter garage. FT! I ill ..... I Ursula Andres, J 1 ' SHE llpl : lj 1968 -JJJ -JJJ LinjWMfcGwnleilRd 663 wJ II Meet Miss America and the V.mo!r Dodge Fever Girl . . . both I in person! I SHOW (Mh I "'satuiTday I It 'j I NIGHT I -J -J I See Dream cars, Ford's Big II n) I III Dnl minnap nl C7 I nMni. II I nitPA nmui 1 Dodge Charger III and First I GATES BOWL I assess1' Chev- Chev- IJJR. fZ f f jfj auto y773 1 M (r -s44tyi-;i -s44tyi-;i -s44tyi-;i -s44tyi-;i I II Get free prize tickets at l Ixrtr- Ixrtr- B II Auto Show for 1968 Dodge 1 rrrT- rrrT- I H II Charger, nothing to do or (I EVERY WEEK I v- v- 3 FULL HOURS 1 auto fifSs, 11 P.M. 'til 2 A.M. II SiH9?8w Bowl All Your Can I W Plus Free Buffet r ' $coo I O per couple I ADMISSION $1.25 children under 12-500 12-500 12-500 make reservations NOW 1 : now 254-4420 254-4420 254-4420 h 1 wtwwkTwyyy1 : 645 Spencerport Rd. E S; ' - 1 ,e y" 4itt tJ i J i "I LOVE a world adventure travel film in full color narrated in person by THAYER SOU1E TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 8:15 P.M. MATINEE-1:00 MATINEE-1:00 MATINEE-1:00 P.M. Tickets: Evening $2.00, $1.50, $1.25 Matinee: $1.75, $1.50, $1.25 (Students: $1.25 and $1.00) EASTMAN THEATRE Next world adventure travel film PORTUCAL-Januaryl6 PORTUCAL-Januaryl6 PORTUCAL-Januaryl6 A Chic Music Association Presentation I yJZf FEATURE AT 7:40 & 9:40 YJnffU MATT HELM S XlJjyjl BIGGEST AND BOLDEST! L 0 mm&'SP'S tHm S. thou Ls U Vfcf ACAPULCO l $ 1UI ...dred-to-kill ...dred-to-kill ...dred-to-kill ...dred-to-kill ...dred-to-kill II ' gbyCASSINH Uh- Uh- Q Q a n a ca a ca ca ca as MATT HELM m WE Suit CO SWiWhNG aiiuiWE jkbi SuIttiUd far Malurt luditncct MATINEES SAT. & SUN.-D00RS SUN.-D00RS SUN.-D00RS OPEN 1:30 P.M. CONTINUOUS SHOWINGS AT 2-4-6-8 2-4-6-8 2-4-6-8 2-4-6-8 2-4-6-8 2-4-6-8 2-4-6-8 & 10 ca ca cata ta caca ca ca tsca ca caca liillllilliiM STA1I7S TO IH GUT! DIRECT FROM ITS ROADSHOW ENGAGEMENT! SPECIAL POPULAR PRICES - SPECIAL SCHEDULED PERFORMANCES 1 TONIGHT AT 8:00 P.M. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AT 2;00 AMD 8;00 P.M. Every Ticket Holder Guaranteed A Seat "FASCINATING!" -NX -NX DAILY NEWS -LIFE -LIFE MAGAZINE .... P ! ". . J I m0fM i&i pdP4$rj areW T l.TWLJt lit JL-T JL-T JL-T . - '4 - " II I 3RD GLORIOUS WEEK! Many have seen it 2 and 3 times! (if s 1 tmM THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MUSICAL LOVE STORY EVER! nn.nr.u VANtbbA FRANCO OAVIO LIONEL iniii RFDFR10K I0FWE A! AN . JAY I FRNFR - JACK I WARNFR'.IOSHI TECHNICOLOR PJWWISIDII FROM WARNER BROS.-SEVER BROS.-SEVER BROS.-SEVER ARTS In? "Comelot" one of the outstanding screen entertainments entertainments of the year -HAMILTON -HAMILTON AUCN.T.U. TONIGHT AT 8 P.M. ALL SEATS RESERVED TICKETS ON SALE AT WARING BOX OFFICE OR AT PARAMOUNT REGENT AND STUDIO 2 WARING BOX OFFICE OPEN WED. SAT. SUN. I to 9 MON.TUES.THURS.FRI. ' 5 to 9 PRICI AND PERFORMANCI SCMEDUII EVE. 8:00 P.M. Mon., thru Thuri S2.50 Ffi., Sot., one) Hoi. E.t 3 OO SUNDAY EVES. AT 8.00 P.M. 2 50 MATINEES 2:00 P.M. W.d. & Sot 1.75 Sun. ond Hoi. matin. 2.00 THEATRE PARTIES: For group! or ip.cial th.atr. porty information, call 467-1 467-1 467-1 897 OR 325-3700 325-3700 325-3700 Waring Rd. Plow 467-1897 467-1897 467-1897 i at - v THAT MR. "MARY POPPINS MAN IS STAYING FOR A 3RD BIG WEEK! DICK VAN DYKE IS AT HIS FUNNIEST mmy ifJS i mm icru Dcnni irnrn; rfw. COLOR bTDu. PANAVIION PARAMOUNT 95 MOPTIMf R ST. 232 5630 12-2-4-6-8-10 12-2-4-6-8-10 12-2-4-6-8-10 12-2-4-6-8-10 12-2-4-6-8-10 12-2-4-6-8-10 12-2-4-6-8-10 12-2-4-6-8-10 12-2-4-6-8-10 12-2-4-6-8-10 12-2-4-6-8-10 For The Finest In Film Entertainment!! f BREATHTAKING mfl TERRORIZING SUSPENSEFUL aMffmm!MyYmjiuiiNai)iv.iiiiiiivi --niu --niu --niu iiii li mmjit' jipj.jhiiu.jjih juj.imhjwm i3Q f ' ; i iurimiKj i'mi m urir MkuiSUimtimmxi i'i-,tl. i'i-,tl. i'i-,tl. "steve mcqueen at his best!" N Y TIMES ciNTuur-fOX ciNTuur-fOX ciNTuur-fOX ...JIIMEEII RICHARD ATIEEIBOHOUGII RICHARD CREHHA CilflDICE BERGEII A THE I SAfJD PEDDLES i TONIGHT 8:00 P.M. SHOWS SAT. & SUN. at 2:00 and 8:00 555 THURSTON RD. PIIOFJE 235-4820 235-4820 235-4820 OF COURSE IT'S BEING HELD OVER! "DON'T MISS IT" COSMOPOLITAN STANDS AT THE HEAD OF ITS CLASS"-piayboy CLASS"-piayboy CLASS"-piayboy "ONE OF THE YEAR'S TEN BEST ...oscar worthy longshot... Mark it down ... as a picture you'll have to see and maybe see twice! Funny, Outrageous and Touching!" Botlay Crowthtr- Crowthtr- N.Y. Tim.l JOSEPH E.LEVINE MIKE NICHOLS LAWRENCE TURMAN tup nnAnimTr . iKfN,.. ii I llC UliMUUM E.f mZlm i wYo;,,c.i WS4IVaRo7 ' ANNE BANCROFT AUSTIN HOFFMAN KATHARINE ROSS technicolor' panavision AN EMBAiiiV PiClUWtb RLLt STUDI 2 CLINTON AVE. ACROSS FROM SIBLEY'S 546-8850 546-8850 546-8850 2:00-4;00-6;00-8:00-10:00 2:00-4;00-6;00-8:00-10:00 2:00-4;00-6;00-8:00-10:00 2:00-4;00-6;00-8:00-10:00 2:00-4;00-6;00-8:00-10:00 2:00-4;00-6;00-8:00-10:00 2:00-4;00-6;00-8:00-10:00 2:00-4;00-6;00-8:00-10:00 2:00-4;00-6;00-8:00-10:00 jT : jmiiiir Il i i i A. wm u?mi Dsmu During the last eight minutes of this picture the theatre will be darkened to the legal limit to heighten the terror of the breathtaking climax. Of course, no one will be seated at this time. crmcrivyi "7iiinAi iot ir- ir- AsoSlmgCrnCIVI aCIIVIDMLID I, UH. TECHNICOLOR FROM WARNER BROS. SEVEN ARTS V7 I3ECEI 65 EAST AVE. 232-SS70 232-SS70 232-SS70 12-2-4 12-2-4 12-2-4 12-2-4 12-2-4 6-8 6-8 6-8 & 10 -J -J Carmen Soys... "Come ff $ J A Up ond see me . . . I om "" r I Stoying here a little longer"' TheTotal Female Animal! Ai'iihcJ ihrtvgH AUDUBON films THE MATURE ADULT! I I LYELL I T07NSHT I Lysll-Mt. Lysll-Mt. Lysll-Mt. Kind Plaja-4S-aj3 Plaja-4S-aj3 Plaja-4S-aj3 Plaja-4S-aj3 Plaja-4S-aj3 0 1 I

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle05 Jan 1968, FriPage 27

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)05 Jan 1968, FriPage 27
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