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DARRIEUX APR 1938 - irrison Hollywood--All over the lot: Max...
irrison Hollywood--All over the lot: Max Rosenbloom the fighter-actor, crouches crouches at the massive looking steel door of a fur vault and holds an oxy-acetylene torch against it. But Slapsie's safe- side manner is not convincing. In the middle of the scene he turns and emirks into the camera with a "Hovv'm I doin'?" expression. Director Anatole Anatole Litvak cusses and says "Cut." The safe cracking scene, for "The Amazing Dr. Clitlerhouse," must be filmed again. But the center plate of the vault door has been marred the torch and it's too hot to repaint. Workmen are ordered to replace the plate, and they have a couple of ·pares for just such emergencies. First though they must open the door which is imposingly studded with dials and handles. It doesn't yield to pulling or pounding. pounding. Finally a studio carpenter notices notices the tussle. "Hey, wait a minute," minute," he calls. "I've got the combination." combination." He goes over and, with his hammer, pulls a 10-penny nail that has been driven into the floor and against a corner of the door. Then It swings open. * * * For one of the Ritz Brothers' blackout blackout scenes in "Kentucky Moonshine," Jimmy is a radio master of ceremonies ceremonies and introduces Al and Harry as couple of distinguished foreign diplomats diplomats who will speak on peace. The latter are standing side by side before the microphone and are dressed in toppers and tails, false whiskers and with silk ribbons across their shirt fronts, In turn, they make a heavily-accented heavily-accented harangue about their respective respective countries desire for peace. They offer assurances of mutual respect and confidence. They pat each other on the back. Then they turn face face and as they make a formal the camera reveals an identical jeweled jeweled dagger sticking between the shoulder blades of each of them. * * * Another timely act is a burlesque of "Snow White," Harry Ritz does scene in which the queen turns herself herself into a witch. Minces to the mirror and intones: "Mirror, mirror, on the wall who's the fairest one ol all?" The grimacing pan of Al Ritz appears appears in the mirror and gives the Queen the old up-and-down, "Not you --you old scarecrow!" sneers the mirror. mirror. * * * Andrea Leeds again is climbing the stairs of a theatrical rooming house. But this time she's r u n n i n g coughing and choking as she runs. The coughing is not simulated, for the is billowing with heavy yellow sulphur smoke. The place is supposed to be en fire, and Miss Leeds is trying rescue her "Letter of Introduction" which gives the picture its name. Director John Slahl, choking too, runs ahead of the actress and waves n gauze screen to agitate the smoke and so that the camera can catch few clear glimpses of Miss Leeds. Also out of sight are stage hands hold belching smoke pots. An assistant director, backing up to avoid one of the smokers, knocks over a fire extinguisher and it begins begins to squirt liquid on set and bystanders. bystanders. When the commotion subsides subsides somebody remarks, "This must be the way hams are made." * * * There's another "Snow White" Imitation on the "Rage of Paris" set. While the lights are being adjusted Danielle Darrieux, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and their stand-ins are gathered around a piano singing. The French gtar is Impersonating Dopey. Director Henry Koster calls for Miss Darnell* and explains the scene. She is to enter her bedroom pick up a pair of pajamas and undressing. After a few rehearsals Koster is dissatisfied and goes on »et to demonstrate just what he wants her to make while unfastening the gold cloth jacket of her Ing gown. Visitors and stagehands stand tense and watchful, hoping the stage be cleared for Miss Darrieu's She's definitely the most torrid item in Hollywood right now, and a Darrieux undressing scene should be ·trip-tense oE the century. The stage isn't cleared, but neither floes the star disrobe. She's just fumbling at the jacket when Koster "Cut." Thai's all there is. The censors censors won't have anything to worry about. up circuit the New to to of

Clipped from
  1. The Edwardsville Intelligencer,
  2. 08 Apr 1938, Fri,
  3. Page 7

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