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is it, many our the may or U.S. are -one we lighter whom requesting Yesterday And Today-Early Today-Early Account Of Half ield-McCoy · By SHIRLEY DONNELLY Some weeks ago there appeared appeared on a television show a man named Hatfield. He was questioned questioned some :by the show's star as to the number of persons who were slain in the notorious Hatfield-McCoy Hatfield-McCoy feud of the 1880's andl890's. . ' - While I, did not sec the show, information information that came to me was to the effect effect that the Hatfield in the show claimed that 300 people were shot and killed in the famous feud, 'That, of course, is highly untrue. While much time has been giv- ed to study of that feud, such a remark always sends me to check ray sourpes on the subject once more. Before me lies Vol. XXIV, No. '4 of Munsey's Magazine. It iSv the" issue of January, 1901. .In this 58-year-old magazine is "The Story of a Mountain Feud" By John R. Spears. Tltts article was written about the time the guns of thefeudists were cooling. Spears tells .of how he "visited the abandoned home of old Bad Anse, on the east bank of Tug River, opposite the mouth of Peter Creek." There he "found a gaudy lithograph hanging hanging in a Irame above the fireplace. fireplace. It read: 'There is no place like our 'home,' and someone, familiar with the history of the locality had scribbled on.the white margin beneath the letters this addition:'Leastwise, notthis Side of hell.' " .Spears states in the opening paragraph of his article that "As a result of this quarrel about an almost worthless pair of hogs, at least ten people were shot to death and more than a dozen were wounded by gunshots.'' His statement statement confirms my own findings. SPEARS CALLS the Hatfield- McCoy feud "the bitterest, deadliest, deadliest, and most fiendishly cruel feud that this country has ever known." His article is illustrated with numerous drawings, one of which shows Rose Ann McCoy as a beautiful and buxom-bosomed "young lady. She is pictured in the drawing leaning against a rail fence in coquettish conversation . with the handsome son of Anse Hatfield -- "Jonce," as Spears spells the abbfeviated given name of Johnson "Johnse" Hatfield. Hatfield. He was Rose Ann McCoy's suitor. Spears added fanciful touches for color. It was of interest to note that Anderson "Anse" Hatfield Hatfield is' called "Bad 'Anse" by Spears. Others called the Hatfield Hatfield clan head "Devil Anse." .After Deacon Ellison Hatfield was stabbed and shot by the three sons of Randolph "Rand'l" McCoy at the August election in '1882 at the mouth of Hatfield Branch in Pike County, Ky., the doctor who treated him found Ellison Ellison had 27 cuts and stabs, one of which pierced his lung. He also frad a. bullet wound in the small of his back and it ranged upward and forward. Ellison Hatfield was · called "Deacon" because he was a deacoa in his "HardshelT'Bap- tist 'Church. He had escaped death in Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, Gettysburg, but was mortally wounded wounded by the three McCoys. * * * ACCORDING TO SPEARS, Devil Devil Anse had told Randolph McCoy's McCoy's wife when she pleaded that they not kill her three sons,' 'Yo' needn't beg, and yo' needn't cry. .Ef Ellison dies, yo-' boys befe got \Q die, d--n my heart ef "they don'tl" ·; ' Spears reported that Ellison Hatfield's last words were, with reference to the three McCoy boys who had wounded him, "Give them the civil law." But.Devil Anse decreed otherwise. Three McCoys were taken over Tug River and shot to death after being being tied to pawpaw trees "about two inches in diameter," Spears wrote., "When I visited the spot, a few years ago, .(prior to 1901), ·a beech tree that stood not far from the pawpaws had these words carved on it: "TheMcCoy Boys/Shot in 1882." * * * SPELLINGS OF THE NAMES .of the'slain McCoy boys differ in the Spears article from what my 'research showed/ them be. Spears credits Messer of the Hatfield clan with slaying 13- year-old Randolph McCoy Jr. at the pawpaw thicket: "Messer loaded his shotgun with a heavy charge "of rifle balls', went bade, and, while the boy cried and writhed in agony, blew the top of his head off. They picked up a piece of the little fellow's skull, four inches.across, several feet away from the corpse the next day." Spears said when Cap Hatfield beat Mrs. Bill Daniels with the cow's tail of a cow which the Hatfields had killed because she was giving bloody milk;"that Cap heather "Jes' to see 'er lump I" On the night of New Year s Day, 1888, the Hatfields stormed the McCoy home, home of Randolph McCoy. Spears says Jim Vance ordered Allifair (Spears spells the name' " AUaphare") McCoy shot; that Cap'Hatfield raised his rifle to shoot her but did not shoot because Ellison Mounts had his rifle up,.and shot the girl. It was for this deed that Ellison Mounts was tried · by Kentucky and hanged; After-Randolph McCoy escaped the raiders the night when Calvin McCoy and his sister, Allifair, were slain, Spears records that "Randolph · McCoy passed the night with a bunch of friendly hogs, without whose warmth, he would have frozen to death, because because it wao a bitter cold night." 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