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IN TIIE~ROOM DIRECTLY OVER TUB DRUifsTORK OF DOCTORS HUDll. 1 R i -^ IX " U r a i o m , V i g - i f l a n c c , I" c y s e v c r n BB c «.'." VOLUME I. E L Y R I A, L O 11 A I N C O U N T Y , O III O, W E D N E S D A Y, A P R I L , NUMBER 22. GEOLOGY. Lectures upon t h i s interesting subject \yf Prof. Lycll, of the Royal University at London, are attracting great attention in New York. This science--which, with the public, is almost new--is assuming ;i rank of tha first importance, and bids fair to overthrow theories which have boon received as settled t r u t h s for ngoa. It is wholly inductive, resting entirely on established established facts for its support, and ihcro- fore its demonstrations cannot be con- sidered as speculative. Tho following, which we clip from Bennetts Herald, is Ilia substance oT a lecture recently delivered, respecting the formation of Niagara Falls, and the manner manner in "which the successive strata ara superimposed. "Wo doubt not that it will ha of interest to all our readers. He said tho geological antiquarian had to com:: to the New World to g;t an accurate M A N OVERBOARD. A man yesterday morning fell overboard overboard as ho was walking on ihe plunk to ho steamship Nntchcs. In an instant, a crowd of draymen, D u t c h m e n , I r i s h m e n , negroes, boys w i t h l u c i f e r mutches, and yellow women w i t h chickens, were gathered gathered together. Omnes.-- Man overboard ! Drowning Man.--Guggle, uggle, bubble, bubble, c u t c h u n k , cnw-lwsh. Ii:y.--Jump in ! Hand him a rope or he'll drown. Da d e n ! He's gwync down dc fust time--two times more, and ho'e a gone chicken. Yellow woman.--Yea, but when de 8 o'clock^ fires, his gall will bust,, nn den he'll rise to the surface of the river. Irishman.--Pipe ov Paul ! but I'd in after him liinsolf, if it wasn't for tho calomel calomel that's in my bones. Dutchman.--Ycsh, dcrc ish galomel in mine pones, too, and do water ia nix go n to le medicine. R E I' O R T OF -nil? Si-lnct commit/a; in which wan referred jir./ilions and memorials relating to the disabilities of PERSONS OF COLOR. - I.N I-Ioi-sii--March :3, 1842. The select committees (o w h i c h numerous p e t i t i o n s and memorials, relating to the disabilities of pcispns of color, have been referred, report-Thar, report-Thar, believing f u l l y in ihe r i g h t of llio people, or of a n y portion of t h e m , te) petition petition to the G e n e r a l Assembly in relation to nny matter u p o n w h i c h t l i a t body lias llxo constitutional power to legislate, and that all petitions, respectfully addressed, should bo respectfully received and considered, considered, we have endeavored lo give llie. v a r i o u s petitions and memorials referred to us, all the consideration lhat p e t i t i o n s ilpon any oilier subje;ct, of e q u a l i m p o r - tance, should roeeive. port, unel a r r i v e at the sumo r n n c i u s i o n a , that, as vlu fuel, w h e t h e r thn person whn is a l l e d g ' d lo be. a f u g i t i v e from labor or service, \ v l i n isehiJin::] l o b e i l ' ; l i v e r e ; d up, br. in tritlk held to sur/i labur or service-be service-be u sltn'f or a freeman, s h o u l d be f u l l y n s r j n i l i i i i i r d before such e l e l i very ; t h a i i t s h o u l d be ascertained by n court iif jns- licft--ynd h h o u l i l be. ascertained in ihe same manner t h a i facts o!~ iho im- porlunee are u s u a l l y a^erlainejd in courts of justice. We, tlujrelbrc, c a i i n u l iilT.'i 1 any gun I reason why an i n q u i r y , i n v o l v - ing such i m p o r t a n t t:onscqii..-neefi as llie. personal l i b e r t y of a h u m a n bejing for l i f t ; nrj.\l in value to life its-'lf, n H, if rlesirurt bv the party iriUT?stc-rl, \s". rlt;tcr- m i n e d b y t i j u r y ; t l i a t mode of t r i a l , "'Inch we, as well as our liiig!i:h nnc.i'slors, Ijotibl of us one of llit; p r i n c i p a l b u l w a r k * of l i b e r t y . \Vc, iheTL-forc 1 , conclude [hat I llic; law ofl8;!9, above: m e n t i o n e d , w o u l d | be; i m p r o v o d by so a m e n d i n g il as lo pro- j vide fur thn t r i a l of facts, u n d e r it, by n j u r y , if desired by e i t h e r p a r t y . We do 'il such I I J W M or city. H u t as llie mailer does not properly belong to us, nuel involves involves some nice questions of constitu- t i o n a l and legal rights, and as some incm- bc-rs of the coinmiit.!u on the J u d i c i a r y have already g i v e n (lie subject of mobs Home a t t e n t i o n , we recommend thai cejm- milUje as a morn appropriate one for such f u r t h e r con.sinerulion of t h i s b r n n c l i ul" the; subject, as the House may i h i n k proper lo direct. In regurei to iho proposition of allowing t i i e colored p o p u l a t i o n lo participate in ihu b e u e l i l a of our school funds, we hold, llial i n a s m u c h as God and Nature have niark- f;if lliax p'jople. with such distinctive chnr- nclcri.slics, they s h o u l d be; forever considered considered 11 di-,tinel race, and those, distinctive chiiructcnuti'iK perpetuated, by keeping ihe race ii.-i d i s t i n c t and exclusive in t h e i r associations nnd i-irciimslunccs and Iho i n u s of I m m u n i t y w i l l permit. We cannot, cannot, therefore, believe; l h a t our rfbllegcs, iicnilainies and schools, in w h i c h w h i t e y o u t h s an; educated and laiigiit, should be JVI.T, t i induce nny ono to believe, ihis apparent liberality was not designed to cast adivtn, rfilhcr than honor, upon (he minority. I[ wns, »n cfjccl, saying tiie [xMiiionc.TM, u-e, llic. majority, cannot deign /, consider your jicliJions; we tin n I.hc7ii over to llie minority, the mailer tlwt we arc willing lo entrust with the exclusive consideration of. them gn; blacks, mulatloes, abolilionisls, andwhigs, all together, and manage nfairs in l/icir own way. ; Who could daubt, after the selection of (his reo, ihiil the House wns nol in the temper for calmly legislating upon subject? Furlher, it ia r;ot the proper lime legislation on Ihis subject, because the people of tho Stale; nrc not in the temper for it. This s'uhjcct seems to soil of t i n d e r box--whencner produces a flume. On the ono hand, frir.iic's of liberty as Ihey stylo ihcmBelvc.i press t h e i r doctrines and views and enr.rgy, in many instances, as YKS

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