Dr Blood and the Sawtelles

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Dr Blood and the Sawtelles - A MAN OF OMINOUS NAME. "Dr. Blood" with and His...
A MAN OF OMINOUS NAME. "Dr. Blood" with and His Connection the Sawtelle Tragedy. A Few Facts in Relation to His Brief Career in Chicago. Is the Head of the Butchered Victim in His Possession? - THB CRIME. Th murder of Hiram Sawtelle. presumably by his brother Isaac to put himself nearer a email estate of soms $13,000, is exciting equal interest and horror throughout New England. Th interest evinced ia shown by tbe fact that Boston papers - ars devoting ten oolnmns of space daily to th crime, and tbe horror is natural when tbe ferocious brutality Indulged in ia a vain attempt to hide tne body is eonstdered. Hiram Sswtells kept a fruit store ia Box bury. Mass,,' inherited from bis father, and from ths proceeds of which, be supported bis family and his mother. Last December hie scapegracs brother, Isaac, waa pardoned from the Stat prison, where be bad been sentenced on three indictment for rap. On his release he was allowed to reside with bis brother. whose possession of th business and property is a great source of , heart-burning to th ex-eonriot ... There is now no doubt that Isaac plotted to remove bis brother aad th an tire family, five persona in all, that ha might enjoy th estate. Saturday. Feb. 1. Isaac, by a sobterf age. took on of his neiees, aged 8. to Boston, to Lowell. and subsequently to Rochester. N. H. Hers ths girl alleges he attempted to poison ber. Then be telegraphed Hiram, Fob. 4. that ths child was sick, and asked that the mother be aent on. The father went, however, and was never . seen alive again. Friday, Feb 14, bis trunk, minus ths anna and bead, waa found in tba woods near Lebanon. Me, Isaac Sawtelle waa arrested at Portland. Me,, and the tmlie beside finding blood stains on his cloth ing had no difficulty la ooanecting hun with hi bepthef s arrival ana disappearance at lioch ester. . He feould not bare committed tbe crime without assistance, but hie confederates, wbo are believed to be two ex-eouncte. "Dt" Charles L, Blood, a blackmailer, and Edward RusseiL burglar, are at this writing fugitives, missing from thsir usuil haunts. PART OP BLOOD'S RECORD. Dr. Charles L. Blood, alias Dr. C B. Lewis, alias half a doxea other name, and for whom ths polios ar now anxiously looking as an al leged seoomplics in tb Sawtoll murder, ha National reputation for crooked work, aaya th Boston Globe of Sunday, and has been aptly termed by a police' authority, "ths silkiest and slipperiest confidence man in the business. Blood is now about 56 years of age, erect ia carriage, qaick in motion, with small, sparkling eyes snd a plauaibl manner calculated to win those inexperienced in reading human nature. He is said to bar originally bailed from Ayer. this State, and b claims to bars been tr.e eon of a Dr. Louis Blood, of that town, though people wbo knew him many years ago deny thai bis father was srsr a doctor. About 18G5 Dr. Blood came to Boston from Philadelphia, and boo became known aa an extensive trareler and advertiser and carer of consumption by means of oxygenated air. and baring his headquarters in ths old Congrega tional Library Bui'ding oa Chauney street. His "ads" frequently, took up a page in a daily paper, and be also Issued an advertising sheet of his own, which was sent broadcast through out the surrounding country. About this time be became interested in "laucbing gas." intro duced by Dr. Coltoo. of New Tork. Blood learned the manner of its manufacture, and then claimed to be the inventor of "oxygenized r." Be soon bad an slesrantlr furnished bouse at Na 119 Harrison arenas, and was adrertiamg extensively to cur all diseases of th blood and lungs by means of his "air. and to sell the rights to use his remedy in various Ststea and emtori.s. Blood soon had a rival in ths person of a Dr. Bams, who applied laughing gas under the name of "suoer-oxrzo nixed air." Harris was day visited by a man of th name of Car- rm. from Lawiston. Ma., and aaid ne came especially to ges tb benefit of "auoer-oxygeo-ised air." The air was administered, and in a moment Carrill was frothing at tbe mouth and rolling on the floor, spot rent ly in a fit hi agonizing ooo tortious lasting a boat an hour. Finally Dr. Harris sent his patient home, when Carrill called "hia owa phvmcian," who proved be Dr. Blood. The next day the newspapers described the "poisoning" of a man of th namo of C irvill by th administering of "su per-oxygenized au" ia Dr. Harris' office, and the subsequent relief afforded tha patient Dr. Blood, The public were kept posted to tbe continnsi improvement of the patient under Dr. Blood's oar, as well as ths fact that Dr. Biood s oxygenized air was per fectly harmless and w ia administered dUy at 119 Harrison aren ue. Carrill subsequently brought suit against Dr. Harris for poiaoniug him, and a keeper waa put in charge of the premise, all of which served to keep th opposition "air" before the public. Harris' oounael adviaed htm not to par th demands upon him. claiming it waa a blaos-mailing scheme, but Harris seemed anxious to settle, nevertheless. The case finally fell through, but Harris was frightened and left the city. All thia took place in tue winter of 1866- 7. and for some tim after Dr. Blood con tinued ia high feather. bom tim after he got into troubl with tha United States Government thro ich failure to properly stamp hia patent medicine, and soon alter uisappoired from the city, bis last appear ance being made in the oustoay of two deputy United b tales marshals. ISomsbow or otner be oat of his difficulty, and turned up in Philadelphia, where he led a buav life for a while. Jo May. 1884. Blood waa brought into tha publie eye again in this city br reason of bis arrest for blackmailing one Ernsat Weber. Boston musician. Blood became aoausinted with a Miss Jeunett Niekerson iu AoriL 1884, and waa soon taking her to the aters, lectures, and almost daily to dine Young's HoteL II procured from ber. it alleged, by foroa, an affidarit to the effect ahe bad been r , lined under promise of marriage -by Ernest Weber, and that Weber bad roil - i ' ii-- lJ -sv w'.'r t.t employed a puysician .to perform ai abortion j work, and had nodOticiilrr in securing tbe eig-Wiuh bad nearly seat bar bsr kie. A ooiiTcd- ' nature of prominent njonla to th..ir r-titiniL . eraf or Blood, named "Dr. Townsend." - Incited toe affidavit, together with several let ters from Weber to Miee Niekerson. in a law yei'a oftioe in the preeenoe of Weber, whom he 1 railoned to send to State prison unless $4.- wu waa lorucoming. .Weber consul tel the police authorities, who arrested Townsend and Blood, and after a sensational trial they were Lota eon rioted ox blackmailing and aent up for a term oi years, BLOOD'S BRIBP CAREER IN CHICAGO "Dr." Charles L. Blood ran a brief career in Chicago ia 1875-0. and bad an offioe years ago in ths Dors Block, corner State and Madison. It was ia ths days when Col vin was Mayor, and the town was wide open, asms as now. Blood waa a fins looking fellow about 41 years old. six feet high, aod with a mass of black hair. B was a masher, and daily and nightly when not engaged ia bis office he ornamented th corner below it That he wss vain goes with out saying, and his visiting cards in tbe left top corner bors a small photograph of himself. Here is a reproduction of one: A dance orer aome back-number directories. thanks to Mr. Donnelly, placed th "Dr." as follows: 1875. C L. Blood, physician. 38. 77 Madi son sr. . bds. Palmer Hoc so. 1876. C & Blood, pbye.cian, Na 083 Madi son street, - Na 77 Madison street is tbs Dor property. snd st ths tim Blood was there. . as now, Mr. Charles 8. Crosby was the agent for it Said Mr. Crosby yeaterdsr to a reporter for Thb Ixtbb Ocbax: "Why. yes. I remember Dr. Blood, He cam here in tb spring of 1875. snd rented a suite of rooms oa th fonrtu floor. He was a fin looking man aod dressed nioely. H paid bis rent promptly in advance, and always seemed to have pla.ity of money. He did a good business. too. and he had lots of papers and circulars that be would bare diatribn ted, - He seemed to be introducing a new treatment, tbe oxygen treatment, I beliere it was called, and was adrertiamg it prettr freeir. He always did a good bnaiaeas. and after being her about a year he sold out to a man, f doo't remember hi nam, and went away. Th man did not stay ber but a month or so. and tbea moved awar. - A beiieve tnat lit. Blood left tbe city. I don't know where be went or where he tint from - Bat Dr.-C. L. Blood is ia ths directory of 1S7U as a resuieul of West Madison street" "Vteli. I guess yo i'U find that he was not tbe re, bat the man he sold to may bar moved over there and put up th same aiga that wss here, because I am reasonably sure ihat h left tb city when re sold oat to th man. lr. Hlood never bad any trouble bere so fares I know. and when be left bere I nerer heard of him again ouUl you mentioned hia name to mo. , MRS. HIRAM SAWTELLE ON BLOOD. Mrs. Hiram Sawtelle. widow of the murdered man, reached Boston Saturday night, and waa told that the prisoser. Isaac Sawtelle, asserted that Dr. Blood bad borrowed money from Hiram, and so owed tbs latter a considerable sum. "Hiram norer bad any money dealing with Dr. Blood, you may rest assured," replied tha widow. "Hiram wouldn't dream of lending that acamo money or anything. Hiram wasn't that kind of a man. being close ia suc.i matters. Nor would he, or did he borrow money from nr. mood, supposing tnat tne tatter bad it to lend. And Isaac aays Dr. Blood owed my husband money? I am sur that - it ia on of Isaac's bluffs.'' "Did Dr. Blood com to th house often to so Isaac r "Quito often, - I remember that about the first time he came, Isaac said, after he bad goo. There is a man who will do anything for a doliar. " "Were they oat late at night together" "Yee, they were." HAS HE OOTTHE HBADf : Tb following dispatch, sent out Sunday night, is worth reprodaoing DOVEB.N. VL. Fab. 17. What will doubtless prove sn Important oerelopment in the Sawtelle murder mystery has been famished by MrsXhsrles Richmond, who, apoa taking up a Boston Snndar paper thia morning, saw the picture of "Dr. Blood, wbo is strongly supposed to hare been implicated ia the tskiag off of Hiram Sawtelle. " Whr. I know that man." ahe aaid. "He ealled bare s week ssro W-dsv. - it waa in the afternoon-He asked for s room. I told him I had one. but when I looked at his face I ref ased to cive him one. ' He had two bandies one done up in wrapping paper: ahonlj sayitmixht have contained clotaes; the other waa don np in a newspaper, about the aixs of a mn'a bead. He looked inat like tbe picture of Dr. Blood. I seat him to Ir. Hull's." Lsier the picture was shown to Mr. Hall, who recognised it as that of a mas who engaged rooms of him last Monday, bst did not come bsck. Hail also ssw him oa the street that night Tbe Urge head of Dr. Blood, nrinted above. ia an exact reproduction of tha one nrintad in the Boston flobe aod reoognixad by Mrs. Bieh-roood and Mr. Hall A comparison 0f it with tbe small picture of the ooenpant of the Dors Block in Chicago in 1875-6 will leave oo room for doubt as to tbe identity of the two men, is it possble t:at Blood la traveling this way with bia victim a noaa in in possession r WHERE IS SAWTELLBS HEAD Bochestbb, N. H. Feb. 18. Snow has fallen steadily sine midnight and has checked for the present the search on land for tb head of Hiram Sawtelle. It ia probable that th river in the river will be lowered and tb water dragged in the hope of fiudiag tbe head. tools, and clot be. Yesterday th grave where th trunk and leg were found was again thor oughly overhauled, but no trace of th ha id was discovered. Another witness who beard tbe shots was found to-day in tho person of Mrs. Weavsr. who Urea in tb first boas "be yond th wood in which tb shots war beard ny otner. onn Me-ixin, oi Aieoanon. Mo. states he met the team on tbe afternoon of the murder, near the grave; that one man waa driving, and that tn other lay back aa if sick or dead. . ISAAC SAWTELLK'S BAD RECORD. Bostox, Mass.. Feb. 18. Special Telegram. Tb scandal affeoung tba good nam of Massachusetts growing out of tha pardon of laaao Sawtelle by Governor Ames an-1 council baa resulted in the introduction ia th liris latar of a bill requiring petitions for th pardon of - criminal to ba published ia two or mors papers of th Rht for four weeks before any action is taken. Had this been dooe in the o is of bawtelle be wo-ild not bar b n pardoned from btato' a Prison and consequently would not hare murdered his brother. His record was notononalr baiL Tha police, had they been consulted, could hare shown good reason for refusing him a pardon. Tho People who circulated th petition for his pardon were paid tor their Am - h -n , m i,r s

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