Robert Dorough Band Festival 6 Apr 1940

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Robert Dorough
Band Festival
6 Apr 1940 - AMAKTLLO. TBCAa left protest b!- Marching...
AMAKTLLO. TBCAa left protest b!- Marching Contests Today Climax Band Festival at Plainview PLAINVIEW, April 5 (Special)--With most of the individuals contests completed, approximately 3,000 Plains boys and girls will prove can march as well as play when the first ol two colorful held here tomorrow night. | Taking part in Saturdays marching contest will be the Class C bands, while crass A and B bands will compete Saturday. Detailed results of today's competition were: DIVISION I Nad. Division Edwin Pearlman, clarinet. Plainview; Wendell Nutt, clarinet. Amarillo; Myron Morgan, has clarinet. Hereford; Raymond Mayes. B-flat clarinet, Tulia; Cone Pew-house, clarinet, Luhbock; Jade Young, B- flat clarinet, McLean. today it the confusion control commissioner have the and make of did manner Is that a .. . say, by so fine are is the eco- toward of Hay Nutt, cornet, Amarillo; Jack Abbott, cornet. Lubbock; Happy Hendry, cornet. Lubbock; George Haltom, cornet, Martin McCully, cornet, Electra; Glenn Smith, cornet, Hereford: Ernest Gentry, cornet, Plainview; Randall Keeny, cornet, Dalhart; Grant Scoggin. cornet, Dalhart. Jr. Ilijh Elmer Reed, cornet, Lubbock; Joyle Lane, sax, Pampa; Randall Clay, baritone. Pampa: Henry Clay, clarinet. Pampa; Billy Boulware, clarinet, Amarillo. Grade School Delores Slaughter. of time, their science. in twins were biology the their Dr inability twist char- were President the conven- during as stood and man who North Baylor simultaneously and Carolina Ruth Carolina but High some twin fun." the of Hubbard of Waco samples conduc with telepathy saxophone, Plainview; Jimmie Savage, clarinet, Jenry Clay, clarinet, Mary Ruther- "brd," clarinet, Billy Doug Wilson, clarinet, Bobbie J. Vaught, clarinet, Wesley Geiger, saxophone, all of Pampa; Manly Bryan, clarinet^ Plainview. Carl Cowan, clarinet, Phillips; Jharles Boston, clarinet, Shamrock; Bobby Tipps, clarinet, Canadian; Roby Graves, clarinet. Spearman; Douglas Jarrell. clarinet, McLean; Bill Joe Montgomery, clarinet, Shamrock; BUI Taylor, saxophone. Slaton; Walden Favillard, clarinet, Amarillo; Billy R. Jones, clarinet, Amarillo; Gene Hainze, clarinet, AmariUo; Maxine Hutchisson, clarinet. Pampa. Billy Tarpley, alto sax, Pampa; Billy J. Shelly, French horn. Clarendon; Cell Gierhart. BUI Jeff Green, clarinet duet. Shamrock. BANDS Jean Garritson, -violin. Shamrock; J. D. Williams, cornet, Pampa. Don Cherry, saxophone, Slaton; Alton Edwards, saxophone, Borger; Mary Begley, Mayon Goodrich, Arline Truax, Elzie Dalton, Clyde Med- kief, drum quartet, Shamrock. Vocal Girls' Sextet: Mildred Boston, Jaquelyn O'Dell, Doris Bell Clegg- horn, Vern White, Yvonne Brown Preston Sullivan, Amarillo Senior High, Amarillo. Girls' Sextet: " Weate Keating Rowena Tuniey, Lee Joanna, Dorothy Rogers, Ernestine Jennings Lola Mae Burrow, Tulia High School, Tulia. Girls' Trio: Mary Sue Fields, De Alva Winniger, Lena Byrns, Borger High School. Borger. Girls' Sextet: Evelyn Aulds, Freddie Nell Beckham, Marcella Campbell, Marion Hoover, Joye Stovall Aileen Vaughn, Pampa High School Pampa. Girls' Trio: Guylyn Bogard, Ernestine Mercer, Pat Fanning, Amarillo Senior High School, Amarillo. Mixed Quartet: Jeanne Lively Jerry Smith, James Evans, Leon Halloway, Pampa Senior High School, Pampa. Girls' Sextet: Anna Lois Alford Anna Barnett, Betty Lou Clifford Betty Jo Holt, Alcxia Brown, Joan Hawkins, Pampa Junior High School, Pajnpa. Girls' Sextet: Dorothy Nelle Trim ble, Bernardino Phillips, Orvella Hill, Helen Streu, Jean Grance Rachael Ireland, Hereford. Lubbock Boys* Chorus, Lubbock;! Lubbocfc Jr. High Chorus, Lubbock; Lubbock Senior Chorus, Lubbock; Hereford High Chorus, Hereford; Plainview High Chorus, Plainview; Pampa Jr. High Chorus, Pampa; Pampa Mixed Chorus, Pampa; Pampa Sr. Mixed Chorus, Pampa; Pam- Jr. Girls' Chorus, Pampa; Ama- alto fax., Pampa; Sybil Pinson, French horn, Pampa. Girl's sextet: Clarabel Jones, Maxine Holt. Betty Plank, Meribelle Hazard, Betty ^Jean Tieman, Anna- el Lard--Pampa Senior High. Girl's trio; Lynell Carpenter. Lois Carpenter, Louise Carpenter--Dimmitt High, Dimmit* Girl's trio: Betty Jean Tieinan, leribelle Hazard, Clarabel Jones--i 'ampa Senior High, Pampa. Mixed quartet: Mary Sue Fields, uanlta Harrison, Carl Megert, i ?alph Bayless--Borger High, Borger. Plainview. Senior Chorus Boy's,] ilixed Chorus, Plainview: Borger j ligh Girl's Chorus, Borger; Patton Springs Chorus, Alton, Texas; Dim- nitt High Chorus, Diramitt. j John R. Cannon, sax.. Dumas; t. McDonald, sax., Tulia; Kathrynj rohnson, violin, Electra; D. W.i Walston, Bill Tibbs, Bibian Mur~ ]hee. Jimmie Ward, James Keese, unior quintet, Slaton: Julius latherine Burleson, Rushton Greer, Emma Lou Leitner, Dorothy Allen, woodwind, Amarillo: George Groves. sax., Amarillo; Francine Hoover, ax., Amarillo; Earl Humphrey, sax.. McLean; Jack Young, sax., McLean; Charles Fletcher, French horn, Electra. C. T. Ryan, cornet. Lubbock; owell Stark, cornet. Pampa; Rae- mrn White, violin. Shamrock: arber. Sax., Pampa; Gene Barber, rolm Tom McCoy, duet Pampa; Billy Doug Wilson, clarinet, Pampa; "fuy Savage, clarinet, Pampa; Bob- )ie J. Vaught, clarinet, Elsie Graham, clarinet, Pampa; Pampa; Mary- rillo ST. Mixed Chorus, Amarillo; Amarillo Sr. Girls' Chorus, Amaril- .0; Tulia High Mixed Chorus, Tulia; Hereford High Chorus, Hereford- Wesley Askew, baritone, Amarillo; Eugene Langseth, cello, Amarillo; Jact Young, clarinet, McLean; Cone Pevehouse, clarinet, Lubbock. High School Helen J. Rippey, French horn, Amarillo; Phyllis Evans, E-flat horn, Amarillo; Frank Jackson, E-flat horn, Canadian; John Ragan, vio- in, Phillips; Allie Jo Sutton, saxophone Harrold. DIVISION II Nat'l. Division Hershel Andrews, cornet, Harrold; Jean Richardson, cornet, Electra. Paul Post, clarinet, Borger; Robert Dorough, clarinet, Plainview. Imogens Peabody, clarinet, Kellerville; Audine McAnnally, clarinet, Kellerville; Mattie Campbell, clarinet, Kellerville; Jimmy Douglas, clarinet. Clarendon; J. V, Holland, clarinet, Pampa. Myrlene Lyles, clarinet, Pampa; Mildred Gogg, clarinet, Dalhart; Garland Dean, clarinet, Pampa. Roy Bartz, Ray Pauley, Bobbie Parcher, Buddie Biggers, clarinet quartet, Sfcellytown; Melvie Hall flute, Electra; Bill Darcus, alto sax., Spearman; Marilyn Brown; Patricia Brown, clarinet duet. White Deer; Carroll Pearston; Glynn Burrell; Eula Mac Stovall; La Vone Taylor clarinet quartet, White Deer; James Lee Baumgardner, mellophone, Kellerville. Junior High Phyllis Lierance, sax., Amarillo; Ray Dean Noland, sax., Pampa; Donald Max Noel, sax., Pampa. Grade School Donald Max Noel, sax., Pampa; u Lane Boyes, sax., Kellerville; -eola Yeldel!, sax., Kellerville; Billy "'arpley, Jerry'Barber, sax., Pampa; croy Sutton, clarinet, Harrold; [attie Campbell, Imogene Peabody larinet duet, Kellerville: Don. hackleford, alto horn, Pampa; Margaret Wilson, Majjorie Wilson at'inet duet, Pampa; Jerry Barber Billy Joe Westbroofc, cornet, Electra; Hershel Andrews, cornet, Harrold; "Wendell Scott, clarinet, Shamroct; Doris Elaine Reed, clarinet, Canadian ; Herbert Hilburn, clarinet, Plainview; Don Groshart, clarinet, Slaton; A. L. Stovall, clarinet, White Deer; Allies Sharp, clarinet, Tatum, N. M.; Hairy LaMaire, Don Baldridge, Marshall Rhea, Mickie Sweenie, Billie Piercy, Jack Thomhill, sax., Lubbock; John J. Harter, sax.. Canyon; J. J. Harter. James Shannan, sax., Canyon; Bill Davis, 'sax,, Canyon; Moreman Mc:ay, sax., Dalhart; Gilbert Meaker, sax., White Deer; Aubrey Tucker, alto sax., Borger; Mike Watkins, piccolo, Slaton; Francil Bernson, clarinet Canadian. W. Cunningham, Roy Cone, Boston, Dole Thut, clarinet quartet, Pampa; Joyce Turner, oboe, Wesley Geiger, sax., both of Pampa; Bill Joe Montgomery, "Wendall Scott, clarinet duet, Shamrock; Lois Thompson, Dolores Grabber, Barbara Bates, clarinet trio, Slaton; Beryn Wells, Slaton, Guinn Bunky, French horns, both of Slaton: High School John Tom McCoy, sax., Pampa Alma Ruth Edwards, sax., White Deer. J. C. Denny, cornet, Electra; Carroll Newsome, cornet, Hereford Ralph Honey, cornet, Phillips; Will Speck, cornet. Plainview; Smith, comet, Plainview; Homer Ewton, trumpet. Shamrock; THee McPherson, c o r n e t , Brownf Marilyn Witt, cornet, Canadian; Bennie Tepe, comet, Canadian. Clarinets-- Martha Pierson, Pampa; O. D. Thompson, Myma Satterfield, both of Amarillo; Frank fyles, Slaton; Eugene Reneau Electra; Paul Post, Betty Pfeffer am Watson, all of Borger; Buforc lilner, Brownfield; William Mills IcLean; Robert Darough, Plain- iew. DIVISION IH. National. Grade Division. Lloyd Randal, Gordon McMeen, ilildred Hogg, Nora Ljim Spencer Mary Chapman, clarinet quintet Dalhart; Billy White, alto horn Vhite Deer; Mary Rutherford, Rue Tibbets, clarinet duet, Pampa Ruth E. Story, French horn, hoka. Junior Hijrh Frank Shotwel], cornet, Pampa nadian; Jane Campbell, Canyon; Netha Benson, jharles Benefield, cornet, Pampa J. B. Reed, cornet, Canadian. La Juana Lievfried, Netha Den son, Frances Keim. Evelyn Elliot clarinet quartet, Floydada; Jac Sanders, French horn, McLean. Edwin Pearlman, Lon Huff, Katherine Wallace, D. M. Thomp son, Wanda Lee Terry, woodwin quintet, Plainview; Lori Young Teddy Swanner, Frank Gyles, Thornton, F, L. Wells, Slatan. Elaine Jordan, Bobby Tipps, net duet, -Canadian; Delbert Sahl French horn, Amarillo (Sam Hou? ton Jr. High.); Mara Lyn Keck, Smistinft Holmes, clarinet duet, Pampa. . Johanne Studder, clarinet, Canadian; Eleanor Cooper, clarinet, clarinet, clarinet, Floydada: "Winslone Redwine, saxophone, Tahoka; Ludell Anderson, clarinet, Tatum, N. M. Grade School. Anna Merle Cox, clarinet, Erleene Matheson : clarinet, White Deer; Jean Roy lowers, clarinet, White Deer; Charles Taylor, clarinet. Canyon: Petsy Cecil, clarinet, Kellerville; Dorothy Clark, clarinet, Kellerville; Margie West, clarinet, Kellerville; High School. Norma Jean Green, French Tatum, N. M.; Clifford Gallagher, French horn, Tatum, N. M.; Parker, E flat horn, Canadian; Dean Church, French horn, Spearman; Cleo Shelbourne, French McLean; Ernestin Wauser, saxophone, Amarillo; Patsy Gallagher, saxophone, Tatum, N. M.; Edith Shirley, saxophone ; F l o y Countess McDonald, saxophone, Shamrock; Larry Trimble, saxophone, Hereford; Staron Ammons, TAKE HOME A

Clipped from
  1. Amarillo Daily News,
  2. 06 Apr 1940, Sat,
  3. Page 10

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  • Robert Dorough Band Festival 6 Apr 1940

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