Etherton, Ray - returns from OK visit Kinsley Graphic, 19 Jul 1917 - pg 8

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Etherton, Ray - returns from OK visit 
Kinsley Graphic, 19 Jul 1917 - pg 8 - f COUNTY CORRESPONDENCE Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. J....
f COUNTY CORRESPONDENCE Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Denney returned returned last week from a visit at Excelsior Excelsior Springs, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Zephie Ray and Chester Wolfe enjoyed a trip to Garfield Sunday. Misses Kathryn Wolfe and Hazel Troutman, Messrs. Dennis Mulhol-len Mulhol-len Mulhol-len and Claud Gaston were down to Hutchinson Saturday taking in the Hagenback-Wallace Hagenback-Wallace Hagenback-Wallace circus. o Mr. and Mrs. John McCarty and children left this week for Colorado Springs, where they will spend the rest of the summer, o c ' Our chautauqua has come and gone. And who is there that can now truthfully say that itswas not a success. success. The programs were great, everybody admits that. In fact the numbers rendered were in full measure measure up to any chautauqua . number we ever attended. Mr. Jones, our chautauqua manager, and Mr.. Day, pur ticket-man, ticket-man, ticket-man, were fine gentlemen, who made lots of friends during their short stay here. Financially the venture for Lewis was a success, the treasury has an amount over a hundred dollars toward our next year's program.- program.- Yes, we will have a chautauqua for next year, the contract contract has already been signed. Something Something over 80 names have already been subscribed to this contract for next year, and it should be an honor to Lewis people to know that Manager Manager Jones stated that this was more names "than he had ever had sub scribed to one of his contracts. Lewis could have all the modern improvements, improvements, which she needs, if she would but boost for them.. The chautauqua chautauqua idea here is a big step forward. forward. And let this be but a starter for big things to come. Let us not retrograde again. J. R. Fatzer and children, of Fells-burg, Fells-burg, Fells-burg, will leave Monday , for a visit at Colorado Springs. Bank Examiner Virgil I. Smith, of Hutchinson, paid the Home State Bank an official call Wednesday. C. T- T- Simnnn Vinrl rliilrlivn wrp a a.-v.x,a a.-v.x,a a.-v.x,a a a x A. A A a. V A xA wa Lewis visitors, from Fellsburg Wednesday. Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Smith, Misses Mabel and Florence Smith and Arthur Smith, of Fowler, were vis itors with relatives here this week. J. R. Fatzer, of Fellsburg, was a Lewis visitor Tuesday. All our chautauqua talent gave the same program the next day at the chautauqua at Fellsburg. The day before our programs here were rendered, the same programs were rendered by the companies at Burden. Burden. v . ' Miss Hazel Troutman spent Satur day evening with Miss Kathryn M. Wolfe. W. T. Huckstep left Tuesday for a visit with relatives at points in Oklahoma. Offerle. Mrs. L. A. Williams returned home .from Stafford last Wednesday even ing Mi's. T. B. White returned home irom i.aL,rosse .Saturday evening, where she had been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Frank Wilson. Mrs. W. O. Sand returned home last Thursday evening, after a month's visit with relatives at Omaha, Nebr. Edgar Brumfield went to Hutchin- Hutchin- son Monday. Mary White returned home from Larned last Wednesday. She, was accompanied by her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Underhill. of Albert. ' - j . Kans., who will visit at the White home for a few davs. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hull, of Missouri. .who are on their.wav to Colorado, stopped off and spent the week with Mrs. Hull's brother, R. F. Thomas, ana family. Miss Mary Williams returned home from Belpre Saturday evening, after a short visit with her sister, Mrs. Ben Piatt. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heideman re turhed home from Wichita Monday, after a week s vacation. Phil Moletor and family, of Kins ley, spent Sunday at the W. M. OH phant home. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Herron, of Spear vine, and Miss Lima Offerle, of Wichita, spqnt Sunday at the Abner Offerle home. . n ; 1 . . , , . Richard Speck, wife and daughter, m y - - M mO Ethel, and Miss Bessie Speck motored motored to Burdett Sunday and spent the day with Mr. Speck's brother, B. H. apeck. Mrs. J. P. Gibbons and Miss Lida 'Fletcher, of Pratt, Kans., arrived luesday evening for a week's visit ,;,l m, f.M , rr t WhHe SI ' ' ' r-i r-i r-i , a , .. me, i. niiiiug vicparicu jor I'lail City, Mo., Tuesday evening. ine ueouie oi mis cilv wprn r,rin,nnrTi,.j... . Jla' "U1 "J aUOUl v .ivvn. mjj tut Ulill III Jl 111C. a 11C OLDER OUT STKHER To be healthy at seventy, ore'oare at forty, is sound advice, because in the r av m strength of middle fife we too often forget that neglected colds, or careless treat ment of slight aches and pains, simply undermine strength and bring chronic weakness-for weakness-for weakness-for later years. To be stronger when older, keeo vour blood pure and rich and active with the strength-building strength-building strength-building and blood-nourishing blood-nourishing blood-nourishing properties of boon s liiatusion which is a looa. a tonic and a medicine to keep your blood rich, alleviate rheumatism and avoid eickness. No alcohol ia. Scott's, gcott & Eowbc, Bloon ff.ffl3. V, J, house just completed for C. E. Riggs was destroyed by fire. The fire had gained such headway when discovered discovered it was impossible to save it. The origin of the fire is unknown. Mr. Aldrich, who has been employed employed at the depot, departed Tuesday Tuesday evening for Arkansas City. Mrs. Ben Piatt, of Belpre, came Mnndav evening for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Williams. Little Cora Oliphant spent the first of the week in Kinsley with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Oliphant, Sr. Miss Blanch Brumfield is improving improving slowly from her recent illness. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Way and Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Way spent Sunday in Bellefont. Mrs. R. S. Mairs and daughter, Mary, of Kinsley, visited Friday with Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Mairs. Mrs. Ott and Lloyd Erickson were Kinsley goers Saturday. Miss Elma Offerle departed Monday Monday for her home in Wichita, after a month's visit with relatives here and at Spearville. Doctor Stinson was a business caller in Spearville Monday. Mr. Berry, of Oklahoma, is visiting visiting his daughter, Mrs. E. E. Waters. Miss Dorothy Chase was a passenger passenger for Kinsley Tuesday. B. F. Hedges was a business caller in Dodge City Tuesday. Miss Gertrude Buess, of Kinsley, spent Sunday with her friend, Miss Gladys Oliphant. . Cecil Nixon departed Wednesday evening for Kansas City, Mo. The W. M. S. met last Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Joe Cain, with 1 1 A. a large nuniDer oi memDers present. After the business meeting came the social hour when delicious refresh ments were served, consisting of; ice-cream ice-cream ice-cream and cane. Last Monday evening a miscellan eous shower was given by the Chris tian Soldier and Sunshine classes with their teachers in honor of Miss Mae Shoafstall, and on Tuesday evening in nonor ot Aliss Rose Herr mann, two brides of next month. Many beautiful and useful presents were given, after the opening of the packages and much merriment and conversation light refreshments were served. Mrs. C. S. Oakes and son, Nelson, spent Friday in Kinsley. Ray Etherton returned home from Oklahoma Monday evening, after a visit with his sister. Mrs. Drake, of Kinsley, spent Tuesday with her daughter, Mrs. C. S. Mairs. Mrs. Jennie Diehl and Mrs. Will Berry and daughter, Genevieve, de parted Monday evening for Colo rado Springs, Colo., where they will spend the remainder of the summer. The Fuller Concert Company play ed here Tuesday evening to a full house. Miss Matilda Brehm, of Spearville, is spending this summer at the Conrad Conrad Brehm, Sr., home. Garnet Dixon, of Spearville, re turned home Thursday, after spend ing several days with his uncle,' J. R. Stinson. Levi Dixon is visiting at the J. R. Stinson home. ' Fellsburg. The chautauqua has been on in full swing, and the numbers have all been fine. The people here missed a treat if they were not on hand to see the parade by the junior chautauqua chautauqua bunch. There was about eighty in the parade, and the young- young- Isters enjoyed showing what they could do. Rol Manuel, Cal Works, Edward Shrauner, and a wise bunch of ftS r A 111 M.J A VS V A A. A V AAAs V A AAA. iltV AJ V A Q A. 11V -a -a A Vh- Vh- A JUWAWU. A AA A A Will Trousdale Tuesdav afternoon after in nil T'novr Viotto fol-on fol-on fol-on fVio Iroin 7 I a a . A AX A1U V A LA AAX A A A AAV. A A AA AAA off this branch and just give us every other, day service. . When they came through here trying to have us call an election for bonds for to build this road, they told us that we would have daily service, and now they don't care if there is any freight to come in or to go out, it can wait over a day. We think that the state utilities commission "will soon here about this and something may drop. Miss Leola Cox is acting agent at Centerview, Williams and Gibson, and she does not like her job, too much shifting about for her. Lewis Gray has been having his house I vmov puuuvu lino n ttft. Vjliaj. Huffmaster has been doing the work. H. Cummings has finished wreck ing the church. D. H. Cox has been helping Gor don Roenbaugh cultivate his large corn croD. B. A. Reeder and wife came in on the jitney Tuesday from Kinsley and inwuav liuiii iviulcy auu spent the da' wiih eo- eo- L- L- Fel1 and vlfe and in the evening they went rening they over to frank Anderson's in Lin- Lin- coin Township, to visit. i.iucisuu came over 10 f o Papa A nlAwAn A PollcK.rr Tnocov get B. A. Reed er and, wife Mrs. Jesse E. Fisher has one of the chautauqua ladies staying with her this week, and a few fine grand children, so she is not lonesome. Bert Uhl was head drummer in the parade. Bert has been there before. judging from the way he stepped out ana heat the drum. J. R. Fatzer and K. P. Lutz were in Larned Tuesday having Mr. Fat- Fat- I zers ar looked over, as he is think .1 ing of going to Colorado next week. John Roenbaugh and Wm. Kuv- Kuv- kendal and wife are going to Colo- Colo- Springs next week. q. W. Fisher took Mr: Smith and Mr. Shellenberg un to J. H. Me V y-y y-y y y y y y y y y Y y y Y y y at in D. County to to

Clipped from The Kinsley Graphic19 Jul 1917, ThuPage 8

The Kinsley Graphic (Kinsley, Kansas)19 Jul 1917, ThuPage 8
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  • Etherton, Ray - returns from OK visit Kinsley Graphic, 19 Jul 1917 - pg 8

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