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James K Patterson - 1911. at J Ford-ham DIPLOMAS AND DEGRES...
1911. at J Ford-ham DIPLOMAS AND DEGRES PRESEIITED AT HANOVER COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES AT PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE. VIKCENNES ORATOR WINS Special te The Indianapolis Km. IIANOVER. led., June 7. The coa-rr.encementxerclss coa-rr.encementxerclss coa-rr.encementxerclss of Hanover college were held la the Presbyterian church today. today. IV. W. A. MiUi. the president, presided; Fred C Mill is, was sal u tat o-rUa; o-rUa; o-rUa; and MUi Margeret Howk, valedictorian. valedictorian. Jamea E. Almond and Faul C Vor la also speke. Dr. James K. Patterson, Patterson, president emeritus of Kentucky btate university, delivered the class ad-dres. ad-dres. ad-dres. She following received, diplomas: Bachelor ef Arts Andrew FarreU. Faoli; Howard Weir Gordon. Madiana; Margaret Howk. Jererwmvine: Mary Randolph Hughe. Madisoti: .-nsa .-nsa .-nsa Mary Lelan ! Milium Alfred Alfred Ciark Mu le. Hanover; WiUient bchmid-lap bchmid-lap bchmid-lap Nlchoia Arkansas City. Kaa.: Faul Cul-trtrn Cul-trtrn Cul-trtrn Vorta, Canaan, lnd. ; Jeamett Tee-pie. Tee-pie. Tee-pie. Chaxlaatown. llacbeior of ik-rence ik-rence ik-rence James E.iward Almond. Randolph. N. T.: Henry Cobb, Seymour, lnd.; i;.ijith Jan Hritan. New Waahicg-t'Mj; Waahicg-t'Mj; Waahicg-t'Mj; Krank Europe Mor.tromery. Seymour; Anna lkura Reynolda, Aibeny, Tex.; Kenneth K Thooipeon. North Takima, VasV : Mj.son aiarshA.l. North Mauiaoo. and Wllham J. Miliar. Uad.aon. Honorary Degress Conferred. Ilonoary degrees were conferred aa follows: follows: Maater cf Arts. William A. lyoj.p, class ISsS, chief Alaska divlalon of th I n.ttsi States bureau bureau of education; Know Jtmuun, clae 1. on faculty of Kentucky Stat university; the Hev. C II. OUfather, cUa 1. alu ient In (.Germany at present ; r'ro(esv Jauiea U. Mor-ria. Mor-ria. Mor-ria. rlaaa 1 :. graduate student al Harvard university; Lr. A. J. Whaliin. class 1:J interne interne In Cincinnati city boiital; Miss Lucy M. Hufrhee, claaa 1&.-2. 1&.-2. 1&.-2. Inatrurttu- Inatrurttu- la Madison Und.l hlh achoola; Miss Alma B. Caldwtil. Let. a rxin, Ind. ixxrt.M- ixxrt.M- of Divinity Th Rev. Thorns B. Ter-hune, Ter-hune, Ter-hune, Huntington. Ind.: th lire. Kverett A. Cutler. -rise -rise ivd. Milwaukee. Wla, and th nee. jtruiora v. tyier. ctaaa laso. ran kaa. Ind. rxtor of Law Henry S. Barker, president Of Kentucky Mat university. Elxle' L. Weber. A. li., 1 Illnoia -college. -college. 19, waa given a decree of master of arte, having completed the preecr.bed course for that work. A number of teachera' certlflcatea and academy diplomas also were given The oratorical contest was won by James Speed Jtodirers. a sophomore, a member of the lieta Theta PI fraternity, and whose home la at Vlncennes. It. S. Sitler, of Oklahoma City, was second, and Harold E. Mann, of Indianapolis, was third. The sufciect of Mr. llodgers s oration oration was "The Place of Ideals In Modern Ufa." Meeting of Trustees. The annual meeting; of the board of trustees was held . at the Thomas A. Hendricks library. The board refused to make public any of the plana In reg-ard reg-ard reg-ard to Increasing the endowment of the college college and remodeling- remodeling- buildings. The officers officers of the board of trustees for next year will be J. W. LaGrange. of Franklin, preaident; John 11. Holllday. of the Union Tru.t Company vice-presuent. vice-presuent. vice-presuent. and John S. Howk, ef Hanover, secretary; the Madison Deposit and Trust Company, treasurer, and William A. Millls. auiiitor. A number of changes were made in the personnel of the. board which Is now composed of Lr. J. 11. Barnard Barnard and th Rev. J. T. Boyer. Madison: Prank R. More. Cincinnati; J. W. LaGrar.ge, Franklin; J. S. Howk. Hanover; George Knox, Iafayette; Oscnr H. Montgomery. Seymour: Thomas J. Oraham, Richmond; K. i Whallon. Cincinnati; Cincinnati; rr. J. K. Hays. Louisville; H. S Moffett and V. O. Kord. Madison; IL W. Johnson. South Bend; M. C. Car her and V. C. Hood, Madison; John M. Coulter, Chicago; W. F. Irwin. Louisville; M. I). Wlleon. Madison; it- it- I. Hamilton, Greensburg; J. E. Tagsart. JefTeronvi)le; A. W. Butler and John H. Holllday. In-dlanapoJls; In-dlanapoJls; In-dlanapoJls; J. M. Cravens, Madison; J. C. Van Natta. Brookston; XV. XV. Evans, Walton. Ky.: IX W. Moffatt. Ft. Wayne; Charles Ailing. Jr., Chicago; II. F. Doo-llttle, Doo-llttle, Doo-llttle, - rx-lpht; rx-lpht; rx-lpht; Harry Nyce. Peru; J. R. Voris. Bedford; F. K. Charleton. Indiana-polls, Indiana-polls, Indiana-polls, and Harvey XV. Wiley, Washington. Washington. D. C. The officers of the alumni association for next year will be Dr. James K. Patterson. Patterson. lvJ. president,- president,- Professor A. M. Young, professor In Hanover. vice-president; vice-president; vice-president; Miss Lucy Hurries. MedNon, secretary, and Ir. Carl Hcnninir. Hanover, Hanover, treasurer. Judge O. H. Montgomery, former Indiana supreme court judge, of Seymour, was re-elected re-elected re-elected as representative representative of the alumni association on the college college board of trustees.

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  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 07 Jun 1911, Wed,
  3. Page 13

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