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1944 movie listings - 6 TtOCJTESTEIl "DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. FRIDAY....
6 TtOCJTESTEIl "DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. FRIDAY. JANUARY 7. 1011 Excellent Acting Seen in Novel Palace Film By GEORGE L DAVID "pLESII and Fantasy," a ven- turesome production by Charles Boyer and Director Julien Duvivier, is a movie departure of the "Tales of Manhattan" type, which, it is to be hoped, regular film fans will have the patience to understand a to Its nature and accent as an effort to Rive us fresh and meaningful creen fare. It Btartrd a run yesterday at the Palace, and though it was difficult to gauge it reception, one was Inclined to consider it favorable, even impressive. No one could take exception to the acting of the many stars involved Boyer himself. Barbara Stanwyck, Betty Field, Robert Cummings, Thomas Mitchell, Ed-j vard G. Robinson, Dame Mayj Whitty, Anna Lee, C. Aubrey Smith, Charles Winningrr, Robert Eenchley, Clarence Muse and ethers. And general approval must go to the shrewd and Bkillful direction of Mons. Duvivier. The technical and artistic work is beyond reproach. llfi we have it picture of thiee epiAOftr. rnrh dmtinct fiom the t'ther in utory, yet linked by the theme that, in general, man or woman in, or can he, the master or miatresa of his or her own life and fate through unselfish love. The first episode is laid in New Orleans at the time of the Mardi Grae. Henrietta (Miss Field) is a homely girl, by ordinary standards, and her inability to have romance, in particular with the student , t.i t j : : . - handicaD. has made her envious. 1 WO OlaiS LO eelf-pitying and bitter. An old toy-;p 1 maker urge her to have hope and rono campaign take a chance. She rents a pretty! mask to wear in the final revel, j New York-XC.D-Bob Hope, who and in a spirit of romantic aban- probably haa entertained more don he not only attracts butimembers of our armed forces than fascinates Michael, who ha be-:nnv other star, has been appointed come four on his prospects of be-jch!lrms!n of tne Serviceman'- Divi-coming a, man of importance. . , , . , 7, . . . ' 'won for the 1014 "March of Dime' In the spell of love, unselfish i love, she inspires him to renewed j campaign. faitti in himself. She haa forgotten Frances Langford will serve with envy and bitterness, but when he j Hope as vicechairman. The ap-protete his love for her and urges ment3 werfi announced by her to remove her- mask, she is , .. . , . ... fearful. She confesses that she has; Basl1 Connor, president .of the deceived him into thinking she is: National Foundation for Infantile a beautiful stranger. But when he I Paralysis. is obliged to lift the mask, she is Hof(e and Misj ingtord. will amazea to nna TTiai npauty or IjUST POURING IT OUT Here are noted Four Inktpots who will open at Temple today with singing Ella Fitzgerald and Cootie Williams band. Marian Anderson to Sing Tonight vXK of the spirituals to be heard on the recital program of Marian Anderson this evening at the Eastman is an arrangement by the late Dr. Nathaniel Dett, a longtime resi- , Tdent of Rochester. Two Su Aid It is titled "Poor Me." With it in this same group will be spirituals arranged by such notables as Roiand Hayes and II. T. Burleigh. These familiar Negro songs will conclude a program that begins with tha classic group by Haydn, Purcell, Schubert. Vaughsn Williams, Scarlatti and Jacohson. It also includes an aria "from Wagner's opera "Rienzi." Aliss Andersons piano accompanist will be Franz Rupp. Newcomer Due In Opera Role nplIK. important role of. Am-neris in "Aida" -will be sung, by Marie Powers, one of the interesting newcomers to the singing stage, when the San Carlo Opera Company opens its two-day engagement at the Eastman next Monday. Miss Powers has appeared in most of the world's famous opera houses. She is a native of Philadelphia, but went abroad for- study at an early age. There she remained for a few vears. sinEinjr lead roles at La I in Scala in Milan and well a others Italian opera homes in Rome" and! Naples. In Fiance she sanp with the Paris Grand Opera and was also a regular member of the Monte Carlo Opera Company. She has been with the Fortune Gallo company for the past two years and is on of the San Carlo's leading mezzo-sopranos. The San Carlo group will perform "La Tmviata" the second night, Jan. 11. Julie Bryan Review Embassy Offering JULIE Bryan and her new review, "Hello, Beautiful," will open a three-day enRngement at thl Kmhiuwy today. There will be a special midnight show tomorrow. Performers well known to Embassy patrons, Frank X. Silk and Harry LeVine, are cast in the chief comedy roles. Others in the troupe are Lew Denny, master of ceremonies; Peggy Woods, ingenue, and Miss Mickey Pearl. The vaudeville olio features Boogie and Woogie, sepia dance team; Jules and Tita, magicians; Romaine, billed as "The Mad Musi cian," and Joe Martini, guitarist. Today's Offerings at Rochester Theaters Slarimt limes of main fealuret follow: ' Kaxlman 8:00. 1'jtlace 1 :00. 4:00. 6:30, 9:50. I,iirw'i-11 :00, 1:45. 4:20. 7:05, 9:50. Century 12:50, 4:00, 7:05, 10:15, 1:20. Urgent l:0O, 4:00. 7:00. 10.0O. aitol 12:10 3:23, 6:46. 10:09. Little 1:30, 3 :30, 5:30, 7:30, :30. Strand 12 :10, 3:45. Temple 1 :00. 4:30, 7:30. 10:30. Kml.in.y-1:00, 3:15, 7:00, 9:30. KaMniaii Marian Anderson in recital. Lew' Kathryn Grayson, Gene Kelly, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Red JSkelton and Jose Iturbi in "Thousands Cheer." Palace Charles Boyer, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson and Betty Field in "Flesh and Fantasy" and W'ally Brown and Alan Carney in ,T? rri iAa in Put- ?--! 'i ' ' Rookies in Burma Onturv Mary Martin. Franrhot Tone and Dick Powell in "True to Lite" and George Sander and Bren-da Marshall in "I'aria After Dark." Temple Four Inkspotn, Klla Fita:-peinld and Cootia Willtama band on stage, and Sidney Toler and Gwen Kenyon in "Charlie Chan in Secret Service." Knibavv Julie Bryan, with Frank Xj Silk and Harry LeVine in "Hello, Beautiful," stage review, with films. Itegent Michele Morgan, Jack Haley and Frank Sinatra in "Higher and Higher" and Margo and Robert Ryan in "Gangway for Tomorrow." Capitol Sonia Henie and Jack Oakie in "Wintertime" and Randolph Srotf and Ella Raines in "Corvette K-225." Little Bins' Crosby and Fred A- tair in "Holiday Inn." Kiviera Luise Rainer and William! Rendix in "Hostages" and Gene! An try in "Gaucho Serenade." Mnriinnn and Monnm L tl a Rainer and William Brndix in "Hostage" and Richard llx and1 Jane VVyatt In "!Sur-kkln Frontier."! Itiit 1 1 1 (Kant Rochester) Frank! Albert xon and Ixinm Gray in "O. ' My Darling Clementine" and Gene i Autry in "Mexicali Rose." Temple (Fairport) Harold Peary and Billy Burke in "Gildersleeve on Broadway" and Roy Roger in "Silver Spurn." Cameo Wally Brown and Alan Carnev in "Adventures of a Rookie" and John Carradine and Patricia Morison in "Hitler's Madman." Lake Pat O'Brien and Ruth War. rick in "Iron Major" and Billy Gilbert and Frank Fay in "Spotlight Scandals." Strand Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck in "Union PaciBc" and Sidnev Toler and Mary Beth Hughes in "Charlie Chan in Rio." Webster Pat O'Brien and Ruth Warrick in "Iron Major" and Chester Morris and Nancy Kelly in "Tornado." Murray Gary Cooper and George Raft in "Soul's at Sea" and Judy Canova and Dennis Day In "Sleepy Lagoon." 0 Dixie Snnja Henis and Jack Onkie tn "Wintertime" and Kant Sida Kids in "Mr. Muggs (' Out." Liberty and 8tate John Garfield and Maureen O'Hara in "Fallen Sparrow" and Harold Peary and Billie Burke in "Gildersleeve on Broadway." West Knd Red Skelton and Eleanor Powell in "I Dood It" and Chea ter Morris and Nancy Kelly in "Tor- Arnett Red Skelton and Eleanor Powell in "I Dood It" and Pat Morrison and John Carradine in ' Hitler's Madman." Grand Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster and Claude Rains in "Phantom of the Opera" and Judy Canova and Dennis Day in "Sleepy Lagoon." Gallery to Screen Greece, Italy Films George Dietrich, Rochester resident who has traveled extensively in the Near Eaet will present another of hi public "film travelogue" at 4 p. m. Sunday in Memorial Art Gallery. Films of Greece and Italy will be featured. TOWtl TflXll Safety Service Low Rates I STARTS SAT LAST DAY BOGART BERGMAN PAUL HENRIED ; CIOSBT'ASTAIU (HOLIDAY INN' Sun.. Jan. 9 8:15 P. M. Harvmrd's (ireat Prajtuor f C7tsiY E. K. RAND ' KvmuHttc Approach to tht Middle Agrs" Aquinas Christian Culture Lectures LORENZO'S ' NOW OPEN MONDAYS Our remodeling has been completed and we are again able to serve you EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK from 11:30 a. m. till 1:00 a. m. Saturday until 2 a. m. 33 CHESTNUT STREET MA If 0000 1 CHARLFS BOYFR BARBARA STANWYCK EDWARD G. ROBINSON BETTY FIELD ROBERT CUMMINGS ROBERT BENCHLEY THOMAS MITCHELL FLESH ami FANTASY ha piven her beauty of campaign for the "March of Dimes" Mush Field playa this episode j military camps. Neither, however, with kill and mire touch and tojwill make nny solicitation of mem-fine effect. Cumminw. following bem of the.nrnied forces. her lead, U tiptop, too. The other two episode are ab-! porbinp treatments of the Influence' of superstitions. In the first Edward G. Roblnaon U eeen aa Mar- shall Tyler, an American lawyer who has found romance in a certain society circle in England. At a gathering at the residence of Lady Pamela Hardwick (Dame Whitty), Septimus Todgers (Mitchell), a fortune-teller, excite interest with astonishing revelation and predictions concerning prominent people present. Events immediately confirm his divinations, Tyler, newly engaced to Kowena Mns Le), pooh-poohfl Podcers' powers, but belies this attitude with importunity that the fortuneteller reveal to him what he sees in his hand. Aside, the latter tells Tyler his reading shows that the lawyer will commit a murder. Tyler reacts, on the surface, with haw-haw sarcasm and unbelief. Pecretly well, in time he commits two murders. He does not master his fate. The scene are vividly acted. Mitchell aid Kobinson iitnnd out. the former being unusually effective. The third episode presents Boyer as a circus performer, the king of all aerialiats, who doee a death-defying act. Between shows one day he has a vivid dream in which he sees and hears a strange and beautiful young women among the spectator watching his performance with keen sympathy and ehrie'kinc with horror when he falls. When his act goes on he tries to execute its rUky climax, but rannnt. The cirrus sails for the United States, and n the vessel I he meets Joan Stanley (Miss Stanwyck), the woman of his dream. How they are drawn together despite her efforts to avoid him, and how love restores his faith in himself and triumph over all, even when police take her Into custody after the boat docks, make the rest of the story. All concerned act expertly and make the episode stronj, revealing, impressive. Also on the Palace bill Is the second comedy of the new team of Wally Brown and Alan Carney "Rookies in Burma." It is the policy of the National Koundation to take care of all children of servicemen who become afflicted with infantile paralysis. Wanna Laugh? SEE CHARLEY'S AUNT Brighton High School Tomorrow, Jan. 8th Prsn!d by Hochlr Community Playar sponord by Briqhlon K1WANIS lor boy and qirl. work. MAT. 2:30 .55c Inc tax EVE. 8:30 1.10 Inc tei Tickets on sal at Briqhlon Hiqh School or lrom any mimbit ol aawanu. ''( Skew (JtiS&nJjH&auM. (iIRLESQUE&VAUDZVILLE ON Si TAUBlOKIf BEAUTIFUL j IN lUf IMflCT MFIA opwir wnn inc vjfik rvv fnu THOSE RI&-TICKLINC FUNSTERS" DEflNV tVCCDSPEniU WRflKjHTAhO SMOOTH SWEET AND NEAT 'SHESCUTE WDPETirE x in t j 'IS VAPOEVILLCj B0OtC4Worxil jules tita Romaine THE MAP MU5KIAN JOE MARTINI II ANOMI5quiTAf DOORS OPEN 1ABA LYSIS TALK KL-TKII Dr. R. riato RchwarU, associate professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Rochester, will speak at the Seneca School PTA meeting at 8 p. m. today. His topic will be "Infantile Paralyssi: Its Present Status." mm 1 1 1 J I t f a I LOUISE RAINER, WILLIAM BEIIDIX "HOSTAGES" Riviera 2nd Hit GENE AUTRY 'GAUCHO SERENADE" Monroa-Madisoa 2nd Hit RICHARD DIZ 'BUCKSKIN FRONTIER' JOHN GARFIELD, M. O'HARA 'THE FALLEN SPARROW" H. PEARY, BILLIE BURKE GILDERSLEEVE ON BROADWAY Senja Heait, J. Oakit VVINTERTIMir East Side Kids M. Maggs Stcpi Out' n a n n All Seats Sold Tonight at 8 P. M. CI n ANDERSON CONTRALTO IN RECITAL Standing Room Only $1,10 EASTMAN f it Unirrrsitf j KncktHw ALAN CARNEY, WALLY BROWN ADVENTURES OF A ROOKIE JOHN CARRADINE "HITLER'S MADMAN" r. Alberison, L. Gray "0 My Darling Clementine" GENE AUTRY "MEXICALI ROSE" BED SKELTON, E. POWELL "I DOOD FT WM. (HOP-A-LONG) BOYD 'SECRETS Of THE WASTELAND' PAT O'BRIEN RUTH WARRICK "THE IRON MAJOR H. Peary. B. Bnrke "Gildersleeve Ob Broadway" ROY ROGERS "SILVER SPURS' MM1 BILLY GILBERT FRANK FAY "SPOTLIGHT SCANDALS" STAGE SHOWS TODAY AT 1:25 - 4:00 - 6:50 - 9:26 vPSCy Themselves iy wf r-Tl AMERICA'S GREATEST QUARTETTE Creators of "IF I DIDN'T CARE" m STARS OF STAGE SCREEN-RADIO & RECORDS THE GROWL TRUMPET KING STARTS TODAY! FOR 3 BIG DAYS COOTIE UIILLipS ORCHESTRA YOUR "TISKET AND TASKET" GIRL fITZGtfiflLD FIRST LADY OF SONG ADDED ATTkACTIONI MOKE AND POKE U Ain' No JoU EDDIE VINSON Blu Song Stylist AND ON THE Si SCREEN! WITH A TJ7 inuiut! Charlie Chan IN SECRET SERVICE SIDNEY TOLER SECOND BIG WEEK1 VlCTORORE A WM Wrfclnf In thsswtl parIs tDARK CtORCI SANOf RS Micoai ua ts;MORGAN-HALEY HIGHER HIGHER WAROO mm CARRADINE MX 91 In I 0 i LATE STAGE & SCREEN SHOW SAT. at 11:30 P. M. SONJA HENIE CESAR ROMERO JACK OAKIE wnnnv urcuiu n. A U ktt Ordwslri 1 HMlllll . J Rl IAUIV . I A W w ' liiifniiiinntfifif " r'f ' i nrwift rrfniYiii i ii iii -, VT itf Ti in iiiiffiwifitfti-irir for wwi' wmmtimmmmamimmmtmmmmmmmmmumtmmmmtm mm iisMMpiwwwwwBMwiiiiiimniiriiriiriiiai)riiii',iMisiiwii tmwmm j mmmmuwmmm0ummtmcnwmimmKmwmvnmmMmittmmmuimmm6Mtau 6' umiiimt Nui-vr trv til xt i S S f ss s w u-HUV. r"rll. ww nMt . ,v .o CSV mm Ann t no not?: o;.- -o-r: )yne ' fto' Original Scr Play by Paul Jarrico and Richard Collins KIT UNI 1 1 A. M. TO I P. M., BAL 20c Botad on th.ir story "Frivol Miti Jonos" Diroctod by GIORGE SIONCY Produced by JOSCPH f AJTItWAK ADDED TREATS M.G.M, CARTOON "STORKS HOLIDAY" Pasting Prda "TO MY UNBORN SON" 18 MINI M.G.M. News- IUTES LATEST NEWS

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