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19480715 Iowa City Press-Citizen (Iowa City, Iowa) Thursday, July 15, 1948 p10 CLIP

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19480715 Iowa City Press-Citizen (Iowa City, Iowa) Thursday, July 15, 1948 p10 CLIP - Eighteen IOWA C1TI PRESS-CITIZEN Thun., July...
Eighteen IOWA C1TI PRESS-CITIZEN Thun., July 15, 1M9 JOHN ESTES Can't Wait to Make Apheim stable's Ourarnts fosses Jockey Robert Miller at last Only three of. seven starters finished race won by mechanize. Ken Cline Seeded 6th In Iowa Open ' CEDAR RAPIDS WPI -- Leu Frosser of Kansas Oly and Ted Hauiline of Rock Island, seeded No. 1 and No. 2 respectively, drew Indians, Much By Associated The Cleveland Indians striving to win its first major road trips today, but the crowds doesn't faze them. As the majors resumed activity star game, a survey showed leaders have won more games Invading i'luladeiptua for a Connie Slack's amazing Athletics, ,738 percentage on foreign games on the road while inning 20 and losing 20. The Braves, starting their women's singles and Doris Jen- j Chicago, have won 24 and sen of Des Momes No. 2: Charles j pared tc- the Braves' home Busby of Pehin, 111., topped a stat- The runners up Athletics, studded junior field, and Barbara | wise are "(error* " on ,(iG7, compared to a home The following table lists for the season to dale, (Figures alL peicentagej. byes today as the Iowa Open terons tournament opened a four- day stand here. Other men's singles seedmgs were: Alex George of Kansas City, No, 3; Buit Lynch of Peoria, No, 5; and Ken Cline of Iowa City Xo 6. Mrs Lucille Davidson of Lee's Summit, Mo., was rated No. 1 in Beckel of Peoria ivas rated highest in girls' singles. HAWKLETS IN FINALTONIGHT " CALAMUS -- loua City and iMuscatine high schools iiiect al ·8 p.m. here tonight for 3 section- *ai high school baseball championship. loiva City reached ll-e rmal by defeating St. Alnbiose of Davenport, 10-9, and Calamus 8-J. Muscatino topped Ohn, 4-1, in its Jone test. A M K Cl»i rtanii ( B!6 Plnladililiid l Wi Xe«* Yoik i aTSf Bo-ton 5'."i) Delimit I 5131 Wellington r.H") St LfpUi ( .1S) Clutago ( 3IW · · - Pitt'-buiah i.MT) Pt, Loui- ( .1201 Erooklin (JSti) Cui^uiiiaii {.1S1 Philadclplll.t U4b2) CHicapfn (.nil Only 12 of 29 Players By Majors Still In Big B) RALPH RODEN Associated Press Staff Writer NEW YORK UP) --Only 12 of 29 players drafted league clubs from the minor leaguers last fall are league uniforms today. The Philadelphia Phillies apparently struck the best baigams in the selections They have ptofit- ed heavily tiom their outlay of $26,000 for thiee playcts. Philadelphia plucked OuU'eldei Johnny Blatmck from Wilkcs- slatting assignments with the Brawns Of the tiiiee players drawn by the Boston Red Sox, only Catcher Boris Martin is still \v:th the team. He has been used almost e\clusivcly as the Sox' bullpen cd teller. The Chicago VTIrite Soy, ivho Pitchers Roman Brunswick, Alex Danelishen, Jim Goodwin and Catcher Ray Fletcher---aie back m the minors. Barreof the Eastern league, Pitch- j d i a t t e d fouv payers ha\e Jia- 'er Walt Dubiel from Seattle of the j d of a) , Qf ,; hem The fcul _ pacific Coast and Infielder Giady _ _ Wilson from Eochestcf of the International. Blatnick has been one of the rookie star* of the National league. He is batting at a .30'! clip and fielding welt. Dubiel has- tvon four games and lost five but he has pitched better than his record Indicates. Wilson was sold recentIj to the Pittsburgh Pirates for $10.000, the same amount the Phils paid to land him. Wilson has seen little action * at Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The remaining nine players still in the majors have been used Fight mostly in utility roles. Besides Blatnick, Dubiel and Wilson, only three of the 13 players selected by National league clubs are still drawing big league pay checks. Pitcher Foiest Main and Out- fi«lder-Infielder Max West are with Pittsburgh Main has appeared entirely in relief roles without gaming, a decision either way. West has filled in at first base and the outfield and has been used frequently as a pinch-hitter. Outfielder Clint Conatser of the Boston Braves has been seeing more action recently and may develop into quite a valuable performer for the Biaves, Six players of 16 drafted by American league clubs have survived the axe. TITO of them, pitcher Forest Thompson and Catcher Lcn Okrie, are with Washington. Thompson has pitched some fine relief ball while Okrie, acquired from Dee .Moines, has been riding the bench, The Philadelphia Athetics' two picks, Outfielder Don While and inflelder Billy Demars, have been used infrequently but have stuck. Pitcher Bill Kennedy, drafted by the Cleveland Indians, recently was shipped to the St, Louis Browns in the deal that brought «outhpaw Sam Zoldak to the Tribe, Kennedy hat been getting some B\ The AsS'jdnlri) Pres« CIXCIXX.VTI -- Sclt Lrtell. 162'., Ftt^no C a l i f , niUDOiiUcd Billy 1T2 1 .. Cincinnati. 30. Science New-Fangled Gadgets NEW YORK LT)--Bred in ancient Greece, the Olympic games this year will be the most athletic contests ever held, AD softs of up-to-date, newfangled gadgets u-ill be used at the games in London to time measure the events. Many of the time-honored methods of judging and conducting track meets will be discarded. At London, Olympic fans won't get to watch officials mount ladders, tape measme in trembling hand, to calculate the exact height in the pole vault. Tl^e vault standards \\iii be equipped with a pointer and sliding scale measuring in both meters and feet. They are placed so that may be read xvithout using ladders, Science n ill rule the flat race-,, loo. Starting guns will ba oiwrated by remote control. This will eliminate one of the problems that has plagued officials since the Games were revived. The 100-, ''00- and iOO-mcter dashes at the Olympics are run in lanes and the starts are staggered, lcu\ing Hie inside man more than 154 tcet away from the nmncr on the outside. Under that setup, the runner on the pole hars tho shot starting the ract more tlian a tenth til H second ahead of the outside niiiner. i

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