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Regina Doll - .Pennsylvania fit*-' MORNING J^ HERALD «nd...
.Pennsylvania fit*-' MORNING J^ HERALD «nd cold t*d*y with »n»w liktly today. Accumulations Accumulations of on* to two inch** touthern luK. Might tsd*y V to J». Snow liktly again 1*1* tonight. Partly e |oo4y north and during fwi n, ,,, Sunday. continued cold. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MD. - 3 , Ftbruiry II, W7 Ntws We«t Vtrgi* Clearing today wHfi M0M to me Wt. Colder Saturday MfM. Sunday fair and littU i A FOUR ICE BUCKET YEAR--In 1964, Mrs. Doll and her ice buckets were presented for best driver and best navigator NOT A MECHANIC--Mrs. Doll claims her mechanical ability ends with checking the oil. Here she reads the husband took four year end awards for club rallying. The in Class A and Ladies Class. before taking off on a trip. THINKS 'RACING' IS LADYLIKE Thurmont Woman Is Taste st On Wheels' PHOTO - STORY By JUDITH M. BROOKS THUEMONT - The "Fastest Dame of the Day" says that when it comes to sports cars, you "go along with the game you want to keep your husband." husband." But sparked with enthusiasm tor the game herself, Regina Doll of Thurmont has driven off with a sports carload of trophies since she began winning compe- tions in 1958. One of them is that "Fastest Dame" award which came in last year's Mid- Atlantic Hegional Auto Cross, held at her "Summer Battleground," Battleground," Lincon Speedway. New Oxford, Pa. Mrs. Doll, wife of dentist Dr. John Doll and mother of two teenage children, agrees with a friend's definition of sports cars as "exciting, expensive and -- not fickle because they're very dependable machines -- but tlways changing." A member of the Hagerstown --bated Mason-Dixon Sports Car Club, Mrs. Doll competet in hill climbing, auto crossing and rallying. In auto crossing, as in ski salomning, drivers maneuver their machines around pylons if and through markers on a course. Rallying, on the other hand, uses regular secondary and dirt roads. Drivers must cover a specific distance at an average speed and are penalized penalized if they reach check stations too soon or too late. Ask Mrs. Doll if racing sports cars isn't just a bit unladylike and she cringes with horror. "Racing," she explains, "is a dirty word to members of the club." Speeds rarely exceed 50 miles an hour and the aim is "to improve your own "driving ability, to learn to handle a machine safely. You don't perform perform on a street like you at an auto cross," the lady driver driver adds. "There's not a person in the club who drives for thrills or to get attention," she emphasizes. "We do it to learn. Once you get your driver's license where admit her else can you learn? And it. you know precious little to get a license. We just don't believe believe in learning on the highway." highway." Sports car enthusiasm, she admits, has gotten her into a few wonderful and a few unlikely-situations. unlikely-situations. She was the first person to make contact with Madam Elizabeth Elizabeth Junek after the Iron Curtain Curtain closed around Czechoslovak la. Madam Junek. the only distaff distaff member of the original racing faternity in Europe, had given up all hope of hearing from free world sports car fans again. But she hadn't on a Mrs. Doll. The American learned of the famous foreigner from friends in New York, traced her whereabouts through clubs abroad and came visit in November, 1962, in spite of tension and hostility caused by the Cuban crisis. Since Mrs. Doll's accomplishment, accomplishment, a number of American sportswriters have been able to reach Madam Junek and write do car counted right to auto memories of the wild days of sports cars. As for the unlikely happenings: happenings: There was a full police escort through the Lincoln Tunnel at rush hour because her Fararri's radiator was literally cooking, and her embarrassed difficulty in learning to handle the gears on the Dolls' first Porsche. "That was before syncroniied gear boxes," she recalls, "And gears on it, but once you did learn to handle it you could really impress people." Admittedly she's no mechanic. She recognizes a spark plug off and is a whiz at checking checking the oil or the air pressure in the tires. However, it isn't her fault. "I tried to take a course in mechanics once," she ex plains. "It was given in Hagerstown.". Hagerstown.". But the instructor refused refused to teach after the session. Reportedly, he objected to being asked "embarrassing questions I can't answer" by one Mrs. Doll who seemed to have young the knack of finding unsolvable problems. Her womanly ways have come in handy now and then too. For example, when a new Italian model car arrived still wearing a thick coating of Cosmolene, she had little difficulty inducing inducing every visitor to take a turn at removing the gunk. Women aren't usually sports car fans, she says, because a husband doesn't like to see his car misused, or because the women don't want to make fools of themselves and have someone say "lady driver." Currently campaigning a red 1963 Porsche. S - 90 -- a four · tpeed. four · cylinder car that the claims to run strictly stock and to turn once in the spring and once in the afll -- Mrs. Doll has cleaned up the women's classes and moved into the men's. She talks with ease about the first Porsche, Ferarri, Sprite. Heishman, Heishman, MG and Lancia and maintains maintains that other drivers simply don't recognize that she's any different. They're not interested Frederick Board Seeks $3.5 Million n the person, she explains, only n his equipment and what he uiows about it. That is, unless a man wants :o know how to get his wifej interested in cars. Then the first Jung he notices is that Mrs. Doll is a woman. Turning strictly practical for moment, she can point with pride to three shelves of tro-, }hies she and her husband have' won. "I like our club's trophies best," she confides. "They're all pewter and I don't have to I clean them." | But perhaps the one which is really most prized is a surprise award she received from the Championship Auto-Cross Association Association of Washington "for making regional auto crossing a reality. The trophy was presented last year after Mrs. Doll suggested the "challenge concept" to enthusiasts enthusiasts in the Washington area. In a letter to The Stopwatcher, a weekly newsmagazine for the sports car set in the mid-Atlantic mid-Atlantic area, she set wheels in motion for the regional meet by suggesting suggesting that drivers had performed performed on asphalt long enough -- why not try skills on the clay track at Lincoln Speedway? Speedway? And what does wife and her spare time? For one thing, mother, dental assistant, sp..;s|she knits. Current project: A car enthusiast Mrs. Poll do in'black and gold sweater with the A WHIZ AT R E A D I N G THE GAUGE--Tire's air important in a car's performance and you're quite likely to see Mrs. Doll down on the ground checking during any club event. (Photos by Judith Brooks) Ferarri emblem for hei' husband husband and a Porsche sweater for herself.

Clipped from The Morning Herald18 Feb 1967, SatPage 3

The Morning Herald (Hagerstown, Maryland)18 Feb 1967, SatPage 3
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