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 - 184-0. CLAYTON. How t was Elects to tie Ustted...
184-0. CLAYTON. How t was Elects to tie Ustted States Seaate a Secoad Tlsie. ad how Me Rewarded the Ssaators sad Representatives who Re-Eleoted Him. Asother Chapter of Radical Chicanery la Arkaoiaa Proof sf Claytoa'e Trickery. The Little Bock Gasette of the 17th contains a long and ably-prepared article recounting the facts of the manipulation of the electoral districts districts of that State by Clayton and his Radical legislature, showing that of 102,359 citizens 71,885 enly were regis tered in 1870. and 53.S0O voted. And that, according to the registration, 30,474 were disfranchised, and accord ing to the vote cast 48,659. Also that counties were thrown together whose borders were more than one hundred miles apart, and which have no local interest In common. Four or five white counties were grouped together where the whites largely predoml nate, and then added a county with ufficient colored votes to elect the en tire legislative ticket of the district, thereby depriving the white counties from any representation whatever. In others, again, where no negro county could be added, six or seven white counties were massed together and the representation cut down. And all this in the interest of Clayton, in order to sustain an illegally acquired supremacy. The Gazette says these facts are very valuable when taken in onnection with the investigation now going ou before the congressional committee at Washington as to the participation of Governor Clayton in the election frauds in Arkansas In 1870 We would like to call the attention of that committee to the fact tt at every registration officer in the State, antecedent antecedent to his election, was an appointee appointee of Clayton, subject to removal at his pleasure. It is tiardly possible that the astonishing results shown a ove could be brought about without his knowledge or connivance, it is well remembered here that although the law required all the registrars to be appointed on or before the 1st dsy of August, 187t , yet but few such ofH cers were appointed before that day ; and for weeks and months alter, up to within a few days ef the election In November, his appointments of registrars registrars were doled out in the fare of universal, outspoken, public indignation indignation at the manifest corruption of his action as he could find willing tools to do his bidding. But Governor Clayton's power over the registration of 1870 was but a very small portion of his power and plan to elect himself to the United States senate, as will be seen at a glance as to the power of ar(ointment vested in him a power greater than that of the czar or sultan. It can be said of Governor Clayton, perhaps more truly than of any other man in the senate, that he was "the architect of his own fortunes." APPOINTINS POWER OF THE GOVERNOR. GOVERNOR. Section one of the schedule of the State constitution provides that, at the time the constitution was submitted submitted to the pe iple, an eltction should be held for members of the general assembly, membtrs of oon-ure&i, oon-ure&i, governor, lieutenant-governor, stcretaryof Btate, auditor, treasurer, at orney-general, sup niiteuaeat o! public instruction, judges Qf the su- pieme court sua county ameers. In article fifteenth, section two of the constitution, it is provided that the general assembly may determine the mode of filling all vacancies in all offices, &sd of choosing all necessary necessary officers. But the general assembly, under the manipulations of the biate executive, has never enacted any law in accord anse with this provison, end hence sections five and six, of the same article, article, still remain in force, giving the governor power, first, to appoint all township and precinct officers; sec ond, to appoint all the prosecuting attorneys; attorneys; and section three, of article eight, gives the governor power to appoint the chief justice; section five, same article, coalers the power on the governor to appoint the judges of all inferior courts, t- the term of six years, and until the general assembly shall otherwise direct. This Includes circuit Judges and county and probate judges Under the registiation law of 1870, the governor was empowered also, to appoint and remove reglslrais at will, and in the new election law be is empowered to appoint and re move assessors, who are made rtgis-trars rtgis-trars whenever he may feel so disposed. disposed. The general assembly never having made any law to regulate the the ninug or vacancies in ouk?, me governor nils Dy appointment m vacancies. vacancies. The governor has the power to fill any vacancy that may occur in any office of the State by death, resigna tioner otherwise; he has the power to appoint every officer in theS'ato save a governor, lieutenant governor, aulitor, treasurer, secretary of State, attorney general, superintendent of public Instruction, associate Justices of the supreme court, sheriff, clerk, tress urer and coroner of the counties. RX -GOVERNOR CLAYTON'S ELECTION TO THE UNITED STATES SENATE. Mr. Clayton was first elected United State- senator on the 10 :h of January, 1871, receiving twenty-three votes in the senate and seventy-one in the Louav. Nearly all the Democratic members supported him, because they saw no chance to eieqt a man of their own choice, and Governor Clayton had promised to inaugurate and carry out many needed reforms. No sooner was he elected, however, than he did the very reverse to what he had promised. His majority in both houses became defiant and intolerant, and ousted a member of the house, Thorn -turg, because he was a Democrat, Democrat, in order to give room (or a supple tool of tbe administration. administration. This, together with the effort to impeach the lies tenant-go vernor for no other reason that, that Governor Governor Clayton had proiEaed to get rjd of him, that one of his own tools might fill the executive chair-aroused chair-aroused the Indignation of the better element of the house, who turned the tables upon the governor, and impeached impeached him; bat tbe majority of tbe senate, owned by the executive, flea to the woods, and prevented a quorum quorum for eleven days, In order to keep the articles from being presented to that body. In the meantime Clayton Clayton worked upon the managers, and succeeded In getting a report adopted In tbe house withdrawing the charges. Then followed the resignation of the lituteaant-governor and the secretary of state, and the appointment of the former to the latti r office, la accordance accordance with an arrangement made with him to get out of the way. This was after the governor had declined to accept accept the senatorahlp aa long as there was prospect ol the lieutenant-governor succeeding him. As soon as he was out of the way, a new election was held, and the governor was reelected reelected senator by the following vote: Senator t Askew, Bald in, Dugger, Dell, Gallagher, Harbison, Howard, Hodges, Hemingway, Hadley, Mar-tio, Mar-tio, Mallory, Bushing, Sarber, Thomas. Thomas. White, Yoong-18. Aepramtativt Alexs nder. Barbour, Barbour, Barrow, Chamberlain, Olayton, Cohn, Espy, Bubaitks, Fricks, Garner, Goad, Grady, Orgy, BadUock, Hale, Harris, J. W. ; Hairis, W. G.; Hajel, dine, HoMbaturb, Janes, Johnson, JoVyu, Man, Mayo, Morpaa, O'Neill, Orr, Parker, Peck, Pilkington, Polk, Preddy, Prlgmore, Bobinson, Scales, Ktati wairanr. waters, njirai Tankersley 42 T!-.ot o. nmwHrv to a choice, 55 Thi wai'nn the 15th of March. Of the above members the following wa anointed to office last betore durine. or after the struggle of the trnvmnnr for the senatorshlp, by Gov ernor Clayton, or by his new gover- rtnr In juWdance with an under standing between them: SENATORS. A. Gallagher Appointed a Justice ot the peace April tin, ion, mm v-m onel ol Monroe county militia Sep (..,,,.,. r ii. 1871. D. P. iieldin Appointed a justice f tho nonce Sentember. 1870. and briettdier-jreneral November iJ6th, 1870. A. Hemingway Appointed ooui-missiot ooui-missiot er to locate county site of trie new county of Line iln April 31, 1871 O A. Hadley Elected by senate as lieutenant governor, ami prcmotea to governor soon alter Clayton was re- p oth senator. G. H. Martin Was a jostles of the peace before, during and alter the leg islature met and adjourned, and still holds the office; appointed probate and county judge of iPmpstead March I3 h. 1871: also notary public; ap- oointed commissioner to locate the county site of the new county of Ne vada March sssa, lowi. s. W Mallorv Aooointed commls sioner of claims April 1, 1871, director for the State in Mississippi, Ouchita and Red River railroad; also notary mi hi if. R. D Rnshlnsr A justice of the pea"e before, dot ing and after the legislature legislature met and ad) turned. J. N. Sarber Had a new county created bearing his name; a brigadier general; trustee of industrial univer sitv aoDointed Aoril 6. 1871. A. D. Thomas appointed clerk of Conwav county March 29, 1871. James Torrans Appointed major and Davmaster of militia April 14, 1871 ; promoted to colonel of militia of Lafayette county October, 1871. P. H. Young Appointed brigadier treneral November 26. 1870, and trustee of industrial university April 7, 1871. REPRESENTATIVES. J. M. Alexander (colored) A justice of the peace beiore, during and after ttae legislature met anu aujourueu; appointed notary public January 17, 1871. Conway Barbour (colored), of LafayetteAppointed LafayetteAppointed assessor of Chicot county March 21, 1871. E. H. Chamoerlain Appointed a justice of the peace March 30, 1871. John M. uiayton orotner oi me senator) Appointed a Justice of the peace before, during and after the legislature met and aojouruea; appointed appointed trustee of industrial university university April 11, 1871. M. A. Cohn A registrar in 1870; Mutated trustee of industrial univer- piy April 11, 1871, appointed super intendent 01 putilic instruction, second distik-t. April 1.1871; brigadier gen eral, appointed November 26, 1870. A. V. .hispy A justice ot me peace before, during and after the legislature legislature met and adjourned. J. V. Garner Appointed sheriff of tbe new county ot Sarber March 25, 1871; also commissioner to locate county site. J. P. Grady Appointed eherifl of Crawtord, March , 1871. Thomas Gray A Justice of the peace beiore, during and after the legislature legislature met and adjourned. George Haddock Appointed assessor assessor of Ciark county, May 5, 1871 ; also, assistaut State geologist. i. (J. Hale Appointed coroner oi Bradley, June 21, 1871. W. C. HaaMdine Appointed circuit judge, April 14, 1871, and lieutenant- colonel of annua, marcn 10, mil. Adsm Johnson (colored) Was a registrar In 1870. G H. Josiyn Appointed county and probate judge of the new county ot Llncolo, March 28, 1871. Herbert Marr Appointed circuit school superintendent, March 26, 1871. B C. Morgan Appointed a justice of the peace, January 17, 1871. Thomas Urr Appointed assessor oi Lafayette county. May 16. 1871; cap tain of niililia, March 6, 1871. K. S. Parker Appointed a Justice ot the peace, August 2, con firmed, 1871. Carl Polk (colored) Appointed a justice of the peace, July 22, 1871. C. W. Preddy Appointed county and probate Judge of Drew, March 11, 1871. G. W. Prigmore Appointed circuit clerk of Jefferson county, March 17, 1871. J. A. Robinson (colored) Appoint ed assessor of Desha county June 16, 1671. T. G. T. Steel Appointed circuit lude February 28 1871. 0. C. Waters Appointed circuit udge, first circuit, February 28, 1671; afterwards gave up, add was appointed appointed judge of tbe criminal court of Phil-liw. Phil-liw. March 28. 1871. E. B. Wiley Appointed a Justice of the peace J une zs, mil. OL W. Tankersley A registrar In 1870; attorney of Ciark county; appointed appointed superintencent of penitentiary penitentiary March 80, 1671. On comparison we find that out ot the sixty members who cast their votes for him, thirty-seven were indebted indebted to Governor Clayton for position. position. TELEGRAMS Jemmy Blaine is better. Tbo Mexican claims commission sit to-day in Washington. Alexis will arrive at Topeka, Kansas, Kansas, torday from Kit. Carson. Mr. Davis, of Brooklyn, accidentally accidentally shot his mother yesterday. Grant does not intend to further urge the purchase of San Domingo. Bergh Is uaklng himself more of a nuisance than ever to the New Yorkers. Yorkers. The New Yorkers are paying close attention Just now to the movements of Judge Barnard. The amount refunded by the general general government to the States for expenses expenses in raising volunteers, from 1861 to 1572, Is thirty nine millions, the balance of the claims on suspended accounts amount to five millions. All of the grooms of the bed-chamber at the Wnite House stand pledged to e wear to anything necessary to offset offset the testimony brought out against the president at the New York customhouse customhouse investigation. Tbe advertisement of a Western gun factory, forwarded by telegraph under the frank of the Associated Press last night, is not Inserted, because because the rule of this office cash in advance from strangers was not complied with. Another revolutionary hero has gone under. Her name was Aunt Phillis, and she passed the flower of her youth in the capacity of a spy for the tories against the patriot forces. She departed this lire quietly at Buck-town, Buck-town, New Jersey, yesterday. The estate of the late James Fisk, jr., does not appear to be so large as was supposea. mis rentiers u proper proper that General Grant should refund the subscription cf one thousand dollars dollars to the Bawlins fund which Fisk paid for him. Let him send on the money by express; or he might remit remit it through the hands of his broth-er-ln law, Mr. Corbin. Tbe colored lawyer, W. G. Winn, who was murdered in Chicot county, Arkansas, formerly worked In Saginaw Saginaw city, Michigan, as a Journeymen barber. Two or three years since he left for Washington to enter upon tbe study of the law, and had settled in Chicot county to xry on tbe practice, practice, w Hi. Spurgeor .jt well-known Lou don minister, u In Borne. a

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