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Bonnie Tucker - 12 SENSATION In the City of Mexico Can3ed By J....
12 SENSATION In the City of Mexico Can3ed By J. E. Owens and 3Irs. "Bonnie" Tucker, Whose Elopement From Cin cinnati Becomes Known. Sadden Disappearance of Woman I Leads To Appeal To Police, And Proc)ediD?s In Conrt Re-sal the Storj of ih Coaplo's Flight From tJie United States. rtOlL DIlfiT'-II TO TSISSQCTBSa. Mexlro City. Mexico. June 12 The pe-cui:ar and dramatic disappearance iat Saturday from, the Uot'l Bristol here of Mrs. "Bonnie" E. frtrmn, alleged wife of John B. Owens. .rf Cincinnati. was solved to-day when It became known that the woman In the caae was not the wife of Owena. but the wife of Frank A. Tucker, a former prominent politician of Cincinnati. Owena and Mra. Tucker left the United fllatrs in March Unt and went on a long trip, going- flrat to Havana, ostensibly In search of health f'-r Mra. Tucker, who was suffering; with a severe ae of tuberculosis. Vherever they went they paaaed as "J. E. Owens and wife." In April they returned to the I'nited States and later , came to Mexico. May 'Si they "BONNIE" TTJCXEK, Who elopement with John E. Owens ends In a sensational affair in. the City of Mexico. fornix by a telegram received yesterday. He left the city last night for the United States. Owens Is still here searching for Mrs. rrlved In this city I Tucker, and doing all In his power to lo- and reglitered at the Palace Hotel as husband and wife. After remaining at the Palace a few daya they repaired to the Hotel Briatol and Sonora on May 2. During their stay there they frequently quarreled. Bo grave were their differences that on one occasion Mrs. Tucker wreated from Owens a revolver while. It la said, he was attempting suicide. Their differences steadily grew more acute until Saturday last, when the woman left the hotel In the absence of Owens. "When the latter returned to the hotel he upbraided the proprietor, Prank Ballard, for having aided and abetted In the escape of the woman. Ballard protested that he had done nothing of the kind. Owens. In these disputes with Ballard, threatened violence. As soon as Owens found the woman was gone he communicated with the police, reporting that his wife had disappeared. . Told His Troubles.-Search was Instituted by the police, but without avail. Sunday night, while walking down San Francisco street. Owena mot cate the woman, nle." whom he calls "his Bon- WELL KNOWN HEBE Are Owens and "Bonnie" Tucker, and the Latter Eloped Once Before. The couple referred to In the above dispatch are very well-known In Cincinnati. Owens for years has beon lntermlttenly connected with local newspapers and Is particularly well known In financial and railroad circles. In which fields his news paper duties called blm. He Is a Welshman and considerable of a globe trotter. He spent several years of his adventurous life in Australia and South Africa, where he enjoyed the friendship of the late President Paul Kruger. He Is married and his wife lives on Wesson avenue, Hyde Park, with her brother. In the first Cleveland campaign Owena was on the stump In New1 Tork State for the Democrats. During the Bryan-McKln-ley campaign In 1R06 Owens was a street orator tn this city for the cause of free silver. He had a brother who attained fame was left Mrs. Owen filed suit about' two years ago for alimony, which was accord ed her. This suit was subsequently nolled. however, after a serious Illness of Owens, through which his wife nursed him safely, and a reconciliation followed. The second reparation occurred In January, 10CT, and Owens requested his wife to make application for divorce. This she refused to do, knowing that be intended to marry the other: woman. a friend he had known tn Cincinnati. Owens on the English stage. told this f r.end that he Had suffered a .rest ,M.r"' rrank, T"c ke'' w'" kno " 1"? nle Tucker, Is the handsome wife of Frank bereavement and explained that his wife Tucker, who wss the Superintendent of the had disappeared from the city; that he City Infirmary under the Flelschmann ad- ' had uted search through the police ministration. Mr. Tucker enjoyed and still . , . ., .. . ,, . . . . enjoys the confidence and respect of loading and detectives; that all station, had been K,puDlll..n.. e now , tne ,nsurance guarded, and fhat no clew of his wife's business. whereaAvuts could be ascertained. He said Mrs. Tucker Is of striking figure and a that he feared his wife was mentally de- bru""; 'P'"ranc "ucn attract attention wherever she goes, landed and that hirm had come to her. The eiop.mnt of J. K. Owens and Mrs. After leaving the hotel Monday afternoon Tut'ker recalls a similar episode In which Owens went before Judge Mos-s Garcia, the woman figured In the latter part of 1UU2. ,. .,, , ,. ...... . and which caused a sensstlon In this city. of tne Klml Citurt of Instructions, and pre- ., . . , . v The man with whom una left the eltv on e.nt-d the fac ts In the case from his point I that occasion was Richard Smith, better of view, reprt'st'iitlng that he was a for-1 known as "Dick.", a married man, 42 years old and tho superintendent of the machine shop of his brother James, which was then located at 1215 . West Eighth street. The elopement, which occurred a few nights be fore the dawn of the year 19US. was the sequel of an intimacy of many months standing and was attended by unusual in cidents. At the time Mr. Tucker, who had but a short time before assumed the duties of BOLT Fell From a Clear Skj and Killed Gardener Frazelle, Who Was Work-lag in His Fields- and had bov Bad Into the n back the Dan boy. the he did hi. pher then as had V take up boy's of about ders police William Fraselle. aged 45, a truck gardener, living about a mile north of Harrison, Ohio, was struck and Instantly killed by a bolt of lightning that came from an apparently clear sky while he was at work In his fields about 2 o'clock yesterday aft-1 I can Fraselle'. brother, who wa. working In an adjoining Held at the time of the fa tality, seen when the bolt descended. A. a alight shower followed In about half an hour. he retired to the shelter of the farmhouse. Wondering why his brother did not follow I'tca for office. claim, that not a cloud could be do 101a In wa. that throw Th invesugaiea ana iouna mm lying by unconscious, face downward. In the Held. I -vho Dr..Kllgour. Of Harrison, was called, but P"11 ., . . ,. . ... .... I him " " "" Nagel several minutes. I h-olc No marks or contusions were found onleverT th. iwi . . .ii-t,. .k.I with .... , r. ..... . left cheek, which it is supposed wa. occa- sioned by the fall after the lightning .truck I uge eigner In a foreign land and nad lost all Hut was denr to him and wa. seeking the asslst.ince olj the Court. In the Interview lie ic lllrall charged liallard with having aided and a.bMted the .escape of his wife. He a I no charged that liallard had met Mrs. Tucker by appointment In the corridor of the vostofflce Krldav afternoon. Ballard .,,,,, ... , . . , ... . Superintendent of the City Infirmary, main-admitted rhut he had met Mrs. Tucker ., . . ... c-,v..u talned a flat at MM W est Eighth street, there, but explained thst the meeting was with the Tucker, lived the aged mother of accidental and not by appointment. Owena Mrs. Tucker and the lattcr's sister. ' Mra said that Mrs Tucker had told him that Tucker In a few days was to have been ap- . .. , . , . pointed matron at the Infirmary, which Is the meeting had been by appointment. a cus,0m.ry appointment for the wife of In the proceedings In Court the uucstlon the head of that Institution, was raised as to whether or not the woman There was no more popular man In Cin- was tho wife or Owens. liallard said that c,nnu thn Tuckef. who was the Intimate a lnml friend of leading Republican politicians and arne was not; Owens Insisted that she waa enjoyed a wide friendship that represented The Court Inquired if Owens had a mar- all circles of life. "Dick" Smith was the riage certificate. Owens said that he had hlnlng light of a coterie of kindred spirits 'one with him and auded that It would re- Wh t,urn'd Into day. Smith andUra Tucker were friendly for a long time before tjulre two- or three weeks to get It here jt ,ven whispered that their relations from Cincinnati. The Court could not. un- were Intimate- Mrs. Smith one night found d-r the Mexican law. decide the Issue either ,he card of Mr" Tucker In the pocket of ' ,.,, ... . - . her husband's coat, and asked hlm who she way pending arrival of fhe marriage cer- waL evaded th. qu.,in. but later told tlflcate. ,,, Mrs Tucker wna an elderlv wotnsn r1 . , . . I to wnom ne naa oeen lniroaucea a iistii- Owen. Showed Fight. ,nr ca .ho D,nchllnt was the pre- Tcsterday sfternoon Owens went to Bal-1 seutatlon of cards to friends. Later Mrs. lard and besought hlm to tell the address I Smith became fully aware of conditions, cf Mra Tucker. In ,h. altercation that fol- V'"?-. Z'.JTi ya imi uaiiara told mm husband. Mra Tucker, according to Mra Nrs. Tucker did not wish Owens to have I Smith's story at the time, picked up a pair lier ddrrni. i irni at. l.l ii,.. ti.ii..- I of scissors and threatened to kill Mra ,im th.t n.ii . t. ... Smith, who defied her. Then she threatened told him that Bollard knew the woman to -,, th. 8mlth home and kill herseif In was not Owena s wife; that she had assured the nresence of the man she loved. Mra - Jlallard that she waa the wife of Frank A. I Smith Invited her to do so. Tucker of .n.t .k'.. Smith promised hi. wife to give up Mrs I Tucker, and then Informed her that he was u.u ... .... irom ura ,, to locate In a strange city to get to .Mrs. Tucker addressed In Cincinnati, j Owena said that he defied Ballard to pro duce the letters. Owena Is evidently sufleting from great nervous strain. When confronted with evl- hlm. Coroner Smith, of Lawrenceburg. Ind., waa notified and will hold an Inquest much him, all to-day. This Is the second death by light- I that nlng that ha. occurred near that village I fore biktw yard, hed. works. Italians spur wagon the men Pat. Then he him Three boya the youngest 0 year, old, were I in i urea years. j ne otner victim was a farmer named Jesse Slmonson. who waa in an open field when .truck. YOUNGEST Of the Trio of Boy Burglars, Caught Jn the Act, Was Nine, the Other Two Twelve Each, caught by Patrolman Adam Fink last night I clared In the act of robbing the .tore of John I .torr Quelroll. fruit commission merchant at 12orport Eaat Front street. Patrolman Fink waa I i passing the place when he found the front! "The door ajar. He went Inside and saw three I away from the innuence or ira. He told his wife that he would send for her after he had become settled tn his new surroundings. Instead he sent direct to the Tucker flat. Mr. Tucker was not at home. In obedience to the rough commands of oence st his guilt he admitted to-day that 8m,th Tucker opened The door and he IWKra i i ii in. wunwin ui - i . , the Tucker woman was not his wtfe. . "My hand is in the fire." he as Id. -and I hall die game. I shall see this thing through, although It has cost me (13.000 tn Cold already." Owens said that Mra Tucker, when she left hlm. had tlM In monrv and Jewe's valued at fl.33. He spoke tenderly of er. saying' that she waa 111. bad suffered cently wlih hemorrhages and thax he would C've anything 'in his power if ne could nnd her comfortable and take her back home. and threatened to end her life and those of her husband, another. Mra Hudson, and Mra Jones. If etie did not dress at once and accompany him. Mra. Tucker threw herself at the feet of her mother and begged her forgiveness, and. although the latter appealed to her to renounce Smith, she said he could not. do so. The reault wa. that she left the house with Smith. Tucker was Informed over the phone of hi. wife's action and hastened to the city from Hart-well, but It wa. too late. Smith took Mrs. Tucker to . Cleveland, where be deserted her. She returned to the ctty and was freely forgiven by Mr. Tucker, Owens, when .he came tj Mexico, brought I but her prospective appointment as matron l.-tw-ra to American Ambaaaador Thorn i. I wa. not fumlled. son here from Senator Fo raker, of Ohio. Smith later became a race follower. He wa. the friend of Marion Smith, who as- j nnd letters" te persons prominent In the I slated Cashier Frank Brown In spending the been a redhot fight In the Xew Tork Iegls-Amerlcan colony from gentlemen of char-I money he looted from the Newport bank, j uture to secure the nasaase at press for several year, until about three or iu.m-v: atmntr ,. ,,,, . . , I truth " " do not He brought them out and sent them to the by a Hammond Street Police Station. I the The rouna- buralara are I.nth.r ntnht... ever well Atkinson, aged 12. . of Pearl street and I and Broadway, and James Blankenshlp. aged 1 boy 9l of 61 Main atre.L . nn. ,k k. I Honed . . . - . I a key which fitted the front door of the ttM store. They also had a number of .tamos I once nd a sack of pineapples. - I and They were held for the Juvenile Court. I On Sunday night tje same place was en-this tered and 50 In cash and a doaea lead lad paper weights were stolen, and the police and think the boy. committed this burglary I down, also. I with To nRlinHAM PI lone " " WilHIW I M That Hi Arrest Wa Merely To Di- n.nd. credit th Reform. 'Work. I cord. - vi I h-i.. the National Insurance Policyholder. As-1 a Unit sociation George R. Scrugham Is at home I Coroner for a few dava He win return to x-.w at the Tork to-day or to-morrow to continue the work of organising and extending the association. In regard to his arrest on the charge of forging name, on the envelope. containing ballot. In the recent election Mr. Scrugham eald: . "I have no Idea that the arrest will amount to anything, because It Is rldlculoua and In the second place was done for poli tical effect. For tome month, there ha. Of 'acter and culture In the United Stat " " om Pr- four months ago. when be suddenly left the1 f er.ted. While he was in the city the ae-1 city. It wa. known at the time that he cret of his deception and Irregular life be- I w" accompanied by a woman, but ber came known, howevr an .h .. iwi "entity wa. unknown. He waa wen many tlmM in ar mmnanv Kfr h . n , .4 u imi in. iinnnmu newspaper man naa I from the .-it v iwn hoti iwi hi. deceived his friends here, the Intelligence I wiie. and two year, ago she entered suit for produced a profound sensation. I alimony against him. This waa withdrawn. uowvver. sue Sought Protection. I- When Mr. Charles at Taft waa asked Mrs Tucker went yesterday afternoon to Wht orti.of ltt'r h hd ven Owens the American AmhiuiAtf ln vi-., I ""''"'" given - -- -vr i hlm any letter. He came to me ami t,M wna compuunea tnat sne bad been 111- nlght several of the S3 amendments which we offered were adopted. We showed conclusively that nearly 00 per cent of the vote. In the New Tork Life election were cast by agent, of the company without ever serins: the policyholders: We filed hundreds of affidavit te that effect, and It waa to offset the Influence made by these that I and several others were arrested. . "I was held by a Magistrate te the Court of Special Se4kn. and the .-ase was later changed to the Court of General Beeaiona me that be was going to Cuba, I may have 1."" '.l.T ". " "'" . 1 . . . . . f irut turn aas mui untu leu. a V mKK. UTrU ' p7o - y---"'" " '" T; t puan ct bill prohibiting argents -violence at hi. handa She .ought the pro- ft V. t.!h.L from casting voces of policy holders, and .., .. .. . I that I gave hlm any letter. It would noti-. . k...w !....i1. .w iiuu Vi ui Amniiiuof 1 rom owens s repeated alleged assaults and threata Pro tection wa. tarnlahed. Last n!a-ht ah in.m I Ml u . I was seen last alght at the tmaw of ber ' . wBvre precaution h-otlwr. L. Kirx.r n '.. I Wx. - ne wmin ne free from I Park. She teetlfled that she hu m molestation. Mrs. Tucker was said by per-nor heard from her husabnd since last sons who met ber here to be a woman of I April, wheat he waa ta Cincinnati for a abort wmj 01 leaiure ana agare ana of viva-1 time cioua manner. She had no arouaintancee I Mra Owen. sar. she was married nearly In the city before her arrival In the capital. 10 year, ago, and had no trouble with her Frank Ballard, who came here from Call-1 huaband for a period cf seven yeara At forma a month ago. Is engaged to marry I the expiration of that time. howevr. Owen. 1 " tjovemor uuillam, or Ouer- I made the acquaintance of a married wonsaa rero. Mexico. Ballard la not in the city. I with whom be became Intimate, and for m mm boum lo-oay tne eaac4nccnent waa I wbota he desert ad hi. wlfa Forced by a4 that Mr. Ballard waa caiied to Call- t& desutuu circumstances la which she 1 K.v. k..4 ,v r ir - Coramlsaioner of Insurance to send oat an irah. Ow ,h.tder,ed w,f e. the poUcyhotde $625 Kath Ct. Xy, J525 Kammoth Car, Ky .And Return VI Louisville A XaahwUle R. R. Jane 29. The hi. tragedy lying Burns their from on Vine will te Protestant where An Cameron yet Cameron that then ner add and been ago she the Bernard Walnut knew Personally conducted excursion will Wn Pearl and Butler Street Htauon at 1 1 Ju cm" SAturday. June Jit. V.t,. Additional ex perse of I will cover day and e.uartefY' board at tne hoL cave and g-ji ie fees long and short route. For partvutar. circular., booklet, ac. call at City Ticket Office. 6. E. Corner Fourth end Vina etreeta Telephone Main a; or 234. or ad-dree. F. IX fiaeb. IX P. A, Clnclanau. Ohio.. A a room an hour made at SSO

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 13 Jun 1907, Thu,
  3. Page 12

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