andrea hargis coronor inquest southern illinoisan (carbondale illinois) 1 dec 1982 https://www.newsp

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andrea hargis coronor inquest
southern illinoisan (carbondale illinois) 1 dec 1982
https://www.newsp - Monoxide confirmed in 3 deaths in car was...
Monoxide confirmed in 3 deaths in car was restricted to the strip pit Lowe said, "From all indications we'll never know why the first boy went in the water, but in my opinion it was an unfortunate accident. He slipped in the water and the other boy went after him." Tom Springs, Marion, who operates operates a scuba diving equipment store and is a member of the sheriffs department department rescue team, testified be found the body of Stephen 15 feet from the drop-off drop-off drop-off in 15- 15- to 18-foot-deep 18-foot-deep 18-foot-deep 18-foot-deep 18-foot-deep water at 1:30 p.m. Springs said "it wouldn't take long" for a person to lose the use of his hands in trying to grab a tree or bush at the edge of the pit because the water was 45 to 48 degrees. Cpl. Donald Mays, Mount Vernon, a state police rescue diver since 1957 who had recovered more than 50 bodies from underwater, testified because because of misinformation the 15 divers divers participating in the search then left and "I was by myself." He began began the search for the body of Robert Mays said, "I got a feeling. I knew from where the first was found the other would be near." He said the 20-foot-deep 20-foot-deep 20-foot-deep 20-foot-deep 20-foot-deep slag water was black and he could not see his hands in front of his face but "I have a good sense of feel." Mays said he found Robert lying face down, the position of 90 percent of the bodies he has found, and knew It was him because one foot was bootless. "How much he exhausted himself trying to save his brother, I don't know. He was also operating knowing knowing his brother was under there. When you're hyper you're going to exhaust yourself more quickly," Mays said. After the inquest, Sarah Bethel, mother of the two men, said, "I want to thank each of you again." Coroner James R. Wilson also conducted conducted another inquest into the death of Andrea Hargis, 18, St Louis, John Bolek, 23, Burnham, and Michael Stazak, 22, Burnham, whose bodies were found in a parked car on Interstate Interstate 57 on Nov. 6. State Trooper Paul Freeman, Energy, testified he saw the car while going to the scene of an accident accident and then returned to investigate later. He said the car was running and the three appeared to be asleep when be shined a flashlight into the car. When he opened the car door, carbon monoxide fumes came out and he saw they were dead. Rigormortis bad set in. Although there was beer, whiskey and peppermint schnapps in the car, Freeman said a toxicology report showed the two men had only a trace of alcohol in their blood and Miss Hargis had none. Freeman said in an inventory search of the car later a one-pound one-pound one-pound bag of marijuana "the size of a basketball", basketball", another smaller bag of marijuana and a small amount of hashish were found. Some amphetamine tablets, known as "speed," were also found. Phillip Sylvester, special agent for the Illinois Department of Criminal Investigation, testified. He said a telephone called told investigators investigators that the car was seen parked at the scene at 7 a.m., nearly 12 hours before the bodies were found. Sylvester said he theorized the trio left Chicago about 1 a.m. and that the two men had gone to sleep while Miss Hargis drove. A flat tire occurred occurred as they neared Marion and Miss Hargis apparently "decided to get some sleep too" until the two men woke up to make the tire repair. The three met at the Halloween festival at Carbondale and Miss Hargis, Hargis, a job trainee at Cape Girardeau, went to Burnham with the men and was being returned. She had no identification identification of any kind with her. She was not identified until a roommate at Cape Girardeau saw a picture of her and Stazak furnished by Sylvester Sylvester to a friend with Channel 12, Cape Girardeau. The jury of Clay Bradley, Brian Readinger, Geo Emery, Rita Lakot-ich, Lakot-ich, Lakot-ich, John Halliburton and Charles Carter, which heard both inquests, ruled accidental death by carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale, Illinois)01 Dec 1982, WedPage 28
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  • andrea hargis coronor inquest southern illinoisan (carbondale illinois) 1 dec 1982 https://www.newsp

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