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Bessimer Herald, Bessimer, Michigan - SAYS HE WAS PERSECUTED. Hcasou Given by Samuel...
SAYS HE WAS PERSECUTED. Hcasou Given by Samuel Moscr for IVIurderintl Hi** 1'aHiily. \ murder t r i a l which is of more t ordinarv interest, not, only because of the enormity »f the crime duu-gcil to the de- f e n d a n t , but on account of the revela- tions it is expect c.l to bring forth con- cerning the peculiar customs and boh.-fs of the Amish community in this country, hns been in progress at Pckin, 111. The defendant is Samuel Moser, who last May murdered his entire family, consist- in- of his wife and three sous. Moscr is' llie son of Benedict Moser, a man worth .«UIU.(IOO and a leader among the Amish people. The elder Moser refused to aid in his son's defense, declaring that against the princi- ples of the church. In an Amish com- munity the church expects to regulat. the conduct of its members. One their characteris tics is that they di not believe in th expression of euio and it is in connectioi SAM MOSEU. tion in any way. witli this peculiarity of their belief tba Moser got into trouble with th.- church which led to his expulsion, to persecution according t,, his statements, ami eventu ally to crime of a "!"»"· h o r r i f y i n g One Sunday, in chiircji. he dandled In child on his knee and caressed it, to st" its restlessness. He was rebuked fi this "idolatry" by the preacher and l a t e told to confess his fault, before the o,' grcgation. lie refused and was cxpell. Then, he claims, persecution began. H says In- was not p e r m i t t e d to eat table with his wife, t h a t his f a t h e mother would not visit at his home. th:i ieii I t rs of .it- ,-i-eek lie raet vreck. f A l nest eriously eive.l Maine, Spanish o work ,lr. loth Ufonso time jf the ·etnrn Tew ·rnment approval of the now The adopted an Tin; base safe the long, let dirt St. , a l t as wreck dim ing tive erty cost T H E MllSH.Il HOME his w i f e and children were away from him all day long Sundays at the church. These, w i l h other persecutions, he says, m-idc life so intolerable for him t h a t w .,u ,,iily one thing left to do, and that was 1" end the lives of all his family and «,.'ek -i new home or else death for him- *olf Moser shot himself, but w i t h o u t f - i . - i l result, ami was arrested before could repeat the a t t e m p t upon his ' The Amish people, of whom the Mosul's are a part, are mainly of German or Russian descent. Their invariable rule is lo scl'.le in communities and buy all the l a u d they c:iii in one un- i n t e r r u p t e d stretch. Then they build their big church in the village in the , , , , , M!!S. JIOSK* center o. the settle- ment. The village ,,f Morion is the larg est. Amish c o m m u n i t y in the marriage customs arc more sharply ii contrast w i l h American ideas t h a thing else about the people. Bride ant Ci-oom are selected for each other by 1h church, w i t h a view to equalizing th f u t u r e generation. The bright a m i ising young man must l a k e lo w i slothful, dull girl, a n d the most wi.l. awake, gay. industrious m a i d gets fti her helpmeet the worst lout in the congr. gallon. During the ceremony bride an groom s t a n d on opposite sides of t .church, and a f t e r it each goes to her own home, not to see the other for week. The dress of the people is very plan and the, women's dress p a r t i c u l a Tht: hair is worn combed straight bin and w o u n d - i n a knot, and adorned blue or black sunbonnet on all occasion Tilt- people associate with none but mei tiers of their comimniiiy. wear no jewelr have no entertainments or parlies, allow no wall paper or ornaments in their hoines. and no musical instruments. None f them is poor, and many are wealthy - , beyond their wants. V troubles and dissensions in the .iinish Church ami Society are causing .many members of this to dispose of their farms and belongings in central Illinois and seek new homes in I'm- far West. The largest party of t h a t heir .iral ·ill ued ate nd ural null he iges w'ill ·oule n a from em. plete ing and ber ages of nil lim his yet move. I left Pooria the other day in special tourist cars for their new homes in Utah. Twelve ears of their household effects and farming implements have been sent on ahead. 000 tho en us a

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  1. The Bessemer Herald,
  2. 02 Mar 1901, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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