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RENE CLAIR-8 - e r in d a y o! was play- occasion A n n p a r...
e r in d a y o! was play- occasion A n n p a r i j Mrs. K long e foi a n of Varjabedian John h r i m a n , Gillis Geraldine, n n d a M. Ihe _ R o s e Bowl in was Miss Rose Mrs, r High School Dua/ Role In Dr. Jekyii And Mr. Hyde Gives Spencer Tracy Case Of Jitters By LouelU O. Parsons (International New* Service) · HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 8.--Never thought a fine acfor like Spencer would be seated about any role--but honestly, he has the jitters Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. Just today J Jearned t h a t Jngrid will play opposite him in the part -Miriam Hopkins did so sensationally in the Freddie March version. only will the dual role he entirely different for but it will also be a jieu for Miss Bergman. The Snence is so nervous about And Hyde is not because Burrymore and March preceded him in the characterization wiil do k in an entirely different way) hui he is wondering the fan*; will react? t i n " back to Miss Bergman, will he her last picture on a deal from David Selznick. H? is calling all his pet stars to roos* after their current assignments. The Swedish actress doing two for M-G-M. She just n i s h e d Rage In Heaven w i t h Rob- Montgomery. Funny t h a t Metro's own Swedish star. Greta Garbo, not made a p i c t u r e in a year. Hotel De Nord, a French picture a r r i n g Annttbella, playing in New has had wonderful reviews Luca who produced it and discovered Jean Cabin and one of Charles Boyer's first is here in Hollywood. He to produce pictures indepen- n t l y ;,nd t h e first one will be siory of Lafayette, the French who came to this country f o u g h t w i t h the American colonists in the American revolution. t r u e story of Lafayette, a pa whom America will never forget, would be i n t e r e s t i n g ai ihis i am delighted t h a t Robert Cum- is to have the male lead in Devil And Miss Jones, Jean next picture. For not only Boh have a chance to play op- Jean, but he will be directed Sam Wood, who makes only good Boh was so good in Spring that I am s t i l l w o n d e r i n g Universal let him play second la One N i g h t In The Tropics, mediocre movie. He and Universal have been f e u d i n g but J understand it wilt all be ironed out and t h a t Dan Kelly, head of met with Bob and his rep- rescnlalive, Oscar Cummings, in a round t h e table discussion. Rainer, in a wire to this explains why she was not to crash the Hollywood gates May. Says Luise: "I w a n t to to you some 1 facts which are commonly known. A f t e r a stay in Europe T returned Hollywood. Shortly afterward signed a contract w i t h a f i l m headed by Max Wax beige I \vns to appear in the t i t l e HI Ariane. the picture to start later t h a n October 15th This m m i t m e n t p r o h i b i t e d me f r o m sidering any other work. For beyond my control, the pic- am 1 free to accept offers." Apparently t h a t is why Luise ief Rose know t h a t she is interested in making a picture for Param u n t in London. l i n e or two: Met many old ul the party Joe Paslernak for Rene Clair. Rene Hubert, went shopping* w i t h :ne in has designed alt ot M a r l c n c gorgeous gowns a n d she look b e a u t i f u l . He has mod- brunet cruze saw a still picture of herself \\-jin light falling on her head a certain way so that it looked red and she liked ii. Also Hedy's won out and M-C-M is giving hei a two m o n t h vacation. One of nit-en holiday wires comes to me from ihy stage hands of Loew's State Theater in New York. What i srand crew they are--so ready to help and always so courteous. From occupied France conies a cable f i Pola Negri saying she'll see us in America soon. I'd like to know what really goes on there. The last u-ord her agent received was t h a t she was r e t u r n i n g lo make nit-vies "by invitation." I t h o u g h t Neu- Year's would ihe list of the best t h i s a n d Dials--but no. up crop the waiters at I h e House of M u r p h y list of the best eating patrons of 1940 and the nicest lo wait on. Alice Faye is the winner--ordering the best balanced meals. Mary Ast or and her husband are the most charming lo wait on. R h a Ihiy- worth and Ann Sheridan attract the most a t t e n t i o n from o t h e Franchol Tone orders the mosi perfect meal for a woman w i t l t M a r t i n * tied for t h i s honor 1 w i t h Franchot. Mark He!linger enjoys his food ihe most. Rosalind Rus- I and Carole Lopibarri know t h e sauces best. Harold Lloyd, Jr., is .he best mannered chil(L_who conies Snapshots of Hollywood collected it r a n d o m : Bill Smith says eaving Thursday Jor -New York to his wife, Ethel Merman, and ie denies t h e r e has been ( r o Mary Maguire, who married Cordon "firming, an Englishman, is ex pec t- ng a bahy in February; A n i t a s back in Hollywood, h a v i n g evacuated from the Philippines, where she wns with her husband, an army l i e u t e n a n t ; Mrs. will Lake up residence in Reno make her separation from t h e actor legal; while Lana Turner and Tony Martin were making I h e i r 'kiss and make up" public al Giro's, so were Betty Grable and \rlie Shaw rediscovering each oth- e r . They danced every dance tog e t h e r ; Bette Davis and (he bridegroom, A r t h u r Farnsworth, ret u r n e d yesterday from t h e i r honeymoon. Belle starts work today in The Hrtrie Carne C. O. D.; Mickey ^ooney brought Linda D n r n e l l the Hardy set today and introduced her fo his movie relatives; J u d y Garland n n d Dave Rose to Duke Ellington's Band at he Casa M p n a n a ; Jack Benny Phil Harris slagging il. al the Vic- Hugo to applaud t h e i r - old 'riend. Ben Bernie; the Eddie Dmy- ryks (papa is a Columbia director) at St. Vincent's Hospital; Chris Corte/., once wed t o Ricardo C., and Mec B u c k m a n . a Mocambo twosome; Alice Faye and Gene Towne ·mother pair of diners who a t t r a ed a t t e n t i o n ; Jane Serlin, wife of Producer Oscar Serlin, at he Scheherazade escorted by Barry H-ivers and Sandy Curr.mings; Ann luiherforri, who looks as cute off he screen as she rioes on, at. the Rum-Boogie, a new Hollywood night spot, with Charles Issacs. Are : of were dinner The Virginia Mr. vho Reno. md ng Marlanna V a

Clipped from
  1. The Fresno Bee The Republican,
  2. 08 Jan 1941, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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