History of the Kreider Family: 19 Jun 1919; columes 3-5

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History of the Kreider Family:  19 Jun 1919; columes 3-5 - recently meted to Palmyra; United Christian; 2...
recently meted to Palmyra; United Christian; 2 children: Glenn and a baby boy. Joseph Grayblll, m. Sarah Shaeffer of HockersTille; farmer on the Gray- bin homestead south of Palmyra; 6 children: Nancy Grayblll, d. young. Daniel Grayblll, m. —»- Eshclman; Eshclman; 1 child. ^ Prof. Jeremiah Light, Jr., tn. Eliza Bomberger; principal of the High Schools of Jersey City, N. J.; 2 children: children: "* Ralph Light, m. ; school teacher In New Jersey. Ruth Light, single. MARY KREIDER. daughter of Joseph west of Rocherty, m. Henry Mark, a farmer west of Rocherty on the Krelder homestead, retired In Annville; Lutheran; 2 children: .loscph Mark, m. Emma Wolf; manager of several farms and owner ot a liquor store In Lebanon; residence residence Annville; 2 children: Marie Mark, m. Joseph Kreider Light, whose mother Annie was a daughter of Joseph Krelder, dec., of Fairland; farmer on the Mark tarm west of Rocherty; Reformed; the Mark records from her. Violet Mark, m. Howard R. Krelder, Krelder, son of Hon. A. S. Kreider, of Annville, stockraiser on the homestead homestead of his father southwest of Annville. Annville. Ll/,7.10 Mark, m. Dr. T. K. Urlch. dec., esteemed as a physician In Ann- villo, owner of a farm in the "Kreider Settlement" west, of the Colebrook road; served several terms In the State Legislature; 2 children: Josephine Vrioh, single at homo. Mark Urlch, d. aged 11 years. MH'HAKL OK SMTfc CUKKK Michael wan thn third and youngest youngest son of Jacob Krcirier, Jr. To him the fat.hnr gavo the homestead. It seemed n habit with these old Krol- dors to give the homestead to the youngest son. John, the Settler, gave the homestead to his youngest son, Henry, the martyr. Jacob, the son of John thn settlor, g.ivo his homestead tn his youngest son Henry. And now Jacob of thr third generation gives his homestead to his youngest son Michael. Dnvid's youngest son also has the homestead, but ho bought It. Michael Krolrter was married io Anna Ellonbergnr. sister to the wife of Michanl's brother Joseph. Aivia was horn Sept. fi, 1SOS, and died Mar. 30, 1SS1. She and her 'nisbaii.liwore Monnonitos and are buried in the cemetery of Gingrich Aloimc'ilte mooting house. This is tin 5 Micliar-l whor,Q_ farm ran by the Icvgc black oak treo. Soo The News of Juno 5. The black oak was not ',ho only victim victim of storm in this neighborhood. The Roigort farm to Ihn west, which bad become Kreider, lo.-c Its barn by a Htorm, and about twi-.nty yrars ago tho barn on Michael's farm was destroyed by lightning. The old part of tho farm house was doubtless'the original house here, built by or for Michael's father, Jacob, Jr. Michael built an addition to this Ul house; and In 1864, when Jostah hirf j-.nui^- est child was of age, he built, the other house for himself. Michael Krolder had throe children: Jacob n., b. Jan. 28, 183S; d. Jan. 25, 190B.* Lydia. b. July 14, 1S40; d. June 6, 1S69.» Josiah, b. Jan. 16, 1S43; il. July 19, 1898.* JACOB H. KREIDER, afore, whom we might designate Jacob tho Third, for his father and grandfather worn Jacobs before him, as was also his greiu-gvandfather's brother or fellow fellow settler. Beside there was "Big Jacob" tha commissioner, Ruv. Jacob of Sporting Hill, and Bishop Jacob of Fairland. We understand that'the present Jacob added the B. ao as to distinguish himself from the other Jacobs. He farmed on the Harvey Moyer farm at Fall-land, which his father had bought for him. Harvey Moyer married his daughter, and thus in a measure got the farm. Jacob B. Kreider was married Feb. 23, 1860, to Annie Smith, b. August 27, 1840; d. Aug. 31, 1915, daughter of Isaac and Catharine Gingrich Smith. Jacob lived on his farm till ho gave up farming, spent a few years at Fulton, Missouri, and then retired in Fairland, Lebanon county, Pa., where he died. She died with her daughter, Mattie. They are buried at the Hill Church. They had three children: Aaron S. Krelder, b. Nov. 12, 1860, m. Emma Moyer, dec.; railroad shop- man in Reading; 5 children: Bertha Kreider, m. Rev. Alfred Lenhart, of tho Reformed church, located near Delmont, Pa., not far from Pittsburgh; 4 children: Paul, Lester, Rodney and Mark. Stella Kreider, m. A. W. Sykes, formerly proprietor of a hotel, now In gas well business, at Sykesville, about 20 miles from Delmont; no children. Mabel Kreider, m. Earl Rapp, res- 632 N. 13th street, Reading, with whom her father resides; 1 child, a boy. Daisy Kreider, d. aged 16 years. Alice Kreider, b. Oct. 25, 1864; m. in 1881 to Harvey Moyer, who now farms the Kreider homestead; she is in Philadelphia with her four youngest children; 5 children in all: Erma Moyer, b. May 17, 1883; m. Nov. 29, 1909, to Elmer Kreider, son of Tobias, out the Quentin road; moulder, in Lebanon; no children. Mamie Moyer, b. Sept. 22, 1884; single; clerk in Philadelphia. . Herman Moyer, b. July, 1887; clerk iu Phila.; single. Virginia Moyer, b. July 25, 1894; m. Charles Graham, of Phila. Samuel Moyer, b. June 20, 1899; single in Philadelphia. Muttio S. Kroidcr, b. Feb. 18, 1882; in. June 28, 1906, to Simon Heilman, pretzel manufacturer- io East Annville; Lutheran; 3 children: Paul. Lester and Lloyd. LYDIA KREIDER, afore, m. Jacob Kettering, farmer on the Witmeyer Witmeyer farm south of Annville. Mr. Ketteriftg later married Kate Gingrich Gingrich and took up residence in Palmyra, Palmyra, following the vocation of a drover. -By the second wttf be bad : Wjzte, JR. Sasmjel.W. JfeJl mn &»i}4 Emma K. Kettering, b. Sept. 10, 1864: m. in 1884 to Daniel Kreider Light, son of "Jerry" of Snitz Creek (see Joseph Krelder, west of Rocherty) Rocherty) ; veterinary, later druggist in Palmyra; he died in the "Israelite Colony" at Benton Harbor, Mich.. Sept. 18, 1915. having become a member of the colony; 1 child: Ray K.. b. Feb. 7, 1894. m. Esther Blouch, machinist In garage in Palmyra. JOSIAH KREIDER, m. Catharine Bomberger (Jan. 15, 1845—April 11, 1881), daughter of Christian and Mary Krelder Bomberger; the Krelder Krelder custom of giving the homestead to the youngest son was continued to him, for he occupied the homestead homestead on Snltz Creek, his father'mov- ing Into the new house recently built, on the premises; Josiah was not a church man. but successful farmer, owning beside the homestead the Reigert farm west of him, now owned by his son, Ezra, the farm near Fontana Fontana now owned by his son Joseph, and the present Witemeycr farm, south of Annville, across the Qultta- pahllla. He bad seven children, throe deceased. The deceased children and the parents are all buried at Gingrich's Gingrich's Mennonlto meeting house. His children were: ' Ezra Kreider, m. Amanda Krall, daughter of Christian and Christiana Kreider Krall; farmer 2 miles southwest southwest of Annville, also owner of the Reigert farm, formerly owned by his father; 4 children: Oscar, in. Eva Laudermilch of Llonsville. northwest of Palmyra, farmer on the father's farm at Ueigert's school house, 2 children: David and Paul; and Annie, Josiah and Herman, all single. Mary Krelder, m. Adam Wltmoyor, farmer on the farm south of Ann- villo; no children. Elizabeth Kreider, single, in east Annvllle, with brother Joseph; owner of thn home-stead on Snitz Crook. Anna Kreider, b. Mar. 11, 1872; d. Oct. 24, 1909, buried at Olnrich's; sluglo; owned tho Reigert. farm. Jacob Krolder. b, Feb. S. 187!;; d. Aug. If). IflOfi; buried at Gingrich's; joint owner of tho homestead, but he died without issue, being single. Sallio Kroider. h. Doc. 17, 1S77; d. Mar. 29. 190R; also buried at Gingrich's; single; resided with her sister, Mrs. \Yltmoyer. Joseph Kroldor, b. In 1879; m. Doc., 101 S, to Amy Lentz, daughter of Jacob near Avon; owns tho farm noar Fontana, but resides in Anu- villo In the spacious house, next to our Congressman Kreider, along with his sister, Lizzie. OATHARINK KHKIDER MOIMA Catharine Kroidcr, daughter of Jacob, Jr., of Snltz Creek, married Isaac Mumma. b. in 1809. Ho was a farmer noar Campholltown andjater retired in Campbelltown. They wore Monnonites. Isaac was a largo, well proportioned man. He stood six foot in height and weighed 210 pounds, His wife had tho same weight. Ho was roputod in his day to bo the strongest man in Lebanon county. Ho would take one barrel of flour and stand it on another. Then he would lift tho third barrel and stand It on I ho second one, II was a puzzle to an ordinary niiin how to got the uppermost barrel hack on tho floor. In tho autumn of 17.12 Lonhart Mumma arrived In thn Pejiuea settlement settlement of Mennonites. Whether he was the ancestor of tho Lebanon county Mummas wo know not. Mum- mas went from Lancaster county down into the Valley of Virginia. Elder HenJ. Franklin Moomnw (;;K it Is there spelled) of near iMinoke, Virginia, was a leader among tho Brethren of the South, and through his efforts largely the Southern Congress Congress exempted the Brethren, with the payment of a JiJOO tax, from military service. But on the battlefield battlefield he was an angel of mercy to the wounded soldier, whether clad in blue or gray. His biographer says the name is French. Not a few French were found among the Mon- nonites. Tho Forney family is also of French origin and Mennonite. Jacob Mumma on August 23, 1746, received a warrant for 100 acres of land In Lebanon township. This land joined tho present, farm of John Henry Gingrich, at Ml. Pleasant. Michael Bachinan had bought over 400 acres here, in 1740, and in 1747 sold about one-half of it to Yost Gingrich. The survey states that Gingrich's land ran by land of Jacob Mumma. But what became the Mumma homestead was some distance distance farther west. The Burk- holders and the Mummas united in laying out a cemetery on the Hue between the farms of each, the Mum- mas being to the west, farm now owned by Peter Shenk, of Campbelltown. Campbelltown. This cemetery, BO densely overgrown as to' be almost impenetrable, impenetrable, however, yielded up some secrets to our efforts. The following following inscriptions we could read: Jacob Mumma, h. June 12, 1767; d. Jan. 27,^848. Jacob Mumma, b. May 15, 1775; d. Nov. 22, 1862. Joseph Mumma, b. Mar. 9, 1811; d. Feb. 21, 1851. Jacob Mumma, b. Jan. 11, 1812; d. Sept. 20, 1872. Leah Mumma, b. Mar. 2, 1805; d. April 19, 1855. The tirst Jacob was likely the son, If not the grandson, of the settler. Isaac Mumma, m. Catharine Kreider, Kreider, was born April 10, 1809, and died Oct. 20, 1894. They are buried in the United Christian cemetery in Campbelltown. They had the following following children: MARY A. MUMMA, b. Aug. 17, 1832, d. Feb. 23, 1901; nj. Lev! C. Brandt, b. Nov. 6, 1835; d. Sept. 19, 1893; farmer northwest of Campbelltown; Campbelltown; United Christian, in whose cemetery in Campbelltown they are burled; children: Isaac Brandt, m. Martha Shanaman; Shanaman; farmer south of Campbelltown, 2 children: Florence May and Isaac, Jr. Jacob Brandt, m. Carlssa Flowers; farmer northeast of Campbelltown; 6 children: Irene, Sallie, Clara, Jacob. Ahjraham and Albert. Jo*epfc Brandt, m. —7— Bomber- jer; faraei> on !£*• old Mumma tarro I Fannie Brandt, m. Herr, of Annvllle. Catharine Brandt, b. Oct. 17, 1853; d. June 6, 1897; m. John Lehman, Lehman, resided south of Campbelltown. A daughter, m. Snyder, storekeeper storekeeper at Paxtang. Lizzie M. Brandt, b. May 5, 1863; d. may 20, 1S67; buried at Campbelltown. Campbelltown. Ann Mary M. Brandt, b. Jan. 29. 1865; d. Dec. 1, 1881; burled at Campbelltown. FANNIE MUMMA. m. Henry Heagy, farmer, at Jf?ee\on. a large part of the town now on his farm; United Brethren} 5 children: Mary Heagy, m. , clerk In Steelton. John Heagy, m. Alice Rauch from near Avon; liveryman In Steelton, mayor of Steelton and State Senator Senator for one term; no children. Kate Heagy, m. ; no children. Lizzie Heagy, m. ; brakeman on freight, killed; 1 child, a son. Lola Heagy. died single. CATHARINE MUMMA, died aged 69 years; m. Samuel Miller, a farmer farmer of Ephrata, Lancaster county; no children. JACOB MUMMA, d. aged 67 years; in. Sarah Kshclman of Litltz; farmer near Litltz (Warwick), Lancaster county; Mennonite; 5 children: Jacob Mumma. trucker, 6 miles north of Lancaster. Daniel Mumma, trucker and fruit grower 2 miles south of Brlckcrvllle. Isaac Mumma, farmer east of Ephrata, Ephrata, near Hinkletown. Lizzie Mumma, m. Eitnicr, Petersburg, Lancaster county. Katie Mumma, in. Harry Miller, laborer, of Manhelm, Lancaster county. JOSEPH MUMMA, m. Anna Ulrich; Ulrich; farmer near Middlctown, Lancaster Lancaster county; some R or 9 children, of whom 4 aro sons; two being Michael and Joseph, Jr. ISAAC MUMMA. b. Nov. 17, 1844; in. Anna Lolin (Jraybill, b. Juno 2fi, 1S44; farmer and dairyman for 33 years on tho farm on which aro now loratorl tho Woininr Chain Works toward Avon; residence now 420 East Lolunau street; Lutheran; from him was received the greater part of tho information concerning his mothor's family; 2 children: Graybill Mumma, deceased, m. Annie Benson; stenographer in Phila. No children. Harry H, Mumma, m. tho widow of his brother; conducted a duck farm north oast of Avon for 5 years, now for S years a butterino merchant in Lebanon; residence, 418 E. Lehman Lehman stroot; Lutheran; 1 child: Josoph Josoph Bnnson. CAROLINE MUMMA, b. May 24, IMS; d. Sopt. 20, 1895; m. Samuel Royor, a butcher of Noffsvlllo, Lancaster Lancaster county, who re-marrlod after hor doath and Is now located in Lancaster; 1 child: Elam Royor, h. Oct. 7, 1R74; in. Nov. 14, 1894, to Cora Royor; also a butcher, 832 Dtiko stroot, Lancaster; 7 childron In 1915: Loo Clay, Caroline Caroline Catharine. Jonathan Samuel, Elam M., James Marlln, Cora Etta, and Donald R. Hl'SANXA KRKIDKR LANfllS .Susanna Kreidor, tho seventh child and fourth daughter of Jacob Krol- dor, Jr., of Snitz Creek; married John Landis, son of Henry Landis, a McMinonilto preacher. Tho Landises have over been ono of the most numerous numerous and a loading Lancaster county family. John was a cattle dealer and farmer north of Palmyra. Ho owned and operated the largo stone quarries now operated by Bradley Bradley of Philadelphia. John and Susanna Susanna wero members of the United Brethren. They hud 5 children: MARY LANDIS, dec., m. Hirlam Landis, dec., gentleman in Huminels- town; 1 child: Lizzie Landis, in. Frank Strickler, a hanker In Harrisburg; Reformed; 1 child: Landis, married; is postmaster postmaster of Hummelstown. JOHN K. LANDIS, b. May 21, 183S; d. Doc. 6, 1897; m. Nov. 7, 1861, to Lizzie Kelm. b. Feb. 6, 1S43; a butcher iu Palmyra, where his widow still resides and from whom wo received information; Brethren; children: Kut* Land!*, b. Oct. 15, 1862; d. Dec. 24, 1890; m. Harry Eby, a progressive progressive farmer southwest of Cump- bolltown, who afterward m. Mary Bomberger, by whom he has a number number of children; Kate had l^chlld: Landis Eby, m. Earla Hoffer; banker'in Phila.; but resides ip Ellz- abethtown; 1 child: Landis Hoffer. Jacob Landis, b. Juno 24, 1864: m. Lydla Bachman: farmer north of Palmyra; 6 children: Annie Landis, m. Landis Hartman, clerk at Bethlehem Steel, First Ave. and Locust streets, Lebanon; Baptist; Baptist; 1 child: Elizabeth. Kate Landis, in. Frank W. Woomer, Woomer, clerk at Bethlehem Steel, 515 N. Third street; Baptist; 3 children living: living: Robert, Catharine and Franklin. Susie Landis and Elizabeth Landis Landis are single and reside with their mother in Lebanon, 527 Locust street; both bookkeepers. Bachman Landis, died aged 4 months. Mary Ann Lundis, b. Oct. 30, 1865; m. William H. Walmer, floor-walker In Hershey Department Store; 1 child: Harry Kelm. John MU-luu-1 Landis, born July 11, 1869; m. Lizzie Hartz, butcher, concreter, now carpenter In Palmyra; Palmyra; children: Helen, Mary Catharine, Catharine, John Kreider, Susie Elizabeth, Samuel H., dec., and an infant son, deceased. „„_. Susan Landis, b. Nov. 10, 1871; m William Kreider, Jr., a leading citizen and business man of Palmyra. See the News of June 19. JACOB LANDIS, b. Aug. 19, 1840; d Dec. 26, 1917; m. Lucetta Ulrich, dec • cattle dealer, later entered the shoe manufacturing business, bought out the Palmyra Shoe Company, enlarged enlarged it and became the founder of the thriving Landia Shoe Company; United Christian; 3 children: Rev. Morris Lftwdl*, b. Feb. 20, 1866; m. Nellie Weltmer; holds an interest In the Shoe Factory, aftd » farm »««• Palmyra, la . cut.tlw pre-

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  • History of the Kreider Family: 19 Jun 1919; columes 3-5

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