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Leap Day facts - Leap Day facts • A year is 365.24219 days long....
Leap Day facts • A year is 365.24219 days long. long. Every four years, the calendar calendar needs a day added to keep the seasons and months in sync. Before Leap Day came along, a person could have their birthday in two or three different seasons. • Julius Caesar proclaimed the last day of February as Leap Year Day in 45 B.C. The day was chosen because back then, Feb. 30 was the last day of the last month of the year. ^ B Leap Years occur every four years except in years that end in "00,". unless the year is divisible by 400. Therefore, 2000 is a Leap Year, but 1900 was not. • Having trouble remembering what years are Leap Years? One ciue is if Jan. 1 of one year and Dec. 31 of that same year fall on different days of the week. In all other years, those dates fall on the same day. • Leap Day babies would have to live to be 116 before they could have a "golden birthday," which occurs when the number of your birthdays and your birthdate match. (Example, turning 29 on the 29th.) • Leap Day used to be called "Bachelor's Day" because it was the one day women could propose propose to men. The tradition started started in Scotland and spread through Europe before coming to America. • And then there's those leap seconds. Some years are longer than others because of the Earth's orfa'rt around the sun. Every few years scientists agree to add or remove a second from the year at midnight on Dec. 31. That is a leap second. • Leap Day babies include: 1468 —Pope Paul II 1712 — French & Indian War hero General Louis Joseph de Montcalm 1808 — British astronomer Charles Pritchard 1904 — Clarinetist and bandleader bandleader Jimmy Dorsey 1908 — French painter Batthus 1916 — Singer Dinah Shore 1924 — Ballplayer Al Rosen 1936 — Astronaut Jack Lousma Lousma and hockey star Henri "Rocket" "Rocket" Richard 1944 — Dallas football player John Niland 1948 — Fashion designer Willi Smith 1972 — Actor Antonio Sabato, Jr.

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