May Lazelle, woman balloon parachute 1892, great reference for ballooning of the period

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May Lazelle, woman balloon parachute 1892, great reference for ballooning of the period - or of a he he his of the he an nad or on...
or of a he he his of the he an nad or on Dilliugers-ville un-der un-der and her one that all out in Her the way kept and mmmimmmammmmmmBmmmmmummmmma GREAT FOURTH OF JULY ATTRACTION ON THE FAIR GROUNDS-Somethinu GROUNDS-Somethinu GROUNDS-Somethinu fop. Oi it Col NTUY FkIESDS TO S E E BALLOON ASCENSION and Parachute Jump to T'eiiba Firm a by a Lauv Balloonist. There will be no organized celebration celebration of the glorious 4th iu Allentown, but as tho general public is always yearning for sight-seeing sight-seeing sight-seeing and pleasure-affording pleasure-affording pleasure-affording amusements the Allen Athletic Association, of this city, have arrauged to give an entertainment on the fair gouuds exceeding exceeding in general interest any ever before offered, offered, and which we trust will be largely patronized patronized by our conntry friends, since it embraces embraces attractions and features new and novel to most people in these parts such a thing as a balloon balloon ascension and parachute drop to earth by a female aeronaut having never before been seen here. Miss May Lazelle, of Cincinnati, Ohio, tho only woman in the world who performs this thrilling thrilling feat, has been secured at great expense by tho Athletic Club to give this sky scraping and air splitting performance, and having made more than 1000 ascensions and leaps successfully within within the last two years no one need entertain any fear of her failing here. The ascension will be ex-citiug ex-citiug ex-citiug beyond description, in that the lady will go up after the manner of Donaldson, on a trapeze bar, dressed in the garb of a gymnast. When she gets up to a proper altitude, say about a mile, with the parachute dangling by the side of the balloon, she takes hold of an iron ring attached to it, cuts loose from the air ship, and drops earthward like a piece oi iron. Aiier sne nas made a descent ot about 200 feet the parachute, which at first is in the form of a huge bag, catches air and expands liise an umbrella, and the daring aeronant then slowly circles to the earth. The word parachute is from the French, and means to guard a fall. ine paracnute itself, like its name, is of trench origin, as the first we hear of this jumping, soaring soaring contrivance is from France. It is over a hundred years ago that a French aeronaut with an unpronounceable name tried to jump from a balloon. His first attempt was a success, but the next time he tried it he met his death, and parachute parachute jumping for the time died with him. A century passed, when two Americans, the Baldwin brothers, resurrected the practice and proved that it could be successfully accomplished. There are hundreds of male ascensionists and parachute jumpers, but up to this time Miss Lazelle is the only-lady only-lady only-lady who has had the nerve to engage in the business, business, and she has had wonderful success, and attracts attracts large crowds wherever she performs the feat. Her balloon is made of prepared cotton cloth, is 65 feet in height, and weighs 550 pounds. To inflate it a trench 16 feet long is dug, and covered over, leaving a large funnel-shaped funnel-shaped funnel-shaped opening at one end over which the month of the hall arm is nlncl. The balloon is suspended from two high poles, to assist the inflating process. The heat is prod need from barrel staves, coal oil and alcohol. While the filling goes on a man is tfpt inside the huge uag up to tne moment ot asceuBion, his duty being to guard against fire. The sparks from the wood fly up into the balloon, and the inside man is kept bustutting them out with a squirt gun and a barrel of water. Yon can imagine it's a hard iob. His clothes are wet, and he soaks his head with a wet sponge at short intervals. It takes usually about half an hour to inflate the balloon. When the big bag is on its feet and just ready to let loose a gallon of alcohol is thrown on the fire. This produces a flash of heat that rushes and surges up into the balloon, giving it great lifting power, ah is ready, the word is given, the helpers helpers let go their hold, and up darts the balloon, parachute and aeronaut, it always seeming to Miss Lazelle, as she declares, that she is standing standing still while going up, and that the earth is f ail ing away irora ner. The parachute which she uses is about 30 feet in diameter, which is considered considered a very small one, some of them being 50 and 60 feet. The lady prefers a small one because. although making a quick descent, it comes down in a straight line, and she can pick her landing piace instead ot noating off leisurely and winding up in the top of a tree or a creek. She always, if possible, tries to land in a plowed field. The drop is made from various elevations, ranging from 500 and up to 8000 feet, according to circum-stances. circum-stances. circum-stances. Miss Lazelle generally drops from a height of 5,000 feet, nearly a mile. When the parachute parachute commences to shake, she says, she knows that it is due to the balloon settling, and that itia time to cut loose. The prospect is not calculated to be a most pleasant one. The earth a mile below, below, an uncertain surface covered with a lot of streaks, perhaps hidden altogether by clouds, above only a bag of hot air rapidly cooling. The moment comes to cut loose; she pulls the cord and, swish, she drops like lightning a distance of from 100 to 200 feet until the parachute feels the air, when it fills out and brings up, as she says, with a jerk that wrenches every bone in her body. The parachute Miss Lazelle uses is made of Irish linen, and is shaped a good deal like an umbrella, with ropes for ribs. There is nothing stiff about it it is just as limp as a rag. There is a large hole in the top made purposely. If it wasn't for this aperture the whole thing would be ripped to pieces at the beginning of the drop. Then, too, the air surging through it tends to keep the parachute parachute from oscillating. The manager of Miss La- La- zelle told ns while in Allentown last winter with a traveling troupe that the lady in descending earthward at the bottom of the parachute al ways feels as if all out-doors out-doors out-doors was rushing by her. She has dropped 3,000 feet in 32 seconds. She can't tell beforehand anything about what Kind oi a drop sne is gomg to make. Sometimes she falls into a veritable hole in the atmosphere. There seems to be nothing to catch the parachute. Down, down she goes until a less rarified stratum is reached, and the speed slacks comparatively. Parachute jumps are a new thing the first act of the kind having been accomplished only about four years ago. Basket ascensions were a great thing m the long ago, but they finally became stale. Then came the trapeze ascensions that is, the discarding of the basket altogether and going up with no other support than a wooden bar, and giving gymnastic exhibitions thereon while tha balloon was making its voyage to cloudland. This too finally lost its attractiveness, and now wa nave tne paracnute descents the most daring and thrilling of all. Hence to all who may be desirous desirous of viewing something really grand and atnaz-ing atnaz-ing atnaz-ing we would say, come to Allentown on the Fourth and we will vouch that no one will go home unsatisfied. The balloon ascension will however not be the only attraction. Prior to tha taking place of it, and following, there will be a neiies ui luieresung unu uiguiy urusuc gymnastic, horizontal bar and flying trapeze performances, as also a scientific boxing contest between Swipes, the New York pugilist, and John Reagan, of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, high pole vaulting by the first prize winners winners of the Philadelphia Turn Verein, a grand trotting match, 2.30 class, for a purse of $200, open to all, and a gentlemen's road race, 3.00 class, for isnnsi a ... i i. ... eiuu, open vo an. ai tne same time tne Alien-town Alien-town Alien-town Band will give a promenade concert from the music pagoda in the grove. The programme will be a delightf ul one throughout, and will be sure to please. Refreshments will be sold on the grounds, and all will be able to procure whatever necessaries they may want to secure throughout the day.

Clipped from The Allentown Democrat29 Jun 1892, WedPage 2

The Allentown Democrat (Allentown, Pennsylvania)29 Jun 1892, WedPage 2
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  • May Lazelle, woman balloon parachute 1892, great reference for ballooning of the period

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