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1959 drive-ins - I J 5" ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONiCLL n...
I J 5" ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONiCLL n FriHrrv. Tulv 3. 1959 ENJOY DINNER AT THE ARCH! "Half Broiler" Spaghetti & Meat Balls Delicious FISH FRY Tonight ARCH HOTEL 1281 comsii"' N 0rehsro Fri- Sot- EXCLUSIVE RUN "AL CAPONE" With Rod Steiger and Fay Spain Plus "ARSON FOR HIRE" 1 CEnTftflTl'li 3 J; I ' rill. UK MMtiAIWDiJl LB noivp-iN LONG POND RD. BETWEENVTW. I vci I AUF Awn RltWF Rtl WEST V$ . ADM. 75c CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE from bold, blushing fogo KT of x DaAf mi nieiiYNEtsori Si DICKINSON WAITER BREM I presents Joseph fields Production i DORIS RICHARD DAY ' WIDMARK "THE TUNNEL OF lOVE" OO-ttamng GIG YOUNG CIA SCALA IV PLUS 3 STOOGES & CARTOONS SHOCK SHOW AT 12:45 AIR-CONDITIONED I Awl ciiMtoN vi !ouih ri Wji'i'JiV jvr , eooontN lcp fi Hlfl ' BBownino M785 "UsjppL "WV NOW 4VU NOW PLAYING Nltt$ FCR'SOUTH PACJHCENGAflEMENT.' V2 SHOWS DAILY 2:00 AND 8:00 DflOCHOPFW PROMPTLY AT TOO AND7.X3 haausrvE RtxHEmR skowiwc Arraest tow bucesi - is-" A 4 x 1 l l " ' Beck, 2 Executives!7jr7jThe CHIMNEYS restaurant I !M.mm. CM.mmimJ II . , . at the foot of ttio Homily Spot on Ink On) . . . 1 I Air-Conditioned II beautiful Chimney IW, ; '- . Head mnocenr in Taft-Hartley Case IN PARK MUSICAL Kathy Hanlon and Dick Mancini star in "The Boy Friend" at Highland Park tonight and tomorrow night as presentation of Music Theater. Hospital Reinstates 2, n X-Ray Death Case NEW YOHK, July 2 LV) David Bock, former boss of the Teamsters, and two trucking executives pleaded innoeent tovlav to violating trie iau-Hartley Law by a $200,000 loan deal five years ago. The indictment did not go into details but the charge ap parently is an outgrowth of 1957 testimony before me sen ate Rackets investigation com mittee in W'ahinston. The two executives, Hoy Fruehauf and Burse Seymour, said then they loaned A CMIIIif Cfntmaflc Thrlll.rl WINNER TWO 1959 BRITISH ACADEMY AWARDS ORDERS TO KILL a-Starring tddlt Albirt Piul Mflii L ill i din Gnh Jamil K. Jutlic Feahir 7 2$ t JO Fr Portiinq -A- Ontario SptriulMnt in "-" I HOME COOKED ITALIAN FOOD l lay Rd. off ft: 104, Wolt.H. N. T. Pkana WalcaH 1020 WHERE THE i RANITC 4 re Paymj ARCH HOTEL h : .) : Beck $200,000 in 1954 when he needed Ji cash, but that he repaid it with interest. Beck earlier had ; Kreiih.iuf l' million dollars in Teamster funds t0 ciw .. h. co msiij bail him out of a proxy f iht I " . for control of his company, the Z Fruehauf Trailer Co. of Detroit. "3 ol a kind" Beck and Fruehauf were re-.J frioay od jaturday leased today in $2,500 bail each nftor nleadiiip to tho indict- 'Ml Ntw U 1-7240 EMPIRE luniu ilvd. A 1 lohn Wayn Daan Martin Ricky Nclias In Coler "RIO BRAVO" Kobtrt Harland-Phlllipa Scott "AS YOUNG AS WE ARE' II t 7f?l OHIGIM4L ROCHESTER scorrsvuti b. Off. AUfOtr -A All Olnr Hob H"Pt Rhonda Flwnlnf "ALIAS JESSE JAMES" Dhbi Bynold Tony Randall "THE MATING GAME" ft tt llllpop to Kid Cartoon Shaw "3 Stosqoi" riltnhiilh Tavlnt Paul Nowman l uaivau iiav f iu nnnrii m 5 22? u "baiUHAnui iinnuur STARLITE J Ttank llnaira Dobbi Roynoldi Color w. NiN,(rM 1.0 A TENDEH THAI 'I 4 Cartoon "1 Stooa" Comtdy pleading to ment. Seymour, president of the As- sociated Transport Co. of New STARTS TOMORROW 4tr-t ttndt tutnvtt York, was released without bail. Pleas of innocent also were entered on behalf of the two firms and a subsidiary of As sociated Transport, the Brown i Equipment & Manufacturing Co. Fruehuaf's lawyer. Louis Nizcr, said the indictment was! J "frivolous and defective." He added that the transae-jj tion "was a loan which was made above board and honestly to Beck and was repaid fully and with interest before any investigation began." Attorneys for Beck and Seymour concurred. CLUB 414 : FEATURING ! V FEATURING i JERRY JAYE TRIO: Tuot. thru Sun. 414 Rldgo Rd. W. 1 Club Blue Chip 9 She slept in his bed... wore his pajamo THEN SHE REALLY TOOK OVER I 4ROWN I KINO STS. Prcttnti tht fUCTftfFriNCi THREE TONES FRI., SAT., SUN. r .-Pzzgzs T- ...... - --. - r. -a NUNC IS! MI s '" ,ove affairs. ..filmed i . Villi I amid(hebreath- )S Villi S fi jf taking splendors of -Km IU 'V5V ,hep3CI,lcis,es! NAME S1M flH wBail ANYTHING b'astlES" V. V4 1 Younger Than Springtime"... V mm .. "-H yiJulllll.il III II I I II I 1 1 111 ENTERTAINMENT H PPIl J I WORLD'S MOST jAH JH WONDERFUL I t-i BINGIIAMTON, July 2 (APA hospital administrator today convicted two radiologists of participating in falsification of a patient's X-ray treatment records. But he ordered them reinstated. Dr. Elmer St. John, chief radiologist at Binghamton City Hospital, and Dr. Victor Druc- ker, St. John's assistant, were suspended May 11. Harold G. Koach, hospital administrator, ordered them reinstated July 12. Thus, Koach noted, the radi ologists will have lost two months' pay. Koach upheld a hospital charge that they participated in changing the treatment records of Mrs. Elizabeth Cowan, a 70-year-old cancer patient who died April 27 of radiation burns. Koach, who had conducted a public hearing, also upheld a charge the radiologists failed to discover in time that Mrs. Cow an had received improper treat ments. He dismissed a charge that the radiologists failed to notify the woman. s attending rjhvsi- cians she had received over doses of radiation. Evidence showed, Koach said, the surgeon who had operated on Mrs. Cowan for breast cancer had been notified. Koach also cleared the radiologists of a charge that they should have disciplined the technician who administered the X-ray treatments. Testimony during 7Vi days of public hearings last month brought out that a technician working as a vacation substitute administered excessive X-ray doses last October. Records of the treatments were substituted with falsified accounts. Subsequently the original records were duplicated. and these were replaced in the hospital files. Each radiologist testified that the other had ordered aides to alter the records. Koach said today the question of who ordered the alteration "was not vital to the case." Both men participated, he said, and the participation is what counted. REDS CLAIM RECRUITS ROME, July 2 (UPI) The Italian Communist party - the largest Communist party in the recruitment campaign was going well. The party's newspaper said West claimed today its 1!)59 that by June 25 a total 1,816,000 members had paid for party caras, including iU5,uuu new members. 5 Tiny's Bengal Inn! 538V St. Poul Blvd. CH 2-3SS "Inka.i Alhorl' Fino Rnnri" Frl. 30 to 1:30 A. M. "JOIN fHl COlllGI CROWD" FRI. NITE NEWPORT HOUSE On btoutlful IRONDEOUOIT BAY From the Ocean and Rivori SEA FOOD For Reiv. Call CO 6-960? : ISLAND COTTAGE : J Al THE LAKE PRESENTS "Ralph Irons & Hit Orch." LARGE DANCE FLOOR 1091 Clinton Avt. N. EM 7-8841 AIR CONDITIONED For Tour Comfort JSAMMY "G" TRIO: FRI. & SAT. OPEN BOWLING DICK POWELL-DEBBIE REYNOLDS '"Susan Slept. Here & ....... ...ANNE FRANCIS .....nT CHNICOLOR " LAST DAY: Clerk Goble "TEACHER'S PET" Double "E" Grid Hero Blanchard Sticks to Flaming Jet WETHERSFIELD, England, July 2 (UPI) Mai Felix (Doc) Blanchard, American football hero, has been cited for bravery for riding his burning plane down rather than risk a crash in an English village, U.S. Air ruiix1 uiiiuais uiscioseci today. ine incident occurred last VEAL CUTLET A LA MILANAISE LOBSTER TAIL A LA FRA DIAVOLOw LINGUINI FAMOUS FOR OUR TENDERLOIN STEAK 465 East Main Street BAker 5-8627 RESTAURANT Parkin? lit Raor Selo St. Entranet ANTONIO'S ADMISSION PRICE NOW ONLY 73o llllWMK Tn 155 T1IKI1W I . m IIILSOII "UMfl I to ocf 7i. yy' 'hillr'ri un.lcr IZlOl r ,Ati 1'MvqnMin.t R' ' Mai. Blanchard month. Air Force officials said Blanchard had only moments to decide whelh- er to bail out or risk his life by r i d i n g '.he burning Super Sabre jet down. Blanc hard shrugged off the exploit today. "It hapened a while ago it was just one of those things," he said. Blanchard, three times All-American touchdown ace for West Point, was approaching the landing strip at the Wcth-ersfield Air Base when the jet fighter broke into flames. "The village of Fincingfield was straight ahead. The plane would have hit eilher the vil lage or one of the other populous places in the vicinity," he said. An Air Force spokesman said that 'nobody would have blamed Blanchard if he had himself." "We had a similar case here two years ago the pilot stayed in his plane to avoid hi'.ting the village and the plane crashed. He wasn't around to pick up his medal, the spokesman said. Blanchard brought his burning fighter in safely. Blanchard, 34, won fame as "Mr. Inside" partner in West Point's famed "Touchdown Twins" with Glenn Davis, wno was "Mr. Outside," in 1944, 1945 and 1946. "Blanchard had to cho.;e between life and a very possible 'unlife' " the spokesman said. "In a split second his jet fighter cockpit was filled with smoke and the red danger signal flashed. Blanchard had to choose. "Blanchard decided to stick with it. He saw the village down below. He brought the plane. It was one of the finest jobs of flying I ever saw." Officials said Blanchard had been cited to receive the Flying Safety Rec- ejected ognition Award for his act of bravery. Showtimes Today STAGE Hiohland Park Bowl Rochester Music Theater in "The Bov Friend," 8:30. MOVIES Lsew't "The Mysterious," 12:15, 3:30, 6:45, 10; fioht pictures, 11:55, 3:10, 6:J5, 9:40. Palace Rock Hudson and Jean Simmons in "This Earth Is Mine," 11:45, 3:05, 6:30, 9 55; fight pictures, 11:30, 2:50, 6:15, 9 35. Paramount jerry Lewis In Don t Give Uo the Ship," 12:55, 3:55, 6:55, 9:55 Cinema Mitizl Gavnor and Rossano Brozzi in "South Pacific." Fine Arts Eddie Albert and Lillian Gish in "Orders to Kill," 7:25 and 9:30. Little "Teacher's Pet," 2.'05, 4:30, 7, NEIGHBORHOODS Lyell "Al Capone" and Arson for Hire." Rialto E. Roch "The Vlklnj" and "Smiley Gets a Gun." Waring "Al Capone" and "Arson for Hire." DRIVE-INS Central "Rio Bravo" and "Tunnel of Love." Empire "Rio Bravo" ond "As Young, os We Are." Lokt Shore "Rio Bravo" and "Drum Beat " North Park "Rio Bravo" ond "Return of Droculo " Rochester "Alias Jesst James" ond "The Mating Game." Starlight "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" Can an officer in right mind misplace one fully-equipped, seaworthy and battle ready destroyer escort? his ,1 'Co,v, ' I tf j'i Jorry'i in officer and : ntt v I ( $ flnntlfman by Act of J M Congre-mrt, 1 J I PARAMOUNT PICTURES PRESENTS ? lomebod 00,edl ' - ....... IN I 1 ZZZift -VpT 1 a Ji Bf5"l A Wedding night or 1 I I ",! ' PR0WCTI0N ' I ''' I ('(rlVf"- i J I I 6X Jerry goe out on a VUVV 1 SWfrffiPfi I imb looking lor the O'll 1 WfiKji I destroyer he "misplaced"! VifjHfr , 1 Well, John Paul Stecklerl (Jerry Lewis) did!

Clipped from
  1. Democrat and Chronicle,
  2. 03 Jul 1959, Fri,
  3. [First Edition],
  4. Page 7

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