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1955 movie listings - it's a Tremendously Wonderful Thing' . i Met...
it's a Tremendously Wonderful Thing' . i Met Tops Negro Singer's Career By CLAIRE COX JyTEW YORK, Jan. 6 (ID-Contralto (ID-Contralto (ID-Contralto (ID-Contralto . Marian Anderson becomes becomes the first Negro ever to sing at the Metropolitan Opera House tomorrow night in an appearance appearance she regards as an expression expression of hope for every member member of her race. Miss Anderson, who herself has hoped for this chance ever since she was a little girl too poor to buy a ticket to the Met, will hit the peak of her 29-year 29-year 29-year career when she walks onto the stage to portray an old fortune teller in Verdi's "Masked Ball." "I'm not quite sure that it is really happening," Miss Anderson Anderson said in an interview between rehearsals.' "This is the high point of my career. "You can never know how as a youngster I dreamed of the Met how one saved money to go to the opera .only to find there was not enough for even half a ticket. "This is something I've had In mind for a long time. It's a tremendously tremendously wonderful thing for me. It will be a happy climax, too, of years of waiting and praying by Miss Anderson's frail, aged mother, who as a widow worked as a laundress in Philadelphia to help her daughter develop what Arturo Toscanini has called a voice that comes "once in a century." century." WITH MRS. ANDERSON will be her two other daughters and Marian's architect husband, Orpheus Orpheus H.. Fisher; all bursting with pride at this new accomplishment accomplishment of the world famous singer whose first lessons were paid for with money raised at church benefits. For 15 years, Miss Anderson's manager, S. Hurok, has tried to persuade the Met to use the talents talents long acclaimed by kings, queens and presidents, but the decision was not made until last October, after dancer Janet Collins Collins had achieved success in the ballet for three years as the Met's first Negro performer. Miss Anderson feels her opera debut, coming one month before her 47th birthday, means much to other Negro artists. The fact her long-cherished long-cherished long-cherished hope was not in vain means that other members of her race have a chance, too, r TT'S ! ). i 'V-'' 'V-'' 'V-'' AA i , , '",, ? I ? ; MAK1AN ANDERSON . . on hallowed ground she said. "In this world, regardless of'up." whom you are and where you come from, the best of you is available to everyone, If you feel that you belong, she said. "With . opera, regardless of race, no one wants to aspire to the Met unless he or she is very serious about it. But the wonder ful thing is to know that it was there for you to attain, if you were worthy of it." MANY DOORS in addition to the one leading to the Met stage have been closed to Miss Ander son since she started her career at the age of 18, but she has managed to open most of them After she won a major singing contest in 1925, she had to go to Europe to win recognition. She was acclaimed throughout the nation when she returned in 1935. Miss Anderson established her self as a successful, popular and wealthy concert artist and her home town of Philadelphia gave her a $10,000 award as the city's outstanding citizen of 1941. After years of opposition, she finally was allowed by the Daughters of the American Revolution to sing in its Constitution Hall in Washington, Washington, D. C, in 1953. Now Met general manager Rudolf Bing has given her the chance she has wanted most of all. 1 "There is a tremendous amount of interest in this," she said. "Things that have happened all along the way have been so gratifying. People drop into my dressing room to say they are happy I m here. They stop me in the corridor to shake my hand, One doesn't feel strange at all, "I do not believe I am nervous about it, but I am very anxious for it to go off welL Many per sons have wished me good luck If you don't do well under those circumstances, you should give x SI Star Has Date With Pulpit HOLLYWOOD (INS) When Cameron Mitchell finishes "Love Me or Leave Me," at MGM he's keeping a date in a pulpit in Dal- Dal- lastown, Pa. He will once again take over the pulpit of his father, the Rev. Charles Michael Mitchell of the Lutheran Church, to deliver a sermon. a This time his subject will be "the influence of religion in show business." Leinsdorf Returns to Lead Philharmonic on Sunday New Marilyn lOuf Today "WESTPORT, Conn., Jan. 6 (INS) A spokesman for screen star Marilyn Monroe said today she will be "new and different" different" when she emerges from a rest at his home in Westport. Milton Greene, a friend of the actress, said Marilyn has been staying with his wife and himself for the past few weeks. "She had a much needed rest," said Greene, a photographer. CONDUCTOR Erich Leinsdorf of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra returned yesterday from his holiday rest at his home in Larchmont and will conduct the concert in the Auditorium Theater Sunday afternoon that will be a memorial to the 300th anniversary of the first Jewish settlement in the United States. Members of the Women's Council Council of the Rochester Tercentenary Committee have been helping to promote the concert and a large audience is indicated. This will be the first reeular Philharmonic series concert ever given on a Sundav afternoon. It is believed. Featured soloist will be Millard Taylor, concert-master. concert-master. concert-master. who will play the Bruch violin concerto in G minor. The pro gram will include a first Rochester Rochester performance of a new work, "Ahavah" by David Diamond. Rochester born and educated composer, who was commissioned to write a piece for the tercentenary tercentenary observance. The work calls for a narrator, a role to be filled here by Sam Jaffe, well known actor. The Bloch second concerto grosso for strings; a first Rochester Rochester performance of Starer's Second Second Symphony, which Mr. Leinsdorf Leinsdorf conducted at its world premiere premiere in Tel Aviv in April, 1953, and a work entitled "Horas," by Lawrence Rosenthal, Eastman School graduate, will be on the program. Starting time is 3 o'clock. Today's Film Timetable Clntmotcop and Ttcknlcolar Alan Ladd S Audrey Daltes "DRUM BEAT" loan Imnttt k Richard Conta "Highway Dragnet" . CIIU KYUNG KIM . . . Korean songbird Seoul Singer Listed Today At Roberts STUDENTS of Roberts Wesleyan College will hear Miss Chu fy'ung Kim, a lyric soprano from Seoul, Korea, in the first lyceum program of the college at 8:15 p.m. today in the Cox Hall Chapel. Miss Kim, who will sing clas sical, popular and Korean folk songs, is an opera singer in her homeland. She is a graduate of the music department of Euha Women's University, where she has taught music. She now is studying at the Julliard School of Music in New York. She has appeared appeared in New York's Carnegie Hall and in special recitals in other Eastern cities. As she sings Korean folk music, she plays on a Korean harp with 12 strings to symbolize the months of the year. j nnra j 1 1 fOHt CNfi( 0640 inniiiii JOHN DEREK "ADVENTURES Or HAJII BABA" Clfltmeicop Technical - Plus "THE ROCKET MAN" with CHAUfS COBUBN TT KM .111.1 Www WAIT DISNEY tl r MncuuMtoMTOMcaM I BB sa .. - yhwi ., . TWO ACTION DRAMAS! Mwrniw K1RKD0UGUS asm? VP m i' Hum imiii M m iwid itmn ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE Friday, January 7, 1955 iMnm'M CARS MSI PARKINft BLlll ' Wiring Rd. Shopping Ctnttr Alas tuii la "DRUM BEAT" CINEMASCOPI fs "PRIVATI IYI" 22 Humpnrey Bogort in Color "Thi Barefoot Contessa" Uo ftorety ft Bowery toys "Privato Eyes" l ClINTON SOUTH AT 0OODMAN MOKIES ! U U 1760 SeeHtvill Rd. ? 10 t.m1 t.m. I til I .m. I I Rurvjtiont Call GEn, 775t MUSIC AND DANCING Every saruraay nit 7:ju-i:j 7:ju-i:j 7:ju-i:j y FRANK RIVERS and hit land I 0aB04BB'BB()'B()'Bi Optn Frl. t St Othtr Diyt Speclallilnq In CHICKEN In Tha BASKET HAM SANDWICHES FRIDAY FISH FRY Catering to Partial, tanquatt IRowitlna I71S rtii 'Jit ( Signorina Lollobrigida yiui aott a grand )oo. am ihrilk at him (Dt Sica) in derision, ih$ mockt hit graceful pleasantries and she fenie off hie tender advances with th$ most : provocative shifts of her shapely frame, - Crawtkar, Kw Ywt Tlaa) HELD ' OVER 3rd HAPPY WEEK bread, DREAMS mmVITTORIOOE sica Loew's Holding Over 2nd Week DOWMOWN lofw'i Jose Ferrer, Merit Obernn nd Helen Triuhel in "Deep in My Heart," 11:20, 1:5J, 4:30, 7:05, 9:40. Palace "20,000 Uaauei Under the Sea." 12. 2:30. 4:5J, 7:25,' 9:50. Paramount Frank Sinatra and Doris Dav in "Vouni At Heart," 11:45, J:0J, 6:30. 9:55, Recent Dean Martin and Jerry lewis In ,-ihree ,-ihree ,-ihree Rinj Circus," 1. 4, 7, 10, Cinema Ciina Lollobrigida and Viliorio De Sica in "Bread Lov and Dreami," 2, 3:50, J 50, 7:45 . 9:50. Little Jacques Tati in "Mr. Hulot'i Holiday." 2. 3:55, 5:55. 7:50, 9:50. World "Tha Champion" and "Home ot the Brave." NEIGHBORHOOD! Arnett "Adventurei of Hijll Baba" and "Tha Rocket Man." Grand "Suddenly" and "Royal Afri can Rifles." ' Lk "Vanishini Prairie." "Silver: Lode" and "Willie, the Oneraiic Whale."1 Liberty "Reap the Wild Wind" and - rrivate Men 3ft." Lincoln "Lucky Me" and "The Raid." Lyell "Barelort Contessa" and "Private "Private Eyes." Madhon "Drumbeat" and "Highway Dragnet." Monroe "Drumbeat" and "Highway Dragnet." Rlalio. F. Roch.-"Callle Roch.-"Callle Roch.-"Callle Queen of Montana" and "Private Eyes." RlTiera "Drumbeat" and "Highway Dragnet.' Temple. Falrport-"While Falrport-"While Falrport-"While Christmas" and "Overland Pacidc." Waring "Drumbeat" and "Private Eye." Webster "Drumbeat" and "Highway Draenet." West Fnd-"Heidi" Fnd-"Heidi" Fnd-"Heidi" and "Sabre Jet." NOW PLAYING Nitely 9-2 9-2 9-2 BERNIE BENNETT ot FRANK MARSHALL'S 430 RUM Rd. W.-Wtil W.-Wtil W.-Wtil RidM Shopping Center telS'S (LOEWSTj I "jiil Urn VCllNT"' WURT IA 300! W l JOSE FERRER M Mm l MERLE 0BER0N M W5m i 1 HELEN TRAUBEL klM itl lo"DoeAvedon-TamaraToumanova lo"DoeAvedon-TamaraToumanova lo"DoeAvedon-TamaraToumanova el(jjl i LiT I ISl Paul Stewart Isobel Elsom olmilJM W1 elk Tex Avtry Cartoon J HELD OVER 3rd WEEK 'Explodes with Merrimcnt!, Coed fast wholesome fun . -Crowther, -Crowther, N. y. Timet "A mad scream! Missing this one is a grave infustlca lo your funnybone!" - World W.4 Sun "A salvo of bellylaughs! The whole screen explodes!" "The Year's -Ntwiwert -Ntwiwert Funniest Film!" W T INTERNATIONAl csmcs V AUDITORIUM THEATRI 175 MAIN ST. E, ROCHESTER CIVIC MUSIC ASSOCIATION SAT, JAN, 8 8i1S P. M. SANROMA Famed Pianist Guest Soloist in ALL-GERSHWIN ALL-GERSHWIN ALL-GERSHWIN PROGRAM wlrk . ROCHESTER CIVIC ORCHESTRA Paul Whit, Conductor Rhapsody in Blue Concerts in F An American in Paris frlcts: SI .00. ' S1.25. $1. SO, SI. 75, SI. 00 I JAM SESSION I TO.MITE! 11 T " 11 MIKE ROMEO QUARTET -Zl -Zl iSnli ff y JACQUES TATI'S HURRY! POSITIVELY I J O I , H Jff if ihlWffi if sei ivrvH xv uif ' Sun. Jan. 93 P. M. ROCHESTER -q -q ORCHESTRA 3 ERICH LEINSDORF. MUSIC DIRECTOR AND CONDUCTOR In Concert Dedicated to AMERICAN JEWISH TERCENTENARY SAM JAFFE Distinguished Star of Stage and Screen Narrator tt David Damend'i "AHAVAH" MILLARD TAYLOR Violin Soloist Bruch Concerto in G Minor Prlc.i: SI. SO, $1.75, S2.00, $1.25, Si. 75, S3.2S laifman Th.erra ioi-oMc ioi-oMc ioi-oMc p ML STARTS TOMORROW (SATURDAY) OARRYtF.ZANUCIC. I Jf ra wis si si i 5 si HJ; iii:?BBr I HI i mm mmm m mum Plus WALT DISNEY'S "STORMY. THE THOROUGHBRED" IN TECHNICOLOR ai All i inn u ftLHIi LtiVU V.lNEMAScOPt It IV.. CO-fEATURE CO-fEATURE CO-fEATURE "HIGHWAY DRAGNET" , BARBARA STANWYCK RONALD REAGAN H-.tf-.lM'H! H-.tf-.lM'H! H-.tf-.lM'H! H-.tf-.lM'H! H-.tf-.lM'H! "CATTLE QUEEN oi MONTANA" Technicolor M( BOWERY BOYS "PRIVATE EYES" IfHlfrM'Ti? TRANK SINATBA "SUDDENLY" trfcJtrf-filWTrai trfcJtrf-filWTrai trfcJtrf-filWTrai CO-BIT CO-BIT CO-BIT "BOYAL AFRICAN BlfLES" IW'VATl ) Walt Disnty's "VANISHING PRAIRIE" I COIOI IT TfCHNICOlO UXisJ john payne "SILVER LODE" Elsbeth Sigmund "HEIDI" And Robert Slack "SABRE JET' A Crime So Evil He's Hated By the Underworld SU .Y L N 1 STARTS irJ 1 t O 1 TONIGHT 1 rill IV A AT 5:30 P. M. PAKcN 1 5 fore ITou Allow Your Children to Set Them ft awn vt.., 1 DAYS WAYNE H0WAD Do SAW 18UH ASB PLUS: SHOCKING, UNBELIEVABLE HIT 7 I i 4"" 1 111 n i; XiMtm' . u It . Triiiinrnii.MiiiiM-"'' Triiiinrnii.MiiiiM-"'' Triiiinrnii.MiiiiM-"'' "f TlEIR LOVE DEFIED THE FURY OF fe'rww A R AVAr.F.RC; m ITH1 FQQ 1 1 TCTCt it- it- v t f f ft mmlm ft.,:, v ,.in the flaming days when the hordes of Attila thundered against the World and a warrior's might and a people's faith were all that barred their way ! 1 1-J. 1-J. 1-J. . ft l Or" V- V- i V3f i'vubl AM J ai .m.MTlUTHE HUN 4 7 :, mm' f I JEFF CHANDLER - JACK PALANCE LUDMILLA TCHERINA RITA GAM -JEFF -JEFF MORROW-GEORGE MORROW-GEORGE MORROW-GEORGE DOLENZ EDUARD FRANZ "ALEXANDER SC0l!RBV I Starts T0K0RRGW ?' jj pajpsa U!ArWnini!tl?VMK lJIbi KL lilt UIibM DUUJTSS MICKEY RODNEY ROBERT STRAUSS I if "rfjaturxif ELAINE DAVIS (MM (OCMIV NOOMfT! FINAL TODAYi Doris Day-Frank Day-Frank Day-Frank Sinatri-uYOUNQ Sinatri-uYOUNQ Sinatri-uYOUNQ AT HEART" Plus "HELL'S OUTPOST"

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle07 Jan 1955, FriPage 22

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)07 Jan 1955, FriPage 22
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