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DET@BOS 7/21/35 part 1 - Cochrane Angle Pinch-Hitter Pinch-Hitter...
Cochrane Angle Pinch-Hitter Pinch-Hitter Pinch-Hitter Breaks Up Game with Two Setbacks Avenged by Hurler to Give Lefty Grove a Victory; Walker Fails in Pinches By Charles P. Ward BOSTON, July 21 The Tigers have been laughing at Wesley Per-rell, Per-rell, Per-rell, tempermental right-hander right-hander right-hander of the Red Sox, ever since they came to Boston. Wesley, a very good pitcher as well as a very fine hitter, has been trying for the better part of a week to win a ball game from Mickey Cochrane men, and without success. Joe Cronin started Wesley in the first game of the series. Ferrell turned in a good pitching performance. But the Tigers rallied for three runs in the ninth inning and beat him out. Yesterday Cronin sent Ferrell back against the Tigers. He pinch-batted pinch-batted pinch-batted for Rube Walberg in the seventh inning and doubled, sending home the first run of an impor- impor- T tant three-run three-run three-run rally. But what did Ferrell get for his hit? A horse laugh. Because Cronin kept him as the finishing pitcher and thus made him the loser, when Goose Goslin singled with Charley Gehringer on base in the ninth. The hit scored Gehringer with the deciding run in a 6 to 5 victory. The Tigers spent moat of last night giggling at Ferrell s expense. Wes. has a very hot temper and. the Timers knowing this, guessed that Wesley was hot enough to fry an egg on his pate, along say about midnight. Ferrell Gets Ilia Revenge Today the Tigers are no longer laughing at Ferrell. For Wes. has got his revenge. He made a brief appearance in the closing game Sunday of the Tigers' series with the Red Sox. He was sent to bat for Old Mose Grove with two men on base in the ninth, the Sox two runs behind and one man out. "Yeah," chortled the Tigers in the assemblage of 20.000 persons who saw the game. "Here he comes again. Just in time to tie the score. Then Cronin'll make him pitch and he'll be the losing pitcher pitcher again." But Ferrell had no idea of becoming becoming the losing pitcher in this game. Ho took a hitch at his belt as Mickey Cochrane and Tommy Bridges conferred in an effort to decide, whether to make him hit or to pass him. First base was open and there was a chance that Oscar Melillo. the next batter might hit into a double play. But Cochrane has an aversion to putting the winning run on the base paths. He decided to have Bridges pitch to Ferrell. It was a fatal decision, for Wesley blasted Tommy's first pitch over the scoreboard scoreboard for a home run that gave Old Mose a 7 to 6 victory over Bridges. Diiiewt Game of Series The hit broke up the dizziest eame of all this dizzy series be tween the Tigers and the Red Sox and sent the Tigers on to New York tonight a little further away from first place than they were when the game began. And the dizziest inning of the dizzy game was the ninth. When the session began the tigers were trailing trailing on the short end of a 4 to 3 score and seemed about to be conquered conquered by the effective mound work ot the JViaryiana squirrel hunter. But they gained a new lease, or life when I'ete fox opened the igT half of the ninth with a double to left. Gerald Walker, who htxl put the Bengals in bad in the fifth by misjudging an easy fly ball, had a chance to redeem himself but was unequal to the occasion. He struck out for the third successive Charley Gehringer could do little better, flying out to Dusty Cooke. Hank Greenberg came up then and Cronin decided to give him an intentional intentional pass even though he had not hit safely his first four times up. Joe knew Hank. Goslin f'onipn Through The Sox decided to pitch to Goose Goslin, who is becoming tired of seeing Greenberg walked in order to give the pitcher the rhance to pitch to him. So the Goose vindictively vindictively smashed a drive back pa-n pa-n pa-n Grove's ear and Fox scored with the tying run. Bill Rogell followed with a single to right that scored Greenberg. and Mickey Cochrane's double to left, sent Goslin home. Rogell also tried to score on the hit but was thrown out at the plate. That didn t seem to make much difference, for the three runs the Tiners made in the inning seemed enough to win. Bridges was not pitching sensational ball but he j seemed to be pitching well enough! to hold a two-run two-run two-run edge. j But trouble quickly descended i upon Tommy in the home half of the ninth. Cronin led off and hit a single to left. Werber. the next batter, did the same thing and then Babe Pahlgren advanced both runners by sacrificing on a high-bounding high-bounding high-bounding bunt. Grove was the next batter, but Ferrell was sent up to hit for him. He wiped the smile off every Tiger face with one good swipe. And he made Mickey Cochrane so sore I'lrasc Turn to Page 15 Column 3 old battery mate, as the greatest catcher he ever saw. This Included his hard hitting and his speed around the tow paths or any other spot. Bresnahan and Cochrane were much alike. Old Hog could handle pitchers he could hit and run and he also had the flaming spark. But Cochrane still comes closer than anyone else to being ranking star back of the plate jnc I asked Mickey Cochrane what he considered the mriin inie-lient inie-lient inie-lient in his Tiger outfit. "It's the same thins that I gave you a year ago this July," he said. "Spirit winning spirit. I've never seen better spirit on any college football team. This is harder to I'Iraje Turn tt 1'aje 13 Column Two Men On Solters Homer Checks Yanks Gains Even Break in Browns' Twin Bill NEW YORK. July 21 (A. p.) The Yankees divided a hard-fought hard-fought hard-fought doubleheader wlih the St. Louis Browns before a crowd of 29,559 persons today, winning the first game 2 to 0 and losing the 10-inning 10-inning 10-inning second 2 to 1, to wind up then-preparations then-preparations then-preparations for the "crucial" aeries aeries with Detroit a half game in tr.e van. The even break moved them just that far ahead of the defeated Tigers. Johnny Hroara pitched a two-hi' two-hi' two-hi' game to take the opener and nc a Brownie got as far as secon. btse. The Yanks nicked Eldc Walkup for one run in the thir on Jack Saltzgaver's single. Bro-ca's Bro-ca's Bro-ca's infield hit and errors by Wain up and Tommy Carey. The othe came on George Selkirk's homer ii the fourth. Julius Solters won the afterpiec for St. Itiis by belling a home ru in the tenth after his double hr scored Lyn Lary with the fir tally. The Yanks got their run . the second on singles by Tonv L.n zeri and Ben Chapman and a forf out by Saltzgaver. hh-t hh-t hh-t u.wit: sr. mi is .nkiv mux A II O V AH II t; i.ary.m. 4 ;) If III ir 4 I I 4 ii in it flt.l 4 f..llrt.lf 4 II -j -j I) Selkirk. rf 4 u :i I oiriimn.r I II 1 II ( 4 2 It a 5 rl.m n I) S B Ill.Ury.r 3 ll.-m.lf) ll.-m.lf) ll.-m.lf) ,e 3 13 0 1 mtiri.-Jb mtiri.-Jb mtiri.-Jb 3 I lilt.:)!. 3 II J hap'an.n 3 .1 fl i S.ltn'r.;! I Wilkiip.p -i -i 0 '1 1 o 1 o 1 I un.lltit.p f Tiitulu HI) M 1 1 Ti.uit x fc s; lliiril for Wnlkiip In t-lshih. t-lshih. t-lshih. ft. I .mill II 11 II II 11 o n . .Nfiv l.itk II II I I II O O V Klin. Selkirk. S'.iHig-itr S'.iHig-itr S'.iHig-itr Krror' !ir.-.i, !ir.-.i, !ir.-.i, ilkup. Kullf. Kim hHllpd in kirk. Huni run rlkirk. M.ln thio l-rttreri. l-rttreri. l-rttreri. twritirr ltr,-4. ltr,-4. ltr,-4. Ilouhlc- Ilouhlc- tj I "fi-y. "fi-y. "fi-y. I.ary and f.fft r ,i M. I. ..lilt I, rw otk .1. HM-rm HM-rm HM-rm hnllt off Wilkuu '.. Hrnar I. Mrtkr.i Mr Walliii. ;. Hrnura an Alia 11,1, lift H.ilkui. in 7 Innlnit. tan n in I, l.otii.K Uitlktip. I mpir-l.ritfl. mpir-l.ritfl. mpir-l.ritfl. Ortntl.y Huil Marbrr. Timr I : ST. Mil IS Mill- Mill- MIIIK IB II II M t" .-. .-. .-. i i : Mill ir i i i W.--I...I W.--I...I W.--I...I W.--I...I I II 11 II H..llr, 3 - ..llr.lf .-, .-, .-, ! .-, .-, .-, II ,.klf4, rf O IM-r.rr IM-r.rr IM-r.rr II l.,hriC.l. I' 11, It II. .-, .-, .-, ; in i, . kr, ,. - Hum. Ill II II II -tK.ilfmg -tK.ilfmg o I lli-m-r.,r lli-m-r.,r lli-m-r.,r lli-m-r.,r lli-m-r.,r .1 :i itml., ft t. I lift II. II I I I .Ki.ri.'.'li I I I lrr.-:ti lrr.-:ti lrr.-:ti I I I n I h i n in I I I km. it. . :t n n :t .itg-r..t .itg-r..t .itg-r..t 4 1- 1- Mli.rii.lir O ft II o l.iimifit.p 4 t ft i llii. ti tl ft II ft I'.iftiiiitn.p fl I) fl ft ;i9ii:tui:i Touli a93u H.tlr.1 for In nlnllv rutted fur llt-kr llt-kr llt-kr In tfnth. tllatlrtl for KnffiiK In tenth. s. limit HOI O O fl 0 0 O I- I- lurk . OIOOIIOOOOU- OIOOIIOOOOU- Runt 1rj. Soltrrt '; lzxrt f rnrt lull. K.tlfr. Kunt hHtterf In Suit Kitr. Siiltrm -i. -i. Two-hat Two-hat Two-hat hitt -frollrr -frollrr l.rliri. Ilumr rnn Sollrrt, .".tolii b:l Ir). urrltlrrt ttrtl. Hill. (lift. Ir on lmt Nw ork 10. Kt. I.onit I Htwt on hnllt HIT Tatnuht !. knot! -Irikrnult -Irikrnult Bv Taulnlit :i. knot! I. Milt off hnott 7 in inuintt, an Alia t I l-ti. l-ti. l-ti. (offman o in W IIH pitrh Knot- Knot- Minninc pitchrr Vat Alia. t mplrr Orm-I.j. Orm-I.j. Orm-I.j. Orttrl and ilarhrrrj-. ilarhrrrj-. ilarhrrrj-. Tiinr 'J;-."!. 'J;-."!. 'J;-."!. One Wrong Pitch DKTROIT AB R H TB O j f,i r( SI 5 2 A A I fi A 10 I 0 ! Walker. f 5 f Gehringer, 2li ireenberg Ih (,olln. If .. Rogell, s llayworth, c i ( lif ton ... Cochrane, c Owen. 3b .. Hrldge, p . Totals SH S 13 IH"15 1" BOSTON AB K II TB O A Melillo. 2b . . Almada, i f . Johnson, If , Miller, rf . . . Cooke, rf . . . K. Ferrell, c Cronin, ss . . Werber, 3t . Pahlgren, lb Grove, p . . . . iV. FerreU. 3 2 1 1 3 4 3 2 1 2 2 10 0 0 4 0 Totals 31 7 13 20 27 IS 1 One scored. out when winning run Kan for Hay worth In eighth. tBatted for Grove in ninth. Detroit A200 nel 3 6 Boston 10 0 0 2 0 0 1 37 Runs hatted in Fox, Goslin, Rogell, Rogell, Cochrane, Owen. Bridge. W. Ferrell S, liable ren, Cronin, Johnson Johnson 2. Two-base Two-base Two-base hits Ha worth 2, ' Fox 2, Cochrane, Johnson, llahlgren. inree-nase inree-nase inree-nase nil iv. rerreii. M.nt run . Ferrell. -rif -rif iee Almada. Almada. Werber. llahlgren. Double pla lltt worth and (tehrinier: Owen. Gehringer and 4.'. n:H-rfi n:H-rfi n:H-rfi ; Uogell, 4.t-hrin!;i'r 4.t-hrin!;i'r 4.t-hrin!;i'r mid (.rr-nVrt; (.rr-nVrt; (.rr-nVrt; t.tmr, ( lonili and llnlilgren. ' eft nil bases lletroit hi, Boston 4. Bases oil bulls Off Bridges . Grove 4. Mrikeoiits Bridges J, firove ,1. I'ninires Owen Summers. nd VJuinu. Tiniew 2:t.

Clipped from Detroit Free Press22 Jul 1935, MonPage 11

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)22 Jul 1935, MonPage 11
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