History of the Kreider Family: part 1.

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History of the Kreider Family:  part 1. - OF KRf IDEfi AMILY FROM PEN OF f HE REV. J. G....
OF KRf IDEfi AMILY FROM PEN OF f HE REV. J. G. FRANCIS $, Family , 3. G. FRANCES, B. D. from Monday*) 1 child", Sarah, m. Elmer farmer east of Annville; fn. March Mengel; farmer at ftortb. of Palmyra; Howard, Mary, Paul, John, Harry , Herman, all at home, Kreider, m. Wilhelm i, farmer, south Of Penryn; she, il-enj 7 children: Erma, Ben- 1 4 Mary, Annie, Wayne, Esther Fannie, all at home. ' '* Elizabeth Kreider, m. Cyrus Wln- ters, farmer at Sunnyside; deacon of Brethren, Sunday school superintendent; no children, but he has two children by a former wife. ' John Kreider, m. Annie Beckley; cashier of North Side Bank, of Lebanon ^'residence 231. South Ninth street; United Evangelical; lent-the writer "-valuable papers; no children, Jonas Kreider, m. Susan Ketter- Itigj 'farmer near. Mt. Pleasant; Brethienj 7, children: Ralph, Isaac, Elizabeth, Mary, Ruth, Simon, and Caleb. * • • Ma.ry Kreider, m. Moses Kreider, ton of 'John of Heilmandale'; record previously given. ; •, Leah Kreider, m. Solomon Helsey, eon ol Elder Martin .of the Brethren; " farmer east of Rexmont; Brethren; 8 children; Mary, Beulah, Kreider, Amy, 'John, Verna and Am.mon and Mark ; '(twins). , : Sarah' Kreider, m. Daniel Bomberger, truck, farmer near lona; 1 child: Effle. Catharine Kreider, deceased. 'Christian Kreider (twin brother "•of Catharine), m. Mary Krall; • farmer about three miles southeast >.'of Lebanon; Brethren; 2 children: Mark and Joseph. • Annie Kreider, died aged 3 years. Prof. Isaac Kreider, m. Laura Landls, of Denver, Lancaster county; principal of the Denver High School; Brethren)" no children. Fannie ' Kreider, single at home, ' keeping house for her father. 1 It will thus be seen that John S. 'Kreider', has'had 15 children, 43 ' granndchildren, and 1 great-grand• child. , [CHRISTIANA KREIDER, afore, • m. Christian Krall, farmer two miles southwest of .Annville; Mennonite, 'his grandfather having given ground for Krall's Mennonite meeting house near Horst's Mill; 4 children. ' > Phares Krall, m. Emma Hostotter; 'thresher, etc., at Mt. Pleasant; 4 children: Amy, dec., Jerome, single; r • Jonas, m. Lucy Beck, resides In Ann'„. ville; and Eva, m. Henry Smith, at I i her home. , ' Amonda Krall, m. Ezra Kreider, ^son of Josiah, dec., .of Snitz Creek; ($ee his record, which will appear 'later. ' Mary Krall, b. May 20, 1874.; m. , Daniel Wilhelm, farmer north of Palmyra; United Brethren; 6 chil- dren; Ira, Violet, Henry, Morris, ,/Herman, and Esther. >, 1 Fannie Krall, b. Aug. 14, .1878; V^ai. George Llneaweaver, separated; > she at home with parents; 1 child: , Verna..' • * '• Two children died young. . ' HENRY S. KREIDER, afore, m. /.Fannfe Bachman, daughter of Chris•}> tlg.n, southeast of Fontana; farmer v"on,'lnree different farms t.o the east ,°' v of Fontana; she Reformed; 5 chili dr$n. . . " Christian Kreider, m. Alice Lux; v Clerk,in Lebanon, res. 914 Walnut 'St.; Reformed; no children. , , .Hqrry Kreider, m, Edith Bomber- «er, daughter of Henry of 9th and Walnut streets, Lebanon; farmer on one of'. father-in-law's farms on the Snit? Creek, originally the farm of Rev, Martin Kreider; Reformed; 1 child: David. .George Kreider, m. Kate Heagy, daughter of Jacob now retired in Fairland; fanner on Colebrook road east of Fontana, on a farm bought by bis grandfather Jonas Kreider, where his father lived 18 years, and where he has now lived 18 years; United Christian; 4 children: Homer, Martha, Fannie and George, Edwin Kreider. m. Kate Light, Daughter of Milton; farmer on his .,, father's farm near Fontana; United k Christian; 7 children: Henry, Her<, ujan, Ira, Joseph, Lester, Elizabeth •> 'anjj iLeah, A V * * Fannie Kreider, m. Harry Bom; .berger* son of Henry of 9th and .WajRHt'.streets, Lebanon, farmer on father's farm at Snitz Creek, i in- east of the farm on which !Jyes 4 the original farm of Kreider; Reformed; chil- li Herbert,.Christian, Hilda, Rob- Rudolph Behm, farmer abntneast of Annville, Otf the old Behnt homestead, now retired in Paltayra; Breth* ren; 3 children: Simon Behm, m. Lizzie Balsbangh; farmer on the homestead; she, United Brethren; no children. •Morris tiehm, m. Lema Snyder; salesman In Shenk's store, Lebanon; residence, Palmyra; she, Reformed; 1 child: Catharine. Fannie Behm, in. Joseph Lauck, built a ahoe factory .In Palmyra, which he sold to the Grelb Manufacturing company, for which he now works; 4 children: Bather, Behm, Joseph and Paul. MARIA KREIDER, afore, m. Dec. 24, 1872, to Chrlstlaln Bachman, b. Feb. 1. 1849; d. June 8, 1884. brother to the wife of Henry S. Kreider; farmer on the Baohman homestead southeast of Fontana; he, Reformed; she. Brethren; both burled at Camp- bellBtown; 5 children: Sarah K. Bachman, b, Sept. 15, 1873; m. Nov. 6, 1837, tg Harvey G. Wenger, farmer northeast of Jonestown; 3 children: Lloyd, dec.; Ammon and Warren, Jerome K. Bachman, b. Nov. 17, 1874; m. Kate Hostetter, dec.;, farm^ er near Mt. Pleasant; children: Morris, ^Clayton,. Alma, dec,, Jennie .L. and festher M. (twins). . '...'.'.'. Jonas 1C. . Bachman, ..b. . Nov. ,1$, 1877; m. Mary Fox; farmer, north of Palmyra; near the United Brethren church; Brethren; 6 children: Miles, dec,,., Russell, Marlon, Mary, dec., David and Harold. ' Simon K. Bachman, b. June 2, 1882, m. Salome Smith, farmer near Mt. Pleasant; children: Meta, Earl and Helen, • , Mary Anna Bachman, b. June 26, 1884; m, Nov. 7, 1914. to Wjtmer Shenk, automobile dealer, formerly In Hershey,- now 927 Cumberland street, Lebanon;. Reformed; the writer is especially indebted .to her for Information; 1 child: Jay Bachman, b. Jap. 5, 1916. LEVI.KREID.ER, afore, the.young- est child of Jonas of'Snitz -Creek, m. Annie Bomberger. datighter of Christian; farmed for time west. of Rocherty* then bought a/farrn southeast of Annville; In'188.6 moved to Kansas, north of ,Abolene, where he now owns farms; children: Jonas Kreider, single. Sallie Kreider, m. Hubert Kready, farmer 9 miles north of Abelene. ..Lizzie Kreider, single, a nurse, was . In California, but volunteered for army work. Daniel Kreider, m. Ruth Bryeori; farmer 11 miles north of Abelene. Christian Kreider, : single, was In a camp. • , ' Effte' Krolder, single. Roy Kreider. single. Mabel Kreider, singles THE . . KREIDER, afore, m. Yordy, farmer on a part , -.,,.„ Siaal Yordy estate west of ; /'J&S|4ejpjY;; Brethren; 4 children: :•>.•* Flnjjie Yordy, m. Harvey Bach- ^manj/&raf>r, southeast of Fontana; 'Children: Aaron, died of the "flu", Ada, Edna, Fannie, Florence, Yprdy, dec., m. Harvey former on the Buchor bome- A .Butcher's meeting house; , , :»r«n; 3 cliiiaren: Kzra, &tjj5> and Susie. " " Yordy, m. John Bru- fanner froutheast of Fontana; 9 t&Udren: Allen, Elsie ley, ..„ Yordy, m. Annie Bomborger, jn. «eeon<Uy to Mrs. Kste Wen- nee OberhoUzor; farmer near no children by second by the first: Annie, m. farmer near Christian *t ¥ordy. FARM There is little ICrelder history connected with.the farm. The first Krofder here was Moses, Jr.. very recently deceased, who moved here from the farm on which he had reared his family, along the Colobrook road near Rocherty. Moses built up this farm, on which his. son John now resides, from parts of several original tracts. Ho was careful'to gather to himself the old deeds of these tracts, from which the early history IB gathered. Because of this we think It proper to give the early history of this community In connection with his farm. Here was the old Ensmlnger' estate. It was quite large. It included a triangle of about 47 acres of the present Moses Kreidor farm, south of the Lebanon road, the part of this farm north of the Lebanon road, the Henry Holllnger farm, and the farm yet owned by Samuel Ensminger west of the Annville road, The old Ensmlnger buildings here on Samuel's land were given out by the Farm Journal a few years ago as the oldest farm buildings in this part of the State. The farm house east of the Long Brethren meeting house, on the north side of the road, had been the home of a Gingrich, a clock maker. It later became a Heagy home and Included for a brief time about 57 acres south of the Lebanon road, all now In the farm of Moses Kreider. 17 acres of Heagy laud had been Ensminger land, and 40 acres had been bought of Jacob Grayblll when he was the owner of the present farms of Henry Kreider and of Rev. Sellers, the 40 acres having been taken from the Sellers farm. Now back to early days. The Penns on March 16, 1749, granted to George Peters a tract of 89 acres and 126 perches, called "Pine Grove." It ran by land of one Casper Dealer, thence by land of Jacob Platz, thence by land of Peter Forney, thence by Ulrich Stephen's land, and by land of Peter Reist. It seems that Peters did not make good on this tract, for the Penns on Nov. SI, 1771, resur- veyed it to on Michael Keinort. At this time, 22 years later, it ran by lands of Peter Reist (see our Reist History), by the Dealer lands, now lands of Nicholas Ensminger and Lawrence Secrist. and by lands of Peter Forney nnd Frederick Wunderlich. »At the samu.ttme, Nov. 21, 1771, by the same Patent the Penns conveyed also to "Michael Keinort another tract contiguous to the preceding called "Hickory Field," containing 104 acres, 112 perches, which ,ran algo by lands of Peter Forney, of Lawrence Sccrist and of Peter jJohnston: i But fhose two tracts were not the first holdings of M,iuhael Keinert |n ""- vicinity, for on Oct. 22, 1763. ~- Deetor, Sjf. (otherwise por4wa|ner, bad conveyed to K$R9Ft, blacksmith, bis uon* fpr #100", 50 'Acres and $5

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  • History of the Kreider Family: part 1.

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