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SAN SABA NEWS, SAN SABA, TEXAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 1934 CLASSIFIED ADS POSTED— NO hunting, fishing, trapping or trespassing of any kind will be permitted. This means you to stay out of my pasture. J. W. Dalton. 1-ix POSTED—All lands controlled by the undersigned are posted against all kinds of hunting and trapping. Please keep out. W. H. TAYLOR. 1-ix NO TRESPASSING—No hunting, shooting, trapping or trespassing of any kind will be allowed on lands controlled by me. This don't mean may-be-so. J. H. BURKE. 1-ix FOR SALE— FOR SALE—Florence Oil Stove good shape. Will sell cheap. See Mrs. Hart Dunnahoo. 9x LOST- LOST—Red cow, white face, branded EL on left side. Strayed from home two weeks ago. Mre. Sadie Funderburk. 9p FOR RENT— FOR RENT—Garage building, next door to Brown & Bowers on Wallace street. See T. S. Aylor 9p LEGALS- ning, containinglSO acres of land, arid being the same lands and premises conveyed by H. & T. C. Ry. Co. to F. D. Bolinger by deed dated 6th day of June, A. D. 1901 recorded in deed records of San Saba county, Ti-xns, in volumn 37 page 262 to which reference is here made for more particular description, it being the same lands and premises conveyed to plaintiff herein by the sole,surviving heirs at law of them the'said John Bolinger and Charlie Bolinger, so far as plaintiff knows and believes, said vendors being the brothers and sister of said John and Charlie Bolinger, hereinafter named. 2. That on the said 20th day of November, A. D. 1933, defendants unlawfully entered upon said premise and ejected plaintiff therefrom, and unlawfully withhold from him the possession therof, to his damage in the sum of five hundred dollars. That the reasonable rental value thereof is $50.00 per annum. Wherefore plaintiff prays judg- THE STATE OF TEXAS, County of San Saba. To all persons indebted to, or holding claims against, the Estate of J. H. Lindsey, Deceased: The undersigned having been duly appointed, by the probate court of San Saba Co'unty, Texas, on the 22nd day of November. A. D. 1033, Independent Executor of the Estate of J. H. Lindsey, lato of San Saba County. Texas, notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to the said estate to come forward and make set- tkment, and those having claims against said estate to present them to the undersigned within the time prescribed by law at his residence at Lockei, Texas, in the County of San Saba, where he receives his mail. This the 14th day of February A. D. 1934. 7-4x J- A. PARKS. Independent Executor of the Estate of J. H. Lindsey, Dcc'd. CITATION BY PUBLICATION The State of Texas, To the Sheriff or any Constabl of San Saba County, Greeting: You are Hereby Commanded to summon John Bolinger; the unknown heirs of John Bolinger, and their heirs and legal representatives; and Charlie Bolingcr; and the unknown hdrs of Charlie Bolinger, and their heirs and legal representatives, by making publication of this Citation onco in each week for four successive weeks previous to the return day hereof, in some newspaper published in your County, to appear at the next regular term of the District Court ai San Salia County, to be holden til the Court House thon-of, San .Snba, Tfxas on the fourth Monday in April, A. D. 1984. the same being the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1934, then and there to answer a petition filed in said Court on the 2nd day <,f January, A. D. 1934, in a ^suit, numbered on the docket of said Court an No. 2922, wherein W. W. Long- miro is Plaintiff, and John Bolinger, the unknown heira of John Bolinger, and their heirs and legal representatives; and Charlie Bolinger, and the unknown heirs of Charlie Bolinjrer, and their heirs and legal repreaentaUvea, are Defendants, and said petition alleging. 1, Now comes W. W. Longmirt 1 , v;ho resides in San Saba county, Texas, hereinafter called plaintiff complaining of John Bolinger, and of the heirs of John Bolinger other than hi* surviving brothers and sisters such heirs other than his said borth- trj, and sisters, if any, being uu known, and of the executors and administrators, if any. of him, the said John BolinKer, if deceased; and of Charlie Bilinger, and of the unknown heirs of him the said Charlie Bolin- ijer, if any, other than his surviving brothers and sisters, and of the executor* and administrators, if any, of him the said Charlie Bolinger, if deceased, all of whom, herein complained of being defendants herein, and says that the residences of &»id defendans, if any, of such defendants be in existence, is not known to plaintiff, and after dili gent search he has been unable tc ascertain their existence or whereabouts or places of residence, and for cause of action plaintiff shows to the court; that on or about th: 20th day of November, A. D. 193:1, ho was 'lawfully seized and possessed of the following described lands and premises, situated in San Saba county, Texas holding and claiming th< same in fee simple, to-wit: All that certain tract or parcel of land situated on the waters of Ter race creek, a tributary of the Colo rado river, about 15 1-2 miles N. 40 W. from the town of San Saba, Texas, being central south part of survey No. 71, cert. 38-4422, in name of H. & T, C. Ry. Co., and described by field notes as follows: BEGINNING on the south boundary lint of this survey 175 vrs. N. 84 1-2 W iiom its S. E. corner, a point in middle of San Saba and Brownwood road: Thence North 84 1-4 W. will south boundry line of this survey 1206, vrs. to the S. E. cor. of a 180 acre tract sold to W. W. Skelton a stone mound from which a P. O mks X brs. S. 83 W. 2 1-2 vrs., do brs. S. 63 1-2 E. 2 1-2 vrs..; Thenct north I. W. with east boundry line o said 180 acre tract. 1420 vrs. to it N. E. corner in middle of said road Thence with said road and soutl boundary line of a tract of 120 acre sold to J. M. Jones, and a 208 acre ment of the court that defendants be cited by publication to appear and answer this petition, and that plaintiff have judgment for the title and possession of said above described land and premises, and that writ of restitution issue, and for his rents, carnages and costs of suit, and for such other and further relief, special and general, in law and in equity, that he may be justly entitled to, etc. G. A. WALTERS, Attorney for plaintiff. Pleading as a further cause of action, comes now plaintiff in the above entitled and numbered caujse, and : shows to the court that on the said 20th day of November, A. D. 1933, by their deed of conveyance of said date, as shown in said deed records of San Saba county, Texas, R. L. Bolinger and his wife, Gladys Bolinger; Mrs. Winnie Munsell joined therein by her husband, L. D. Munsell; Dave B. Bolinger, a single man, and N. B. Bolinger and his wife, Clara Bolinger, for a valuable consideration to them in hand paid by this plaintiff, in cash, and receipt of which was in said deed acknowledged Mid confessed, conveyed in fee simple i>, this plaintiff the above described lands and premises which lands and premises.were theretofore owned and possessed rn fee simple by the late F. I). Bolinger, deceased who was a brother of said vendors, and who departed this life intestate at Brownwood, Texas, on or about the 15th day of December, A. D. 1925. That no administration was had on hi? said estate, and no necessity existed thtrefor; that said F. D. Bolinger at the time of his death was a single man, he having never married, and had no issue surviving of his body: that he left surviviing him as his sole h«'irs at law the following named In others and sisters, his father and mother both having preceded him in death many years, said heirs sur viving being defendants, John Bolin srer. if alive; Joe Bolinger; Mrs. Winnie Munsell, wife of L. D. Munsell, R. L. BolingeV; Dave Bolinger: N. B. Bolinger, Charlie Bolinger. if alive. That as such sole surviving heirs at law of him the said Fred D. Bol-f irger, deceased, said named parties became immediately vested with thel lee ximple title to all said lands and premises under the law of descent pnd distribution. Plaintiff shows that the said John Bolinger was single man, unmarried had never been married so far as plaintiff knows and believes, and is under the laws of Texas presumed to bo dead in that ho was never heard <>!' by any of his known relatives, frit-mi.;; or acquaintance'; living in Sun Saba or adjoining counties in since about the year, A. D. 1921, he having removed from San Snba county, Texas, where he hail formerly resided practically all his life, Ifct San Saba county, Texas, in about the year, A. D. 1897, he then being a single man, and if he ever married his relatives, friends and acquaintances never heard about it That he was last heard of or from in said year, A. D. 1921, when ho wiote to N. B. Bolinger, his said brother in San Saba county, from the State of Nevada, said last letter having been preceded by several letters from him to said N. B. Bolingei written from said State of Nevada, tressed to him at his then known jost office in Nevada, were returned incalled for. That several letters were later written to public official? >ut replies came back showing that ic could not be located wherefore, i&ving been unheard of or from for more than seven years, plaintiff says lotwithstanding several letters ad- >c is legally presumed to be dead, and to have died without other heirs .ban these brothers and sister named above. Plaintiff shows that the said Joe Solinger conveyed all his undivided nterest in and to said lands and premises to Bob (R. L.) Bolinger ger and Charlie Bolinger, passed to this plaintiff all fee simple title in and to said tract, of land. That the lack of a deed from said John Bolinger and Charlie Bolingev casts a cloud upon plaintiff's title to said land, and being entitled to a judgment in view of said facts, by this court decreeing said absent heirs as dead under the statutory presumption of law, plaintiff prays that such decree be entered by this court, and that plaintiff be adjudged to own the full title all said tract of land, that such cloud be removed and that he be quieted in his title to said lands and premises, for his costs of suit and for such other and further relief, general and special, in law and ii; equity that he may show himself entitled, and he will ever pray, etc., and that said defendants all be cited by publication as the law directs. G. A. WALTERS, Attorney for plaintiff. Herein Fail Not, and have you before said Court, at its aforesaid next rc-gular term, this writ with your return thereon, showing how you have executed the same. Given Under My Hand and the Seal of said Court, at office in San Saba, Texa s this the 2nd day of January, A. D. 1934. Eddie Williams, Clerk, District Court, San Saba County. 6-4x MISCELLANEOUS- Can TO LOAN make a fairly good sized ranch loan at 8 per cent. Security must be ample. I also have a half block of land with five-room house S. E. of Grammar school and within three blocks of it to sell cheap. Also five-room house about 1 mile east of Courthouse and just outside City limits J. K. Rector 9-2x San Saba, Texas. The Published in the Interest of The San Saba By the Pupils, Teachers and STAFF Editor-in-chief Verna King News Editor Nila Maultsby Grammar School Editor, Margaret Sauer Class Editor Hazel Smith Sports Editor Woodrow Wilson Reporters Virginia Lanham, Carla Mae Stafford, Marjorie Oliver, Martha Lou Roberts, Tessie Bell Startz, Jack Harkey, Johnnie Weatherby. FOR SERVICE—"New Deal" Jack at my place at Chappel. Terms $10, $1.00 down. J. M. McCoury. 8-2p Business Directory Dr. J. L. Dailey Dentist Office in Murray Building West Side Public Square J. E. Hagan INSURANCE and LOANS San Saba, Texas Dr. C. M. Oliver Dentist Office in Clark Building, San Saba n*.'i\* ^w »*• *»•• M «••«« --'-w — -- — — j tract sold to E. B. Shaw (exclud ing from above described tract o land a strip of land 1-2 the widtt of said road) to the place of begin Easy Pleasant Way To Lose Fat How would you like to lose 15 pounds of fat in a month and at the same time increase your energy and improve your health? How would you like to lose your double chin and your too prominent abdomen and at the same' time make your skin so clean and clear that it will compel admiration? Get on the scales today and .ief how much you weigh—then get an 85 cent bottle of Kruschen Sales which will last you four weeks. Tnfce one half teaspoonful in a glass of hot water every morning and when you have finished the contents of this first bottle weigh yourself again. After that you'll want to we Ik around and say to your friends,— "One 85 cent bottle of Kruschen Salts is worth one hundred dollar's of any fat person's money." Leading druggists America over sell Kruschen Salts—You can always get it at City Drug Store. MAGNOLIA'S DREAM It seems as if one of the seniors of the class of 1934 had a dream of her classmates in a world of Imagination. Magnolia, as she was called by her friends, was in reality alluring Nell Doran. Naturally, her dreams would drift to the sources of her close friends; therefore the blonde-headed Glenn Smith was among the first. He arid Magnolia were married on the spur of the moment, and took their honeymoon to the world of Imagination. Who should be the first person they met but the charming sculptress, Mary Leigh Jackson. She has just completed a bust of her husband, Dr. Clovis Letbetter. They both seemed to live. in very much luxury. After this old acquaintance they journeyed on 'to the hotel, which was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Smith who were former Verena King and Clifton Smith. In the meanwhile Clifton had been married four times his ex-wives being Jewel Fox, Ruth Hayes, Dena House and Louise Jackson, who had, of course, married again (perhaps four more times themselves). When they started to register, they found Mr. Leonard Edmondson as clerk behind hte counter. Up popped the bell boy with six little bell boys and took their luggage to their suite of rooms They readily recognized the bell boy and his little ones to be John Fagg and his six well-bred sons. John said that he had been married only once and his wife, who had been Grace Kelley, had left him for the famous football star, H. B. Benold. They lived in Park Avenue in cue of the most exclusive penthouses ever built. All of a. sudden, il;*. hotel seemed to be in a frenzy because the famous aviatrix, Hazel NOTICE TO DELINQUENT TAXPAYERS OF SAN SABA COUNTY Jave Bolinger, Noah (N. B.) Bolinger and Mrs. Winnie Munsell wif«« of L. D. Munsell by deed dated Octu- K>r 17th. 1927 as shown in said deed records Vol. 87 page 574. herein re ferred to for all purposes of this suit. Plaintiff avers that said Charlie- Bolinger was never married, had no issue of his body and is presumed to be dead for the reason that he as a single man left San Saba county 1'exas. mar" years prior to A. D 1902, but returned to San Saba county on a brief visit about the year, 1902, and left without saying where he was going to, and has never been heard of or from since said visit that year 1902, although his said relatives friends and acquaintances hav3 enquired diligently to learn something of his whereabouts, or where he went to or what became of him. That so far as plaintiff or anyone else with whom he has confided, prin- cinally his brothers and sister, said Charlie Bolinger was never married and had no other heirs except the brothers and sister mentioned, wherefore and on account of all which nlaintiff says that said Charlie Bol- insrer is presumed in law to be much more than 7 years having passed since any informaion concerning him has been had. Plaintiff show s that in view of the above facts that the remaining heirs of Fred D. Bolinger, deceased, who conveyed to plaintiff all said lands and premkes, the interests inherited from Fred D, Bolinger, John Bolin- The time has arisen when it becomes absolutely necessary for the county to collect a great portion of its delinquent taxes. The county has obligations which it must meet, though these obligations have been made through many years, and this Court has been little responsible for them, it becomes the duty of the Court to attempt ,'to meet them under the Maws governing the collection of delinquent taxes. There are bonds against the county due and suits are threa,lened by the holders and unless every delinquent tax payer make an extra effort to pay his taxes the Commissioners' Court will be forced by parties holding bonds against the county and past due, to bring suits and thus the costs of such will be an additional burden placed on the taxpayer. This notice applies to the small taxpayer as well as the large one. If the delinquent taxpayer ic delinquent for a number of years pay a part of those years. This notice will be the last one given by this Court and we will appreciate your giving it the most serious consideration before this matter becomes beyond the control of the Court. 9x Published by order of the Commissioners Court of San Saba County. Moore, had just arrived from hei most recent trip abroad. She htvl the good news of winning the latest title of mistress of the Air. Hurrah for Miss Moore! After all the excitement had died down it was tiiiir- to dress for afternoon tea and dinner engagements. The orchesti") leader, Wilbur Wilson, began motion for the orchestra to play the — Magnolia Has Her Man" and famous selection, "Cheer Boys Chec forth. The trombone player \vas Granville York. He seemed to play even louder than the rest of musicians. He smiled at the drummer, Annie B. Walker, who had bet-n his first wife. His present wife wu* Winnie Mae Young; however was first said to be in love with Marshall Fox. Miss Johnnie Weath erby was the torch singer of evening, Nobody." This song suited her to "T". The next featuire was Miss Mabel Mackie, a famous tap dancer. Her fame was spread far and Miss Virginia Lanham, the accompanist, couldn't sit still long enough to finish the number, so she ed and began to dance with Miss Mackie. The hostess for the evening was Sammie Ruth Casbeer, kept up a conversation from beginning to end to amuse her yawning 3 VIIV, bWLVl* VJ*J»«^ V- 1- WJL , , ,, T . . ,, ,-, and she sang "I Ain't guests. Douglas w'as head chef of the hotel. Nadine Dunnahoo was their head waitress. eloped during the dinner hour. lights were dimmed in the ball and a beauitful creature appeared with a fan and nothing else She was recognized as the famous: Miss Annie Ruth Naggiler. cousin, Sally Rand, had taught to perform this form of artistic dancing. It seemed that Mr. Our Funeral Home Bodkin & Little If you are away from home at the Sanitarium or other place and happen to the misfortune to have one of yo'.ir loved ones pass away, phone us. We will take cha'rge of the body and you can pick your casket at. home, and have all of your bill here with your home undertaker. We will respond any time, day or night.

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