Four Poes Fight overseas.

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Four Poes Fight overseas. - cham-! j j uc-f i lloaa and Mlaa linlce Wacnr....
cham-! j j uc-f i lloaa and Mlaa linlce Wacnr. 0, A 3. FOUR POES FIGHT OVERSEAS Princeton Football Family Ousy Subduing tho Hun. rnixcirrov. k. j.. Oct lz-word lz-word lz-word hsa Just been received St Princeton that "Net" (Nelleon) Toe, '87. the well-known well-known well-known Princeton footbsdl atar, has ro- ro- ceived four wounds In action nml lui! IWn ....r,t. I),. sv..,w TV.-r-w- TV.-r-w- TV.-r-w- TV.-r-w- TV.-r-w- TV.-r-w- .n I neen awarded the French. War Cross and ! the United States rHstlnguisliel Service j Cross. The report Indicates that roe't i f.wnh.n .-.rvari.n. .-.rvari.n. .-.rvari.n. .-a .-a .-a v,i. I football experience haa served him In good stead. He waa first scraped! across the stomach by a machine gun bullf't. but, aa a fallow tiffirer writes, the ballet went on Ita way. and so did Net. " Then a shell burst near h!ar and he waa hit In three places by shrapnel, but, we ltarn from another source. " those old football legs never failed him, and he was cot knocked off hi. feet" r 'Ills Captain waa killed In the engagement, engagement, and " Net " tk command, aafely Intrenched hla men. and remained with them twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four hours. ' Then he waa taken to a hospital. A. letter from a member of hla family, dated Sept. 23. shjs that be waa sull incapacitated, but wti ooiiig weil. On July t najoi Htximond C Stewart wrota from Krance to Kigar Allan 'ill, as follows: " Nft wtnt on fiehtina until he was hit by r-shrapnel, r-shrapnel, r-shrapnel, cm piec-o piec-o piec-o r-'dng r-'dng r-'dng In one arm blow the elbow, another pice In the ether arm beiuw the elbow, and an-otner an-otner an-otner h m In t bc k. " I talked to the surgven J'it aa he had finished on-rating. on-rating. on-rating. Ilo got out the pie.- pie.- from the arm. but let ttie pleve In the back stay there; thought everything everything was ali right and that Net would be absolutely well." At the same time, it waa learned that Kdgsr Allan Poe, Jr., 'IS, son of another famous football player of the same mime, waa likewise wounded. The Poes were always r.olcd for their endufsnc and staying Qualltlna, and It aeema to be illustrated In the case mt this young-ent young-ent young-ent member of the family. In one of hla letter he writes : " I'm all right, grettins alonr fine at Base Hospital No. 1". only somewhat w.ak and under weight; don't worry about me." Asa n-tatter n-tatter n-tatter of fact. Lieutenant Kdsrrir Allan Poe had been hit by a splinter from a hich esplolvc shell which struck him In the small of hla back, went through his lung and came out of his breast. In other -nrds. -nrds. the piece of sts'el went throueh him. and ilx days later ra waa writing home, complalninr somewhat that he was weak and a bit under weight, but otherwise was all MtfM. Hi letter 'to his rfihr wt the firat he had written after being wounded, and It was written on the first day he waa allowed to sit up. He had been In the flrhring but two weens before he got hie. fie wrote, nnd the scran was " so hellish, if was rlori-eua." rlori-eua." rlori-eua." Nothing that has tvren told or written about trench wurfere, he said, was exajrerrated. end ho omtMn't (rive 11 much. The casualties hd been henvy, ss everybody knowa, end meny of te offlcea were klllM. H'.n own Ciiptaln was killed the dsv nfter he pot hla own wnund, Ptirinr the time he waa in the trenchea he eriid. Mil mmrveny went over the top twice end nvn-iled nvn-iled nvn-iled a number of German counterattack. " . There wi tirrent neceaaltv for c'af-Injr c'af-Injr c'af-Injr the Germans out of the wocl. Thev had taken uo positions there, the trees were filled with snipers, the place wis filled with machine-run machine-run machine-run nests, and the (itrron artlllerv had the exaet rane f he iwatt'ors p? th me' Iran a : therefore therefore It waa essential that thev be moved out of there, nnd it fell to the Marines to do the Ion." Four members of the Pne family are now fightins: In Franee They are Ueu-tenant Ueu-tenant Ueu-tenant Nellsor Pe, '97. of the Infantry: Infantry: Lieutenant O-rahsm O-rahsm O-rahsm TI. Poe. "(r?, of the ArTlllery: KOward T. Iier, '17. rrandson of the late Hon. Johns Irenln Poe, and Lieutenant Edgar Allan Poe, Jr. " a four-bail the t and a why the he uie to a . r the the J. th in the to Service on in W. t-tiorlMtop t-tiorlMtop parti) L. a er

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 13 Oct 1918, Sun,
  3. Page 31

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  • Four Poes Fight overseas.

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