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 - Reagan Beats Brown in Landslide; Finch Victor;...
Reagan Beats Brown in Landslide; Finch Victor; Proposition 16 Loses * * * * * Big GOP Gain All Over U.S. Peril to LBJ WASHINGTON (UPI)--Republicans won big in Tuesday's off-year elections, apparently picking up a net gain of 51 House seats that spelled certain trouble for President Johnson's Great Society program. Their apparent sweep -- j^ cQujj broaden in final . returns--also produced indi- . cated gains of three Senate : seats and six governorships. The Senate and gubernator- · ial results were of special im. im. portance to the GOP for they ' propelled Michigan's G o v . : : George Romney, California's j R o n a I d Reagan, Illinois' How LB. Voted 208 of 749 precincts GOVERNOR Brown 12,900 Reagan 22,131 LT. GOVERNOR Anderson 11,409 Finch 23,382 CONTROLLER Cranston 13,225 Flournoy 20,759 ATTY. GEN. Lynch 15,915 Williams 17,306 CONGRESS 32ND CONGRESSIONAL 208 of 940 precincts Hosmer-R(i) 27,026 Other election results, stories, stories, pictures on Pages A-2, 3 . 4 Charles H. Percy and Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York into the 1968 presiden tial arena. All were elected in smashing style. Returns for governor in 35 states (now held by 20 Democrats Democrats and 15 Republicans): Democrats elected 10; Republicans Republicans elected 17; Democratic Democratic gains 2; in Kansas anc Maine; Republican gains 7; in Arizona, California, Florida, Florida, Maryland, Nebraska, Nev- Odell-D 6,729 a da and New Mexico; Demo- LEGISLATURE 33RD SENATE 89 of 886 precincts* Kennick-D 8,651 Stevens-R 5,518 *0nly one-half of this district crats leading in 4, Republicans Republicans leading in 4. * * * RETURNS on the 35 Senate elections: Democrats elected 14; holdovers holdovers 47; total 61. Republicans is included in this L.B. count. e]c( , u , d ,'5. h( ,| dovers ]8; tota i 37TH SENATE 11 Oof 908 precincts* 33. Republican gains 2; in Illinois Illinois and Tennessee. Demo- Deukmejian-R 13,71o;crats leading in 3, Republi- Dawson-D 4,487 cans leading in 3. *0nly one-half of this district is included in this L.B. count. 39TH ASSEMBLY 111 of 437 precincts Cullum-D 6,466 Hayes-R 11,566 44TH ASSEMBLY 96 of 500 precincts* Cullen-D 7,547 The widely p u b l i c i z e d "white backlash" cut both ways in the midterm elections. elections. While it- apparently helped Percy unseat veteran D e m o c r a t i c Sen. Paul H Douglas in Illinois, Republican Republican Spiro T. Agnew won the Maryland governorship by repudiating repudiating racial prejudice in Dupuy-R 7,129 defeating Democrat George P. *A portion of this district isjMahoney, who opposed open outside L.B. and not includedlhousing for Negroes. Demo- here. PROPOSITIONS PROP 1-A (Revise constitution) jcrats crossed over to help elect Agnew. Rep. Roman C. Pucinski, D- III., an advertised target of 'Backlash" reaction, was lead- Yes 20,263 ing in his race but Steven No 10,083 PROPOSITION 16 (Obscenity Laws) Yes 18,135 No -_13,483 Derounian, D-N.Y., who based much of his campaign on op- Continued Page A-2, Col. 7) Demos Leading Republicans In Other Races How State Voted LOS ANGELES (UPI)--Republican Ronald Reagan swept to victory in his first bid for public office Tuesday night when he ousted two-term Democratic Edmund G. Brown. i Brown conceded at 10:14J p.m., only a little more than! two hours after the pollsK. JLJLUW i closed. With 22,573 of the state's 28,537 precincts c o u n t e d , Reagan had 2,612,784 votes to 1,906,831 for Brown. Reagan, shortly before 11 p.m., told thousands of cheering cheering supporters that his win was "not any narrow partisan victory this time, but we had many good friends from the other party and independents. "Partisanship ends as of today," today," he said. A few minutes earlier, Reagan told GOP county chairmen that the election was a good one for Republicans. Republicans. "I talked to Gov. (George) Romney (of Michigan) on the phone a few minutes ago. We congratulated one another and Romney told me, maybe now GOVERNOR (22,573 precincts) Reagan 2,612,784 Brown 1,906,831 LT. GOVERNOR (8,875 precincts) Finch 933,898 Anderson 730,632 SECRETARY OF STATE (8,875 precincts) ordan 893,144 chlei 706,494 ATTORNEY GENERAL (8,584 precincts) Lynch 877,088 Williams 654,475 we can put together through out the country what you have put together in Califor nia.' RONALD REAGAN AND WIFE NANCY ACKNOWLEDGE VICTORY CHEERS OF SUPPORTERS Next Occupants of Executive Mansion Celebrate at Election Night Headquarters in L.A. EQUALIZATION BOARD the important thing is that McCarty (R) 31,730 --AP Wireoholo Kennick, Deuk Get Big Leads By BOB HOUSER Political Editor Long Beach voters helped graduate their two Assemblymen Assemblymen to state senators Tuesday Tuesday as the new 33rd and 37th State Senate Districts g a v e early and comfortable margins margins respectively to Assem- jlymen Joseph M. Kennick, 44th, and George Deukme- ian, R-39th. Former Long Beach Vice Mayor James A. Hayes built an impressive lead against Democratic attorney J. Raymond Raymond Cullum to assure continued continued GOP tenure in the East Long Beach-Signal Hill 39th Assembly District. And while Democrat Michael CONCEDES DEFEAT Brown 't State Move Ahead By BAXTER OMOHUNDRO Of Our National Bureau LOS ANGELES --Edmund ·. (Pat) Brown Tuesday night stood amidst the shards of lis political career, shattered a man who never before stood for public office. The governor offered his congratulations to his victor- ous political foe, actor Ronald Ronald Reagan, and added: "I'll do everything in my power to see that the new governor keeps the state moving ahead." He admitted defeat before a crushing throng in the Embassy Embassy Ballroom of the Ambassador Ambassador Hotel. The crowd shouted shouted "No, No" when Brown admitted admitted that Reagan's lead appeared appeared insurmountable. "I don't like to say it either," he told them. newsmen who asked him what issues "might have lost the campaign for you." j "I can't measure these; things," he told them. The Browns watched returns on television. W h e n it became apparent that Reagan could not be bent congressmen (two Demo- County's Vote Backs Experience Los Angeles County voters were impressed more with experience experience than with party affiliation affiliation Tuesday when they cast ballots in state and na- i _, j- j jitional legislative races. is had dined and ft Early returns indicated they were re-electing four incum- overtaken, he arose, sighed and declared: "Well, I guess it's time to go down and get it over with." crats and two Republicans), electing one assemblyman (a Republican)_ and one former assemblyman (a Democrat) to suit was rumpled by the partisans partisans who pressed upon him, shaking his hand and shout- i n g encouraging phrases. They sang "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" as B r o w n climbed from the dance floor and onto the podium. The governor's dark blue the State Senate and re-elect Democrats and a Republican) to the state's lower house. Biggest winner among the Republican Alphonzo E. Bell (Continued Page A-2, Col. 4) "NOW THE BIG JOB begins," begins," Reagan said. "If we are going to make the 'Creative Society' work, we're going to need the help of every one of you." The Reagan landslide apparently apparently carried the actor's p o l i t i c a l partner, Robert Finch, to the lieutenant governorship, governorship, and won 79-year- old Frank Jordan, perennial secretary of state, another term in office. The pair de- Ncvins (D) 26,905 CONTROLLER (8,584 precincts) Cranston 863,018 Flournoy 696,417 TREASURER (8,584 precincts) Belts 798,700 Priest 654,475 Propositions (Incomplete) IA (Revise Constitution) Yes 863,904 No 323,175 1 (Retirement Funds) Yes 602,474 No 374,001 2 (College Bonds) Yes 599,560 No 467,317 Reagan's victory seemingly 3 ( Open Space Conservation) wasn't enough to swing three y e s 641,337 feated Glenn Anderson and Norbert Schlei, respectively. o t h e r constitutional candidates candidates into office. Houston Flournoy was losing to State Controller Alan Cranston, Ivy Baker Priest was trailing Stale Treasurer Bert Betts, and Spencer Williams was absorbing absorbing a drubbing from State Atty. Gen. Thomas Lynch. Jubilant Republicans No 427,718 4 (60% Majority for Bonds) Yes 499,805 No 547,922 6 (Eliminate Pocket Veto) Yes 571,560 No 414,221 14 (Income Tax Ratio) Yes 488,022 un-!No 452,797 furled a "Reagan for Presi- ing four assemblymen (three dent" banner at the winner's Yes 488,333 campaign headquarters in a downtown hotel. Although Reagan has dis congressmen appeared to be claimed any presidential ambitions, ambitions, California governors (Continued Page A-2, Col. 8) 16 (Anti-Pornography) No 729,464 Prop. 16 Trailing

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