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 - [ twK 01-- MrM, «ir. ti»««pl. n.;wil to...
[ twK 01-- MrM, «ir. ti»««pl. n.;wil to burn tbu re»i- |il«oc» ft a, cit;z»n yoitmUy morning, I prrt-.-ei c-Jtulmiv-iiy th=C them U danger- lous i»rw»» in the tit}-, aad that it tand« Itlio emaamiily 3?iKr»Uy, u veil M the to b« o« tL.! lookout for them. |!Th« utmsi of llw Ut* conflagration ought \it waraiig rulttunt to pl»ce every ·raon OB fci* jfiuit j;a'in^t flro, and the t*it circ«TH*ti=',o uf ft j-.i«pic:ou» na, na, ilxmld i,t once bs eommaiucai^d to ^.i* Chief of Volicr, the better o enaUe urn mil hit u-ut!utU t/ watck suipccted , vat\ it foeaii'l';, arrtii; aud puuuh. Wiii ti« ineagre force under the «1 o itiv CM«f ( Felice, it i impoa* Nbl« to k««p a strict watch over all parts tta town, and ci£zcna Tnnat rely in a at m«Miu on tliti.- o-^-n vigilaa;o for . Tie ni'JKercus framed .Uoa»e ' tb* aurutty o« w-tcr, make* » very iifficait I*r taw fincen to render efficient for a hamlsomv .in'l complete set of of the four great English authors--'Dick- cos, Shskspcire, Macanlay anil Hume; also, tho beautiful chromos, "Insoccncu," "Wide Awake," and "Fast Ashep," an elegant photograph Family fable. Of course the ontt-rprisu will tie unttt-r direction direction of the uhiquitou.i Ma-won, -^ho -will show thtj prices and dispose of tickets. The attention of the ladies is particularly directed to this excellent ehuixu for H speculation. At about 3 o'clock thU morning house of Mr. P. H. Children, on street, between Eighth and Ninth, -was set on tire by some unconsciencable. ·conndrel. The flames were kindled under under the southeast corner on the outside tlie house, and but for the fortunate that a neighbor on the opposite side, Quick:, was awake and saw the fire in to extinguish it, with the assistance of few friends, there would have been an |?rocauiion should b« i to- prevent tt»« ixmibility of fires. auac of the three Ares daring i Jasi /JW mOEtiut have not, KO far as we i Ifcuo, ttm thoroughly and systcmati- Uy woriud ant even yet. The ouly in- aiion ws A*v« heard of was made at : instance of foreign' riodenrritora. any othjr city the moat aearch- ; inquiry would have o««n made, ad the facts and circnTustance* having I bearibg oa Uift causes f?pld have be*n ·Bitted to the insurance companies, I it U a matter of snroriae that some haa siot been taken by our Qixt*; zlGtef. A' united inquiry into K tiifa'rtrous conzUgra.- · b* the mtua of. preventing and by aU nnuu, ia inch case*, » ciTarfr fonifl jbe left uzitrisT to arrive ill the trat'n connoct-il with them. attempted incdiiiutrJKai yesterday was t most eruaa crime cr-zutniiteti in tbia ! (or taaay moaUis, yaA cteps atooVtl tifcm t* prerent iU recurrence, : are no doubt aeveral of the light- ty ia bi found in the city, of thai) known ti tiift polio*, and nt!y under asch circomstaaei as tttnn oiBp«iitivciy quiet, but tlie E incendiary Lelocgs to another hadlititoto do laiely, and it is to hoped they will try and Mad out the perpetrator, and bring him to a speedy severe punishment. a^ale !Vew». Maaon is :n receipt of all the lal:-' papers by this morning's mail. \Ve are obliged for thu usual supply of pictorials, etc. tensive conflagration. The detectives ' '' against it since the recent debate Religious service will be held by Seamen's Chaplain on board of the Florence, C'apt. Eathburn, Master, at William's Wharf, on Sunday, the 5th of .Tnne, at 3 o'clock, l'. M. Masters fchippivg -will be kind enough to infotxa Mid encourage their crews to attend. Others than seamen ar« cordially invited aboard. Lust aK«\ Bent Vaflte *r the Bcnitoau Of handsome and complete sets of Beautiful Chromes -- Innocence, "Vflile Awake, Tast Asleep ; and elegant .Photographic Family Bible --seven rich Ilafie to take place at Mrs. saloon on Jnne 15th, 4 r. M. Tmes seen and tickets sold at Mason's. ~~ The at. tention of ladies is particularly invited. Thank* To Capt. J. C. Gorham for a of that ingenious machinists' wrench, eceMity their own places, elkorcten aad it- trcat'to look at. '.Sis stock is unsurpas for finiih as well ».« excellence. sad- may be laid of hi* large collection of ttan to HKJJI; Saith or one o£ bia cilery and hamow. .(·KlaiCl GaralfB. An ticcUent band has been engaged Th« lEimigrintM per burts Gal-reston ) for tiui popular place of resort, I Wnacrf *a» ducinKuked yeaterday, will be dancing every Wednesday I q«il« a a««l^r of theTM were looking PJ^y ««nin?»: ^o'- * Iat £'' tho S 16 ** . , . ., , TM. Mnucan magician, has al«o been engaged, town .during tie day. They Md ^^ p ^E orm bi , » st onialiing feats oa l44aUtIiy, cp.d from Appearances IUM! Saturday and Sunday afternoons at IVrad from ihe voyage. Thetonaea o'clbck._ Admia.iion twenty-live centa. Dam- llaajr cjauc ixmaifaed, 3feaara. r fc C«. out EaiuTuiai: 1 Co., uw t they went proptrly taitcj cire of altar an Strand, bei bei Ccktre and Y-ifoatittti »tr«ts, waa IvptcvwJ evening-with inunenae t and package* of baggage. The Leg- t wiSl pivbably' tdke some | adjonnur.-jDt looking to t iyitematic t to inrrauM tla tide of ; mmigntion | uttiaig tawari omr iqcrM. The ra»t tint vf C}UBK z.~*d fttUe landa, idle for at popuUtioi. ongLi to indaice · ·f tferrfty-GOT-jiiint to *ctU* in , and i! the trait be bat c'llmnii- l aaoeagai )«· £f lome, and yKfft after arririag I, t2toi)inx from Europe- trill be im- mta ditrwg th« COOUBI; aeuon. | Warn a»l iij ia »U11 ll-.t order, iriti breoa emu tfco »u;b, for the laat L Th« TrvotiierwiM hare been, cti»K niav ami sppearanoee hareof- ed .the prupkecy, bat ciatema us emjpsj and ngatation anflen for ' waiter. coraer-ttone of · the new ryna- for t» ase til iae Coagregittioa i Itrad will!» laid, viih aDpropriata B «h« *th natfjnt The dedi- i »i'l b* preacli^l, we lean, Mr. .Taeote,. iriffl 74ew Orleaoe, a iojiiie-.tssEileinnn. The aiioa in a ;H*aiij7 Kfl SMt rt- iroiihip to be worthy at item, the the WJciemt Uila io be taught ALBXKTBALL, jr., 155 MAHXEX ha» ji\et receivexl by express, and per af;euner Varana, from New York, a splendid aasorteeni of all the LATSST BROAD- v»v STVLIS of STKAWAXD VENTIUTOR Tkc Arnw CMtatm Tic EeceiTed the premium at the State Tail-. n^.v22-D^ylni TIM ruiiter' rara-lle t'MMm Tie. The Arrow took the premium at firrt State Fair of Te*a«. my22IWlm tha fint State Fair of Texas been awarded the Arrow Cotton Tie. T» IkelMltn. Mme. L'Ktoadal whose establishment, No. 151 Po«t Office itreet, on the Twenty Second itrvet, is regarded as Galveston Empprimi o{ Faehion, lias Tuctived from Paris, a variety of pic nic, or summer and sailor Piqttc for ladiefl ; a]ao caHqnettea for children the lata*t style* of Paris ready-»n»de ill null, »uch ai Foulards, Organdiul French Prrcalet. Tkece, with an asiort- ment of Parisian bonnets of the latest faakiona, will proTe'a sufficient mduccmunt for the ladies to cH and select for aelves. my28-dlw. -to cu- thongkUuI. kher, ipt. Xami*», for a treat of lensre: yf rariiM* Sarou. The Cap- hiff. system of inaking , sad i*«y atf no-vr really very The ausfie* he inmished na atate of tt« tber- t)wBM»d*irliada livriy time attd tfee cJtjr'a exchequer ia ia coi»eqneoce ntcr of accrued waa . an4 tfc* attiUopu ff cffsunea extta- |lwt tittj w«r» =»t *n ruitajjisd, much two ccmplajnanU, «w.t i£ for the coat* of Coort. th* call with hating froaa tlk* path of i-^titadt and of tMKfir y«ari aixj 'anaophJJti- There is but one establishment in Teaton that make* an exclusive of the hat trade. It is kept by Johtt Hurley, Jr., at No. 174 Market Mar Centie. A complete assortment th* laieat styles o£ silk, soft aiid hata constantly on hand, and a tatter always at his uoat to clean, or reiurenate hats of erery description. ^ mbll DSm It is well known to intelligent that the late decline in goods, baa revolutionized the market. Our famous Broraaard, well awar* of this fact, having loafe nearly all his stock in fire, reached New York just in time :boy, not only the ]at«*t styles of but the noreitiiM of the season in improved fabrics, at prices tbat rejoice his patrons. These goods are partly store and arriving by Express. A parse of moderate dimensions can, at the present low prices, easily huy anita during the season. VVho can visit oar city and. not cll at Bronssurd's Price EjtablitTiment before he buys ? ·avrctal HfttKt t» Tax la accordance with a resolution CHly Council the City Ajuvmoi itnd Collector ia required to proceed and ike city taxes for thia municipal year. ATI pcncea who hare rend«r»d will well to call an -1 pay, and air who Tandamd ··nil we penalty nd coat doing ao at once. J. E. CowEf, City AsBMeor and Coliwtor, Ho. 177 katstiwt. CHfie* of CHy AMMIOT and Collector, Galon, May 19,1*70. D-tf.

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 04 Jun 1870, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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