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1966 movie listings - If ?j Broacvvay Shows Hf By Transit Strike...
If ?j Broacvvay Shows Hf By Transit Strike Herald Tribune Newi Servic0 NEW YORK-Broadwiy'i usually full Wednesday matins was hurt by the transit rrUit though half a dozen hit continued, as they have since the beginning of the strike, with packed houses. "The rwvll" made lta rloslnfl reopening after the strike ts notice definite for the end of over. The waives an Equity the week. Producer Alexander rule against any ihow reopen- ii rnhn Ht hnih the illneM Ing within eight weeks of of Anne Bancroft, one of the dosing, atari, and the strike. The show Off Broadway, six shows, In-could have survived In the face eluding Wednesday night's open-of either one but not both, he! In of "The rocket Watch," iaj(j were playing and the rest were Some provisional closing no- susperwea lor me duration. A I ... -Ik.. .U... I HITS fllC UU IUI Ulllll ailuna, TONITE1 ma L UeJ Jilul aWt tillWu KUi kef DOWN. STRUMPET.' Othelln reviles Desdemona in this scene played by Laurence Olivier and Maggie Smith for "Othello," booked for Feb. 2 and 3 at the Paramount. The production, in color, is one of a series of Warner Brothers' cultural films. It will play only four times. Including "The Right Honour able Gentleman" and "Any Wednesday." Playing to only quarter house at the matinee, the new comedy "L'lbu" which oncned Tuesday to mixed no tices, will close tomorrow. Actors Equity, at the request of the IiCague of New York Theaters, has agreed not to prevent any of these shows from Onf.AN RECITAL TODAY A series of Friday noon organ recitals will begin today in Christ Church Cathedral under the direction of Rev, Canon Cyril V. Roberts, canon precentor". Today's pro gram, from 12:15 to 12:43, will be played by Dr. Klaus Speer of the Eastman School of "Music. Foss Leads Philharmonic in 'Unusuals' By HARVEY SOITHGATE Since Lukas Foss took over the leadership of the Buffalo Philharmonic a few years, It is a good bet that Buffalo concertgoers do not do their sleeping at his concerts. Last night the noted explorer-minded conductor-corn poser, who was born in Germany but grew up in this country, gave us a sample as guest conductor of the Rochester Philharmonic at the Eastman of some of his new Ideas in music which people may or may not like but which certainly keep them awake. Last night audience seemed in the main to like what it heard, especially the rollicking performance of the Beethoven Fifth Symphony which moved more swiftly, by almost ten minutes, than the familiar conventional pace. It was ueeinoven an ngm, with all the pieces of this mas-terwork clearly set forth, but with unexpected accents in unexpected places and moving all in all with the spirit of a cavalry charge which of course may have been the way that the composer, who was ahead of his day, planned It. The performance was to us excitingly different, even if we missed some of the softly sentimental under currents that have grown with the iwork. . But the Beethoven was ' quite conventional compared : to some of the other things on . the program. These included I Foss own work called "Ely-' tres," which has been played : only three times since its first ", performance in Los Angeles tin 1964. The work is for a .'small group of instruments ' solo flute, violins, percussion, ' harp, vibraphone and a piano part played by one player on the keyboard, another on the piano strings. All performers have to be of top competence. THE WORK is written in such a way that 200 or more versions can be played by manipulating the Instruments, although there is an overall unity of design. Two versions were heard last night In what might be called a medley of tuneless Instruments. It was like electronic music with bits and snatches of abstract sounds except that it was played not by machines but by live musicians. A little of this goes a long way with this listener, yet who knows it may be ola fashioned in another generation or two. After this is was a comparatively easy step to a work called "Sub-Rosa," by the Yugoslav composer Milko Kelemen. It was completed for the Zagreb Festival in 1965 and last night's performance was the first In the Western Hemisphere. Here again we heard a succession of strange sounds I spirit rappings, hissing steam, thumps and shrill noises and general cacophony organized into orchestral effect. It begins with a small orchestra but half way through the composer brings on a full crew while the pieces goes on. This too seemed to us more like electronic music, artificially contrived, than real music. tt THE AUDIENCE unlike the one in Zagreb, we are told sat quietly through it all, and even seemed to enjoy it. Listeners appeared to accept it as a musical joke, and there were frequent titters. We found it an interesting stunt piece, but where is it goin? The program opened with a well conceived and performed Chaconne by the composer Buxtehude, of the Bach period, arranged by the contemporary Mexicon composer, Carlos Chavez. The result was what you might expect stately music with a charming suggestion of Latin coloring. This too owed much to the interpretation of the conductor, who throughout the evening lived up to his reputation as one of the most provocative of present day musical figures. lAST" ROCWITTl "l -no Feature et 7:4$ Isrt liiesitsr Lm Itialck SPfCIAL MAIIMft? sat. a sun j p m. "THI WORLD Of AIIOTT A COSTtllO" I CAS.TOONS i Mat iK) . to tnm to;jy cunns JEORYUVVIS ' TECHNICOLOR Ioooai VVt I MN -k C .eternal I II MAW. VWrr.- IPLAZA PARKING I 2325570 SUZANNE ftESffllE BEN GAM DANCING Tonlqtit eee" Evtry Friday Night 30-60 SOCIAL CLUB far enottacnea' people ot tee Laki Avenut Baptist Church Corntr Ambroie Joni Ava. featuring 5 STAR RANGERS DANCING 'TIL 12 PURPLE PIG EXPLODES with the wild sound of the SUPERIORS fresh from their record-breaking tour of GREENLAND FRI. & SAT. NIGHT Near Bristol Mtn. On Rt. 64 ana m -wu rntOLC I URSULA ANDRESS BSB29 and EBRSSai Li $ BEACH P PARTY Bob CumminR Annette lf II 1.1 Om, In t & .!,,! m I MO jji-jgi.'giTiriii YOUR LAST CHANCE POSITIVELY LAST I OATS for the Greatest Comedy of All Time .Jack Tttxy tcsssca-Ccrtb ftMIEDMtff iTA ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE 4L Friday. Jem. 7. 1968 Q . TONIGHT AT 7;2Q & t:5I MATINUS SAT. V. DOOIS OPIN 1:30 P.M. VU1 mi HiAilrllLlM Warinff R4. Plat HO MH "MY FAIR LADY" Sm Urg. A4 tor 0UII fL"ll Mt.Rgad Plata .GLa aS23 THOSf MA6NIFICINT MIM AND THCIR nriNft MACHINfS" Shown ,t 7 f. M. and f :IS t. M. II Lif-iVl EL i :J l7 1 1 . I J ' 1 I J ; 1 II If 2A I n I Tuion Its Muitieroiislyruniiyl I who I VU JOSEPH E.LEVINEpn I PONTI nfVi CST Mi MASTROIANNI URSULA ANDRESS Hi) sPtefit; i r, JLLJ i i s. w umiui .,r ill '?x v V f i 1 : ll m . W t II kl . I m ll frfi 'j I allaTlrfrTiiiTr-lUhffTTft J Faafwrt at 7:00 t 1.3S in 1st Time in Rochester 'ITS HOT ON SIN ISLAND In color 2nd Dig Hit "HOUSE Or SHAME" Laf Show Every Sat. Nlttt SMASH WEEK! DOORS OPEN 11:30 A.M. M-G-M prsnta tf. BERNARD SMITH PRODUCTION 47 A STORY OF FEAR.LOVE Af.'D ADVEFJTURE anne BANCROFT sueLYON-margaret LEIGHTON- FLORA ROBSON MILDRED DUNNOCK BETTY FIELD ANNA LEE lM EDDIE ALBERT metrorolor CAP Mangione and his group go Victorian at 41 North Main Street, Pittsford, N. Y. DU 1-9991 playing WED.-TIIU?.S. FRI.-SAT. ...................................... ....t... C5 HELD OVER 3RD AND FINAL WEEK STANLEY KRAMER IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, ULTRA PANAVISION MAD ; technicolor un mn" ; i :3 t:zu :uu y:ju ai!Kijfl( zi Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra Laszlo Somogyi, Music Director This Saturday, Jan. 8 at 8:15 Eastman Theatre SPECIAL SATURDAY EVENING CONCERT AH Tschaikowsky Program Samuel Jones, Conducting RONALD LEONARD, 'Cello-Soloist Performing Tht Rococco Variations Serened, for String I Swan Let Ballet Suite March Slav Tickets New ee Sale et The Eastman Theatre $2.50 $2.25 $1.75 $1.50 Civic Muiic AsiecietiM PruuUtioaf Barbaric hordes assaulting, VsTtuA' f I ravishing, plundering Kr z--J wBiBlllllnllW - P m n 4 1 tJ"Q0& MA. -w bin ChaxUonHon Sil m m am 1 I E I eutiui Cat or IT'S THE BIGGEST ENTERTAINMENT EVER TO ROCK THE SCREEN WITH LAUGHTER I EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN RESERVED-SEAT SHOWINGS AT ADVANCED PRICES HME10 TO THE A"COMEDY HAS A NEW FREEDOM! It swells with joy, zest, delight in the world! A great filml - Newsweek Megezine "l Sy ' It it I LAICIIIVG! i Vj -Wnili H( N. y. 0ly News fZZLES!-'CrowtfwN.V.Tm.. I DIRECT FROM ITS PREMIERE SHOWINGS. SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT AT SPECIAL PRICES. NO RESERVED SEATS. J0L7 EUEnYOHE GilEJ SEE TE1E LiOST LOUEnLY OTIOn PICTURE OF nUTIHE! mm. n ;BEST PICTURE VUlA hgeHlff l CANNES N.. i L m FILM FESTIVAL t1 vv m .Jul,,- ; r: TliStHWCflAM FRI. & SAT. AT 7:20 & 9:40 CONT. SUN. FROM 1:45 FINE ARTS South Ave. at (rergory BR 1-5800 . invest peopie in the . 1 V '" ? .1 ROBERT RODGER - HAMMERSTEDCS IOBFRT WISE "ANDREWS PLUMMER IhaVe t tmm.m, I J, WISE 1 RICHARD RODCERS I OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN II I ERNEST LEHMAN urn mm COLOR a, eioiuiu TONIGHT 8 P.M. SAT. & SUN. 2 ft 8 IOXOFFICE OPEN IJ NOON SCHINE'S Mini! in; 585 MONROI AVE. GR 3-0694 Tickets Also Central Trust Co. Manner Hotel Sears Stores ' Send me Tickets for t J Mat. ' et f Name Eve. Perf. on ' t Each r t 'Address J J City J ( Enclose Stamped, Addressed Envelope i IISXKVEO SEATS NOW AT BOX OFFICE OR BY MAIL If t rr- i i (ERLM REX HESTON HARRISON JOdi Cenniry-FoB fMoena P" icit and the ! Premiers Wed. Jan. 19 RIVIERA THEATRE t" 4 Sponsored br tela Siqme Phi lenefit of 1451 Late Ave. t Critic Fbrotis Good S.ati Available &L t-tltt R- . FOR THEATRE PARTY AND FUND RAISINS INFORMATION CALL 6L 1-1 let Pleas Ust Atfenwt Dot Mol Stoma' Sett AaraM) tavetoaa He yar caeck mrnmt) PeyaM a fh RIVIERA THEATRE PERFORMANCES a Opening Night MATINEES 2:00 P. M. Wed. end Set. Sue. end Hoi EVENINGS P. M. Sen. thre FH. Sat..ed Hal 1 I If I 1 -iV - UinnprW -!! ieniui "A MASTERPIECE . . RIOTOUSLY FUNNY... EVERYONt IN THE CAST .TURNS IN STRIKING PORTRAYALS!" Ham Allen, Times-Union "BITING SATIRE . . . ROD STIEGER IS WONDERFUL AS MR JOYBOY . . . CRAZY MAN, CRAZY!" George Murphy, Democrat & Chronicle "A d PRICES U 00 end SS.W $l $200 12 JO 0 of 8 Academy Awards including Best Picture. REKiniaiKiiw-a STARTS TONITI AT 1:00 P.M. AT REGULAR LOW WARING PRICES MetroGoldwynMayer and Film ways prwt Martin RansohofTi Production Loved tUrrinf ROBERT JONATHAN MORSE WINTERS ANJANETTE COMER Dana Andrews Milton Berle James Coburn John Giefcud Tab Hunter -Margaret LeightoB' liberaee Roddy McDowall Robert Morley Barbara Nichols Lone! Stander i ROD STIEGER Btsei n iJw lerel bf Evelyn Waagk Stnmpiij be Terry Southern t. Christopher Isherwood iWtW sjTony RichardsoB "? HELLUVA MOVIE!" -Jtisica MitfereT. Kolidi; Migazlnt eWRK eVeHeMRRHReH I Jack Nicklaas -ntcblaej Wedoe" j j "THEMAJJ" I I I j WHO MADE IPS A WILD, WACKY CHASE TONIGHT f T 7:25 A : Cont. Set. Sue. From 1,-10 ! ! ..'I ' fiNrr-T. lib i;;T. i'P J ...with the F.B.I, on the tail of the world's first Siamese secret agent! WALT DlSlMEY'S mot niiaripus;cdmedv i I TJ"'Ti r ; i. !?si 1 1 f ;cswlT'; WW ' ' Wi,lM FQ4M ' 11111. ' -w- iwvi n wu-Mwt WJIII1 tDllinn 1601111100101 THE GORDONS and BILL WALSH Wed pa. BU. WALSH 'RON MILLER ROBERT STEVENSON -gyTn.i. I, cL.aiieT i.th n,. leetkleaiai artaaaeia, TODAY CONT. PROM 2 P.M SHOWS AT: 10S 4:004:00 1:0010:00 RIVIERA THEATRE 1451 LAKE AVC 6L 0-1 M SATURDAY D00R$ a.m. SHOWS AT: 100 1 J Oft I 00 4 00 4:00 i-OO 10:00

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