James Davison on Watanbe mission

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James Davison on Watanbe mission - THE SUNDAY THE FORMOSAN WAR .- Letter from...
THE SUNDAY THE FORMOSAN WAR .- Letter from Lieut. Davidson,; Our ; Special Correspondent. THE BATTLE AT TAIWAN The Black Flags and Their Meth ods of Fighting. . .. Operations of the Japanese Invaders in September Plans for cro- ber Taman and Taiwan. Taipeh-Fu, Formosa. Sept. 8. Special Corre spondence. The following are tne particulars rj il owntlou of the Imperial Qaard south of Talk la. especially the en gage men t In the vicinity of Chang- Hua In which sdouc e.uuu Insurgents, including a large number of Black FUra and other regular, toon part. The bulk of the Guard'. division left Talkla on the 24th ultimo, but a detachment under Colonel Kakaoka, forming its extreme left wing. left there the following day. The dis tance between Talkla and Talton, or Taiwan, as the two names denote the same place, la a little over twenty-live miles. It was arranged that, by occupying the latter place by the 26th, at the latest, a general attack upon the in argents strongholds in the riclnity of Chang JJua should be carried out on the 27th; but the execution. of this plan was deferred until the 2Sth by an unforeseen resistance met with by the extreme left detachment, under Colonel Nakaoka, in the neighborhood of Taketsao, a . distance of four or fly miles north of Taiwan. Now. Nakacka'a detachment reached the vl- clnlty of this place some time on the after noon of the 25th. when It was surprised by a party of insurgents, who started from a groTe a little distance ahead. Almost simultaneously the rear was attacked by Insurgents from houses on the roadside. -Is Aasaasa. These houses, as usual, were surrounded by densely-grown groves of bamboos, which af- forder excellent protection for the desperate insurgents who had taken their, position among them. Several attempts were made by the Japanese to force their way through the bamboo thickets, but only to be shot down by the well-aimed bullets of the insurgents. One . of these unfortunate Japanese, named Meguro Chus-o. a nrlvate. after making his way through the grove, went straight to the house, and was about to fire It, when a bullet brought him to the ground. Observing that some of his comrade were struggling hard through the bamboo grove to come to his rescue, he cried out to them that it was useless to come further under such deadly lire, and to stop their perilous course. Then he plunged his bayonet into his body, and instantly died. The fighting also continued in front and on the flank of the detachment, it being apparent that the number of the enemy, already some 700 or 800 strong, was gradually increasing. The day having closed while the engagement was still in this dubious state, the Guards bivouacked In the field that night, the sentinels being continually surprised by the ene my's fire. I On the morning of the 26th the engineering corps succeeded in bio win gup the houses that had given so much trouble on the preceding day. The insurgents in front and on the flanks were also put to flight, with heavy ' loss, and in the course of the afternoon Na- .kaoka's detachment entered Taiwan. . In this engagement the enemy's loss was over 100 In killed alone, while the Japanese lose was twenty in killed and wounded. Including Lieutenant Xakamura, who fell while leading a charge Into the bamboo groves, on the 25th. .- . Major General Tamane's troops were the first to enter Taiwan, on the 25th, the rest of the division joining them on the 26th. On arriving there the Japanese found a large check the advance of the Japanese, melted away before the latter without offering any resistance worth the name, leaving the prosperous city of Cbang-hua in the hands of the imperial troops. Chang-Hua contains about 0,000 Inhabitants,, and abounds in solid and fine-looking edifices. Lc-Kiang. Its seaport, admits of small steam craft, and It la a tolerably flourishing place. - As there seems to be some confusion with respect to the movements of the Japanese forces In Formosa, owing to the similarity of Ue names "Taiwan" and -Tainan,' It might be well for me to state that the two places are quite distinct, the former, which Ilea ninety-. five miles to the north of the latter, being the chief town of the province of the same name, whereas Tainan la the southern capital, aa Talpeh la thejiorthern. At Tainan the Black Fiags have their headquarters, and there, if anywhere on the island, a stout resistance is expected by the Japanese. They took Taiwan without difficulty, but they anticipate a different state of affairs at Tainan, and are making' their preparations accordingly. The various corps forming the second division will doubtless be mustered for the assault, and It is not likely the place wUl be attacked before early In October, by which time the climatic conditions will be better fitted for campaigning purposes than at present. " .' Plot te Auaulaal. r On Aug. SI nine desperadoes were arrested at Tuatutla. In Taipeh-Fu, while in the act of concerting plana for the assassination of the Governor General and other high officials. The conspiracy had been secretly In progress for more than a month. The principal actor In the drama was an ex-officer of the volunteer corps, named Wu Teh-Fu. At the fall of Keelung he waa made prisoner by the Japanese, but managed to elude the vigilance of the guards, and escaped to hla native village. In the vicinity of Talpeh. Before en-, listing as a volunteer he had been a medical practitioner, .but hla ferocious nature made him the terror of the whole neighborhood. Shortly after hla return home Taipeh-Fu also fell Into the Japanese hands, but Wu. being a man of desperate courage, busied himself in collecting an army to regain the capital of the Ibland. In this task he waa assisted by five associates of character similar to his own. They succeeded In obtaining the promise of 2.000 or 3,000 persons to take up srms against the Japanese, but they had to postpone any open measure, aa they were hopelessly deficient in arms and ammunition. They are said to have looked for a supply of these necessary articles from a powerful supporter In Amoy, who promised them ample rewards of money and official titles on the success of their Intended operations. Arms and ammunitions were secretly landed In the neighborhood, and several boats carrying them were discovered by the Japanese. About this time an alarm, inexplicable at the moment, spread among the Chinese in Talpeh and Its vlcln-;ty. Hundreds of them fled to the continent with the utmost precipitancy. It la now evident that the alarm Waa caused by the news of the big conspiracy then in active preparation. The existence of the plot, was not known to this Japanese, but in consideration of the general excitement among the Chinese and some unusual signs In the vicinity every possible precaution waa at once taken by the military authorities at Taipeh. Such increased vigilance on the part of the Japanese, as well as an Insufficiency In their supply of arms and ammunition, convinced the leaders of the plot of the utter impossibility of driving the "W'ojen" from the capital, a conviction that received confirmation from the drastic measures adopted by the Imperial Guards to clear all Insurgents from the district between Talpeh and Shinchuh. About thirty of the leading conspirators assembled at the house of their chief. Wu Teh-Fu, in the beginning of August. They vowed to consecrate their livea to the assassination of the principal Japanese officers; and. incredible as it may seem, the ferocious Wu killed his own child of 5 years, and the Inhuman desperadoes pledged their faith by drinking the blood of the boy. 'The Coasplratorsv-: Indistinct tidings of the affair came to the notice of the but the Information commanding the garrison at a place calleC Tal Kuakan, took about forty-five officers and men. Including military surgeons and others. and aet out to hold a conference with an aboriginal tribe, arrangements to that end having previously been made through tho medium of some Chinese. On reaching the appointed rendezvous, at the foot of a mount aln, the Japanese party halted, and in less than half an hour were Joined by seven aborigines. Including the chief and two women. Instead of savage-looking persons that the Japanese expected 'they found that their visitors bad frank and genial counte nances. . Coafereaee wlthTfatlves. - The chief was somewhat advanced iayears, but amiable and straightforward In his demeanor. . There was a young boy of about 15 or IS years of age, who attracted attention by his Intelligent looks and active motions. Except this boy, all of the male representatives of the aboriginal .population had peculiar marks, tattooed on the forehead and cheeks. The women were In Chinese costume, spoke Chinese fluently, and had none of the bashrulneas of their Chinese sisters, while the men wore their own primitive clothes. The conversation between the Japanese officers and the aborigines was conducted through the medium of Chinese guides, who spoke the tongue of the mountaineers. " The meeting proved extremely cordial on both sides, and the affability of the aborigines was increased by liberal presents of liquor, tobacco, canned fish, and silver pieces. , They evinced much pleasure at these presents, but did not seem to understand the value or the use of the sliver coins. They asked for another meeting, on which occa-alon they promised to show their guests over all the habitations-of the different tribes. A second party of Japanese officers is known to have ventured into the districts of the aborigines, but nothing has yet reached uses to the result of the expedition, v The Department oj Finance has already sent fifty-seven experienced customs officers to Tamsui. who are conducting affairs there. The monthly customs receipts smount ' to about 600.000 yen, which are apropriated to the extraordinary military receipts of the army. " During the month of August 20.812 Japanese subjects have come to Formosa, consisting of troops, nurses, railway engineers, telegraph clerks, artisans, poatefflce clerks, sailors, merchants, and priests. The authorities contemplate opening a Japanese school at Talpeh to educate twenty intelligent Chinese youths at the government expense, with a. view, to their employment after graduation as interpreters. - . JAMES WHEELER DAVIDSON. - Later. Taipeh-Fu,' Sept. 12. The Imperial Body Guards ststioned in the vicinity of Chang-Hua have so. far only sent out scouting parties in the direction of Tainan. Ail is quiet at and around the neighborhood of Chang-Hua. The reserves are arriving one . after the other and are relieving the trcops guarding the commissariat line". ' Accordingly the Fourth Mixed Brigade are now assembling their body to the east of Talpeh, while the Imperial Body Guards, who. are to guard the commissariat line south of Oolong, are now assembling at Chang-Hua. Lieutenant General Takashime, Vice Gov-' ernor General of Formosa, and suite safely arrived on the afternoon of the 11th instant. Lieutenant General Nogi. commander of the Second Division, is gathering his forces at the Pescadores and after full preparations will land his men with the support of the navy on the south coast of Formosa. 1 JAMES WHEELER DAVIDSON. SEW YORK BASK STATEMESTT. Fall In a; OAT lav Losss, lwt So Gold Shlpaieata salsrdsy. ' New York. Oct. IS. Special Telegram. The New Torh Financier saya. this week: For the flrsrtlme since Sept: t last the. weekly statement pf the associated banks -of New York city shew an increase the reserve, -tho expansion for the week ending Oct. 19. being 11.203.-27a. The net ineresae la cash reported amounted to only IS11.60U. The total specie holdings are now

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