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No Tidings From Lewis P. Ohliger - gq:: Are the Two Bankers. HO TIDINGS FROM...
gq:: Are the Two Bankers. HO TIDINGS FROM OHLIGER. The Doors of the Wooster National Are Closed - V - . Wires Are Laden With Anxious Messages That Bring No Reply From the Absent Ohliger And the Director Who Left in the Night Federal Examiner Threw Ont a Lot of Notes And the Standing of the Institution Institution Wu Impaired A Melancholy Holiday For Depositors. W IU IIMIC1 TO Til .QI'IBsa. Womur, Ohio, Ngvcnbtr 23. Thanksglv-In. Thanksglv-In. Thanksglv-In. Pay. ltXM. wilt not be boppy on. In tauny homes In thl. city and In the Itnm.-dial, Itnm.-dial, Itnm.-dial, vicinity, becsuaw of heavy financial li.eees sustained by cltlsen. generally, and by merchants and farmer. In particular, through the closing or th. door, of the tVooster National Bank, one of the city's Oldest bonking In.tltullon. Th flrat word of th. failure of th. bank cam. thl. morning, when a notice was poeted on the door, of the bank that It had been closed by order of th. Director, to go -into -into voluntary liquidation. The effort effort to learn something about the cause, which led lo the action of the Director, waa all but defeated, owing to the abet abet nc. of Louis P. Ohliger, President six Caahler, and J. Robert Zimmerman, a man-aging man-aging man-aging Director and business partner of Mr. Ohliger. v -Mr. -Mr. Ohliger reft th. tlty at noon Bstur day. Ho nerd- nerd- -w--wm -w--wm -w--wm -w--wm trindlar.V Ohio, where he ha In oil territory. territory. Mr. SUm merman left lone time dur-Ir.y dur-Ir.y dur-Ir.y the same ntght. Sine then dosen. of tl grams bay been aent to all points to Inr.te the men. lp to a lata hour to-night to-night to-night ant a word haa been received from either. Aa a result of their absence all aorta of lories are m circulation. OhMgor'a 6Utmnt A atatement Issued by President Ohliger and the Director, a. to the condition of the bank, under date of November 1H, tvw that the bank had claimed re.ource. f I.M..VH, and tUtbilltlr. of X.'t.TT8. Aa lo the causes leading to the departure f the offlcera It wa. learned that a Na tlonal Bank Examiner visited the bank Kivember 4. After making an examination t the. fund, he threw out fJCUUt) In note, which he regarded a. valueless, but which Air. Ohl gcr contended were good. The report of the Examiner orought a let ter laat Friday from the Comptroller of the Treaury. which Informed Mr. Ohliger that fie atock of the bank wa. Impaired In the um of 120.0UO and ahould be made good. Mraars. Ohliger and Zimmerman left a few hour, after the letter waa received, the Director aay. 'They .y that they knew r.othlng of the receipt of thl. letter until )e.trdsy. They declare that If Mr. Ohll- Ohll- er bad remained to co-operate co-operate co-operate with them the matter could have been adju.ted. The failure of either Mr. Ohliger or Mr. Zimmermsn to return to the city . haa tanred all manner of atorlea to be liTclrcu-latlon liTclrcu-latlon liTclrcu-latlon a. to the management of th. bank, both men have been prominent In the affair, affair, of the city. Mr. Ohliger haa been . IVatmaeter. member of Congress and Revenue Revenue Collector for Northern Ohio. Tronx th Son. Inquiry" late tola evening at hi. home .-night .-night .-night forth the following statement from hla ion, William Ohliger. of Detroit. Mich., whn happened to be at home: We have ' beard absolutely nothing. Father waa taken to the noon train west Saturday, and once then nothing haa been J.'rd from him at alL " We have beea ex pecting word from him. and confidently brieve brieve that we wilt hear from him when th affair blow. over. It la ear opinion that he thought the strala ef the Unpeadlng crtala too greet to be borne bore at home. and that he left to be (rone until the affair ha. blown over somewhat, when he will teturn and everything will be all right.' A atatement. laaued thl. evening by the I'.rectora. aay. In substance that at the Sieetlng held late Tuesday Bight by. the Di-, Di-, Di-, rector.. It was deemed beet to close the door, of the bank and go'lnty liquidation. The departure of Mr. Ohliger would undoubtedly undoubtedly have become knows, lo day or two and would doubtless have caused run on the bank. Those depositors who got la Bret would hare had aa advantage ever the others. The Director, thought this - ould not have been fair to all. ad there-, there-, there-, fore decided to close the bank, aa they bad abandoned all hope of finding Mr. OhUger and Mr. Zimmerman. The Directors say In Justice to, Mr, Ohliger tost there la no evi dence to ahow that Mr. Ohliger took any af the funds of the bank with him. , Asset of the BsJak. ' The Directors confidently believe, and ' f.irn janoritors are wltlln to state, F - 1 LOOTS P. Former Coocresaman gad Postmastsr BtraDfre Absence Trom Borne Is Colacldasial With th Closing of the Wooster national Bank, of Which Ho Was President and Cashier. Managing Direc tor J. Bobert Zlmmermaa Is Also Mlaslnf. A Keceiver Haa Beea Named. tockhotdar.' liability, will pay depoelton dollar for dollar. The bank wa. th. depoeltory of Croaby M. Tawney, City Trea.urer, and Joaeph Flaher. Trea.urer of Weoater Towo.blp, and many tbouaanda In city funds will be lost or held up until the affair, of the bank are liquidated. A telegram wa. received thl. evening from Comptroller of the Currency that an officer would be here to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow ' to take charge. The other banks of the city an nounced to-night to-night to-night that their doora would be open all day to-morrow.' to-morrow.' to-morrow.' although' th. day was a holiday, to take cars of all bu.inees. and to convince their patron, tb.t they were not affected by the failure of the Wooster National. , RECEIVES Appointed Tor th Tailed Bank Bj th ' Comptroller.' arwuai. BMrarca re tss Skciaaa. . . ' ' troller of the Currency .pointed A receiver for the .Wooster National Bank ef Wooster, OMo, tkis anerwoow. Tne bank Is to trou ble. It. surplus and reserve having been wiped out, and even Its capital 'aertouely Impaired. - Th. laat examination of the bank by a regular Examiner, mads Novem ber S. snowed that IM.0OO of the $100,000 of capital atork had been expended In meeting loaeoa euatalnad In the conduct of It. affairs. The Comptroller would not have appointed a receiver but fop'the fact that the .Director, closed the bank for the purpoee of going Into voluntary liquida tion, and that thla constituted ah aot uf Insolvency. A. D. l,ynch, for a long time connected with the Comptroller', office,, I. the man named aa receiver. He wiH leave at once to take charge. - It waa explained at the Comptroller', of tlce this afternon that trie Directors of the bank proceeded In the wrong way to bring about voluntary liquidation. They ahould not have closed the floor. Of the bank, be cause that was equivalent to declaring It Insolvent. The Comptroller hss directed the enforcement af Hie stockholders' lia bility act for the purpoee of making good the losses of the tank. Following la the statement of the condition of the bank a. reported on November 10: Resources Uoana and di.couni. $334,437 IT Overdrafts . 0.4TA M I'nlted States bonds uu Bond., securities, Ac. and premiums premiums 1T.5T5 00 Ral estate 21.440 W Due from banks 37,216 TD Cn.h and raah Hem. ST..VT3 Redemption fund , 3.UU0 W Total .. Liabilities CaDltal -- -- ..S3.jt4 U3 I loaftM ix Surplus and unaivhiea pront.. .. . HURT Kt OH 2l,3-9 2l,3-9 2l,3-9 4.". 321.TT0 77 - W.tiOV 00 Circulation Due to banks and bankers Deposit. .. Other llaollille. -. -. Totstl VS3.ul 05 t ON CHRISTMAS DAY Th Body of Murderer Hagel Would reciiL otrrcB re res nqciaaa. t I'pper Sandusky. Ohio. November 23. At torney W.. R- R- Hare said this afternoon that he would stternpt to have the date changed for the electrjcut'on of Phllop Naget. which la now set for December 23. The Board of Pardons meets December 1. snd If It re fuses to Interfere, aa mr.jr electrocution will be ssked for. becsuse that date Is too near Chrtatmss. It Is feared that if Na-gel's Na-gel's Na-gel's body be tsken home on" that day it will kill bto mother. IN A DREAM She Saw. Burglars, and Witk Hagband xd So Wai Bimad While Hnat-. Hnat-. Hnat-. j . log Them. Chicago. . November 2S- 2S- As the result ef dream. Mrs. Uxsle Couet, 41 years old. lost her Ufa to-dy to-dy to-dy and, her husband. and Infant ehltd were -fatally -fatally burned in a Are which "partly deetroyed their home! ..The wom40 dreamed hal her savings had been stolen from a hiding- hiding- place In the -bottom -bottom of a, sugar Jar tn the pantry. Startled by he reality of the dream,, ane took a lamp in one hand and her baby under her other arm and -went -went to toveeMgate. The lamp tell from the woaaaa'o hand and exploded, u VMaband." -aroused -aroused from sleep In an adjoining room; made a brave attempt t out out the flame and anally eucceeded with the aid of a mattress, but only after he himself, as well wife and child.: had been frightfully burn. . Mrs. Ceuet died while being takes to a hospital. . . .. OHLXQX&, of Woost.r, Ohio, tbo Beport of Whose PROTESTS In;; Emphatic Terms. Slate Department Sends a Warn ing To Caba Ikit Santiago Hut Be K?pt in a San-ltarj San-ltarj San-ltarj Condition YtUow Feter Waahlngton, D. C,,: November 21 The State Datiertment has 'directed the Ameri can Change at Uavana to call the auen tton of the Cuban Ooverament to the aant .i v. . .. . . ' sM . I . . A.wmH" tk. V.V ' viut.r places 'In )Ciba. "and to rxpreu the hope that promt and thorough 'relief will be fcrtheotnln. A recent report received here shown the Serious condition of the street, lu a.ntlaga. It Is stated that there 1. ttat'tlr-ully ttat'tlr-ully ttat'tlr-ully no drainage and water la al lived to stand In the street, for day. at a I'm. ' It waa said to-day to-day to-day that the communlca tkn : moat emi'aatic In character., and la lnt?nufd to lnur--i lnur--i lnur--i lnur--i the Cuban Government with the dealre ft thla Government for an lninn dlate rem-dy. rem-dy. rem-dy. ONLY ONE CASE Of Yellow Fever In Cuba Is Admitted By the Agents. N-w N-w N-w York.. November Si. The official, of t'.e Cuban Governor ent to-day to-day to-day officially de- de- nUsl ;he report, published In this country thnt there Is yeilow fever In Cuba. They ay there Is only one case In Cuba at pres ent, .and that was Imported. This case was repotted In Santiago Province, on a little Inland called Punts Sal. This case did not amaunt to snvthing on account of the energetic measures taken by the Sanitary 1 enrtment of the .Government. Consul General Zeya. Mid that his Gov eminent was considerably duturbed over the widespread reports In thl. country- country- that yi How fever had broken out on the Island. bu h reports, he said, have a tendency to ktj away tourlata and hamper the trade b-i-en b-i-en b-i-en b-i-en b-i-en this country and Cuba. Mr. Zeyat aW the' present Cuban Government Is car ry'nj: out the strict sanitary procedure and .rnclkes that were Installed during the oc cupnMon of the island by the United States. WELL KEPT Was the Secret of Senator Giady'i DiTores From the Sister of May Iiwin, the Aetrtsi arsrui. Diaralca to tbx osqcixxs. New Tork, November 23. It became known publicly to-day to-day to-day that State Senator Thomas F. Grady obtslned a divorce from his wife. Addle F. Grsdy. In 1SW. The fact had been known to friends and acquaint ances' of ths Senator, but Its public dis closure csme during the trial of a suit brought in the Supreme Court before Judge ' I . . V . 1 TT I . . , O' Gorman, oy ar. : 10r ui- voree from her husband. Walter R. Haw-Xty Haw-Xty , "actor. 'Senator G-adya G-adya G-adya wife known on the sUge as Flo Irwin, sister of Mary Irwin- Irwin- In the Senator a suit Walter Walter R. tlawley was named as co-respondent. co-respondent. co-respondent. co-respondent. ? ' Disclosure of the Senator's divorce caused a good deal of comment In Tammany Hall aad other' iJolltlcal circles. Senator Cradv married Flora Irwin Au-seTt Au-seTt 1ft. brought his suit for di- varce In ISPS, accusing- accusing- bis wife of mlscon-ltW mlscon-ltW HawlrT- HawlrT- She denied the charges. bet the referee. George C- C- .Austlnu who took the bastlmoBy. found against her. aad t,. ,, inaaw Chase, la the Supreme r- r- . . mntl a decree to the 8enator xw k. - .t m .flea . w u..i toft her husband as soon she became aware of the facts -testified -testified .... divorce suit. She was mar ried to Hawtey March 2. 1830. Forsome ressoa hot known her suit was not brought to trlsruntU te-dsy. te-dsy. te-dsy. Her application for decrn vas based ea Hawley a alleged mis- , itn. Miss Irwtn. - He did not ap pear la person, or by counsel to contest salt. - - DO TOV BTAsTE EDI ! arsrub ptsrarca re tsx sxecouta. , Brllrfaotalne, Ohio, " November a tarwesr turkey lav the fleck of Joseph waa this morning-' morning-' morning-' found .hanging dead his tree 'rocst. It l supposed he hanged himself last night to escape the Imminent alatsghter, ' --. --. --. : ' that the a-aela a-aela a-aela f the hank todepeodeal of

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer24 Nov 1904, ThuPage 1

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)24 Nov 1904, ThuPage 1
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