1917 Cheek-Neal Coffee Plant Unveiling

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1917 Cheek-Neal Coffee Plant Unveiling - 4 h rU&eV- rU&eV- fJdt'c Wim RtfiMfnry Will R...
4 h rU&eV- rU&eV- fJdt'c Wim RtfiMfnry Will R flnn KfAtn 1 n n ' . 5DccuourrXL 15 worm 'a v 15 n has. xiu ui - uic i-icov i-icov i-icov . mr iiiuuu ui 5 0b of thaVtronMtfMtani Jia.u- Jia.u- bulldlnf of th rba 7 center -or -or tb halted SUtM bu tM4n th numo- numo- of (m- (m- tort and mnu(Mturtn( plunU thai bar apninc up within .'or adjacent , to .their corporaU Jlmlta. ,Th rapWriipiwtn 'Ui v tha last dacada'ahowa that Teaa; and v Sauthwaatarn' towna; are too' axaoptfcm to the ftnaral rule. Thaaa oltlea naed amoka Knd- Knd- lota of It aa amoka ' maaM "a-- "a-- "a-- oon- oon- tentad oltlaenry with-, with-, with-, targa' and ,naathy I rnkalolpal pay rolla, whloh- whloh- taftd. to, avolat t UMv proaTaaalvaaeaa' au4' . olylo.i prtda. V Voraovar In the daya when American tt V floianejr aaa a etranglehold on the atatla-'. atatla-'. atatla-'. Ileal axpertt, when every railroad rata la carefully examined by municipal traffic man to aea that no dlaorlmlnatory tariff are put In, the people aa a whole are Da alanine to mn to realise, more ana more. that - in factor! ea lie the hope, salvation and v commercial prosperity of their comniunl "... - - - - 1 -In -In view of these facts a Dumber of .cities . ,'i are making all kinds of concessions to . . bring In to their territory new Industries, v ..Texas, however, being honeycombed with 'f railroads and interurban lines, needs no . auoh artificial means. to have many fao-. fao-. fao-. torlaa located within Its borders.. The - Cheek-Neal Cheek-Neal Cheek-Neal Coffee Company's plant In J1 , Houston, Texas, haa long been a land-V, land-V, land-V, . mark of efficiency in the world of manu-t manu-t manu-t ' faoture, and dt la Inevitable that Just : v such factories, running year In and year - v . out. are sure to brlna their communities . r ' ( commercial dominance In the affairs of I ' I -man, -man, such Is the reward of (he unlnter-led unlnter-led unlnter-led rupted hum of industry. uauumtu ' COFFEE SLANT I V L,. w , , . i ., i um bnooK-nw bnooK-nw bnooK-nw vuu-ee vuu-ee vuu-ee wuiuiujr u r- r- a oently moved into one of the finest ooffee l J ; oi.ni. tn th. Muntn-. Muntn-. Muntn-. m.mmnth frK I Z j,. . tory representing the expenditure of over ' ' 1M,000. This, building was erected by tha Chaak-Neel Chaak-Neel Chaak-Neel Coffee Comnanv. arid th A r , . I , vwwvr .w ' . put just about double the former home. I - The ooffee Is received In carload lots I riiMAt from .hlnMtri.. It ! unlnAdad fmm . .. ',,. .,,2, to th. Dmner floor, for .tor. Th- Th- . ! rull.r nnlln. nf th rw m.tari.l .tiA maatad r,vii,ot n.Mit.. ht fh. building be Ave stories in height. Every floor has, a separata function to perform ! -7.11T.ui, -7.11T.ui, i -S -S green corfee is dumped on either of two floors. It Is then elevated to the roast- roast- lug department on the fifth floor. Here - tne cortee goes tnrouan tnree cleaning oparauons. wnicn. are aone oy tne latest . machinery before It la roasted. 1 - After It la properly roasted It la drop- drop- I '".a - nd tv th. fourth floor. -where -where It Is auto- auto- H.tlBllv nnoiad krnr.th final oleanlnc prooee takes place. All roasted coffee Is thoroughly cleaned before It' la dropped I Into the IS , large ' atoimaei blna ' on. the fourth floor., No coffee la storea m Taaa atar roaatlnK, aa -It -It 1 too auaceptible to duet and 4aanMieaa. whloh lnrarlably will Injure the fl"r of the-coffee. the-coffee. the-coffee. The bulk oofTee and arlndlng depart, menta are-located are-located are-located on the third floor. Four -large -large modern, atael- atael- out and grinding ma-rhlnea ma-rhlnea ma-rhlnea take, ample oara of. the large volume volume of - ground coffee turned out dally. The grinding maohlnea are filled from the floor abqve by an automatic elevator, which : conducts the coffee from any of the 11 storage bins to the proper machine. machine. ,' Thte doea away with all trucking of the coffee, to the machines, which has been the oaaa In all coffee plants until the above new invention came Into use. The. large barrel and bag buainese -done -done by the company la also handled' on the Ultra, floor. Enrect pipe lines rrom tne storage bins above serve to fill an unlim ited number or containers. Both ground 'and whole bean-eoffee bean-eoffee bean-eoffee la conducted by separate bins and pipes to the large clean and sanitary packing room on the second floor. Here the company haa Installed all of the. beat machinery for labeling and weighing Great care la taken to see that the grade of the coffees coffees are high and (that the packagea are neat and clean before they are packed Into the different containers for shipment. shipment. The cases are theq put on a large steel cnute leading to tne snipping department department on the first floor, where they are properly stacked before shipment. It Is thus seen that the coffee Is roast dn the fifth, stored In duetproof bins on tne lourtn. ground on tne tnira. pacaea Ion the seoond and shipped on the first. there being no retracing of steps, which condition is so eageriy sought aner in this day of flulck and up-to-date up-to-date up-to-date up-to-date up-to-date mann faoture. Opposite the receiving side of the bu!lV ling an Ideal shipping arrangement has hn provided. A concrete lnclosure of 1000 square feet Is utilised, wholly for out- out- going shipments, thus preventing any con fusion. A modern fireproof garage haa been constructed In the rear of the sWd- sWd- ping court, which provides ample storage space tor ine auiomoone truciu. THE MANAGER. J- J- rleaj, vlca president of the Cheek- Cheek- v-oinpny, v-oinpny, v-oinpny, mna msnaa-er msnaa-er msnaa-er OI ine Houston plant, haa received recognition throughout the country as being one of the best informed men In the, American colt Industry, and Is considered an au- au- e T, . a , thorlty In his line. Under his careful and efficient guidance the Houston factory has been a pronounced success since its com- com- menceaftent. - A service based on the familiarity of conditions embracing five States In the - '' .A ? m wv' I ft W k' n im r ' fhr; In- In- (household, neceaaltir; clvery progressiva retail said wholesale dealur In the boutn- boutn- wast distributes the product o tne uneeic-Meal uneeic-Meal uneeic-Meal Coffee Company's - factories.' . This territory includes -the -the States, of . Texas, Louisiana Oklahoma, Arkansas and Now Mexico. 1. 1 This ooffee company has established an Irreproachable reputation In the commercial commercial world for uniform high grade uoffoes, and although the concern haa enjoyed an enormous general coffee business, their Maxwell House blend Is the brand' that heads the Hat; of Cheek-Neal Cheek-Neal Cheek-Neal products, and Is one of the best known brands of high grade coffees sold In tho Southland Is rapidly assuming national proportions, as far as tho demand for thla well known brand ls.oonqerned. MAXWELL ' . .. HOUSE COFFEE. ' In the South Is the paoa where for years good ooffee has bean one of the requisites of the housewife, and hotels, dining cars, ami -wherever -wherever good, corfee, is served you will - find that the Maxwell House blend of the CbeeR-Neal CbeeR-Neal CbeeR-Neal Coffee company is the particular brand .that makes the epicure sip his coffee with more enjoyment.' Good ooffee must be from the beginning of a quality that is unexcelled by the 'Inferior grades that come into thla country. In' putting up Maxwell . House coffee great pain are taken to have as nearly aa perfect a seed as can be procured from the Central and South American plantations. Each berry, is carefully selected, ana great care is taaen in tne drying of best flavoi the berry. The latter for . the avor Is allowed to linen on .'the tree, and the kernel is dried out in the sun, thus retaining the flavor which la so delightful to the taste of the Invete rate coffee drinker. The blending of Maxwell House.- House.- coffee is of course a trade secret . of the Cheek-Neal Cheek-Neal Cheek-Neal Coffee company, learned after years and years of experimenting. There is a great deal to say of a brand of coffee, but when the Cheek-Neal Cheek-Neal Cheek-Neal Coffee company decided to put tneir. Maxwell House brand on the market they achieved a product that could in no way be Ira proved upon, bence the Maxwell House blend Is the paragon of perfection In the oienaers an. -THE -THE OFFICERS OF THE COMPANY. The officers of the company are aa follows: follows: ,J. O. Cheek, president, and general manager, Nashville, Tenn; J. W. Neal, trice president and' manager of the Houston, Houston, plant; R. S. Cheek, vice president and manager of the Nashville plant; I T. Cheek, vice president and manager of the Jacksonville plant ; J. H. Cheek, vice president president and manager of the Richmond plant; P Jj. Cheek, secretary, and D. M. Bayer, treasurer. Nashville, Tenn. j, tr. cneeK, tne president or tne uneek-, uneek-, uneek-, rhMkNMl CalTe ContDahv'a nroditcts- nroditcts- 4

Clipped from The Houston Post25 Mar 1917, SunPage 27

The Houston Post (Houston, Texas)25 Mar 1917, SunPage 27
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  • 1917 Cheek-Neal Coffee Plant Unveiling

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