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1952 movie listings - I Offerings Today Metropolitan Reinstates...
I Offerings Today Metropolitan Reinstates Merrill made for less than $500,000, some wcll-dcscrvcd wcll-dcscrvcd wcll-dcscrvcd honors, in-Shrine in-Shrine paris" in Holiday Magazine as foreign correspondents voted it uuwu tuv. .ha ....... ...... ... thi country for that length cf time. Of course, this may be iust a sur- sur- mise on my part, but I have a strong of':' hnrwh ihsf ( ipnn vuiU stnv a Inno vii ...v.. "... j - o lime, and will be joined by his fam-again fam-again He will play in "The Devil Makes Three" (formerly called "Autobahn") first, with Pier Angeli. it- it- SNAPSHOTS OF At Rochester Theaters Starting announced times cf main by theaters: feature! Arena Theater 1.40. Palace 1:10. 4:10. 7 10, 10.10. loew't-11:15, loew't-11:15, loew't-11:15, 1:45, 6:15. 9 45. Par.niounf-12 Par.niounf-12 Par.niounf-12 40, 3:40, 6 40. 9 40. Reiem-ll:10. Reiem-ll:10. Reiem-ll:10. 1.50, 4:30. 7.15. 9 55. little 1:25. 3:30, 5:35, 7 40. 9 50. Cinema 2:30, 5. 7:30, 9.50. Straad 12:50, 4:20. Capitol-12:20, Capitol-12:20, Capitol-12:20, 2:15, :10, 10 05. Baritone, for Tour in Spring NEW YORK (AP) Robert Merrill, leading baritone fired from the Metropolitan Opera last Spring on the ground that he had violated his contract, will rejoin the company for its Spring tour. The Metropolitan announced yes- yes- irifmCk r Vi"inriC terday"the end of the dispute, which VlIlCi lid iAlGllUO arose last April when Merrill failed to accompany the Metropolitan on its f" f T" spring tour. Kun or Kiver Rudolf Ring, Metropolitan general manager, summarily dismissed Mer-jjy Mer-jjy Mer-jjy was ann0unced by the manage- manage- r'"- r'"- i mcnt of the Cinema yesterday Ring said then that the singer had , . . . , . , , ., . . . , r.r hat The River wil be held for failed to appear for an afternoon: performance at the Oncra. but went i second week, beginning today. Cooper, Mari Aldnn to Hollywood to perform in a picture; Indications arc, it is said, that this 'Distant Drums" and l-,,;-- l-,,;-- l-,,;-- l-,,;-- l-,,;-- m.i,u tn .nr in I . ,, , ., Sid Melton and Mara Lvnn in "Sky Hi.h." : "" n-' n-' n-' "vunusuai Him will nave one OI me Palace-Jane Palace-Jane Palace-Jane Russell. Groucho Mar. ,he'0mPany S rad ,0U.r- ,0U.r- . , j best runs ever registered at that Frank Sinatra and Jane Russell in "Double! The Metropolitan released yester-1 yester-1 yester-1 Dynamite" and Mark Steyens and Peggy day an exchange of correspondence ,nca,er- ,nca,er- Dow in "Reunion in Reno. . ' . , ,, . ' . . . I ,.T, , . , IncJamc, Mason and Av, Gardner -between Bing and Merrill, in which! The River was made entirely in Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" the baritone expressed regret tor his inoia py an American produced and Ion Wyraan Chaa. Louahtoa "THE BLUE VEIL" Bicardo Montalbms Cyd Chorine Im Tecfce'cerer "MARK of Iht RENEGADE" 3 DAYS TO WARFIELD AUDITORIUM 'AN. 7 ALL SEATS THEATER 10X OFFICE $1, si. so. SI, JI.M and SI Arena Theater Faromedy. Paramount Gary and Ray leal in "Strange Bedfellows." ludd Holdren(acjon Nona del Rosario, native of mother in hill hideout when Island. The 15-year-old 15-year-old 15-year-old 15-year-old 15-year-old will Carnegie ltolLjUmc photo. of 'Well' Plan Star Brando and Frances Langfnrd and in "Purple Heart Diary." Regent Bob Hope and Hedy I amarr In "My Favorite Spy" and Georae Reeves and Phvllii Coatea In "Superman and the Mole Men." I lllle Gene Kelly, Leslie C aron, Ostai levant and George Guetary in "An American American in Paris." Cinema Nora Swinburne, Thomas E. Breen. Radha and Adrienne Corri in "The River." Riviera and Stale Edmond O'Brien and Dean Jaaaer in "Warpath" and Dick Pow. ell and Peggy Dow in "You Never Can Tell." Madlsn and Monroe Van Johnson and June Allyson in "Too Young to Kiss" and Pany during its next Season 1952- 1952- a French director. Jean Renoir with a cast of international complexion "'j-HIS "'j-HIS "'j-HIS COKKt.SPO.UE.tK and Fnglish, American, Indian. It is Mr. Merrill's return to the com- com- based, of course on Rumer Goddcn's pany conclude the dispute," the noted story of the same title. Opera announced. j respects, this is one of the "As a result of recent negotiations, tne most perceptive and beautiful mr. Merrill win rejoin me Metro- Metro- moving pictures of the season. poman at me end or me prcseni season in order to go on the annual Spring tour, beginning in April, and again will be a member of the com- com- 12 HOEITZER ST. LAST 2 NIGHTS STRM BEDFELLOUS Htliriotis jrce-cmrjj jrce-cmrjj jrce-cmrjj . . ptrftet holiday ttriainmtmt. Reservations BA 9400 C.OllSC,BIk Ckilhn" Ftnt timt i Xocktittr. 1 JT tjme At O. PARSONS 53." Merrill's letter to Bing, dated Dec. 4, said: "Having had ample time to reflect reflect on the unfortunate incident last Spring, I express to you now my deep regret for my action and the inconvenience inconvenience it caused you and my said that he ( aria Balenda and Elliot Reed in "Whip-hand." "Whip-hand." "Whip-hand." Liberty Robert Mitchum and Liaheth Scott in "The Racket" and Ricardo Mont-alhan Mont-alhan Mont-alhan and Cyd Charisse in "Mark of the Reneitaue. Cameo Jane Wyman and Charles I auahion in "The Blue Veil" and Ricardo Monialban and Cyd Charisse in "Mark ol the Renegade." Rialto (East Rochester! Richard Derr anu narnara isusn in ncn ntiiiui i I .an,,--hde" .an,,--hde" .an,,--hde" .an,,--hde" and Kirby Grant and Margaret field i colleagues, in "Yukon Manhunt." j Merrill West Ind and Lake Jean Peters and i DinB-, DinB-, DinB-, a(,.nn ;n arit.'n,, Louis Jourdan in "Anne of the Indies" and "'" 5 aCIIOn s,riMn8 I inda Darnell and Stephen McNally in "The Lady Pays Off." Temple (F'airport) Jane Wyman and Charles laughton in "The Blue Veil" and Rkardo Mnntalban and Cyd Charisse in "Mark of the Renesade." Urand Robert Mitchum and Iiraheth Scott in "I he Racket" and Joan Fontaine and John Lund in "Darling, How Could You1". Amett Jean Peters and I.ouis Jourdan in "Anne of the Indies" and Linda Darnell and Shephen McNally in "The Lady Pays Penfield Volunteers To See Parley Film collected at random Although the Lawfords wish that would forget Jeanne MacDon-Broadway MacDon-Broadway aid, it doesn't look as if lie's going to. He and Jeanne were at the Lncore very lovey-uovcy. lovey-uovcy. lovey-uovcy. . Viscount Tony Furncss was at the! jHouse of Murphy with his best girl. She's his mom, Lady Thclma Fur-, Fur-, Fur-, who looked lovely, Mario Lanza will have six months off between pictures, After he fin- fin- , t if'tf x:i 1 l isncs nis mum mm, ne pians to ki to Milan to study opera before re- re- turning to work in the Spring. Capitol Conrad Veidt and June Duprez in "Ihief of Bagdad" and Sabu in "Jungle Book." Strand Cesar Romero and Hillary Brooke in "Lost Continent" and Lew Ayres and Marilyn Maxwell In "New Mexico." Mexico." Webster Jane Wyman and Charles Lauuhlnn in "The Blue Veil" and Ricardo HOLLYWOOD Mmlban and Cyd Charisse in "Mark of Lyell and Waring Fdmond O'Brien and Forrest Tucker in "Warpath" and Dick Powell and Pcgfty Dow in "You Never Can Tell." name from the roster, and "should you be willing to consider my reinstatement, which I most sincerely desire, let me assure you that your trust in me will not be misplaced." Bing replied, under date of Dec. 7, that "to admit one's mistakes the way you have done is a sign of mora courage and decency." Bing invited Merrill to call on him to discuss the singer's return to the company. PROP PROBLEM Hollywood More than 12,500 props were necessary in the production production of Paramount's "Thunder in the East," which stars Alan Ladd, Deborah Deborah Kerr, Charles Boyer and Cor-inne Cor-inne Cor-inne Calvet. Motion pictures taken of the 1951 convention of the Northern-Central Northern-Central Northern-Central New York Volunteer Firemen's Association Association in Penfield will be shown after a dinner by the Penfield Fire Company Saturday night in the Pen-field Pen-field Pen-field firehouse. Chief Joseph B. Kuhn announced yesterday. Guests wi in- in- understood S.lude ?f ,hc ,'a,e- ,'a,e- Northern- Northern- s-enirai s-enirai s-enirai ana Monroe county associations. associations. his HELD OYER!!! Mtttrar !f4i r fr A fecfinjcoiQt. a. M Ira' 1 1 T MASON - GARDNER la M-O-M't M-O-M't M-O-M't M-O-M't M-O-M't raotwCMN o FIY1RG DnTcnnAii tncft MTttea SHftla HI Kit HHtWaOW-IMWUWC HHtWaOW-IMWUWC HHtWaOW-IMWUWC -nans' -nans' PURPLE HEART DIARY FRANCES IAN6F0D ta LATE SHOW TONIGHT! Last Mai Fc-atwr Fc-atwr Fc-atwr 10:30 Lliot Paul, author of "The l ast Time I Saw Paris," is back from France, and has taken an apartment. He's preparing a new novel. Capitol to Open Weekend Bill HF. Capitol will begin ils weekend run of a screen program a day earlier this week today. It will continue continue through Sunday. The features will be the reissued "Thief of Bagdad," with Conrad Veidt and June Duprez, and "Jungle Book," with Sabu. ( StiMsrionol Singing Initrvmt nfol Trio INitty 9:30-2 9:30-2 9:30-2 A. M.I ) j HELD OVER "yjCfTj 'j 4th and Vl IQfl Thursday to SEE and HEAR i VJ S this outitanding mvsieal trio. ' fi;. 3 DON'T WSJ 'CM Okl jl Rochester '1 Most Beautiful C J tfl 1 I y $ Downnun Restnuront ? ounge 7"Tfc"?f' I Y I e Lu.icheon from 11 A. M. c X !!!IIIIIIiZZZil Din"" from S P. M. j Kitchen Open "til 1 A. M, ELIZABETH TAYLOR 'CALLAWAY YENT THATAWAY" M-G-M'i M-G-M'i M-G-M'i M-G-M'i M-G-M'i Hiloriouj Comedy STARTS. TUESDAY 11:15 A. M. LOEWS .OIX aaarf . i. Edmond O'Brien. Forrt Tucktr "WARPATH" Dick Powall, Peejcjy Dew "YOU NEVER CAN TELL" rWiirt ot: 52 f:4f 8 TODAY t TOMORROW 25c TO 3 P. ML Car Romtro "LOST CONTINENT" Ce-HIt! Ce-HIt! Ce-HIt! t-aw t-aw t-aw Ayeri Marilyn Maxwall "NEW MEXICO" Limited Engagement ONLY 3 DAYS TODAY, SAT., SUN. Thousands of Roelitsttrlaai ar I for tho trtat of thoir livas. of fhli show last complete show will start at I t. M. Rightly. Duo to tho Itnath THE CHILDREN & TEENAGERS WILL LOVE IT - AND THE ADULTS WILL REVEL IN IT. STARTS TODAYai C7 llVri l UiU IJ TODAY AND SAT. I Always 2 llo Hits I Show Starts T t. M. alio Dick Powell Poggy Pow "YOU NEVER CAN ELL" TODAy and SAT. Bobl. Mitchum Lis Scott "THE RACKET" Also Ttchnieolor R. Montalbon "MARK OF THE RENEGADf" TODAY AND SAT. To OCT alio Carla Balenda Elliott Heid "THE WHIP HAND" TODAY al SAT. lane Wyman Chat, Laughlen "THE BLUE VEIL" olio Ttcnnleolor R. Montalboa "MARK OF THE RENEGADE" TODAY and SAT. JEAN PETERS LOUIS JOURDAN "Anne of the Indies" Teefineoor Linda Dorntll Steve . "THE LADY PAYS McNally OFF" LAST TIMES TODAY Continuous from 12 Noon ROBT. MITCHUM LIZ. SCOTT "THE RACKET" Joan Fontaine John Lund "DARLING HOW COULD YOU" TODAY E. ROCHESTER AMAZING EXPERIENCEI In Technicolor "WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE" olio Kirby Grant "YUKON MANHUNT" TODAY and SAT. f A1RORT, N. Y. lane Wyman Chat, laughton "THE BLUE VEIL" alio In Tehnicolor R. Monialban "MARK OP THE RENEGADE" VT NOW rj y In AuIts Savage SpiendorF 2fut Smash metjU jl fvfiiASt Movi'e Cmm Ever! (T v 7 eiotcf iiEvis rMrm$eoTH HELD OVER 2nd WEEK! yjf THIATRI v Al GUILD Y- Y- "A PIESBNTATION f" Rochester Critics Rave: I film of thrilling, -Geott -Geott I- I- tiavid, D&C unfnrtjettahle, A masterpiece Ivnc beaut). A stranijelv hniintinij, fascinntinij film. ' -Ray -Ray Small, T-U T-U T-U KENNETH McElOOWNEY JEAN RENOIR'S iufe iyy U II Oil color by TECHNICOLOR "The kits on her lips, terrifying and fascinating, burned info my heart nd hurt." Rochester Premiere SO. CLINTON AT GOODMAN During thi engagement 4 compile performances et 2;00-4:30-7;OO-t2O. 2;00-4:30-7;OO-t2O. 2;00-4:30-7;OO-t2O. 2;00-4:30-7;OO-t2O. 2;00-4:30-7;OO-t2O. 2;00-4:30-7;OO-t2O. 2;00-4:30-7;OO-t2O. FEATURE AT 2:30 - 5.00 . 7:30 - 9.50 MATS: ALL SEATS $1.20 EVENINGS $1.20 )tr smli trnilehlt m SIM. S2 ill X aW w rri . 11 11 j 1

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle04 Jan 1952, FriPage 14

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)04 Jan 1952, FriPage 14
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