The Fleetwoods Port Angeles Evening News June 5, 1959 Page 4, Cols. 2-4

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The Fleetwoods
Port Angeles Evening News
June 5, 1959
Page 4, Cols. 2-4 - big money with one record O -: •.;•/;•••••:• •...
big money with one record O -: •.;•/;•••••:• • ' , -•. • •••.• By LEROY KITTLE OLYMPIA (AP)-Three Olympiad eenagers who can't reader write, i note of music have 'zoomed to r recording fame with .a hum-dum une that has sold a million ..copies already. . r fi * /Teenagers around 'the country them as/The.Kleetwpods, the She and Barbara, who had been working in .an,..plympia bank, wo gals and a guy \yho«c6mposed Gome --Softly to and recorded Me." The tune, a quiet number with a slow ibeaUbrought overnight fame! •mpy^ed, .to jSeaitle r^her^^hey devoted devoted full time (to recording and aiisjwering fan. mail. twood fan, clubs have sprung Seattle, "Boston, (New York ami, -Gary said. three iteenagers already have, visited more /than a dozen .cities iand appeared ,on three national national television shows, all aimed at.promoting their -first recording, "Come Softly toiMe." ;o the-trio, Gretchen Christopher, Barbara Ellis and Gary Tr'oxel. ; The tyigh school crowd.Jbought ;he record by the thousands, boost- .ng it to the top spot in the nation! in a matter of weeks. ; "It was a relief -from rock 'ri roll," explained Kathy Wynstra. one of the trio's classmates at Olympia high school. Gretchen and Barbara, shapely! blondes, were graduated last June.t Gary, a crew-cut senior, s ,will re-i ceive his diploma next -week. Aid three are 19. , .-.;•. The Fleetwoods took their fame in stride,and their fortune V> the bank. Under provisions of a court guardianship order each of the three is given a limited monthly allowance to meet his personal ex- pen|es and for spending money. The rest of their income from royalties, public appearances and other sources is held in trust for them. A heavy chunk of it goes for expenses and a substantial portion is being set aside for income taxes, NO SPORTS CAR Attempts' by two of the Fleet- woods to buy sports cars were stopped by the court order. Gary, who had hoped to buy a 1958 American sports car.>he;described car.>he;described as having "all the goodies on it" had to'settle for a;195i'hard- top with pink upholstery.. ; Classmates of The Fleetwoods generally agreed that the spectacular spectacular rise to fame "has not gone to their heads." poil of the classmates cor- luoted by journalism students s' the high school was summed up by Claudia Marsh: They're reaXniqe kids. They've haven't changed much because of their success," Although the three Fleetwoods have had no formal music training, training, their associates in the recording recording business say they are musically musically inclined. The parents ol the-girls play instruments. After Gary is graduated from, high school, ithe trio for public appearances until bi- ports for active duty mitbe:Nayy. He is in the reserve at The trio plans to make more^e* cording?, tpo. Jifane of Ihe three has any imme' diate desire to go to college. Grefcchen had started at Whit« man college but dropped out after the first record brought the trio to national fame among the teenage crowd. war'breaks H •' '•'• ? out in Idaho * By DALE NELSON BOISEvIdaho (AP^Rangeknd .disputes, which provoked gunfights gunfights in pioneer days, again are •stirring Western ranchers. In the past trouble .-stemmed from -arguments .between individ-; ual ^tockjnen .Qver < Tange .ownership".aha .ownership".aha lusage. Now the arguments arguments involve ranchers and federal federal agencies. The issue -today is how many I sheep and cattle will be permitted ,to graze on vast tracts, .of land ,which the federal government leases to .ranchers. When Dave Little took over his father's sprawling southwestern^ Idaho livestock operation in 1942, hfrjj grazed she,ep =pn 18,000 acres of the Boise National Forest. This year, the Forest Service announced it is cutting his allotment allotment tp 1,050 .acres because the land is being overgrazed. ,OUT-QF BUSINESS "'That puts me out of the sheep: business," Little told, a reporter. . The .JJmmett, Idaho, rancher is one of many stockmen who are up ,in arms about recent cuts in grazing allotments by the Forest Service and the- Bureau of Liand Management (BLM), The federal agencies say the cuts are necessary for proper use of the land, .'•„"• "Certainly grazing is" a desirable thing, but we can't let, one use] destroy another," says Howard E. Ahlskog, supervisor of the Boise National Forest, , f , « FIVE USES The Forest 'Service recognizes five uses of )h&4ore8t&>«rr water, timber, grajgin.g,^ve,Q)^ation and wildlife. Stockmen .say=,grazing is getting shert jftift from the Forest Forest Service and in some cases from-the BLM, Reporter John Coriett of , the rj ' .Statesman looked ,uit9 the conclusion: "Either Tonight 'Saturday 2 Long Run The tune started out as a chant when the girls Were working-with 1 Gary and an Olympia high school instrumental group. "We were a noisy bunch," Gretchen said. "Barb and I -used to sort of chant, come softly, come softly, over and over. It seemed to soft pedal the noise." : Gretchen said she and Barbara picked at a piano keyboard to fit the chant into a tune. Then one day over a malt, Gary hummed himself into the act. "He began to sort of hum—dum dum, doo bee dum dum—and I! asked him to keep it up," Gretch- : en said. "I could see that it might, fit as a background for the^itune' Barb and I had worked out/' " ^ The three polished the,4une and presented it at a student -body as- : sembly. "The students were unusually quiet during the performance and for a moment afterward," ; Gretchen Gretchen recalled. "Then4he>kidS;went wild." - - >'„/» t, The trio had a hit." Thurston County Commissioner George Yantis Jr., a professional accompanist,, tape recorded the tune, ,sugested one change, trans- cribed'the music to paper and advised advised the youths to .have it copyrighted. copyrighted. V They did. Bob Rejsdorff, a Seattle record distributor, .became .interested. A new recording was made with just the trio. The only other sound was Gary's jangling a.set of car keys in his hand for rhythm. BONNIE GUITAR . Then a string rhythm by Bonnie Guitar, Seattle . recording artist, was dubbed into the background and the record was ready. They had to have a name. They decided on The Fleetwoods, 'based on Fleetwood, name of an Olympia telephone exchange. Within 10 .day8; after its release last February, "Gome Softly to Me" was a number one seller in the northwest. A few,weeks later it climbed into into the top slot in nationwide polls conducted by entertainment industry industry publications. It stayed there four to six weeks, depending on which publication you . failed adjudicating | the range in the'last go years or the,cuts are 4oo severe." M We have <been overoptimistic about what -we could do with the .range," Concedes Don Seaman, forester jn charge of grazing on the Boise "forest. "We were a little too slow.- There were things, we didn't know." The Fleetwoods have composed and recorded a new tune that is .working its way to the top of the list. It's timely-title is 'graduation's here." ,*. Gretchen says she has a soft spot in her heart for th9.4une.ita' cause the lyrics are about .student days, in Olympia high; pcb($Ui .*, " " Lord jif he =new ;rf}Qor.d, with ' " jon^ttie flip!6 fi;or(i. 71st to ,poU by. one of the. industry s, ^ ^^^ . plans to make other re* ...... style of pop.tiwes, Gretcheu MEASLES VACCINE BOSTON (AB> - A. Children's Hospital team <tf doctors today reported a newly discovered mea* sles vaccine has proven effective in the first group of children to whom it was given.

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  • The Fleetwoods Port Angeles Evening News June 5, 1959 Page 4, Cols. 2-4

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