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BOYER-9 - SMALLTOWN RUTH EARLE /ONES 'I that. I would not...
SMALLTOWN RUTH EARLE /ONES 'I that. I would not bother with thinf a I could not u»e.' 'Last night;! heard Kate Smith sing "The Last Time L saw. Paris" and suddenly I was saddened by thoughts of all that bad happened to Paris— gay, beautiful Paris, with her sidewalk cafes, her wonderful, shops, the irrepressible gayety of her' people. Paris in the spring and the summer, in the fall and in the winter, changing changing her robes with the seasons but underneath being always the aam« warm throbbing 'heart of a great country. My embroidery fell forgotten forgotten into the sewing basket at my side as Kate's rich -voice Bang THE LAST TOME I SAW PARIS ... and a tear fell softly upon my idle hands. It is hard to accept the changing conditions of our world ... to visualize brave nations beneath the oppressors heel .... to think of beautiful France, helpless and wounded . . . Kate Smith too, knew Paris and in her voice there were tears . . . tears that she had turned into music, music, and unashamed I bowed my tiead and wept. The smell of Paris in the spring . . . the mighty si- ence of the Seine, the memories . . the peace of Northe Northe last time I saw of Panders mandic . . Paris .... And then I thought of Charles, Boyer, the great French actor, to my mind, the greatest of them all, for to think of France one must also think of Boyer, who is France at her best. In his beautiful home n Hollywood, his future secure, lis fame firmly established, a devoted devoted wife and adoring mother . . . .He 'ninety and nine might say — 'Oh Boyer is MADE he will never have to worry about anything anything again." But, in every ninety ind nine, there;, will be one who will be one who will understand the sorrow that this man feels " his beloved France . . . the sorrow . . . the'helpless rage that one would feet at seeing a .beautiful .beautiful masterpiece mutiliated by a vandal hand. Charles and iis. lovely wife Pat Paterson, have a home in Paris and it has been their" custom to spend a part of each year there, but now the old Paris is gone ... to return now would be to return to a changed the emotions L'really felt. I shuddered shuddered to think now "my typical American family would jeer if. they saw me weeping for Paris. Life disciplines us all but to those who have understanding,, hearts never grow old nor does the fire of imagination ever grow dim. Charles Boyer, born in Figeac, JFYance, and destined f-i'om birth to be "different,"' because the great actor that he is because he of so called, friends ... no hobbies hobbies and ambitions that, lead now- where. But rather; a_ direct driv- iug forward towards one goal . . . the taking into his heart of only "tried and true" loves . . . the holding fast to one ambition, that of being a great actor and he IS day we tell our children. "You must study THIS or THAT because because it is good mental training, even if you don't like it." Young Charles, had a will, of his own. He observed the studies he detested and then .discarded them saying . . . "I would not bother with the things I could not .use." In all of his life he has been like that, never never cluttering his mind or his activities activities with useless things. I think he must be a man who conducts all of his duties and friendships and ambitious on that principle. No waste motions,. . . no long line knew early in life where he was going, and always before him he held the torch of ambition. I think the one thinK that impresses me most about his ohiMhoocl is his attitude towards his studies. To- order to meet sorrov -the c kind of sorrow that one would feel at seeing a beloved child tortured. So, in the magnificence of hi* library, sitting quietly, hia dark eyes brooding, the frctt actor ,ia himaeU, .ealot, dignified, able, buU« hia'lwui 4h*r« great anguish a-kjUer sweet memory Paris . . I . the last time he saw great so great that in seeing ^across 'the silence, of my living; room to take from the, book snofves, liny book on the JJi« of Charie* Boyer. T*« house w«* -very 'still because some of his pictures F find myself wishing that some of his scenes might be suspended in time . - .. made immortal and unchanged for "all people to see. Like. "Back Street", a beautifully done thing —oignant with feeling and understanding,'In understanding,'In which he was truly Not Charles Boyer hut "(Walter Sajtell."... A* he »aid once, "I am NEVER Charles Boyer but always the character 1 portray." , : .,He. .is not a,man..given to idle talk but .WHAT he says is usually usually remembered like the', tnoagjsl expressed:in-his early youth: "I felt the <Jay. of my life work in my. hands and . I was "eager to be about tile business of shaping it." And as>^jrbe»,.he said, "Opposi " " ""'" '"•JtfV--«* i S.iW* !h *5^ " ' , delay intensify alone . Md no one coold «ee - n* Uk« off my maak a»d glT« way to purpose has d»T«*<»d; this it. :'life;.to .one c, and A he. remark remark ad: that "an.,actor miut.draw hi* •material "• from every. walk of IifV" Betteri** this, he has made

Clipped from
  1. Aiken Standard,
  2. 28 May 1941, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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