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1961 movie listings - i I 1(1 W s v .NI " .... . a JUDEAN RULERS...
i I 1(1 W s v .NI " .... . a JUDEAN RULERS Edmund Purdom, Sylvia Lopez star in "Herod the Great," showing at Paramount. 'Herod' Newcomer; Palace, "JJEROD THE GREAT," starring Edmund Purdom Purdom and Italian screen beauty Sylvia Lopez, will open today at the Para- Para- mount. The so-called so-called so-called Biblical spectacle is the only new picture billed downtown this week, although the Little will change bills tomorrow to show "Song Without End," a decorative and melodious melodious version of the life Showtimes Today MUSIC Eostmon Eastmon School Svmohony rand, Dr. Frederick Fennell conductor, .15. MOVIES Loew's Lucille Bali, Bob Hod In "The Foctj of Life," 1, 3:55, 4:50, 9:45. Poloce Deborah Kerr, Cory Grant in "The Grots Is Greener,'" 11:30, 3, 4:30, t:S5. Paramount Edmund Purdom and Sylvia Sylvia Looez in "Herod the Great," 12:55, 3:55, 6:55, V50. Reoent Jerry Lewis In "Cinderfella," 1:20, 4:10, 7:05, 10. Gnemo "Carry On Nurse." British comedy, 2. 3:55, 5:50. 7:50, 9:50. Fine Arts "Sunrise at Camoobello," 7. :35. Little Terrv Thomas, Peter Sellers In "Man In a Cocked Hal," 1:40, 3.40, S:40. 7-40, 7-40, 7-40, 40. Monroe John Mills, Dorothy Mc-Gwre Mc-Gwre Mc-Gwre in "Swiss Family Robinson," 12, 2. 20, 4 40, 7, 9:20 Rlylero "Ben Hur," I Lyell "Girl of the Night," 7 and 10, ond "Tnll Story " wnnno Vms tmo Lovers," TTOT and "Lost World " Riolto 6. Rochester "Seroeont Rut-ledoe Rut-ledoe Rut-ledoe ' and "The Bov Who Stole a AAillion." Lake Shore Drive-In Drive-In Drive-In "Girl ot the Bioht" ond "Country Girl." 2ZZ3 1000 Can Fret forking SPECIAL THEATRE NEWS! Chosen 1 of the 10 Best Pictures of I960 for Exceptional Exceptional Filming by National Board of Review. "SONS & LOVERS" At The WARING 'til Sot. Night Only ANNE FRANCIS LLOYD NOLAN For the "dtino Crowd" "TALL STORY' Anthony Perkini Jon Fonde DANCE TONIGHT LEfJ . HAWLEY end His Orchestra SHERATON HOTEL Ballroom 3f I ttOW THC 14 : SCREEN BLUSHES! TfJrV CM Stag or Couples 9:30 'til ? I SOLD MY PIANO j with a Times-Union, Times-Union, Times-Union, (Democrat and Chronicle', around-the-clock around-the-clock around-the-clock around-the-clock around-the-clock WANT AD i i I I l 1 $ fhh od did iht Job PA! of Franz Liszt. The current film successes successes downtown are "The Grass Is Greener," at t h e Palace and "The Factsof Life" at Loew's. "Grass" stars Cary Grant, Jean Simmons, Simmons, Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum in an English English mansion setting, while "The Facts of Life" finds Bob Hope and Lucille Ball romancing more or less illicitly. "Carry On Nurse," a Brit-ish Brit-ish Brit-ish comedy about a men's ward in a hospital continues to run at the Cinema; "Sunrise "Sunrise at Campobello" is going into a second week at the Fine Arts and the Regent is holding "Cinder-feller" "Cinder-feller" "Cinder-feller" with Jerry Lewis. "Sons and Lovers," one of the year's best, is show oooooooooooooooooooooo o o Q rresenung . . . ijv O Stars of the JACK PAAn SHOW O JOSE MELIS and his o o o o o One Night Only Saturday, Feb. 11th with The Rochester Pops Orchestra Reserved Seati Now! $1.25 (1.50 S2. Eastman Theatre m mm O O O O ( 'VIC Aitociation Production O O O O LAUGHING IS BUT IT'S FUN TO BE INFECTED! ISliF YOU NEVER SU ANOTHER C0MED IN YOUHiiri TDK MUST Slim JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED I Q Where The BANDS o7 ARE PLAYING The "New" Arch Hotel FREDDY BECK'S TRIO p.y!nq fin. danc. music Fri. S Saf. Buiinen Men's lunches served daily. Spaghetti Wmeat balls. Our Roch. famous Chicken dinner; served Sunday . . . just 95e. Fish Fry every Friday. Parties S Holiday Banquets. BUBBLE LOUNGE THE "RONNIE TRIO . . . they're terrific end every FrJ.. Sat., and Sun. they're featured here. For a really fine time of good food and music plan to join us this weekend. J.FRANK SWARTZ REST.844 fifV-Wr fifV-Wr fifV-Wr M' The GENE HAROLD TRIO . . . will play en Fri. & Sat. the dance music you request; everything from ballads to polkas. Special Fith Fry 75e on Fridays. Free Parking in the rear. CHARLIE VELLA'S Rest. BOB AMES' QUARTET ...for your listening and dancing pleasure every Fri. & Sat. Noon lunches & dinners. Fish Fry on Fridays, Spaghetti wmeat balls on Sat. Parties and Banquets our Specialty. BEANY BAUER'S ELMGR0VE INN 3872 LYELL RD. CL 4-9712 4-9712 4-9712 THE DRIFTING RANGERS playing Fri. & Sat. 9:30 to 1:30. Parties and Banquets our specialty . . . Fish Fry Fridays CLUB 414 414 Ridge Rd. W. NO 3-97S4 3-97S4 3-97S4 GENE LABATI & the TOPPERS nightly JAM SESSION SUNDAY Film Head Forecasts Good Year JJOLLYWOOD (LTD Motion Motion pictures to be produced produced during 1961 will use more material taken from books and plays because audiences are demanding "better" types of entertainment, entertainment, according to president president Eric Johnston of the Association of Motion Picture Picture Producers. Johnston predicted the theater would continue to retake its position as the entertainment place for families and that 1961 would be a good year for motion pictures and the industry. industry. "The motion picture public public has shown that it does not want patterned mediocrity," mediocrity," Johnston said, "nor routine films ground out Loew's Hold ing at the Waring through tomorrow. Artist Postpones Sunday Concert A RECITAL by Sylvia Anderson, Anderson, Eastman School mezzo-soprano, mezzo-soprano, mezzo-soprano, which was to have been given Sunday afternoon at the Association of University Women clubhouse, clubhouse, 494 East Ave., has been postponed until the following Sunday at 3:30. Miss Anderson, who is singing in the "Evening with Romberg" concert at the Eastman tomorrow night and has other engagements engagements on Monday, asked for the postponement. The concert will be in the annual annual series sponsored by the university women to publicize especially gifted student artists. rtnaun i q o o o o o o o trio CONTAGIOUS! 3RD LAUGH WEEK At 2:00. 3:55, 5:50. 7:50, 9:50 1288 Clinton Ave. N. CO 6-9581 6-9581 6-9581 254 Stat St. EM 7-8757 7-8757 7-8757 1942 Ridge Rd. W. NO 3-9700 3-9700 3-9700 ALL AMERICAN East Rochester LU a-9822 a-9822 a-9822 Dinners Strvtd DeMy Pete Bailey & His '.. Country Trla for the so-called so-called so-called mass mind. It wants invigorating, stimulating stimulating and challenging entertainment entertainment in motion pictures. pictures. "The public has grown up intellectually. It is mature. mature. The mature audience requires material that is up to its own intellectual level." He said this did not mean that motion picture producers producers would stop producing entertainment for all ages. ILVil ANNE FRANCIS-LLOYD FRANCIS-LLOYD FRANCIS-LLOYD NOLAN 5 . iyT MtUrUKu-JUriNKLKR MtUrUKu-JUriNKLKR MtUrUKu-JUriNKLKR "GIRL OF THE NIGHT Midi "HOW TO MAKE A rr 1.5800 twiwiwmssmmmi'mm HELD OVER 2nd Week WIMGERWT memmmmmmmm mii Down Memory Lane AN EVENING with ROMBERG Favorites from "TAe Desert Song." "New Moon," "Sturfonr frineo" Special Guest Soloists Chorus ROCHESTER POPS ORCHESTRA Paul White, Conductor SATURDAY JANUARY 7th 8:15 Reserved Seats Now: $1.10. $1.65 Eastman Theatre .. c;vjc Mol;e ssoelotlo(i Freientotlon 3rd Big VALT DISNEYS raw sJW uino CONTINUOUS PERFS. TOOAY FROM 12 NOON Nature at 12:00 2:20 4:40 7:00 9:30 ADULTS $1.00 CHILDREN 50o ANYTIME Parking Available Dan', 669 Monroe Ate. SAL DOORS OPEN 9:30 A.M. HELD for 3rd & j is the I: J fella-and fella-and fella-and fl nl is the fella-and fella-and fella-and I TaDU'0US 1; V (A Jerrr Lewli Productlan) -l -l K I vV w 1 fabulous as Technicolor9 ne JieiLMlLiaTWUiMIeMlJii.uu,jewW o! Ed Wynn Judith Anderson Henry Silva Robert Hltton Count Base jw) bis World Rrnowmd Bjnd frstirm lot Williams I Anna Maria Alberghetti 7JS... 7., A M0HR . O'OONNELL I LAST 2 DAYS MiirjiNA COfiAFD HHT BEGINS SUNDAY SONG WHOUT JCjrajJ Fnm Lis .riNcuKCOPf - Eastman COLOR Ki. ocl. ucwty, Aye. Cr Orccniftdr Ko. L WILLIAM HOLDEN BIN& CKOSiY 6RACI KELLY . .NttMWAte &' "THE COUNTRY MONSTER" GIRL" Sg; South Ave. ft wreqory Show At 7:00-:35 7:00-:35 7:00-:35 parkins e; Wk. J They' I dared countless' i perils and 1 1 turned H a lost ' island into an Lr paradise f CON'T FROM 10 A.M. FINAL WEEK! Jerry brings a thousand years of story-telling story-telling story-telling fun to SDarklina new life M on the screen! p IMUIItW iJIM 'IIJMUMLMI BaCTtOT IUUH.UH um.T! i "The Princess" TERROR IN THE HOUSE" CHINQ :.vjcs.v......T.: . ... 12 ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE fJfiFftrH Cert Free f orknf ZarswiMb mil n For On Price) SONS AND LOVERS" HIT Tha LOST WORLD" LAST WEEKS' foeieht P.M. Mot. Set- Set- See.. I P.M. For reservations cM CL t-ISl t-ISl t-ISl Sehint't New IUVIERA 1451 Lake Ave CL 8-1868 8-1868 8-1868 CARY GRANT DEBORAH KERR ROBERT MITCHUM JEAN SIMMONS teSHftKiDOiN1' TEREHRGAN Breathtaking! 1 owenng pageant oj a pagan world!.. jj Where the tyrant legions of mighty Rome challenged the lusts and passions of a power-mad power-mad power-mad king! If IT" ' " ' ' ; -; -; million Iniitti ii T O T A L S C O P E iTlTlTlTi S lfiS --1 --1 --1 eastman IvLiJLBJJLLil Zr STsismc EDMUND PURDOM -SYLVIA -SYLVIA LOPEZ- LOPEZ- AND A CAST 5 JRIKA PETERS with SCOTT BORLAND i. I starts lop riMnwtu&i.m'i HELD OVER! for lautrhter. see. ... BOB HoPEOLyciLLE BALL i 'FIVE GUNS The Bloody Day Tombstone Got Its Name lV! iV Tanijisr , Spectacular! Colossus of Thrills! -V -V tit r ii r? In i y JO lis OyllMy &Pvx Of THOUSANDS Friday, Ian. 6. 1951 OPEN DAILY 11:30 A. M. I Clinton at Ceurt SA S-S005 S-S005 S-S005 "adult and positively a scream!" tHE Plus TO TOMBSTONE' HAZEL COURT-ROBERT COURT-ROBERT COURT-ROBERT BEATTY 1 MA.S.S?TTI SB m eaew -w -w PACTS .LIFE" III IANSSEN eplnel, two vnn eld, f perfect eonditiott. 400. MO. : j 8 0000. i i Frid.vi I Fri. ft Sat.

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle06 Jan 1961, FriMETROPOLITAN EDITIONPage 12

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)06 Jan 1961, FriMETROPOLITAN EDITIONPage 12
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