Indian Massacre 1

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Indian Massacre 1 - but that' they either intended ! to betray the...
but that' they either intended ! to betray the Veffel, or elfe were compelled by the Ottawawas to difcovrr our Strength on. board the ,Scho3neryon which th.y atucked h:r, asit was afterwards told us." - p HiPL A D, E L P H I A, October 13. ; To - moirow ; the GENERAL mce meets here. ASSEMBLY of this Prd - This - Mcrning, at Ten oTlock, the Reverend Mr. W H IT E - made of about a them they when them tatnem N. Ezekiel William HELD preaches, at St. PauPs Church, ",On - Sunday Night laft an Exprefs arrived from Northampton County, with the following melancholy Account, viz. " That , Vn the Morning ; before the Houfe of John Stinton, jibout eight ' Miles from Bethlehem, was attacked by the Indians as follows. ' ; Captain Wither holt, With a Party, belonging to Fort Allen, be - v ang at .t&at Houle, and intending early for tne rort, ordered a Servant ctjt to get his Horfe ready, who was immediately fliot : down by the Enemy ; upon w,hich the Captain going to the Door, Ship 1 was alfo fifed at, - and mortally - wounded : That then a Ser - C. : jeaat attempted to pull in the CaptairiJ and to ftiut thePoor, but ' J. he was likewife daftgeroufl.y wounded : That the Lieutenant next Wallace, idvanced when an" Indian jumped uport the Bpdies of the two York. others, and prefented a Piftol to his Breaft, which he put a little - Henry, afide, and it went off over .his Shoulder, whereby he got the In - diancuj of theHoufe, and fliutihe Door : That the Indians after J. Earl, this went round to a Window, and as Stinton was getting out of Martha, tica, taot mm, out not aeaa, ana ne oreaicing out 01 tne nouie. ran about a Mile, where hedropt and died1: That his Wife, and 2 Chiidren, ran down into the Cellar, where they were (hotat three Time 5, but cfcaped 1 That Captain Wetherhoit, finding himfelf growing very weak, crawled to aWindow, and fliot - an Indian dead, it Was thought, as he was fetting Fire to the Houfe with a Match : And that upon this the other Indians carried him away with them, and went cfl. Captain Wetherhoit died foon after." Extract of a Letter from Bethlehem, Oftober 9. , V Early th;s Morning came Nicholas Marks, of Whitehall Towhjhip, anil brought the following Account, , viz. That Ye - fterday, juft after Dinner, as he opened his Door, he faw1 an Indian Indian ftanding about two Poles from the Houfe, who endeavoured to (hoot at him j but Mrks ihutting the Door immediately, the Fellow flipt into a Cellar, clefe by the Houfe. After this faid Marks went out of the Houfe, with his Wife, and an Apprentice Gafpey vidence. Charles I. and Ship Bermuda; Schooner Pindar, Ifland. Baltimore, Snow Boy, in order to make their Efcape, and faw another Indian ftand - T and lng oenina a irec, iuo io mcu 10 mooi. ukdi, uui a uun itoi. I. Duke I. 9 muTed Fire. - They then faw a third Indian running through the Orchard 5 upon which they made the beft of their Way, about two .Miles orT, to one Adam Tafliler's, where about ao Men in Arms were aflembledj who went firft to the Houfe of Jacob Mek - ly, where they found a Boy and Girl lying dead, .and the Girl fcalped. From thence they went to Hance Sneider's, andTaid Marks - 's Plantations, and found both the Houfes on Fire,.anl a Horfe tied to - theBufhes.. They alfo found faid Sneider, his Wife, - si thrts Childrcdcaiia the Fields the Man and Wcmaa fcalp - J O II to

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Gazette,
  2. 13 Oct 1763, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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