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Luce Family - It. a ABOUT OUR ANCESTORS. sur-and By Frances...
It. a ABOUT OUR ANCESTORS. sur-and By Frances IC. Smith, -Eleanor -Eleanor Lexington.' Cbpjr right, mi. by Prank Allaben Genealogical Company. itXTB Is a name which has appeared at different times aa Luse, Luci, Luce!, Luoie, Lucey and Lucy. De Luci Is the name of a par ish In Normandy, and there la a tradition that a Norman Knight went over with the Conqueror. He was a De Luci, hut soon dropped the "de," snd In course of time exchanged the "I" for an "e," the name In the meantime .heaving the variety of forms named. Luse was a favorite orthography with the early settler in this country In fact, the usual spelling of colonial days. - In Scottland there is Neu Luce, (the name of a town on Luce Bay. In Italy a province is called Lucca. Un der the Lombards, Lucca or to give It Its lift of .trout 1. . The Luces were among the founders of Nantucket. Other homes nt old Latin name. Laicn was an important tne iucea were Barnstable and Waretam town. In Spain we And Luccens, These Mass,; Canterbury. Conn,; (Nottingham, n! namee may all be derived from the Lu- Lu- j H.. end, n the eighteenth century, they eeres, the name given to the third part of had made a home In Central New - Tork. the Roman people under Romulus, and j Now representatives of the family may thus named for their leader, Lucumon, probably be found In every state. about whom we read In Llvy. I The family have Intermarried with the The De Luci have been seated at Nor-, Nor-, Nor-, Barnes. Crosbys, Bleeckera. Hnvl. nr. folk for centuries, and the Lucys, who ! lows, Mortons, Collins, Tuttlea. Cartwrighta. claim descent from the Norman De Lad, Holmeses and Robinsons of New England nava name ana iarae in narvicunire, i prvminwit rami ilea In nelnina- nelnina- in fnunn almost as great In a way as Shakespeare j this republic. The Luces of Lona- Lona- Island himself, for was It not Sir Thomas Lucy, ' intermai ried with the Hcrwrl a e of Charlecots Park, whe prosecuted the Hudson, Immoral bard for deer ateallng. although Ebeneser has . been a favorite family stealing a deer was nothing to be ashamed ! name, and Moses. Other name or . t of? Noblemen engaged tn such pastimes. I sternly puritanical sound are SnDhrontaj and the first Prince of Wales was a deerjAlmtra, Naomi. Patience. Terrmerance stealer! Thankful. Love. Hone. Evnariene .ul VI SIT Thomas Is apposed to be the original field. - Flfleld was a boy. Thla Inlnrmatio. Justice Shallow." He waa the great j Is volunteered for tha benefit of man of Stratford, and the large estates may be unable' to decide tha n .. ha held were grants under the Crown from I out assistance. This most not be taken a the time of the Henrys. His aon. also. Stria reflection upon anv one', intelligent Thorn, contributed a buck to tha enter-! enter-! enter-! An error as to sex mav ha .,,, talnmant wbea Queen Elisabeth waa a we have heard of a lady named Oeorae ana guest of the town. . of a girl named Spottavivant. All Uhla la, of course, wholly Irrelevant I Stolen was a boy's name, and a t to a family history of tha Luces, unions the ! had the courage to marry Stoten Tattle not family originally were one and the same, I that there waa anything against him h-and h-and h-and regard the Norman as common pro-'cept pro-'cept pro-'cept his name. . Weddinn knew- knew- . - - . . . n-.- n-.- n-.- n-.- v v . . . . "ae, BU1K- BU1K- neuuur v a,uBiia um, apneas ho , lug acnooia ana qulltinga were the onlv on. The theory that Lace and Lucy may the same finds strong support In the first scene of The Merry Wives of Windsor.' In that scene Shakespeare makes Shallow bear a dosen white fish called- called- luces or pike on his coat of arm. The Luceys bore punning or "canting" (to give the correct heraldie name), coat armor, "three luces. variant." i It Is not put down in the records where the ancestore of the American branch came from. ' Ho was Henry Luce, or Loe. as the name also appears, snd with ills wife. Re-j Re-j Re-j menvber, was living at Martha'a Vineyard i cat luncmona or tne day. . A wedding cere. - I - J - ovoupiM TWO rlav - u circles not Included In the "four hundred." On the first day tha young man went to claim his bride, accompanied by a merry frtr , frends? the wedding took place, the following day. and the festivities oft-times oft-times oft-times lasted a week. . The fashion of the daw itm. .... maiden should be straight, willowy aad not ! early marriage. "They braced my aunt aginst a board. To make her straight and tall; -They-laced -They-laced -They-laced -They-laced her np, they starved her,down. I To make her light and small." The Luce forbears shouldered th- th- nintiocks In 1770, left their comlomi homes for the open camp. sutT'r.d cold, hunger, exposure, wounds, diseut even death to preserve the sacred lerrJ Of liberty. They were of sturdy, fit. DIOOd. Among Revolutionary sires mav bi tloned the brave and valiant Corrwnv egant Francis Luce, of New Jory. served from November. 1"7.", to Kft Lieutenant Henry, also of Ne. Henry shouldered his gun upon th fir to arms, Heitman's "Officers ft & lutlon gives these names, with th tr4 orthography of that day, Luse. Affiliation with the Soeietv .,t Wars may be claimed by male defc-rrtl defc-rrtl defc-rrtl or Benjamin Luce, of Notiinsriaio. S who was Colonel of militia. Chanel was a Captain of the War of 112. A lng story Is told ot his w bear, which attacked his sheep Mi "seizing his faithful 'Queen's arm.' " h bruin to route with neatness and d" Rear Admiral Stephen Bleecker Lw or tne New York family. I'res.dent time of the United States Naval War lege, which he helped to found, he " s tru mental In establishing the naval lng BVStem. Ha le callerl the "Father Tralnln; Fleet." He is also of a bent and wrote "Seamanship. ' aid c1 Piled ("Naval Son- Son- ' Another Of the Vew Tork bratt'li 1 George, who traced hack thnueh Ti' Constant and Hexekiah to Experienci A one ef the Martha's Vineyard famllj One -characteristic -characteristic of the I.ucef ii common sense, which, as mice out ' amounts to genius, and they po.-sw po.-sw po.-sw which amounts to nnwer They art who have achieved bv service to thflrsi try, state and party. Often a powrraS ltics, they have alwavs beet rham?!w liberty: they bave worked hard la n and fought hard in war. I The coat-of-arms coat-of-arms coat-of-arms coat-of-arms coat-of-arms reproduce! ! hv Yliielr. Aviim - .A,nAnr arrent ' I extreme almnllcltv of this coat! IftOWl thai IV i- i- mw, .nol-nt .nol-nt .nol-nt An Crest: An eagle with wings dln!arei nardant, holding in his dexter cl "H erect, proper. I Regarding the heraldic slgnlflc 1 thia coat-armor, coat-armor, coat-armor, the eagle li a yn Imrarlal Tn.. BnM.nt emi royalty.. It waa displayed upon tat "T. . . , n.hvlC. aru m Jiangs oi Persia ana n well as on Roman ensigns. Its meaning is "a man of action. occtiil high and mighty affairs, of a loftr T speedy In apprehension." It Is j cognisance. J Wings displayed signify protect! j crescent and sword often denote j ancestry.- ancestry.- Asure signifies loyalty. tni slU la mnm WISneVI nun aa rlee.1 .a . ...,rva i . u"uo,B M lecriiT ana everr chaste ana vir. - . ity. Axure U svmbolized by th ftJ The anetless white of argent d-notei d-notei d-notei and sincerity and Is symbolixed M pearl. stock to make a pint , and a table spoan and

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  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 12 Nov 1911, Sun,
  3. Page 60

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