Omero C. Catan, Jan 20, 1938, The Coshocton Tribune

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Omero C. Catan, Jan 20, 1938, The Coshocton Tribune - THE COSHOCTON TRIBUNE The Man Who's Always...
THE COSHOCTON TRIBUNE The Man Who's Always First w/ . . . . ... . r». i Writes--His First btory! fam- the And pays travel . 23t 4c 7c 17c ~ 49c 25c 25c . » · 17c Above: Omero C. Catan registers another "first"--his FIRST story, written for this newspaper. At left: Catan in the FIRST picture ever taken of him. A new bridge or tunnel is opened to traffic. Gates swing wide to welcome fans at a great, sports event A new sea or air liner arrives in port. A spectacular public celebration is staged . . . And almost always always the first in line, or the first ticket-holder, or the first on board, or the first to arrive on the scene, is a slim, dark- complexioned young man named Omero C. Catan. Famed Famed in the area about New York, at least--for his hobby of being being FIRST at important public public spectacles, Catan now has prepared for NEA Service and The Tribune the FIRST article he has ever written for publication! publication! plained to us in diseasing his position. position. "In fact, I haven't even had time to go on a honeymoon, altho I've been married nearly 11 years." The Lombardo's present Sun- afternoon series keeps them in New York, because the sport- soi isn't interested in having it Chicago or Los it isn't relayed. broadcast from Angeles where The band's sustaining programs art carried all over the country, but Guy believes he has to have the sponsored Sunday show to keep his standing. What a Vacation Lombardo did take a week off last summer, for what he thot was going to be a vacation. He planned planned to sail along the New England coast in his big boat. The morning morning the proposed trip was to get under way the captain of the boat fired the kitchen steward. Lombardo Lombardo called various employment agencies to get a replacement. Finally, he located a highly recommended recommended cook. He arrived just as the boat was ready to sail. He was over six feet tall and insisted on wearing a high chef's hat. As a result, Lombardo reports, he couldn't walk down the galley- way. Otherwise, everything went well the first night out at sea. The following morning, when Lombardo rang for the steward, the captain answered the call. It seems that the cook had never been on a boat before and was suffering from sea-sickness. The BY OMERO C. CATAN NEW YORK--In the first paragraph paragraph I wish to state, first of all, that this is the first newspaper article I have ever written. Many first page stories have been printed about my being the first person to have a hobby of being first at public affairs, but this is the first time some of my purely personal "firsts" have appeared. appeared. I first saw the light of day in Brooklyn, 23 years ago. My first love came at the age of 10, when we lived in Waverly, Pa. She and I were in school together. Incidentally, from the first, I've believed in love at first sight. I still expect some day to meet my "First Lady"--in other words, my result was that Lombardo had to drag him to his bunk and spend most of the day trying to comfort him. The second day, Guy's boat pulled into port and the cook left. So the Lombardos had to prepare prepare their meals during the rest of the trip. That wouldn't have been so bad, Guy informed us, but the captain didn't like what they ordered for their dinners. That meant either cooking sped?] for him or eating what he wanted. And that was supposed to have been a vacation for the busy band leader. Never Again! This year' Lombardo is playing safe. He plans five days off in March and will go down to Florida for a rest. Next fall he hopes to be able to arrange the band's schedule so that it can tour about the country again. While that is far from being being a vacation, it will be a change of atmosphere. Being on top and playing "the sweetest music this side of heaven" heaven" as the Lombardos have, isn't as easy as it may seem to the dial- wife. Of course, I may first fall in love with a divorced woman, which would mar my record. Politics Hold First Place in Ambitions My first ambition is to go into politics. The first thing I would do in my first public office would be advocate a child labor amendment amendment to the constitution. I think the first thing this country needs now is not exactly Fascism, but more real power in the President's hands. I first registered as a Democrat, but I'm Independent. I first voted in 1935, but I can't remember remember for whom. From my first step in politics, expect to rise until I will be first person of Italian ancestry to become the First Man of the --in other words, President. They've said I'm "not first In war, nor first in peace, but first the crowds of my countrymen." Which reminds me that the first thing people think is that I must regard George Washington as national hero No. 1. That's not so, despite his famous firstness the hearts of his countrymen. I think T. R., President Roosevelt the First, is my first ideal because he was the first President with courage to do things for the people. people. Mayor LaGuardia is first among New York's mayors in my mind. I put a paid ad in the paper thanking God for his re-election. He's my first because he has it possible for me to be first so many times, as he's always opening opening swimming pools, bridges, highways and such. a Bible Injunction Puzzles Htm to Last So far I have 225 "firsts" to credit. My first "first" was in 1928 as first visitor aboard the Graf Zeppelin on its first trip On my last first I drove the first car thru the new Lincoln Tunnel. My next first depends on which ers who have been delighting in the Canadians' broadcasts for years. Being an institution means, of three highway projects I'm hard work--particularly m the ; watching is finished first. band business. | During this first part of my finances MARRIAGE LICENSE O. Wayne Enzor, 26, Ashland business man, and O Beatrice Barnes, 28, Tiverton. It's Dirty Work on the Campus ftrsting career, lack of has confKed me to the New area. Otherwise I would have been first across the Internationa] Peace Bridge at Buffalo and across San Francisco's Golden G a t Bridge. The first thing I'll do when I'm financially able, is to tour the country, being first--first here and then there. Only one thing has me puzzled I don't know what to do abou! prediction that "the

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  • Omero C. Catan, Jan 20, 1938, The Coshocton Tribune

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