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1964 drive-ins - . .' -'""I -'""I i 'VAN GANG BOSS Frank Sinatra...
. .' -'""I -'""I i 'VAN GANG BOSS Frank Sinatra Sinatra is a big cheese in Chicago Chicago gangdom in "Robin and (he Seven Hoods," at Paramount today. Stone Ridge, New Theater, Opens Today Opening of Stone Ridge Theater, Ridge Road West, and arrival of four new films in downtown and outlying outlying theaters is the entertainment entertainment picture for the weekend so far as movies are concerned. The new Stone Ridge, along with Coronet and North Park Drive-In Drive-In Drive-In today will show "Wild and Wonderful," Wonderful," starring Tony Curtis Curtis and Christine Kaufmann. Paramount will open "Robin and the Seven Hoods," today with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Sammy Davis Jr. and B i n g Crosby. Regent's new bill is "The Last Man on Earth" with Vincent Price, and "The Unearthly Stranger." "The Pink Panther," starring starring Peter Sellers is the newcomer at the Cinema. Fine Arts will bring back "The Chalk Garden," with Deborah Kerr and John and Hayley Mills. Insfitute to Show Japanese Films Five Japanese films will be shown in a series beginning beginning Monday at the University University of Rochester in connection with the Summer Summer Session East Asian Institute, Institute, sponsored by New York State. , The films are "The 1 Island," Monday; "The Gate of Hell," Tuesday; "The Magnificent Seven," July 10; "Ugetsu," July 17, and "Rashomon," July 24. M Showtimes Today STAGE Town and Country Playhouse Playhouse "Sunday in New York," 8:30 p.m. MOVIE THEATERS Loew's "The Carpetbaggers," Carpetbaggers," 12:20, 3:20, 6:15, 9:15. Palace "A Distant Trumpet," Trumpet," 2:10, 6:05, 10; "F.B.I. Code D8," 12:20, 4:15, 8:10. Paramount "Robin and the Seven Hoods," 12:15, 2:40, 5:05, 7:25, 9:50. Regent "The Last Man on Earth," 1:25, 4:20, 7:10, 10; "The Unearthly Stranger," 12, 2:50, 5:45, 8:35. - Cinema "Pink Panther," 7:25 and 9:45. Coronet "Wild and Wonderful," Wonderful," 7:40 and 9:50. Capri "Tom Jones," 7:17 and 9:28; "Snow Carnival." Carnival." 7. Fine Arts "The Chalk Garden," 7:25 and 9:30. Little "Cleopatra," 1:30, 5, 8:15. Monroe "What a Way to Go," 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Riviera "The Fall of the Roman Empire," 1:30, 4:10, 6:45, 9:30. Waring and Lyell "The Three Lives of Thomasina," 12:15, 2:35, 4:55, 7:15, 9:35. Stone Ridge "Wild and Wonderful," 7:40 and 9:50. DRIVE-INS DRIVE-INS DRIVE-INS Central "Cleopatra." Empire "The Carpetbaggers," Carpetbaggers," "Country Music Holiday." Lakeshore "Carpetbaggers," "Carpetbaggers," "Peyton Place." North Park "Wild and Wonderful," "The Dream Makers." Rochester "Tom Jones." Starlite "Cleopatra." Washington "Cleopatra." TONITE DANCE LEN HAWLEY SHERATON HOTEL Orchestra, Trumpeter Acclaimed By HARVEY SOITIIGATE The Eastman Chamber Orchestra. Dr. A. Clyde Roller c onducting, confirmed confirmed Rochester's good fortune in summer music as it opened another season season in Kilbourn Hall last night. Since 1954 this small, select group of professionals professionals has been building building a place for itself that no other group in the city's varied musical assets quite fills. Last night it gave one of its finest opening concerts. concerts. Many of the members familiar familiar from past years are in their places again. John Celentano is again concert-master concert-master concert-master and virtually all are members of the Eastman summer faculty, with a good number of Rochester Rochester Philharmonic players among them. Daniel Patrylak, trumpet trumpet soloist, last night walked away with a big share of the individual honors. An Eastman School graduate and now a performer performer of wide experience, Patrylak plays the sort of trumpet to win over those who think they do not like trumpets. His tone is mellow, mellow, secure and perfectly on pitch, brilliant, but not strident. Haydn's familial concerto concerto for trumpet and orchestra, orchestra, a favorite show piece for students, came through last night as the beautifully contrived work for the professional professional performer that it is. The three movements are knit together in a harmonious harmonious common denominator, denominator, although each is distinctive. distinctive. The adagio is as tuneful as a good popular song, the rapid final movement movement a test for breath, accuracy and precision. )R AN extra number Patrylak played the evening's evening's "mystery tune" (now an accepted feature of Dr. Roller's summer programs.) programs.) It turned out to be an arrangement of the "Largo al Factotum" or Figaro's song from "The Barber of Seville," very skillfully set to the flexibility flexibility and rapid articulation of the trumpet. One does not often hear a Beethoven symphony played by a small orchestra with the fullness of sound and care for expression that Dr. Roller and the orchestra brought to the No. 4, one of the lighter lyric gems of the Beethoven list. The inner harmonies, the instrumental texture, the balance of tonal beauty were all there. Ottorino Respighi the Italian composer, is so associated associated with the "Pines" and the "Fountains' of Rome, that one forgets his lovely suites of Antique Airs and Dances for Lute. The No. 3 in this series was on the program last night, a work in charming baroque baroque style, with vague reminders reminders of other period pieces. Aaron Copland's "Music for the Theater," five movements, movements, is early Copland, written when he was flirting flirting with jazz rhythms. It is V'Tr.zzz'. end Chrcr.ir!-j Chrcr.ir!-j Chrcr.ir!-j rr.Il.Y.. 3C st .11 one of his most distinctive distinctive and rhythmically appealing works. It uon a uarm response last night. DANCE & DINE Etfy f r,d t S.'ifd, N LA5SY LSCH All-Americas All-Americas All-Americas Restaurant HfAST IOCHESTEI. NT HELD OYER 2ND SMASH WEEK EXTRA ADDED (XHIIITING ATTRACTION Tn fabnloni CRUSADERS I AWlvkl II7PVTM i'V AN l l trjvJ kA WOT inM A can mm mm mssmnucsnatu COME THIS WEEKEND And Celebrate The Fourth 1 ARCADE 8c ATTICA H.H. AUTHENTIC SIX COACH STEAM PASSENGER TRAIN Gtm lntrnt f ducatiMol Colorful Special AHmNh GiM T: Schasti, OraoaiutiMt, and All 6reui Dtporti Arcod., N.Y, Sat. & Suit, ft Hoi.. 10:30. 12:30. 2:30, 4:30 Wtdmtday 2:00 P.M. July & August Only Sufficient Seating Accommodation for All Trips For Brochurm or Information, Call or Write Pa$enger Excurtion Department ARCADE and ATTICA R.R., ARCADE, N.Y. Phono Arcodt 124 Rain or Shine FREE PARKING & PICNIC AREA qg-B qg-B qg-B RltO PALACE T10TB3UKBE - S2JUIXE PlSHTTE A IIUEMfflli Distant Trumpet DRUM CORPS CONTEST TOMORROW, 8 P.M. AQUINAS STADIUM SYRACUSE IRIGADIERS Past N.Y. State Champions KEILLY RAIDERS Past National V.F.W. & A L Champions from Pa. GENEVA APPIEKNOCKERS Top General Effects Corps. SPRINGFIELD MARKSMEN Mass. State Champions SUNRISERS Top Contender for N.Y.S. Title ' ikifciti.f cwpt O AQUINAS MARCHING IANO N. T. S. Cko-niwn Cko-niwn Cko-niwn e PAIDEI PACEIS ALPINI GIRLS STATESMEN TICKETS TICKETS AVAILAILE AT ,f;ttwtn IAYAWAY COUNTER II"':.?. " ?? AU J C PENNEY STOrES UIR. AUM l.0 CHILD 75c W.mOHITii tflfiT 5 PAYS Iwxnfl K9JKM wrhrf1 FRII IUSES r. La 1 D.wty M lidaaway Stadimi rr,fU4 if UmHU Dr,m Cor.i Aq.inoi Morckmf ta4 STORYBOOK PARK IRISH RD WILSON. N.Y. A wonderful land of make-believe make-believe make-believe for the young and young of heart . . . RIDESPICNIC GROVE FARM ANIMALS Take Route 104 to Irish Rd. 12-8 12-8 12-8 P M- M- DA,LY (Just beyond Twin Oals Mote!) CkildrM 25e t: c: Eniov Holiday Weekend OLYAAPIC O A OS Rides for all Miniature Golf Driving Range Famous for Kiddie Land FUN FOR ALL Scottsville Rd. 7 I i b j 'BE OUR GUEST" TICKETS ! will not b honored at Aquinas Stadium July 4th J WAIT FOR 1st ANNUAL ALL JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP CORPS BUGLES and DRUMS August 8(h--8 8(h--8 8(h--8 8(h--8 P.M. RED WING STADIUM Rain Date Aug. 9 2 P.M. Sponsored by GREY KNIGHTS POST 952 EMPIRE EMPIRE ILYt 1 V AT I l T 1 11 I IH'I'I 1 mow itorti at dk G. PEPPARO A. LADO C. BAKER "THE CARPETBAGGERS" Elvis Presley "G. I. BLUES" m at lat. ai 10:30 IH compl.t. shew C 5-7921 5-7921 5-7921 Orkiul ROCHESTER SCOTTSVILLE RD. OPP. AIRPORT 3rd and Last Week last chaac. to th. yar' Bail "TOM TONES" Plus "A TICKLISH AITAIR 8HIIOET JONES. CIO YOUNG (COLOR) III I-222C I-222C I-222C STARLITE V. REIMETTA It 1 n 2-8152 2-8152 2-8152 North PAnKi 1556 HftSOII IVL CL 4-I3S1 4-I3S1 4-I3S1 CENTRAL 1700 LONG PCSD IB. nirt Ifal KlUpN. HELD OVEH BY POPULAR DEMAND Lii Taylor Richard Burton R.x Harriioa "CLEOPATRA" 'com. ai lat. at 11 and . It all nnnlnVnHHBRnnnHnlnVnnnaBBBBBa' Roch.st.r Praml.r. Showing 1 I I Color Kirk Douglai-Mitil Douglai-Mitil Douglai-Mitil Gaynor-Juli. Gaynor-Juli. Gaynor-Juli. N.wmar "FOR L0YE OR MONEY" Also "YOUNG AND WILLING" HELD OVER Final W..k "CLEOPATRA" Shown Fint at Duik also "Philbert" com. as lat. at 10:10 and t. a comol.t. thow I - - . - sMMtmszt : III J1J Ji , , , J, IJJJ.IIHIPI . ..... .,, r 1 A girl rebelling against life... a woman trying to recapture hers! DEBORAH KERR HAYLEY MILLS JOHN MILLS Trie 5 r l HI J. ;j now m r m ChalicGarPen TECHNICOLOR tv, rT. J? FIIIE ARTS SOWuavf iTCRKOCY TONIGHT! V.V --v --v --v 7:Z5, 7:30 V Y CONTINUOUS SUNDAY l r LAST 5 DAYS! 1 THE NO. 1 ATTRACTION OF ALL TIME AT SPECIAL POPULAR PRICES! CENTRAL LITTLE 1700 Long Pond Rd. THEATER CL 4-8381 4-8381 4-8381 240 EAST AVE. HA 4-8021 4-8021 4-8021 starlite- starlite- Washington W. HENRIETTA RD. CH 4-686? 4-686? 4-686? E. ROCHESTER LU t-4844 t-4844 t-4844 -l- -l- -l- ii. PAMEU BR0NG0RGE OJLErimiE CRONYNCESARE 0AN0V4KENNETH HAIGHR000Y McOOWALL U HI 11111 UULnE'JHl .IMCI.M mm--. mm--. mm--. mm--. ' m m ' Jonas Cord, Jr. Buyer, Seller. Builder, Destroyer.. . . Cheaterf and Charmer, Lover and Louse !L. IMF f Ml THIS IS ADULT ENTERTAINMENT! Ml! I I ANTONV juiv, CACtM r - A m a& mm hi m mm iruwna TTTr3ii.r E ii & iSsssSSSiX 111 u 1 1 I I . . I ' Ii' I I " HTft I .V-t .V-t .V-t k Irl on - air 1 r. Wna Maribwe Legend in a liwt I .mm low-cut low-cut low-cut dress. ..bigger than life, fjrfcL 1& -2 -2 J LITTLE THEATER SHOWN AT 1:30, 5:00 & 8:15 Ready For Fun Over July 4th! flow K Ssnsafkn SATELLITE A Graceful Chair-Lift Chair-Lift Chair-Lift Ride On j Bsautitm Canandaigua take! There's More Of EVERYTHING FOR FUN HELD OVER 2nd TREMENDOUS WEEK DO YOU DAM IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE I0BEJHE IASI MAII OR WOMAN Oil EARTH? Alive among the lifeless... alone among the crawling creatures of evil that make the night hideous with their inhuman craving n VINCENT yRlCE STARRINfi AS If . ll 1 The test Man Earth AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL PICTURE CO STU FRANCA BETTOIA EMMA DANIELI Ik nil . v "wiiur or I TERRIFYING SIDNEY SALKOW (urM Y robert l. upper! lTgaiTswanson. william f.leicester tinm ( 'ItHirr.fNC hy RICHARD MATHESON unseen i out of Ti and Space? Ling Rd. Bet. Dewey Ave. & Greenfeaf Rtl. NO 3-1443 3-1443 STARTS TODAY jirwAit-WO j DOORS OPEN 11:00 A.M.

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle03 Jul 1964, FriPage 21

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)03 Jul 1964, FriPage 21
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